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But fuck that stopping point >( I realize it was a logical place (and of course where the chapter ends in the manga) but but but dnw to wait another week for one of my favorite scenes of them ;____; (and then that'll be it, too :/ and unless there's a second season I won't get to see any of my other favorite ones at all...)


*uses 翔太 icon because it's the closest thing I have to an SH icon right now (seriously, are there no good icons in that fandom??)*
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EL OH EL @ Saitou trolling all the people who care about courtroom-based video games :DDDDD
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Actually, LIES. I went there yesterday :3

I'm Big Shit at my company now, and was asked to go to Kyoto to lecture some students at Kyoto University on how to give good presentations in English at scientific conferences and whatnot. It was super tiring, but it gives you a good sense of accomplishment~

It also gave me a good chance to test my tethering app on my phone, so I was able to give my laptop internet on the shinkansen the whole way XD Sweet~

The trip made me remember why I love Kansai folks so much though XD they're so friendly! The taxi driver was gabbing at me in very very thick Kyoto-ben the whole time XD Oh how I have so missed those ちゃうs and はるs and やねんs XDDDD

On the way back to Tokyo, there were a metric fuckton of kids at the station though. I mean, a LOT. And most of them all got on the train right before me, which had been RESERVED for them. An entire bullet train reserved--that's almost 1400 seats. Where were they headed? Where all Kyoto kids go on a major trip to Tokyo!

FIELD TRIP~!! I assume that's what they were doing on their 修学旅行 at least--I heard Tokyo kids all go down to Kansai, and Kansai kids go visit Tokyo Disneyland and whatnot, so since they were all on this reserved train headed up towards Nagoya and Tokyo, I assume that's why!

Lucky bitches :< I wanna go on a 修学旅行....
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More subs of course :3 It's getting to the point where it's difficult to sub parts I really like because I keep crying during them XD;;; *is an angst whore*

AMBER ending
CRYSTAL ending

Not the entire ending, just the final conversation between Hiiro and Aoshima. When I first watched the show, I think I was just so overwhelmed by T2 ZOMG that I didn't pay much attention to the "main" pairing in the show, but looking back on it now, Aoshima and Hiiro are just as sad a pair as Shimura and Hiiro ;___; Especially since they both loved each other, but society and their own immaturity or lack of courage kept them from fessing up to it. It did make me feel a little smug, though, in that even if it was technically criminal...at least Shimura went for what he wanted, whereas Aoshima backed away (granted, Hiiro was 15 with Aoshima and 17 with Shimura, so there may have been some moral issues with that as well on Aoshima's end that weren't as difficult to overcome for Shimura XD;)

Why is this such an awesome but heart-breaking play? ;________;

Related, I prefer the Amber ending because it's sadder and hurts more, but doesn't cop-out or anything--does anyone else have a different preference, and why??
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*continues subbing like a subbing whore*



I should channel this energy into icons or fic or something...
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And while Shinpei's the only Myu boy in it, I recognize names from Cast Prix and whatnot, so it looks to be full of hot menfolk :3 I should maybe look into it when it airs XD I got kind of bored with the anime, but I could definitely sit through a few episodes just to see what everyone looks like XD

But but but...so awkward XD I idly dabbled in shipping the twins in the anime (I read the occasional fic and all) but...if they're RL twins that's gonna be chotto XD;;; Also, I'm imagining all the twincest fanservice that those characters give and having the Takagi boys doing it with each other and OH MAN XD;;;;
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Went out to karaoke yesterday with [livejournal.com profile] amyused, [livejournal.com profile] imma_holiday, and the here-for-a-year theatre-going buddy [livejournal.com profile] hamykia and was most thrilled to get to sing this bitch:

Ignore the rather hesitant singing as none of us knew if we should sing or not while I was recording XD;;;
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And DUUUUUDE so I dunno why Nakamura-sensei was this specific (or the animators rather; there was zero reference to this in the manga), buuuuut Marukawa Shoten is right by Iidabashi Station? Compare:

...to THIS :3 and

And more!! )


Meme time!

May. 20th, 2011 12:12 pm
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So [livejournal.com profile] analineblue gave me some Words, and now I'm here to talk about them as is appropriate XD Words and their meanings behind here! )

IN OTHER NEWS: it's FRIDAY! (~Friday gettin' down on Friday~) and that means 1) new episode of SH YESSSSS and 2) OH HAY HARD TO HOLD OUT ON DVD COME TO MEEEEEEEEEE~~~
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About time, is all's I got to say. I've been wanting this bitch for years.

I now own every *pnish* DVD I think~!

In other news, how amazing was Glee's rendition of Pure Imagination? Songs like this make Kurt's falsetto tolerable :3
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Randomly: I find it really interesting when words in one language that have 2 different meanings can carry over both of those meanings to the corresponding word in another language, like:

busy (having a lot to do OR a really loud, gaudy design) ---> 忙しい
sleep (snooze/rest OR have sex) --> 寝る
hold (carry something OR last [e.g. "It won't hold for much longer"]) --> 持つ

idk, they don't seem to have inherently the same meaning/close meaning in English, and yet I guess they must if another language can have the same meanings bundled into a single word as well.

Anyone who speaks another language, do you notice the same thing??
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HARD TO HOLD ~missing~ DVD - on sale May 20
DVD includes:
--honpen (including both endings)
--backstage footage (30 min): cast interviews + backstage footage and offshots


//Hiiro's voice reached down to the deepest depths of my chest.
His hair, his eyes, his very words suddenly gripped my heart tight,
And from that day forth, I was unable to escape from my very small cage.
More than any fun event, than any pleasant outing, than any other seemingly wonderful place,
I chose to spend my time only inside my special cage known as 'Hiiro.'
He was my whole world. Exactly that.//

--"Hard to Hold", Shimura

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Well, another Live Viewing has come and gone! I haven't missed a Live Viewing yet since they started them, and it really is a completely different experience sharing a theater with a bunch of other people who laugh and clap at a screen, where no one can hear you or appreciate it, and still feel the bond with other fans :3

It was interesting when the official blog posted the other day about how it was decided that there would start to be Live Viewings:

Towards the end of the first season of TeniMyu, there started to be performances touring the entire nation, and the performances in each city were a great success. And just as now, the Tokyo Return final senshuuraku was extremely popular, and over 100,000 people tried to reserve the only 1-2000 tickets available.

The draw of a stage performance, if you were to put it into words, is that time, that place." But in fulfilling that "same time, same place," there was of course a limit on the number of seats in a single theater. We wanted to share with all the fans supporting TeniMyu that deep emotion that comes with the final senshuuraku, being there "at the same time", and after some discussions with people in the film industry [...] we started having live viewings.

I remember watching that first one at Shinjuku Wald 9, where every single screen was "hijacked" to show the TeniMyu Live Viewing. It was totally worth it, and I've never missed a Live Viewing since, also always seeing it in that same Shinjuku Wald 9. Thanks for the memories, guys, and keep them coming!

(also on the blog on another entry, they posted a pic of Nagayan and Yuuta when Nagayan came to see the show and talked about how Yuuta was super bummed that he wouldn't be able to talk to Nagayan [because he had to do the miokuri that day] and said, "たかしさん、帰っちゃいますかね…" ["I bet Takashi-san'll leave huh..."] but Nagayan was an amazing sempai and waited patiently until Yuuta'd done miokuri to all the audience members leaving [takes ~half an hour] to chat ;~;)

Now that that bit of sappiness is out of the way... Let's discuss the Live Viewing! )
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Hahaha soooo according to the Marukawa Shoten twitter feed (an official fake twitter acct for Marukawa Shoten managed by Aikawa-san of JR fame I presume), the huge SH-promo posters in Ikebukuro station were supposed to be up through May 10 after which they were presumably going to be taken down.

I was in Ikebukuro to pick up a DVD today and decided to stop by the east exit to see what had replaced them...AND THEY'RE STILL UP XD I wonder how long the denizens of Toshima-ku will be subjected to awesome BL in their face??

Also, on that same feed, Aikawa-san mentions these two FEMALE seiyuu who'll show up in the next episode as guests...so I assume that means the story's moving to the bar scene where Ritsu goes out with that old coworker of his for drinks, spies Takano-san with Ichinose Erika, and gets jealous :33333 Do waaaant~
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I'll just leave this here:

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Aww YEAH~ :3 And have another!

I love that they both worked "taihen" into the posts XD (from Oishi's MTL line, "Korya taihen...")

I also love Nagayan's post in general:

I went to see Looser 6...and *pnish* were really moving around a lot and sweating. It looked tough (^_^)
It was a fun show about the Shinsengumi.
And by the way, after taking a picture with every *pnish* member...
It ended up turning into a Golden Pair shot from a loooooong long time ago (^人^)

Between TeniMyu and this, someone's probably reliving some fun memories ;~; 1st caaaast...!
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Oh GOD. It's a beautiful beautiful EIJI SANDWICH.

Also, Charlie says: "I received some really nice words from Takashi-san, too." <--What? WHAT? I really really want to know what kind of things Nagayan told him. It's the sort of thing I can only dream about--exactly what an original would say to a current Myuboy, especially one replaying a scene that so far only the original had done ;~;

Also also, lulz Charlie: "Oishi-kun with two Eijis...that looks really tough..." XDDDD Preach it!
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I love when boys I like go see boys I like in their plays for seemingly no reason! (well, Sukedachi, but...that was a while back o_O did Rui and Eiji get THAT close that he'd come see a show of his?)

Speaking of which, that's a kid that needs to be in a *pnish* show very soon imho. Kujirai did it, why can't Rui?? :D this is not so that I can satisfy my need that I've been cultivating since NelkeFes for Tuti and Rui to have a dance-off, not at all
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It's yet again been a good while since we've had one of these, and since there are a few new 'characters' to include, now's as good a time as any! Here's how it goes down:

1) Fandoms: TeniMyu, BuriMyu, *pnish*. Any pairing goes, of course (*pnish* fandom: play-verse requests are also a-ok :D), though I expect most of the writers here will be writing from a small pool of preferred pairings XD;

2) Prompts: Be as goofy or serious as you want, and specificity is your friend! If you've got a preferred rating (read: if you want porn), be sure to indicate it :D Anon or signed-in, it's your choice!

3) Replies: The lifeblood of any challenge is of course replies XD Otherwise all we get is to see what kinky things other people want to see written...which is all well and good, but of course it's more fun to read the replies! Anon or signed-in is also optional here. And while this is a 'drabble' challenge...who the hell cares about word limits? :P Write one sentence or write something that has to be broken into 5 replies, everyone's a winner! This is your opportunity to take a chance and break into the world of RPF :D (and of course it doesn't have to be SLASHY; feel free to write a crackfic, friendship fic, random genfic, pre-slash something, internal monologue from one actor, it's all good!)


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