May. 27th, 2011

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Actually, LIES. I went there yesterday :3

I'm Big Shit at my company now, and was asked to go to Kyoto to lecture some students at Kyoto University on how to give good presentations in English at scientific conferences and whatnot. It was super tiring, but it gives you a good sense of accomplishment~

It also gave me a good chance to test my tethering app on my phone, so I was able to give my laptop internet on the shinkansen the whole way XD Sweet~

The trip made me remember why I love Kansai folks so much though XD they're so friendly! The taxi driver was gabbing at me in very very thick Kyoto-ben the whole time XD Oh how I have so missed those ちゃうs and はるs and やねんs XDDDD

On the way back to Tokyo, there were a metric fuckton of kids at the station though. I mean, a LOT. And most of them all got on the train right before me, which had been RESERVED for them. An entire bullet train reserved--that's almost 1400 seats. Where were they headed? Where all Kyoto kids go on a major trip to Tokyo!

FIELD TRIP~!! I assume that's what they were doing on their 修学旅行 at least--I heard Tokyo kids all go down to Kansai, and Kansai kids go visit Tokyo Disneyland and whatnot, so since they were all on this reserved train headed up towards Nagoya and Tokyo, I assume that's why!

Lucky bitches :< I wanna go on a 修学旅行....
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EL OH EL @ Saitou trolling all the people who care about courtroom-based video games :DDDDD


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