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This is the shiny sticky post at the top of my LJ for anyone who wanders here invited or otherwise so that they can see what I'm into, why I'm into it, and subsequently beg to be my new disciple so that I can further educate them in the ways of Becoming a Better Fan of Court's Fandoms. You know you want to, so get ready!

Tuti/Nagayan )
Eiji/Daiki )
Tsujimoto/Takasaki (T2) )
TeniMyu )
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Everything Else )

On a final note: DUDES. I'm serious :/ THERE'S GAY IN THIS LJ. Don't set up camp if you think gay people are creepers and can diaf and that slashers are just CRAAAAAZY for turning perfectly "normal" characters gay in "non-homosexual-related shows". What would give you the idea I think that is in any way okay?
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This is going to be my new sticky post at the top of my LJ for anyone who wanders here invited or otherwise so that they can see what I'm into, why I'm into it, and subsequently beg to be my new disciple so that I can further educate them in the ways of Becoming a Better Fan of Court's Fandoms. You know you want to, so get ready!

Tuti/Nagayan )
Eiji/Daiki )
Tsujimoto/Takasaki (T2) )
TeniMyu )
BuriMyu )
*pnish* )
Everything Else )
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Good things: the ability to include/exclude posts from my flist based on tag. Oh you're gonna get used, feature.

Bad things: IP ADDRESS TO LOCATION CONVERSION AND DISPLAY. IP address display is one thing--not something everyone's comfy with, but not exactly conducive to, say, stalking people in your area, because it's pretty difficult to match up a string of numbers with an area at a glance. Much easier to do, though, when LJ makes it to where it not only displays the address automatically but the CITY and COUNTRY right there alongside it.


Jun. 9th, 2011 10:56 am
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Sooo what dance do you think Daiki was studying from On5 when he took this picture? I'm willing to bet the opening or the schoolgirl dance, but probably the schoolgirl one. Though I really only want to see them redo that one if that means they'll crossdress XDDD

Bonus points if they do it dressed as femme versions of random Box/Mode characters. pretty sure all Tuti'd need to do is stuff Nataraja's tunic for that...]

In other news, writing up the TxN Year 8 essay sure makes me remember how much I love the guys :3
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And yet again I have stayed up later than I should being productive in ways I shouldn't XD;


The first 30ish pages of SH volume 5 scanlated (part of a lovely Yukina/Kisa chapter where they start to resolve the cliffhanger from volume 4 :D don't know the cliffhanger? You'll figure it out XD).

This is about half the chapter--the rest is the resolution and uh, 4 or 5 pages of sex that will be such a pain to edit XD;;; I may give up on doing SFX for those.... You can figure out what sex sounds like I'm sure :P

Usual disclaimers of "not my scans" as well as "not finished yet" and "amateur stuff" :P
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man oh man oh

I don't think I've heard anything hotter in a loooong long time

than the way Takano says



In related news, I'm 16 pages into scanlating more of volume 5? XD I figured the poor people left on a cliffhanger after vol. 4 might appreciate it? y/y?
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Hello wikipedia articles that are seriously going to be a help when I inevitably wind up subbing ALL of Hard to Hold:

R Leporis/Hind's Crimson Star (that gets expounded upon in like 3 different scenes in the play)

John Russel Hind (dude who found that star and also had some WICKED eyebrows it seems) (also also LOLOLOL a guy named HIND married a chick named FANNY. What? I am 10 obviously)

ETA: Randomly, I love how Jin calls Yuuta "ユタちゃん" XD it's so simple and cute~
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...Holy shit McKay was a jerk before Atlantis XD;;;
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Randomly came across some raw scans of Volume 5, and since it doesn't seem like it's been scanlated yet (afaik; if it has, then...ignore this XD), I picked out my favorite scene (well, one of them XD) from that volume and scanlated it :3 It's not terribly long (14 pages) but it's cute and it's Takano/Ritsu so :D Enjoy~


If anyone wants to upload it to other comms or whatnot and can apologize for the bad quality (the scans weren't the best >_<;;), they're welcome to!

*really just an excuse to use some SH icons~*
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So I finished Prisoner (Kria) as damn quickly as I could XD; And now I want to rant and rave about it, so I'll put it behind a cut--even though I know none of you will probably ever read it, so it doesn't really matter XD But idk people can read my rant anyways and possibly help make me feel less frustrated :P

Read more... )
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Ok. So I really liked the episode of SH of course, but.



[in response to Yukina saying he loves Kisa]
Kisa: Oh, thanks... I'm glad you like my work.
Yukina: That's not what I'm saying! I was thinking that I could have sex [with a guy] if it's with you.

Adorable, sweet, cute and all that, but in the manga...

Oh, thanks... I'm glad you like my work.
Yukina: That's not what I'm saying! When I jerk off, I can cum from thinking about you.

Now THAT'S a much more direct way of saying, "Dude, no. I don't just like your work. I WANT YOUR BOD." And still very Yukina of him, being all calm while he says it XD

Ugh, SH anime. WHY ARE YOU SUCH A PRUDE? I wonder if the DVD release will be as prudish in that respect? I understand it's hard to stuff in a bunch of "useless" sex scenes and all, but changing a little dialogue here and there can't be too bad, right? :<

Also what what, next week's ep is back to Hatori and Chiaki again? (they're onto vol. 2 it seems now... I'm halfway through reading the story this ep's going to be about XD;) Mrrrrgh, I like them but they're...my least favorite of the three couples. And I really thought the rest of the season would be dedicated to Takano and Ritsu since there's only 3 episodes left (+1 OVA) D:

At this rate, I'm worried we won't even get to one of the two big Takano/Ritsu scenes I really love from the manga ;~; (I'm holding out hope that they will at least get to the umm lovely drunken scene XD)
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I mean.



(also wtf is Tuti's face in that pic XD that expression clearly says, "Seriously? I can't take you anywhere.")

I really can't see how today could get any better. T2 finally being bffs again, Tuti and Nagayan bowling with OH HAY TACCHAN (and Miki! ilu2 babe).

And it's ~*~Friday~*~ Helloooooo new SekaKoi :33333
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FFFFFFFFFFFuckyes, BITCHES ♥ Now THAT'S the kind of thing I like to see spamming my flist :3

The picture is our first time hanging out together again in a while! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I've been watching his Shinsengumi show!
Okita Souji is amazing!!

Though we both look a little tired... (haha)

FFFFF I don't care bb, idc at alllllll. You're both beautiful (though the douche glasses I could do without... You and Nagayan both need to just. Stop with those.)
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*points out unnecessarily that Wasshi (and Daiki and Tecchan it seems??) went to see a play of Mizuki's last night~*

Ok sure there were quite a few other people they knew in it too XD (Naru, Ishikura-san, and Yuzawa will be in the Nagoya shows. Also Takagi Shun was in it, but they don't know him probably XD Except maybe Daiki from sneaking backstage at TeniMyu)

I'll take what I can get though :3
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Know what I hate?

I hate that feeling of loss when you finish a really good book, after investing the time in reading it and getting caught up in the plot and characters and writing and everything, and know you're never going to have something new with that book ever again (barring, of course, series and whatnot--and still all good things must come to an end). I feel like I want to both never read it again and at the same time start right over from the very beginning and just devour it anew.

In other news, Bound (Kria) was a fucking good read :( I'm at least lucky there are a few other books in the same universe, even if none focus on the characters I grew to love in this book *le sigh*
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From Yuuta's most recent entry:

Yesterday, I spent the night at Kamitsuru-san's place! But I'm afraid that when he got up early in the morning...he heard me talking in my sleep (bitter laugh). What do you think I said?

Well, I'll say first off that I myself had no idea I was saying it...

I first said, "I--I'm headed out!"

And then...



EH INDEED, YUUTA. EH INDEED. (also that's adorable that he seriously does call them by their nicknames ALL THE TIME presumably if they have them [I only remember Charlie for Jin and Jack for Wada...what else is there?] if he's even saying it in his sleep UNLESS CHARLIE'S SPECIAL)

Also uh, spending the night at a friend's house on a school night young man?! For shaaaame!
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lol Tuti nice mosaic. I totally cannot even remotely tell that you are dressed up as RARARARANDY~


I mean--



Tomorrow's another trip down to Kyoto, BLAH. I should bring back omiyage this time XD
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First, because I finally feel like I'm not counting my chickens before they've hatched now that the payment has gone through--I booked my flight home for Christmas, YAY! The total price? $340 :DDDDD Oh the lovely power of frequent flyer miles! For anyone who's traveled to Japan at least once and collected 10-15,000 miles on that trip, I STRONGLY recommend looking into using FF miles on your next trip out! From now on I'll be able to continue using those miles plus miles I accumulate via travel to put my total ticket price at about $1000 each time :D (as opposed to the $15-1800 it would otherwise be). WOOHOO!

Now, with that out of the way, I feel like talking about some other things! More book recommendations! )

And now to talk about Hard to Hold a little :D )
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Know what I need now?


In very much related news, the Shouta+Baba reading theater yesterday was HI-LA-RIOUS. I had forgotten how fricking crazy and amazing Baba is, but I was reminded of it about 2 seconds after he stepped onto the stage XD

And I hadn't realized it but there was going to be a miokuri at the end. Me? I hate miokuri XD because I hate sticking out. Usually, though, miokuri is just waving at them as you go out and that's it. This time, we had to SHAKE PINKIES WITH THEM. Yes, like a pinky-promise XD;;;; While they were in pajamas. No, I don't know wtf these people were thinking. Did, however, manage to nor embarrass myself too much though--told Shouta it was my first time seeing him in a while and I had fun, and told Baba he was great and I had a blast XD

Gosh, those boys are great XD
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idek what they could possibly need to be in that position for BUT I REALLY DON'T CARE RIGHT ABOUT NOW.


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