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I mean.



(also wtf is Tuti's face in that pic XD that expression clearly says, "Seriously? I can't take you anywhere.")

I really can't see how today could get any better. T2 finally being bffs again, Tuti and Nagayan bowling with OH HAY TACCHAN (and Miki! ilu2 babe).

And it's ~*~Friday~*~ Helloooooo new SekaKoi :33333
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Aww YEAH~ :3 And have another!

I love that they both worked "taihen" into the posts XD (from Oishi's MTL line, "Korya taihen...")

I also love Nagayan's post in general:

I went to see Looser 6...and *pnish* were really moving around a lot and sweating. It looked tough (^_^)
It was a fun show about the Shinsengumi.
And by the way, after taking a picture with every *pnish* member...
It ended up turning into a Golden Pair shot from a loooooong long time ago (^人^)

Between TeniMyu and this, someone's probably reliving some fun memories ;~; 1st caaaast...!
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Okay! I've made it home relatively safely now, so just to remind everyone and let them know: I'm perfectly all right, and so are everyone I know, thank goodness!

Getting home was an adventure: the trains still weren't running even at 6 PM, so I decided to take the bus, since well, I had to get home. There was one that went to Ikebukuro right in front of our building, so I stuffed myself in there and spent an hour as a sardine XD; Soooo much traffic and so many people! When I got to Ikebukuro, I'd hoped maybe the trains would be back up and running. However, not only were they not back up yet...

The entire station was shuttered, keeping everyone outside in the cold :(

I started the long trek home and was really surprised at how many people were out on the streets--and realized it's because well, what else was there to do? If you wanted to get home, walking was really your only hope, seeing as the streets were packed with cars already, and even the dingiest little eateries were packed with customers. Stretches of road typically devoid of people were packed to the brim, craziness!

I eventually made it home after 2+ hours of trying, and thankfully (I know Beri will be disappointed in this), my bookcase was not tipped over!! In fact, I didn't really have much damage to deal with--though my fridge door came open and sat that way for 5 hours, blah :P

There was one major casualty though...

;____; My beloved mug, a present from [livejournal.com profile] analineblue several years back that I often used as a conversation starter and really liked because it was so big... Thank you, and good night sweet muggy prince ;____;

The one good thing to come out of this, though?


Today I was supposed to meet up with Moriyama-san, but since the Tempest performance was suspended, we decided to suspend our plans to meet up as well.

GOD KNEW I DIDN'T WANT EIJI AND NAGAYAN TO HANG OUT because really, I don't need another picspam post of Eiji's ass AND SENT AN EARTHQUAKE TO STOP IT. Huzzah? :/

There are still aftershocks going on, even 6 hours later, so...here's hoping tomorrow's a better day!
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I'd "complain" about Nagayan being obvious and wearing a busy yellow shirt over a lovely 4th-child-inspired black-with-white-polkadots shirt, but...

It's Valentine's Day, what the hell :P Be as obvious as you want to, honey.
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Mitsuru's going on and on about how amazing it is and how it reads like fucking FANFIC and how the pic he uploaded was ten times more embarrassing than what is on his blog AND MY FUCKING SMARTPHONE CAN'T ACCESS KEITAI-ONLY SITES.

;____________________; SOMEONE HALP.


Feb. 10th, 2011 04:44 pm
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Y helo thar Tuti, I see you trying to sneak a post in by backdating it randomly (wtf?). I thought he'd made another phantom post that he wasn't supposed to when I got the update notification but still saw Wasshi on the front page, then realized the subject title matched a post from a few days ago that I definitely hadn't noticed. Crazy!

What WASN'T crazy, though, was seeing Nagayan plastered across that photo XDDDD I hoped for a moment that the lady Tuti was standing to the right of was his mom (since she went), because sdlfiusdhflsd Tuti and his mom and Nagayan. PLEASE. Yumiko and her bbs ;; BUT looks like it's just one of the staffmembers.

This is Tsune-san and the staff of Hotel Sengoku who took care of me, and Nagayama Takashi, who came all the way out to Isawa Onsen regardless of the fact that he was only appearing for 15 minutes.

Ffffff. How after all this time am I still just so fricking thrilled by them? idgi :< But I hope this awesome feeling never goes away...!
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Snooooooow! Snow has FINALLY come to Tokyo this year :3 It's just a little flurry, though, and isn't very cold so it's mixed with rain, but there are big fat white flakes coming down and I luvs it :D

In other news, my ipod loves me and is totes in tune with What's Going On, because on shuffle, out of my several thousand songs, it played not only Tuti's and Nagayan's "Golden Pair" from Side Fudoumine, but also the one from DL1st! One in the morning on the way to work, and one on the way home XD I swear I did not kind of sort of tear up listening to it thinking about how 24ish hours before they were physically singing that same song in front of an audience ;~; I promise. Not much.

In still other news, Japanese girls continue to amuse me XD

Saturday, I met up with Mary (not her real name, but it's what she likes me to call her XD), a friend we met at Tuti's Meiji Mura event back in September of last year. She was going to attend both days of the Onsen event, and since check-in wasn't until 3 PM that afternoon, she killed some time in the morning with me in Shinjuku so we could gab and catch up (she lives in Hiroshima, so she had quite a trek to make). Since she speaks really good English, our convo was almost entirely in English with a smattering of Japanese now and then, so it was nice to be able to relax and not have to be "on" while speaking Japanese XD

We parked ourselves in a Saizeriya and ordered some snacks so that we could just sit and talk the whole time, and talk we did XD She regaled me of the awesome questions that Tuti asked (for the yes/no quiz) on the way back from the event, since he rode on a different bus than me, and one in particular she found amusing:

I prefer chubby girls over skinny ones, yes or no?

His answer? YES. XDDDD Apparently this response was so unexpected and out of the ordinary, that she then confided in me: "You know, I don't think Tuti actually likes girls at all." I wanted to die XDDDD I love that like, he's so out there and so flaming that even Japanese girls (even his FANS who LIKE HIM [but presumably are OK with not being potential date material]) look at him and think, :/ idk that he swings my way...

I'm hoping she'll call/email me soon to tell me how the event went *___* She actually called me THE NIGHT that Nagayan appeared as a guest, presumably to fangirl at me about it, but I had JUST gone to bed and missed it ;~; Marrrryyyyyyy PLEASE CALL SOON.
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Holy shit he did spend the night. HOLY SHIT.

Not so much that he spent the night. BUT THAT HE POSTED ABOUT IT.


I am just--incoherent, people @____@ I don't get how this is okay. Just. JUST. He's posting a pic of Tuti with bedhead.

I can't imagine how the hell they can be this domestic and just just. INCOHERENT.

Tuti's getting read to head back to Tokyo, bedhead and all.

Me, I'm having some coffee! (^人^)

Tuti says: "Help me fucking pack, gdi D: IT'S YOUR FAULT I WOKE UP LATE."
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I am just. Incoherent.

And so so so fucking depressed XD;;;;




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So it WAS a bar! Craziness! And apparently Nagayan joined up towards the endish?? WTF was the END? If Daiki had been out drinking with Tuti at LEAST at 2 AM, even if that were "the end", wtf was Nagayan doing available and up at 2 AM D:

In other news, I totally fail as a MahaMo fan, as Daiki points out that, Oh, this is that! The Childhood Friend Team from Maharaja! This sure takes me back~

Nagayan looks good in that pic btw :x
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Also, where is it?? [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and I were thinking it doesn't look like a bar (especially since what self-respecting bar owner would let Tuti in the door with his guitalele??), and neither Elvis nor bowling pins seem appropriate decor for Nagayan's or Daiki's places, but Tuti's on the other hand... >3

Tuti and Nagayan treated Daiki to boozy fun at Tuti's place y/y (and Daiki awkwardly left after they locked themselves in the bathroom y/y??)?? Also I love the honest happy face Tuti has :3333

Daiki posted on his own blog at 2 AM that he was off to drink with Tuti, so one assumes that at around that same time Nagayan joined up XD The ways these boys spend their evenings...it amuses me.
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1) ....That is not his own pic. I mean, first of all, the size is off (his pics are usually bigger), and second of all, he's not even in the same prefecture as Nanja Town right now o____O It looks like a pic he was emailed from ~*~someone~*~

2) SERIOUSLY? THOSE TWO? SERIOUSLY??? Nagayama-saaaaaan please to be letting us know who sent you that pic~ darling.
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....Oh Tuti XD;;;;


(that link is dead now, but just a few minutes ago it was a picture of a map on the back of a business card directing whoever the text was for here and something about karaoke later >___>)

*waits for the inevitable "oh shit sorry ignore that" post that is sure to follow + pic of himself in his underwear*


ETA: Please review this conversation between myself and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace right when Tuti posted that pic:

[livejournal.com profile] faded_lace: with whoooo
[livejournal.com profile] fencer_x: is what I wanna knoooow
[livejournal.com profile] faded_lace: actor friend, perhaps???
[livejournal.com profile] fencer_x: Nagayan's show is most definitely finished :D ...OR TACCHAN XD oh god please let it be TACCHAN
[livejournal.com profile] faded_lace: Awww! That'd be so cuuuute
[livejournal.com profile] fencer_x: I think I want it to be Tacchan more than Nagayan even. BOTH WOULD BE BEST
[livejournal.com profile] faded_lace: yeah XDD threesome??
[livejournal.com profile] fencer_x: I'm totally down for some TNT :D

Almost immediately after that? ISAKA TATSUYA POSTS THIS.

"I met up with Nagayama-san and Tsuchiya-san! It's pretty fun~♪"

GOD. OUR POWERS ARE SO FUCKING AMAZING. I fucking scare myself all the timesometimes 8|
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(in a recent IM convo regarding Eiji in this pic)

[livejournal.com profile] lavenderlilly: He's probably practicing for his role in WM as Back to the Future III's Old West Doc Brown. XD

[livejournal.com profile] fencer_x: Nonono--Marty McMoriyama.

[livejournal.com profile] lavenderlilly: But he doesn't have hair like that.

[livejournal.com profile] fencer_x: or Mori McFly

[livejournal.com profile] lavenderlilly: Hahaha

[livejournal.com profile] fencer_x: I beg to differ:

In other news, Tuti is still the most adorable thing ever, and Iwashita hangs out with Tuti/Nagayan fanboys apparently...
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Okay, it's almost 7 AM, and we just got back from Nagoya after taking the night bus back to Tokyo, but before I collapse into a heap on my bed here, I had to share this with the world at large XD;

I'd spent several days fretting over what to wear to Tuti's Amazing Meiji Mura Adventure as it were, because I'm always nervous about how to present myself, as I'm a freak that way :P Unfortunately, some of the nicest, trendiest things I own...are Blossam items XD; So reluctantly I decided to wear the newest piece, despite already having decided to bring my Decossam bag--I would have worn another bag, but it was my only shoulder bag, and I didn't want to carry around a normal purse all day.

[livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou were also equally worried as to what to wear, and after we jokingly suggested that we all wear that same Blossam shirt (because we all had different colors), my worries that it would be in semi-awkward taste and get us weird looks from both Tuti AND the other chicks in attendance shone through, so they were going to find something else to wear.

.......So NATURALLY when the day-of came, we all wore our matching Blossam shirts to Tuti's event XD;;;

But, I thought, it might not be so bad--I was wearing a little 3/4-length sleeve wrap over the shirt anyways, he might not even notice, and another chick there had a Decossam bag, so...not so bad, right?

As we enjoyed the event, I'd actually pretty much forgotten we were wearing anything remotely "weird" even, until our group's turn came to spend a little time with Tuti (there were 5-6 smaller groups inside the main group of ~80, so we got to have some time with him and just our group of 5-6 people) where we all met up at this really old historic post office that's still in use. You can send postcards/letters from the post office there, and it'll have some special Meiji Mura stamp, so we all agreed to send ourselves postcards, and Tuti would write us a message and sign it for us. I'll touch on the awesome happenings of the other two later, but for now--mine XD

I was one of the last people in the group when he worked his way around the table to sign and write on our postcards, and so after he finished with [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace beside me, he sauntered over, took my pen, and started scribbling. About halfway through, I realized what he was writing (let it be said he knew exactly what he wanted to write--no hesitation, just started scribbling away XD;;;) and wanted to sink into the floor XDDDDD This postcard is now on its way back to me:

XDDDDDD (the kai at the end is kind of a dialectical version of ka, so he's kind of saying, "Seriously?! BLOSSAM??" in a humorous orz way XD;;;; The other girls at our table found it quite amusing as well XD (let me put it this way: all the shippy TxN girls at Nagayan's events? On their off days, they come to spend time at Tuti's 8DDDDD I will enjoy explaining how our group was in stitches when Tuti walked into a stall labeled 'dagashi' XDDDDD)

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That reminds me...

...I didn't post this before.

Nagayama Takashi.

I did some voice work and appeared in some video for his event.
This is from that time.

Even though we were together so much during the first half of this year, lately I haven't been able to see him at all.

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XDDDDD Some fun little tidbits Mitsuru picked up on from the Nagayan event (that I stiiiiilllll haven't finished writing up yet XD):

--I know it's more or less common knowledge now, since he already spoke about it at the tea party last year, but nnnnnffff Nagayan relating how he found out Tuti was his partner in ShibaTora will never stop being adorable ;~; He mentioned that he'd been curious about who would play the Utsumi to his Kagawa, but of course he hadn't been notified ahead of time, instead being expected to just kind of jump in when they first met. However, he'd managed to catch a glimpse of one of the staff's cast sheets randomly, and saw that the person's last name was "Tsuchiya". While he immediately thought of Tuti, he told himself there was no way, because Tuti doesn't do TV (...DIDN'T do it XD kind of weird now that he does a ton of TV stuff!), but sure enough, the guy came in late and dripping with sweat and apologizing *insert dead-on impression by Nagayan going, "Suimasen suimasen suimasen" XDDDD*

--God, she's reminding me of how hilarious Nagayan's commentary was while making that Tuti/Nagayan song:

"So now we have Kimi wo motto motto shiritakute ("I want to know your warmth more and more")...hmm, know your warmth, I...I do not want to know it, no. And Chiisa na te nigirishimeta ("I grabbed tightly onto your small hands")--HIS HANDS AREN'T SMALL!" <--yeah, you'd know, Mr. Likes To Take Secret Shots of Tuti's Hands.

But the best part was him reading a double meaning into a portion that NONE OF US HAD. When he changed hanashitaku nai to kaeshitaku nai, he explained, "And--there's a double meaning to this part! Ke wo kaeshitaku nai (using the kanji [返す], "I don't want to give back your hair") and Kyou wa kaeshitaku nai (using the kanji [帰す], "I don't want to let you go back home today")--you could take it either way!" Funnily enough, MOST OF US WERE ONLY TAKING IT TO MEAN THE HAIR THING. YOU'RE THE ONE MAKING IT SEEM LIKE YOU'RE TAKING TUTI HOME WITH YOU. And we're the weird fangirls? :P

--TUTI WANTS TO HAVE A "GUITAR FRIENDS PARTY" DIUHFSLDIFUSFS YES PLEASE YES PLEASE. Nagayan then went on to explain that it's hard to plan something like that because they're all busy--but he never discounted it, soooo XD I think I missed this because it was during the ShibaTora2 talk, and he was always really really pressed for time there and just blurted stuff out in a rush and had to move on XD; BUT ANYWAYS YES. Have a party, AND INVITE FANS TO HEAR YOUR AWESOME MUSIC. However, please to not be inviting Gaku >( This is a Guitar Friends Party. Not a Guitar Friends and Annoying Pest Party.
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So, at the Nagayan event, Nagayan confessed that Okuru Uta, one of his very first songs, was not a very well-written song, and seeing the lyrics now, it kind of embarrassed him. So he wanted us to help him (HELP him. Do NOT think for a moment that he didn't have a buttload of fun with this, cause oh he did XD) rewrite the lyrics into a more "adult" song.

So we did. What hath a fanclub of TxN fangirls wrought... )
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Subject: Kind of a miraculous number of correct responses, huh?

I had him help me out a little with event preparations...and then we had some drinks.

Ah...it was Tuti! (^O^)



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