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Have a list of thoughts I entertained while watching the 2nd Season preview DVD on the plane :D This was somewhere around Alaska...

--Right now, it's really difficult to tell people apart; I'm so used to only having one new team each time for a new show, with at least old members I'm already familiar with to pick out of a crowd, but here there are two entirely new teams. Right now I can really only pick out Inui (cause he's old and huge), and randomly Ibu (cause he looks like the lovechild of Baba and Adachi idek). Also Katsuo cause his head's shaved XD;

--Hmm, also not sure how I feel about them singing old songs :| but maybe this was JUST for the event? They couldn't exactly sing NEW songs for that, as 1) it'd spoil it, and 2) it'd be TOO MUCH newness for the audience at that time. Just so long as they don't take over 1st cast's stuff :/ (1st cast because that's all they'd take over for this particular Myu; I'll complain about them singing other casts' songs when the time comes XD;)

--Oh wow :DDDD Ichinen Trio adorableness between Horio and Kachirou @ 39:21?? Or am I seeing stuff? It just seemed so...totally random and really sweet for Kachirou to pat him on the back and all just for a cough XDDD

--Jin continues to be rly hawt. I mrean RLY :DDD Despite that hair (I love that he DID the Oishi hair, but I'm not going to lie and say it looks super good on him XD;), he manages to work it :D

--I still have noooo clue how they're possibly going to fit in 2 team matches per myu :/ It just seems super hard to let people get attached to the new actors. I feel bad for Rival team actors :( 6th cast will get to be in every myu, so they've got as much a chance to make a good impression on their audience as any previous cast, but the new Rival boys will have the equivalent of half a myu >_<;;

--Oooh I forgot that Golden Pair play Uchimura and Mori in the Fudoumine match (since they weren't present so it was only GP doing a solo song last time); if those characters hadn't been added, it would've just been a repeat of Tuti's and Nagayan's (or Tuti's and Ichitarou's XD) initial match way back when, soooo maybe this means we'll get to actually see GP play a full match before the next Myu? Cause I'm down with that :D

--Okay I take back the bit about them not singing new songs, as I definitely don't recognize one (some?) of them -- looks like it's called 'Jumping Up'? Is this just a random 1st Season song I don't remember? I wish we got to see them perform the whole song instead of clip after clip of Victory XD;

--Man, it's really really nice seeing this whole thing evolve from a bunch of boys bumbling around to something actually recognizeable as TeniMyu, which now has a certain level of good dancing/singing expected from the guys. I was really skeptical about them at the beginning of the DVD, but by the end...nice!

--Huuuuuooooly crap I kept hearing people talk about how awesome Jin was on the piano buuuut WOW *____*

--Heeeee at random points during the photoshoot, some of the guys looked seriously like 1st cast XD; particularly Kikumaru and Kawamura... (caps will be forthcoming, cause I want people to tell me I'm not crazy XD)

-Kaidoh's voice is too high XD; PITCH IT LOW, BOY. He LOOKS like a good Kaidoh, but he decidedly doesn't sound it to me yet :/ Also, Momo's hair is huuuuuuuge XD;;; I miss Toshi so muuuuch ;~; come back my crazy fluffnugget!

Date: 2011-01-05 01:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] viherkyn.livejournal.com
--Huuuuuooooly crap I kept hearing people talk about how awesome Jin was on the piano buuuut WOW *____*

IKR. And no matter what you say, Jin totally rocks the Oishi hair too. Jin is magical. 8)

When I first heard them perform Victory I went grumpyface because fffff, don't touch that song. But then I thought that it's such an amazing song that it will be performed even in the 22nd season of Tenimyu far, far in the future. 8)


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