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Since I know you all have been waiting on the edge of your seats for an update on my ongoing cellphone drama--I bring you all tidings of great joy! I got another new phone 8D

So it turns out my beautiful IS01, a masterpiece of weird-design and spiffy technology, was so weirdly designed that...it was unable to be updated past Android 1.6. For those of you in the know, Android's got versions 2.1 and 2.2 on most new sets these days, and 2.3 is even out as well on some IIRC. So all the lovely apps that required Android 2.1+, such as Skype and Paypal and all, were unavailable (and never would be available) on my phone. Bawwww :(

And I wasn't happy about that XD; so I went to the AU shop in Ikebukuro, said I wanted a phone that wasn't already obsolete...and they hooked me up XD With minimal fuss! I was super surprised XD And because you pay for the phone on an installment plan, I paid nothing upfront :3 My new phone is the currently popular IS03 (with Android 2.1, soon to be 2.2):

While it lacks the lovely double camera my IS01 had (meaning no easy self-portraits!) it actually behaves like a normal phone now, so I don't look like an idiot talking on the phone sitting open in my hand XD;;; It also has a slightly smaller screen than my IS01, but it's worth it to have a phone that is just newer and more responsive all around. I will say this, though, that I decidedly don't like Android's keyboard! It's very non-intuitive, doesn't auto-correct without jumping through hoops and having you select the right word (so...not automatic), and is generaly less pretty than the one on my ipod. Get with the program, Google! It's easier to type in landscape mode than portrait, which requires two hands and thus kind of is more difficult when walking.

Still, the phone is prettier in general, with a more visually pleasing interface. To add to it, I got to keep my IS01, of course, since I'd already paid for it, so I can actually still use that with wireless connections :D It's a mini-laptop, for all intents and purposes! And if I ever want to use it as a phone-phone again, all I have to do is go to an AU shop and ask them to switch out the card (or I suppose I could get a new card/open another account and put it in, or someone else could use it). Huzzah!

In other, unrelated news, [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu and I are going to see Hanasakeru Seishounen Feb 19 with the Charinko-bu! It's a group-viewing, and since Iwashita-san's in it, he's getting us tickets (also in it are Kubobe, Juri, Takuya, Osamu-chan, Banchou, among others). Then after the show, we're going out for drinks and fun with--jajajaaaaan--Osamu-chan joining us :DDDDD Apparently there might be others too, but I'm totes cool with an evening out with Osamu-chan~ :DDDDD

*uses bike icon in celebration and inappropriate Osamu-chan/Tatsuya tag because she has no Osamu-chan-only tag*

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Finally finished ripping the Secret Garden DVDs, so I'll probably put those up tomorrow :D Thought I'd take this opportunity thought to post a few (seriously this time XD only 6!) caps from the after talk to give you a hint of what to expect~ click for pics of T2 et al! )
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God. Tsuji, why must you play Izumi as if Haru is his life and breath and reason for existing??? idk. idk, BUT KEEP IT UP. Like, he's surprised and confused to see Azuma, and then he turns and there's Haru and it's just, LOOK AT THE WAY HIS FACE LIGHTS UP.

Tsuji srsly needs to play more extremely uke boys :/ He does them so well--

--I mean--

...Whatever, TAKE IT, PUN AND ALL 8D

Fic meme~

Oct. 27th, 2010 11:26 pm
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Stole'd from [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace:

The Works In Progress Meme
Find any fanfiction in progress that you have lying around your computer. Post excerpts from all of it. Maybe inspiration will strike.

Secret Box

Haru/Izumi - Izumi Turns 20 )

Maharaja Mode

Nataraja/Pasupata, semi-AU where Pasupata's parents purchase Nataraja as a servant for their son and they grow up together )

Vishnu/Parvati - Uncomfortable situation in bed... )
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(from this pic on Daiki's blog) I seriously did not even recognize the boy--please god tell me WHY?! Why did you cut your beautiful locks into this buzzed monstrosity?! ;~; He looks like some strange lovechild of Myu!Kawamura and Horio. GOD. (fyi he looked like this before this tragedy ;___;)

DNW. SO MUCH DNW. The only way I can see this being redeemed is if my Special little man is Wanizuka's 弟子 ;~; Because having discussed it with [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou, it would be the Cutest Thing Ever.

ETA: OH ALSO look who went to see his bb on opening niiiight~~~~ If Tsuji turns around and goes to Shouta's version (which starts next week), then that's just gonna make me sick with joy, fyi ♥
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Yaaaay for vanity posts XD I got my hair cut yesterday after it being long for a while (it's been about a year since I cut it last), and my head feels really light now XD It was the longest it's been since I first started wearing it short (way back in 5th grade), so it felt a little sad getting it all chopped off XD


And AFTER~!!

In other news, how about some SHIMURA-SENSEI to go with Shouta's Hiiro?? :D

And in other other news...I'm going to try to get Tenchou to make a bear out of an extra Decossam shirt I have 8D After seeing the adorable one made from an old Blossam parka, he mentioned that any kind of old clothing could be made into one, so I thought it was worth a shot and emailed Tenchou asking if it was possible. His response? "Definitely, absolutely! Come in to talk about it any time!!" XDDDD Soooo the always cool [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace is going with me to Gain in a few minutes to chat up Tenchou about this interesting idea XD
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Today was an interesting day!

I woke up fairly late and killed some time getting ready until the Tuti event tickets went on sale, at which point I pounced most effectively and snagged myself, [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou, and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace tickets for Tuti's zomgawesome Nagoya Meijimura event. We have no clue what it's going to entail save that Tuti will be there and so will we :D getting there is another matter entirely...

With tickets safely procured, I headed to Shibuya to meet up with the aforementioned ladies and a third friend Joanna (who...I'm not sure the LJ of? Halp?). We were meeting at Gain, because they had wanted to check it out before we had lunch, but a shopping spree had them arriving after me, which meant I was left standing and looking stupid outside of Gain for ~10 min XD I was mostly worried that Tenchou would look down and see me and come down and interrogate me about why I was hanging around in front of his place. I supposed if he asked me that, I'd just explain that I was waiting for some friends who wanted to visit Gain, etc. etc.

I shit you not, literally TEN SECONDS after I devised that plan, a shadow appeared in the side of my vision, and I glanced up and holy fuck Tenchou right there next to me. I dunno HOW he snuck up so ninja like since I was standing RIGHT in front of Gain, but THERE he was, tickled that I jumped when he came around XD;;; We then chatted for a little bit--where he did indeed ask what I was doing there. When I said I was waiting for some friends who wanted to visit Gain, he asked if it was "the same one who came last week" ([livejournal.com profile] faded_lace getting a Blossam shirt), and I said nope, new ones~ to which he got all Japanese-store-owner-y on me and thanked me for bringing people around XD

Then for some reason we started talking about the new Blossam shirt (I think because of mentioning [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace) and he asked me if I'd gone to Nagayan's FC event last week. When I said I had, a little surprised that he knew about it, he explained that Nagayan had called him and mentioned that I'd worn it and said something like "the lime looked good" and I'm all nodding nicely and smiling and inside going kind of, "LIAUDFHSDFS SHIT FUCK NAGAYAN ILUSFM"

We then discussed KG losing two more members, and then he had to dash back upstairs because a customer had come, so I was left to sit in the heat some more XD But the girls showed up shortly after that, so we popped up and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace bought a Wasshi-line green train shirt because she is an awesome Wasshi fan and Tenchou loved it XD

After that was lunch at TGIFridays and then dashing over to Ebisu to see Blood Prisoner one final time! Unfortunately our seats were separated today, but being in the back I got to see Tamacchi escort a few people into kankeisha seats, including...THIS DUDE! I heard him before I saw him, and when I glanced over, all I saw was a really tall guy with Naoya-esque glasses on, and thought huh, that guy totally looks like Naoya! But I never like guessing who someone was, so I kept my eyes peeled at demachi, and he did indeed come down in full Naoya glory XD

SPEAKING OF DEMACHI! [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace had worriedly asked me the other day if I thought it would be weird for her to wear her new awesome Blossam shirt to the show today, and I reassured her that Nagayan fricking LOVES it when people wear Blossam to his shows, so she definitely should. It was a very good thing she did...because he walked out WEARING THE EXACT SAME ONE XDDDD And when he saw her, he exclaimed, "We match!" and gave her a manly side-hug which I think she is probably still feeling now 8DDDDD It was kind of awesome.

After the show, we piled all four into the Big Echo near the theater and sang our throats raw :D Here are some tired, sung-out fangirls:

(I'm taking the pic, so I'm not in it)

As for the show itself, it was--if possible--even gayer than last time, and I'm sure you people are tired of my babbling about how awesomely gay this show was and how Souta's Ten-chan is absolutely head over heels in love with Nagayan's Junsuke and how it hurts seeing him pining, BUT JSYK I'M PROBABLY GOING TO HAVE TO GET SOME FIC-WRITING FOR THIS PAIRING OUT OF MY SYSTEM. SO. You know, be prepared :D

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So, randomly, it's always bugged me since the first Rikkai NationalsMyu that Tsuji's cadence when delivering his lines on the container differed strikingly from the rhythm that Tuti had adopted back during St. Rudolph. I realize I'm probably the only obsessed nerd who noticed it, but it always bugged me. This line:

Makeru tabi ni koko de hanseikai datta na

Tuti had a really solid, smooth delivery, rolling through the line pretty quickly to the "ni" before continuing on, but Tsuji spoke it more like, "Makeru TABI ni...koko de haneikai datta na", with some slight emphasis on "tabi", which as I said BUGGE ME XD; Not because it sounded wrong, but because it just differed from the delivery I'd always been used to, Tuti's.

But then, a few days back, I rewatched that scene--the ORIGINAL one, from the anime--for the first time in a while, because it was included on the PairPuri DVD for Golden Pair.


KONDOU!OISHI SAYS IT THE SAME WAY AS TSUJI. Which means a) Tuti just delivered it in his own style, pretty much how he wanted to, and b) TSUJI RELIGIOUSLY WATCHED THAT SCENE SO THAT HE COULD PARROT REAL!OISHI'S VOICE THERE. AWW. AWWWWWW.

I dunno why, but hearing that and realizing that it wasn't Tsuji who was sounding "off" but Tuti and I'd just gotten used to him, and that Tsuji had very obviously worked hard to get his cadence as close to the original as possible was just...really nice and made me feel happy XD

IN OTHER NEWS: It's BLOOD PRISONER opening night! I am making [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace be my 観劇 bitch and come with me to see it, so we can remind Nagayan that his foreign faction is EVERGROWING. Hopefully I will not scare her off with my continued efforts to Make People Be My Friend In Tokyo 8D;;;

In still other news, I'm in the process of diligently rewatching Samurai Mode right now, capping all the while, so I can write up a long, image-filled summary of the show so you ungrateful bitches can watch, understand, fall in love, and then WRITE ME FIC :DDDDD お楽しみに〜
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*ahem* I'm sorry :P I just worked up the nerve to attempt to interact in a language I KNOW he must know SOME of, seeing his blog posts, and I'm always worried I'm going to embarrass them or it'll be awkward and sdlifushldfs it was just a lot of fun :D Reminds me of the absolute RUSH it was speaking with Hosogai *___* Next time, I'm definitely going to challenge him some more!

Backtracking a bit... More on 'Secret Garden'! )

In other news! So I finally watched the videos for 6th cast on the TeniMyu site and my overall impression was...good! In order of increasing ability to tell how good an actor will be as his character, I'd rank the following: blog image < still IC shot < intro video < actual performance/DVD -- so this was at least a step up from IC shots! Ryoma looks very nice, Tezuka's voice has me preemptively melting in my seat thinking how that's going to sound belting out some tunes, Oishi is interesting but I need to see more, and Kikumaru...well I think I may just be interested again :D

Like I said before, BabyMaru was kind of worrisome, especially since this is supposed to be a character who's close friends with his doubles partner--yet the guy playing said doubles partner is something like eight years older, and that is not very good for fostering a friendship or even a very mature working relationship :/ You don't have to be sleeping together like Tuti and Nagayan joined at the hip like T2 just the closest people EVER to pull off a good GP, but it certainly helps to connect on some level, I think. That being said...heeeeehehehehe BABYMARU IS SO GENKI AND HAPPY AND ~*~SHINING GOLDEN PAIR~*~ ABOUT THE WHOLE THING that I can't help but get a little excited myself wondering what he'll bring to the partnership :DDDD Okay hon, you've got my attention!

Everyone else is pretty normal for now--though I was impressed with Momo's confidence XD I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some more from these guys!
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Okay, [livejournal.com profile] cienna I have finished all your delicious.com SGA reccs and am now flailing about desperately scouring other people's recc lists for more :P I hope you're happy with what you've made me by spoiling me in this manner. though the fuck? are there no decent icon makers in this fandom? sheesh

In other news, I have something like 5 tabs open on my computer with Sherlock/John smut waiting to be read, but the first episode of the new season of Project Runway is out now and I'm wanting to watch that while I eat. Toooooorn D: HAVE I MENTIONED ABOUT HOW I HAVE NO TIME TO DO ANYTHING I WANT TO DO?? >_>

Friday is seeing Tsuji and Mako-chan do Secret Garden again in Ikebukuro, and then the awesome talk show afterwards and the dreaded handshake after that. Why do these people insist on touching and interacting with us gdi? D: I just want to be creepy and stalkerish off to the side where I can't be properly identified for police records!

I think I'm still in something of a daze about 6th cast/1st cast take 2... Now that they're ANNOUNCED I want to SEE them. I need to join this stupid little supporter's club thing, because while I'm sure it's just another way to get our money, the greedy bastards, I'm absolutely going to bend over and take it of course :P I can't exactly get sooper seekrit info via tennimo.com anymore, can I? >_> STUPID JAPAN. REALIZE THAT SMARTPHONES EXIST AND THEIR BROWSERS CAN'T ACCESS YOUR MOBILE-ONLY SITES.

In other other news, I'm pretty certain now that I'm going to Comiket only on the 14th (or whatever day that Saturday is), because the only reason I'd want to go on the 13th would be to snatch up whatever new Tuti/Nagayan or Nataraja/Pasupata doujinshi Mitsuru and Asami churn out (and any other good stuff), and luckily [livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes has kindly offered to stand in the baking sun to get into the hall and buy it for me :D In return, she gets a place to sleep XD Sounds like a fair trade to me XD Then on the 14th I can stock up on any fun anime doujinshi--like GP and ShiraKin and OshiGaki and sdfiusdhfs yes. Some GP chick at Super Comic City also had some Tuti/Nagayan and Nataraja/Pasupata doujinshi, too, so hopefully I can find her again and see if she has any new stuff! Man I am so ready for Obon XD

When do the new songs get into karaoke? 20th? I'm so ready to belt out Banzai and Destiny and Graduation it's not even funnyyyyyyy D: (and the CD doesn't even come out til the 25th. I WANT IT NOOOOOW. Because everyone needs to hear how fucking awesome 1st and 5th cast were singing together ;~;)

ohshit Nagayan's event is this month o_O OH THAT REMINDS ME [livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes! You and Rachel need to GO JOIN NAGAYAN'S FC dammit! GET ON THAT!
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I got invited to go hang out by Tsujimoto-kun, who saw my sad previous blog entry where I wondered how the rest of 5th cast were doing☆

I got this sudden text message: "Shouta! Wanna go see the night scenery?"

...Huh? "Night scenery"? Oh, who cares! (^^;) I get to see everyone!

So, I went to watch the night scenery with Tsujimoto-kun, Toshi, and Abe-chan, who was a staff member during TeniMyu!

lisduhflsd *FLAILS* T2. YOU. BOYS. I had a sneaking suspicion that as soon as a certain bestest friend ever saw your pouty post he'd be ON IT to cheer you up, and there we have it XD I wonder if Toshi was along because this was the same day that Tsuji and Toshi went to the lake together? (which btw that looks like a METRIC FUCKTON OF FUN >_>)

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Eeee, Shouta's finally well enough to start seeing friends' shows again! Uuuuunfortunately Tsuji JUST finished a run :P But at least he's bothered Yoi Uma-sanBaba~! NEEDS MOAR PIX THOUGH >|

Speaking of awesome pics on Shouta's blog, though--ZOMG HIS GRANDPARENTS! :OOOOO D'aww~ I love that he chose to share that! Makes me miss my grandma ;~;

Also also wtf @ Tsuji performing with TakiEiji in another Butterfly Effect show coming up? That's just not a pair I'd have expected to see together XD (not that they're performing just specifically with each other, but even them being in the same show together PERIOD is weird to me!)
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Today I dropped by Ikebukuro's Big Tree Theater with [livejournal.com profile] nikki_aino to check out...Hakkenden! And Tsuji~~~~ :D It feels like it's been a while since I saw the boy act, and...I guess it has XD

We nommed on some dinner at Lotteria before the show to kill some time, getting to the theater about 30 min before the show was set to start. They were selling goods in the lobby, so we filed in and then BAM RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE was Kawakubo. I'd expected to see him, since [livejournal.com profile] nikki_aino mentioned he was there yesterday, but it didn't change the fact that...well, there he was XD

And...it was really weird :/ I kind of...got the feeling that he was working as a staff member because he wasn't getting any work acting :///// He wasn't there to promote anything, there was no flyer advertising him in the flyer set, no one even MENTIONED him, and he was just really quiet and unassuming standing there behind the goods table, selling photosets of people he used to perform with :( It was really sad actually XD; Like, if you didn't know it was Kawakubo, if you didn't know this was DADADADAAAAAN, a fucking TENIMYU ACTOR standing there, then well, you wouldn't have known! Boo ;~;

BUT ANYWAYS. I bypassed the slightly intimidating Kawakubo to the main goods table and asked for a pamphlet and a photoset of Tsujimoto-kun (all the actors had 4-photo individual sets). I then realized "Ooh I'll bet Paula'd like one..." (I thought of you, [livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes!), so I asked her to make it two. At this, the lady calculated my total, and realized I was only a few hundred yen away from 3000, so if I bought something else to get up to that, I'd get a free signboard. Not feeling like getting out of it, because I am a sucker obvs, I decided to just get ANOTHER Tsuji photoset, as I could just sell it (why another Tsuji? I DON'T KNOW. WHY NOT KENN OR BANCHOU OR RYUUKO OR SOMETHING?! ARGH, SELF). Unfortunately this was only 2700 by that point, and I was starting to wonder just how many of Tsuji's photosets was I going to have to GET XD

My thoughts: gdi I GUESS I could get another one...or maybe I should just give up and go with my original purchase...
Lady's thoughts: holy CRAP this chick must really like Tsujimoto-kun......... "Umm, you know we have this humongoid pic of Tsujimoto-kun also, here??"

SO because I panicked and just caved to their suggestions (and also because Kawakubo was starting to get curious and coming over to see what the problem was AND THAT'S JUST WHAT I NEED, HIM GOING BACKSTAGE AND SAYING, "Oh hay Tsuji-kun lololol this foreign chick was buying, like, 10 of your sets it was awesome") I wound up paying 4200 yen when I didn't even fucking want the freebie you got for spending 3000 in the first place gdi :P It was a signboard with all their signatures on it. I gave it to Nikki XD She better fucking display it PROUDLY when she gets home.

On the plus side, though, the photosets are really niiiiiice (especially the big one I didn't really want to begin with, because I kindasorta came out of the show shipping Kenn's and Tsuji's characters, and it's a two-shot of those characters :D), so I'll scan and post those later!

As for the show itself.........erm, wow XD They're lucky the cast were pretty :P It's based on The Hakkenden, which is basically about these 8 samurai who are something like the spiritual incarnations "birthed" by a princess who must find each other and fight to rid Japan of a demonic presence. It all came off very shoujo-y to me XD; Apparently the show is based off of the manga version of the series, which is BL (or just slashy? There was nothing outright gay in the show), so I had high hopes, but alas, nothing much came of it. They did a good job of kind of hinting at who was "supposed" to be slashed with whom, though--and like I said, I came away kinda liking the idea of slashing Kenn's and Tsuji's characters (Shino and Sousuke), as well as another cute pair involving this kind of goofy comic relief sort of guy who seems to have a crush on another guy who dresses as a woman (some sort of disguise) and is really cold and closed off (yaaaay tsundere). Yes, I obviously took away important themes from this show, as you can see :P

It was fricking LONG though! 2.5 hours, and that was with a 15-min intermission! And it was a musical XD; kind of. Really bad, inappropriate songs in bad places :P Apparently it was only part one in a 2+ part series or something, but...I dunno if I much want to see the next part (we'll see XD;) I may just go in and buy goods and then leave 8D;;;

Because have I mentioned Tsuji's really pretty in it?? 8DDDDD
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Takasaki Shouta, who played my partner in Musical Tennis no Oujisama is being released from the hospital!!

He sent me a really happy message!

Whew, I'm so relieved! Everyone--send him congratulatory messages, k~

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lolololol this is seriously the best thing ever. For those curious: Shinsengumi and Hakkenden rehearsals apparently are right in the same building right now and they ran into each other XDDDDD

Still, Nagayan: "We're the Golden Pair!" <---No, no. Your Oishi is つっちー, not つーじー. I realize their names are eerily similar, but come on. Look at the guy. He has hair. I'm not seeing how you can mix them up visually :( You're not being a very good sempai to Shouta...
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These people gave me the happiest moments of my life over the past couple of weeks.

I'm going to miss you all something fierce.

I swear I'm going to bed, btw. I had something to finish first, though.


Apr. 13th, 2010 04:56 pm
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Okay, it's a different picture. You're safe, for now :P
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Haha duuuuuude.

So before bed, I read through some more of the novel part of the NataPasu doujinshi, because I wanted to see how they did the Vishnu/Parvati stuff, and before I turned in, I rechecked my flist and saw this post of Tsuji's...where he mentions another play he'll be doing in April! That play? A reading cinema (Shouta's doing one too earlier...don't really know what it means....) with, of all people, MAKO-CHAN (...aka Parvati XD)

Speak of the devil :P

BTW Mako-chan's in New York right now, wtf? He speaks English well enough to be alone (or semi-alone at least? I can't tell...) in New York? DAYUM BOY. Skillz, he has 'em...!

ETA: DUDE WTF! IT'S ON THE DAY AFTER SHOUTA'S PLAY! IN THE SAME PLACE! They're doing the SAME SHOW again together! Well, not TOGETHER...But it's the same play! Just with 2 different 'casts' (well, it's only 2 people each time...so 4 total, 2 of which are T2 XD) I'm guessing it'll be the same material-ish? o_O This is looking more and more interesting and DAMMIT I wanna see this now! I wonder if they'll rehearse together again 8DDDDD

January 12

Jan. 12th, 2010 12:21 pm
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dkfghdfgdgf Almost forgot!


May your special day be filled with all manner of nice things from your friends and more-than-friends :DDDDD Hey, at least you don't have to perform today~!! plz update with pix of your funtiems thx

ETA: SPEAK OF THE DEVIL XDDDDDD From Shouta's entry just now:

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my partner Tsuji-kun!!!

Yoroshiku forever and ever!!!
We have to have a party now!☆

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Can sooooomeone please explain to me why Tsujimoto Yuuki is SHOWING OFF THE GOLDEN PAIR FANART HE HAS PUT UP IN HIS BATHROOM?? The Oishi fanart I can understand, BUT THE GP FANART? And umm, correct me if I'm taking this the wrong way, BUT ISN'T THAT ART THERE MORE THAN A LITTLE SHIPPY?? I love how metrosexual he is XD Now if only Tuti would let us in on the no doubt copious amount of GP fanart he has squirreled away...

Hey says there he wants more postcards to paper those walls sooooo:

Tsujimoto Yuuki
Granpapa House 1F
Jinguumae 4-23-13
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to

I fully intend to send this boy some postcards from America, so YOU PEOPLE SHOULD SEND HIM POSTCARDS, TOO.

In other news! Today was the Anchovy senshuuraku! [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu and I arrived an hourish early and picked up our ticket, splurged on goods we didn't need (and randomly got remembered by the guy selling goods--he's been doing all of KG's goods selling since they started, and was all, "Oh, long time no see!!" :D) and made our way inside.

The show itself was quite amusing. It centers around a group of 4 friends from a small village--3 of whom move to Tokyo after high school. The 4th stays behind, and calls up the other 3 ten years later because the village is dying out, and he wants to help draw tourists and people back to it by putting on a show. The show involves crossdressing, a pirate named Jack Starrow, zombies dancing the Thriller dance, and lots of cases of mistaken identity. In short? It was pretty fricking hilarious XD

Iwashita-san and Hotta were great, and it was my first time really getting to see Shunri and Fujiwara in something big since their roles in TeniMyu (even longer for Fujiwara, since he didn't get to come back for random guest bits like Mamo and Shunri have gotten to do). After the show, Meg and I ducked out of the theater following everyone else, and kind of stepped off to the side in a little corner in front of the guy's bathroom so I could put on my coat before we went back up. I'm in the middle of zipping my coat up, and a guy appears in front of us needing to get into the toilet.

Me: "OH!"

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MY HUSBAND. We kind of shared a, "Oh HEY I KNOW YOU" moment, and then we let him get to takin' care of business and skeedaddled. I didn't even know he was back in Tokyo (he's been in Osaka doing a show for, like, the past 2 months or something...) YAY FOR RANDOM RUNNING INTO PEOPLE I KNOW :D

And as if that wasn't enough, on the way back to Nakameguro station, Meg and I are walking and talking, and we pass a guy trying to get something out of a vending machine. I catch his eye, because I remembered seeing him back in the theater, and wondering who he was. He looks slightly familiar, but we pass him and I shake it off. Curious, though, I toss one glance back, and he's still looking at me, and then gives a smile and a nod, and I kind of smile and nod back.

The guy? Kumakura Isao, another Kitty Guy XD KUMAAAAA~ :D He's one of my faves, even though he's so fricking shy and scared of foreigners. Having been privy to seeing his manly bits in a previous KG skit, though, I feel a connection :D Oh boys~

We killed a bit of time in Shibuya before Meg had to head to Shinagawa to get on the shinkansen to head back to Shiga (that's way too many "sh" words in one sentence...) by wandering around--dropping by Gain to see if Tenchou was still around. Since it was about 8:30, of course Gain was closed, but it was kind of fun watching him closing up shop (we didn't talk to him, and he didn't see us, we could just see through the window). Another day over!

Also: Is Tuti DEAD or something? wtf, dude.


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