Jan. 10th, 2011

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omg so many many thoughts about nu!TeniMyu~!! BUT SO SPOILERY! So don't click the cut if you don't want to be spoiled :3 CLICK ME ANYWAYS, YOU WANT TO BE SPOILED! )
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Today I went to see Panic Cafe a second time, and although there wasn't a talk event scheduled, TakiYuki informed us after the show had ended that the five of them would be holding an impromptu talk show, all five of them! Which I was psyched for, as well, umm, TAKIYUKI.

The highlight of it came, for me, when they were all asked to describe the person to their left using one kanji character, and Yoshikawa (the waiter) was asked how he would describe Akasawa (cute KY uke shota boy). After a moment's thought, he prefaced his response with, "Now, I don't mean this in a weird way..." so we knew it was gonna be good XD He mentioned that Akasawa was overflowing with cuteness and that he made Yoshikawa think for the first time that a guy was cute XDDDD The others were all, "Umm yeah ngl that still sounds really weird, you know XD;;;" and he kept trying to dig himself out of his grave and failing XD

Yoshikawa has a crush on Akasawa y/y?? (I'm not saying I ship them, I just thought it was hilariously adorable XD)

The show itself was just as good, and Hayato was, once again, a bundle of nerves in front of the audience during the show. idk what his problem is?? XD It's not just nerves, he flat out CANNOT TALK, has a fit almost when he's not performing. He's an excellent actor! I loved watching him! But...just, being himself? Good lord, I'm worried for him, seriously! XD;;;

Also randomly: the girl sitting next to me was watching the GradMyu backstage on her ipod before the show XDDDD *mental high-five*


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