Feb. 9th, 2011

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Snooooooow! Snow has FINALLY come to Tokyo this year :3 It's just a little flurry, though, and isn't very cold so it's mixed with rain, but there are big fat white flakes coming down and I luvs it :D

In other news, my ipod loves me and is totes in tune with What's Going On, because on shuffle, out of my several thousand songs, it played not only Tuti's and Nagayan's "Golden Pair" from Side Fudoumine, but also the one from DL1st! One in the morning on the way to work, and one on the way home XD I swear I did not kind of sort of tear up listening to it thinking about how 24ish hours before they were physically singing that same song in front of an audience ;~; I promise. Not much.

In still other news, Japanese girls continue to amuse me XD

Saturday, I met up with Mary (not her real name, but it's what she likes me to call her XD), a friend we met at Tuti's Meiji Mura event back in September of last year. She was going to attend both days of the Onsen event, and since check-in wasn't until 3 PM that afternoon, she killed some time in the morning with me in Shinjuku so we could gab and catch up (she lives in Hiroshima, so she had quite a trek to make). Since she speaks really good English, our convo was almost entirely in English with a smattering of Japanese now and then, so it was nice to be able to relax and not have to be "on" while speaking Japanese XD

We parked ourselves in a Saizeriya and ordered some snacks so that we could just sit and talk the whole time, and talk we did XD She regaled me of the awesome questions that Tuti asked (for the yes/no quiz) on the way back from the event, since he rode on a different bus than me, and one in particular she found amusing:

I prefer chubby girls over skinny ones, yes or no?

His answer? YES. XDDDD Apparently this response was so unexpected and out of the ordinary, that she then confided in me: "You know, I don't think Tuti actually likes girls at all." I wanted to die XDDDD I love that like, he's so out there and so flaming that even Japanese girls (even his FANS who LIKE HIM [but presumably are OK with not being potential date material]) look at him and think, :/ idk that he swings my way...

I'm hoping she'll call/email me soon to tell me how the event went *___* She actually called me THE NIGHT that Nagayan appeared as a guest, presumably to fangirl at me about it, but I had JUST gone to bed and missed it ;~; Marrrryyyyyyy PLEASE CALL SOON.


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