Apr. 11th, 2011

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Only talked about the boys I care about, which are:

Oshitari: Wow, you are...a very genki Oshitari XD; But you say you're a good singer, so that bodes well. Your Oshitari voice sounds a little forced (like someone's Saitou imitation tbh XDDD), but everyone sounds pretty bad in these vids initially, plus the change was kind of sudden from your genki normal voice so that didn't really help XD I still have hope for you, though :D You didn't disappoint :DDDDD

Gakuto: omg Gakuto you are kind of adorable and I actually REALLY like your Gakuto voice. Also, Eiken 2kyuu? YES PLEASE TO BE TALKING ENGLISH THX. WILLIKERS. I actually hate these videos because they don't give a very good impression of the guys because it's all reading off cue-cards and makes them sound stilted and weird. Really, the only part worth watching IS their IC sign-off, and since this kid was quite good with his IMHO, I'm happy :D

Tomoruuuuu: I won't even call you Jirou because you are just Tomoru to me atm so HI. PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THIS AWESOME CUTE GENKI ATMOSPHERE BECAUSE YOU ROCK.

In related news: I traded in my ticket for the TeniMyu that got canceled for one to tomorrow's show XD I will probably have a nosebleed seat, but that's okay: I'M GOING. And then going again Saturday. Which will be after I go see Shounen Hollywood on Thursday. Hee. Busy week XD;


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