Mar. 11th, 2011


Mar. 11th, 2011 03:25 pm
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Holy shit strongest quake I've ever felt much?? That was actually pretty heart-pounding for a bit! I'm worried about the state of my apartment when I get home :|||||

Trains, please don't be stopped!
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Okay! I've made it home relatively safely now, so just to remind everyone and let them know: I'm perfectly all right, and so are everyone I know, thank goodness!

Getting home was an adventure: the trains still weren't running even at 6 PM, so I decided to take the bus, since well, I had to get home. There was one that went to Ikebukuro right in front of our building, so I stuffed myself in there and spent an hour as a sardine XD; Soooo much traffic and so many people! When I got to Ikebukuro, I'd hoped maybe the trains would be back up and running. However, not only were they not back up yet...

The entire station was shuttered, keeping everyone outside in the cold :(

I started the long trek home and was really surprised at how many people were out on the streets--and realized it's because well, what else was there to do? If you wanted to get home, walking was really your only hope, seeing as the streets were packed with cars already, and even the dingiest little eateries were packed with customers. Stretches of road typically devoid of people were packed to the brim, craziness!

I eventually made it home after 2+ hours of trying, and thankfully (I know Beri will be disappointed in this), my bookcase was not tipped over!! In fact, I didn't really have much damage to deal with--though my fridge door came open and sat that way for 5 hours, blah :P

There was one major casualty though...

;____; My beloved mug, a present from [ profile] analineblue several years back that I often used as a conversation starter and really liked because it was so big... Thank you, and good night sweet muggy prince ;____;

The one good thing to come out of this, though?


Today I was supposed to meet up with Moriyama-san, but since the Tempest performance was suspended, we decided to suspend our plans to meet up as well.

GOD KNEW I DIDN'T WANT EIJI AND NAGAYAN TO HANG OUT because really, I don't need another picspam post of Eiji's ass AND SENT AN EARTHQUAKE TO STOP IT. Huzzah? :/

There are still aftershocks going on, even 6 hours later,'s hoping tomorrow's a better day!


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