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idek what they could possibly need to be in that position for BUT I REALLY DON'T CARE RIGHT ABOUT NOW.
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Well, another Live Viewing has come and gone! I haven't missed a Live Viewing yet since they started them, and it really is a completely different experience sharing a theater with a bunch of other people who laugh and clap at a screen, where no one can hear you or appreciate it, and still feel the bond with other fans :3

It was interesting when the official blog posted the other day about how it was decided that there would start to be Live Viewings:

Towards the end of the first season of TeniMyu, there started to be performances touring the entire nation, and the performances in each city were a great success. And just as now, the Tokyo Return final senshuuraku was extremely popular, and over 100,000 people tried to reserve the only 1-2000 tickets available.

The draw of a stage performance, if you were to put it into words, is that time, that place." But in fulfilling that "same time, same place," there was of course a limit on the number of seats in a single theater. We wanted to share with all the fans supporting TeniMyu that deep emotion that comes with the final senshuuraku, being there "at the same time", and after some discussions with people in the film industry [...] we started having live viewings.

I remember watching that first one at Shinjuku Wald 9, where every single screen was "hijacked" to show the TeniMyu Live Viewing. It was totally worth it, and I've never missed a Live Viewing since, also always seeing it in that same Shinjuku Wald 9. Thanks for the memories, guys, and keep them coming!

(also on the blog on another entry, they posted a pic of Nagayan and Yuuta when Nagayan came to see the show and talked about how Yuuta was super bummed that he wouldn't be able to talk to Nagayan [because he had to do the miokuri that day] and said, "たかしさん、帰っちゃいますかね…" ["I bet Takashi-san'll leave huh..."] but Nagayan was an amazing sempai and waited patiently until Yuuta'd done miokuri to all the audience members leaving [takes ~half an hour] to chat ;~;)

Now that that bit of sappiness is out of the way... Let's discuss the Live Viewing! )
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Oh GOD. It's a beautiful beautiful EIJI SANDWICH.

Also, Charlie says: "I received some really nice words from Takashi-san, too." <--What? WHAT? I really really want to know what kind of things Nagayan told him. It's the sort of thing I can only dream about--exactly what an original would say to a current Myuboy, especially one replaying a scene that so far only the original had done ;~;

Also also, lulz Charlie: "Oishi-kun with two Eijis...that looks really tough..." XDDDD Preach it!
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So my DVD came yesterday and of course I set to ripping! I haven't actually gotten to sit down and watch it because I have company who is not the TeniMyu-watching type, unfortunately, but I did snag some time to make some caps!

Caps behind here :3 )

IN OTHER NEWS. Shouta bb is talking about his bbf again ;~; He went to see a Shinsengumi show last night that Kubobe-nii was in, and of course this prompted all the commenters to remind him that his very bestest friend Tsuji is currently in a Shinsengumi drama that's airing ummmm! His comments in response were as thus:

Ah! You all have been watching BS, huh (;▽;)ノ
So lucky! I want to hurry up and see Tsuji-kun's Okita!!!!
And Nagai-san's Hijikata!

I've been having my mom record it at home ( ̄▽ ̄)

I haven't gotten to see Tsuji-kun lately (T^T)
I'll have to invite him to hang out soon~
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...and now I have thoughts on it :D A fair few, to be precise. So if you don't want to see me expound on what I did and did not like--as there was plenty of both--and want to wait to be surprised yourself, please don't click the cut :x

You've been warned! )

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Only talked about the boys I care about, which are:

Oshitari: Wow, you are...a very genki Oshitari XD; But you say you're a good singer, so that bodes well. Your Oshitari voice sounds a little forced (like someone's Saitou imitation tbh XDDD), but everyone sounds pretty bad in these vids initially, plus the change was kind of sudden from your genki normal voice so that didn't really help XD I still have hope for you, though :D You didn't disappoint :DDDDD

Gakuto: omg Gakuto you are kind of adorable and I actually REALLY like your Gakuto voice. Also, Eiken 2kyuu? YES PLEASE TO BE TALKING ENGLISH THX. WILLIKERS. I actually hate these videos because they don't give a very good impression of the guys because it's all reading off cue-cards and makes them sound stilted and weird. Really, the only part worth watching IS their IC sign-off, and since this kid was quite good with his IMHO, I'm happy :D

Tomoruuuuu: I won't even call you Jirou because you are just Tomoru to me atm so HI. PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THIS AWESOME CUTE GENKI ATMOSPHERE BECAUSE YOU ROCK.

In related news: I traded in my ticket for the TeniMyu that got canceled for one to tomorrow's show XD I will probably have a nosebleed seat, but that's okay: I'M GOING. And then going again Saturday. Which will be after I go see Shounen Hollywood on Thursday. Hee. Busy week XD;
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Man, I am beat. I almost didn't want to go to the show because the jet lag is finally catching up, but this damn ticket was 8000 yen, the after-talk promised to be awesome, and I needed a bit of normalcy, so I dragged myself over to Hatsudai to Shinkokuritsu Gekijou and plopped down for what turned out to be a three hour long musical, eesh.

So, was it worth it? )
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TeniMyu shows being cancelled?!

I feel horrible that...I'm almost glad ;; I was so depressed that I was probably going to miss my April 4th show because my parents weren't wanting to let me go back until they were positive it was safe, and no one was confident it'd be safe by then... At least I have one less thing to worry about :(
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LOLOL of all people, HOTTA MASARU was the MC at the Supporter's Club event XDDDD When asked what his favorite memory was of the gasshuku, the tennis camp that teams have before rehearsals start formally, his response, going back 7 years? "....We didn't have gasshuku in my day :|"


Will have a full report (lol there wasn't much, it was only about 40 min long) up shortly!! Wada is the best high-fiver EVER *_____* And Pedomaru and Charlie did a reprise of Golden Pair live on stage :33333
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From Mitsu's blog (nu!Fuji), in which he wrote about all of the Seigaku members:

Takkun (Tezuka's actor, Wada Takuma)...without a doubt, Takkun definitely has a user manual for me on hand☆And by the way--apparently my own mother got hearts in her eyes when Takkun came near her for a high-five! (haha)

I've never had any desire to ship any Tezuka or Fuji actors before, and I don't really care that much about Tezuka/Fuji beyond their canon relationship anyways, buuuuut that's kinda cute. A user manual? XD Does that mean he knows how to push your buttons, Mitsu? Or he knows how to push your buttons??

*pays a bit closer attention to them*
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Soooo today is an epic day. Or may be. Today may change the face of *pnish* fandom forever.


Or not, idk :P But the last time I went to a D-room show where Daiki hosted solo, Mizuki showed up and told everyone how he was Daiki's and Eiji's Yenta and was responsible for *pnish* kinda sorta :D Which, well, changed *pnish* fandom forever! :D Because then all sorts of fun stories made more sense, Mizuki's random involvement, how he knew the members fairly well, etc.

What will he talk about tonight? idk idk BUT I'M EXCITED. Especially since he posted this pic which he said he's using at tonight's 8 PM show (the one I'm going to). Daiki discussing at least 5 jiken ("events") in his life as an actor? One of those sure as hell better be the "Hajimete Eiji to deau jiken" ("Meeting Eiji for the first time") :<<<<< Just sayin'.

Also fuuuu the goods! No badges this time is sadface, but I WANT one of those Harry straps, and of course Hot Photoset is Hot sooo :D

On an unrelated note, it was Yotti's birthday yesterday! And nu!TeniMyu boys took her out awwww XD

lol whut

Jan. 14th, 2011 12:10 am
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Funny, I made that same face when I saw Tuti in this image...

In unrelated news, I just won a senshuuraku ticket for Sunday's TeniMyu show in the 2nd or 3rd row center 8D;;;; Aaaaand my live-viewing ticket for February's senshuuraku (the final-final one for the return show) is 5th row center at the cinema I booked XD THIS YEAR'S TENIMYU'S STARTING TO LOOK GOOD.
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omg so many many thoughts about nu!TeniMyu~!! BUT SO SPOILERY! So don't click the cut if you don't want to be spoiled :3 CLICK ME ANYWAYS, YOU WANT TO BE SPOILED! )

DejaMyu :D

Jan. 6th, 2011 09:58 pm
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Tell me these boys don't look like their 1st cast counterparts! :3 (by which I mean AGREE WITH ME, or I shall feel like I'm just grasping here :/ But I really do think they resemble Abe and Nagayan at least a little bit -- in these pics I mean, not in general)

Oh Shotamaru... (not to be confused with Shoutamaru!)

But yes, I feel that Kawamura this round looks especially like Abe :3 Which is all fine in my book!

In other news: goddammit I hate the 40kb limit on LJ icons -_- SO MUCH.

ETA: YOU LITTLE BITCH :DDDDD Look, real-world comparison! (plus, have Nagayan + yet-another-Oishi-who-is-not-Tuti!) I love that he chose to give us only (or first? If he posts more) the Golden Pair XDDDD YOU KNOW WHAT WE WANT, MAN. Also wow, Yuuta actually looks older than 5 there XD; GJ, TeniMyu :D
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Have a list of thoughts I entertained while watching the 2nd Season preview DVD on the plane :D This was somewhere around Alaska...

Cut for long thoughts! :D )
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Random thing I just noticed! If you check out the TeniMyu Second Season page, Ueshima-sensei is no longer directing TeniMyu! Instead, listed as 演出/Director is Iseki Yoshiko-san aka Yotti (for those not in the know, she is THE coolest chick ever; she's been assistant director/producer or actual director/producer for TeniMyu, BuriMyu, and a bunch of *pnish* plays). And it's only just starting with this upcoming show, because he's definitely the director for DL7th o___O

He's not gone entirely--just listed as "supervisor"--but I wonder why he stepped aside and let Yotti take the reins? AND GOOD GOD. YOTTI IS GOING TO UP THE SLASH FACTOR SO HARD 8DDDDD THIS COULD BE EPIC.

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Last but not least!!

Arigatou Arigatou Arigatou )
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Third time's a charm!

And then there were backstages.... )
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And now, ON TO PART 2!

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So, my screencapping itch had to be scratched like mad last night, and I stayed up til 2 AM just capping the crap out of these DVDs XD;;; Since there are almost 400 caps (and this is just from the honpen and main backstage alone!) I'm splitting it into several posts of ~100 caps each.

Let's get started~! )


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