May. 26th, 2011

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More subs of course :3 It's getting to the point where it's difficult to sub parts I really like because I keep crying during them XD;;; *is an angst whore*

AMBER ending
CRYSTAL ending

Not the entire ending, just the final conversation between Hiiro and Aoshima. When I first watched the show, I think I was just so overwhelmed by T2 ZOMG that I didn't pay much attention to the "main" pairing in the show, but looking back on it now, Aoshima and Hiiro are just as sad a pair as Shimura and Hiiro ;___; Especially since they both loved each other, but society and their own immaturity or lack of courage kept them from fessing up to it. It did make me feel a little smug, though, in that even if it was technically least Shimura went for what he wanted, whereas Aoshima backed away (granted, Hiiro was 15 with Aoshima and 17 with Shimura, so there may have been some moral issues with that as well on Aoshima's end that weren't as difficult to overcome for Shimura XD;)

Why is this such an awesome but heart-breaking play? ;________;

Related, I prefer the Amber ending because it's sadder and hurts more, but doesn't cop-out or anything--does anyone else have a different preference, and why??


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