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Feb. 28th, 2011 03:02 pm
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Hmmm, anyone wanna go to a Kitty Guys party with Bana and Iwashita-san with me?? It's March 21, and there are 12 and 5 PM timeslots and it costs 2000. They're super fun :3 Let me know ASAP if you want to go~

KG ;~;

Sep. 4th, 2010 12:28 am
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Man :(

I was going to make some fun, upbeat and simultaneously snarky bitch post about Gaku going "overseas" and realizing it was probably for that Anime Con in Europe (right??), but...then Iwashita-san posted THIS ;~~~;

Long story short: Kitty Guys are losing two more members--Yasu and Kuri. Kuri's their hottest member, and Yasu was definitely one of the funniest, so it's...a real shame they're going. KG is down to 4 now, and well...while it seems like they're getting fewer and fewer, honestly it feels like the ones who are still there will be the ones to stick it out, like *pnish* going from 6 to 4! Still left are: Tachibana (Leader), Kuma (The Cute One!), Iwashita-san (the confident fun guy who comes off as Leader), and Gaku (the crazy one). So....Daiki, Wasshi, Eiji, and Tuti XDDDDD (Tuti would kill me for comparing him to Gaku)

It's sad, but it's also inevitable, and gives me some hope that KG will pull together closer with these four guys left and hopefully start really making something of themselves. *pnish* has shown that you can do it, so GET GOING.
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Geeeeeh only a few more hours of work and then it's SHINKANSEN TO KOBE! ......Well, shinkansen to Maibara, train to Oumihachiman, sleep, train to Kobe XD But still! Close enough! I'll at least be within striking distance of Kobe World Kinen Hall :P

And speaking of what's going on there...[ profile] innusiq totally called this with her Eagle Eyes, buuuuut notice anything out of the ordinary here?


How about here? Say, down by Tuti's feet...


So whyyyyy has our boy brought along one of his boy's totebags? :D Okay, not Nagayan's, but close enough. And that's one from the past year or so, sooooo interesting :D

Man, I still have a lot of work and a lot of packing to do >_> I know I should work on the shink tonight but...I'll probably wind up watching something XD Ah well~

In other news: ooooh KG 3rd birthday party! WILL go :D
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Not much of note this weekend, other than the much-anticipated (*snort*) KG show :D

You know you wanna read about it~ )
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lolololololol I just furikomi'd my husband 10,000 yen 8DDDDDD

...okay so it's probably the official KG account and just has his name on it because he opened it but STILL. He will be holding a bank book with my name on it saying I sent him love funds :3

Also, I totally need to make me another Tuti/Gaku icon from this pic. It's kind of sickeningly cute XD wtf are Tuti/Gaku and Eiji/Nagayan the new OTPs? WTFFFFFFFF D:
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Yesterday was fun~ As usual, however--I think I've decided to hold off on going to these alone anymore >_>; It's way too intimidating and I feel like...I'm making THEM feel bad because they think I'm bored with no one to talk to which I am, but not bored enough to talk to some of the Japanese girls thaaaaanks

I headed straight home after work and changed clothes...and decided what the hell, I WAS GONNA BIKE THERE. This was actually quite easy--I live right off of Ookubo-doori, and the event hall was ON Ookubo-doori so...straight shot from my apartment XD Also, I gotta tell you how awesome it felt to pull up with this long line of girls and just hop off my bike, lock it up, and saunter over to take my place in line with 5 girls going, "SUGEE! She lives around here?!" 8DDDDD YUP BITCHES, I DO.

One of the girls there actually turned out to have been one of the girls taking gads of pics at the Mt. Rock BBQ event a few weeks ago, and she brought along an album (zomg memories ;_;) including prints of a group shot that she gave out to those of us who'd gone. So nice!

I also realized, randomly, that it was SUPER smart of me to ride my bike there because...IT GAVE ME AN EXCUSE NOT TO DRINK 8D I always feel bad; I just don't like booze, but Japanese people don't seem to understand the concept of just not liking the taste of alcohol, and are always like, "omg why aren't you drinking anything?? :( does booze make you sick?" but with my handy dandy "I came by bike ^^;" I had the, "NO DRINKING AND DRIVING. INCLUDING BIKING" law on my side :D

The whole thing passed pretty quickly--Iwashita-san was his usual self, which resulted in LOTS of Tachibana bashing XD

BTW -- in case you missed it, TACHIBANA IS KG'S NEW LEADER! Apparently the members decided if they didn't do something to stop Tachibana from becoming a bum, he was doomed, so they decided to give him some responsibility in the form of being the new Leader XD Congrats, KG Leader!

For this event, Iwashita-san was in the toilet, and Tachibana was behind the curtain (which worked out nicely, since for Iwashita-san's last time with Gaku, he'd been behind the curtain--whereas Tachibana had been in the toilet when he hosted with Yasu). I was actually pretty nervous to talk with Tachibana because...well, HE was nervous :P I hate it--I mean, I can talk (relatively) fine with Nagayan now because I dunno, he pretty well understands I can speak Japanese, and Iwashita-san is a given because we share the bond of talking while he was piss-ass drunk. Most of these guys I see with any sort of frequency I'm not that nervous speaking to now. But most of KG still scares the pants off of me, much like most of (...okay, ALL of) *pnish* XD;

However, was pretty okay! I got back there with him and we were sitting down, and he kind of starts giggling nervously, and I just broke the ice going, "You nervous?" went pretty smoothly. I don't even remember what we talked about, but I guess it couldn't have been that bad.

They had a corner at the end where everyone played janken to win random prizes, and I won...a KG towel and a pair of plastic coke-bottle-lens glasses Tachibana wore as a prop for some show he didn't even remember the name of. YAY.........XD;;;;

In other news: I still start shaking when I think about being in that elevator. I THINK I HAVE A PROBLEM. Tomorrow is Tokyo Gaisen opening day, and I have 8th row center tickets :DDDDD GOD I LOVE LIFE. Senshuuraku is Sunday (I'll see the Live viewing in Shinjuku), and I'm zomg excited ;_; But really sad it's almost ending...

OH HAY BTW ACCORDING TO TACCHAN BURIMYU PHOTOSHOOT WAS THE OTHER DAY. UMM, WHAT?! Only normal clothes, apparently (he said character stuff is later?) Also, he saw a nameplate that read "Tsuchiya Eiji" (same kanji and everything). I don't want to fucking hear about that >(

I paid off my Korea trip today and am poor as SHIT >_> (well, I still have money...but, like, seriously all but a few hundred dollars is promised to other ventures like ticket-getting and rent XD;;;;;;) I need to sell some of this stuff I don't use and don't need...anyone want a nice clarinet? :D

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You know, I wouldn't be nearly this crazy about these boys if they weren't so crazy ABOUT EACH OTHER. From Tsujimoto's latest entry:

The other day, I had a bit of time, so I went and explored Osaka with Baba-chan and Shouta!


I really just can't get enough of how close they are ;_; 5th cast in general is close, but these three in particular just seem to do EVERYTHING together *___* Shopping, haircuts, takoyaki parties, expeditions in Osaka. WHERE WILL IT END?! NEVER, NOWHERE!

I mean, that's not normal, right?! Sure, you might get a few cast members who happen to run into each other, or go see a play together, or maybe you'll have a party now and then with a bunch of members, but what the hell is with their little 3人組?! They're, like, inseparable! The first time I heard that BabaRyo was going to be the MC for T2's event, I thought, "...Uh, okay o_O Kind of a random pairing there, but I guess because Tezuka is the head of the team? idek..." Good GOD if I'd known then what I know now *____*


In other news, I'm going to share a funny story I totally forgot to tell after the KG Kuri/Gaku event (...eew XD) and then just kept putting it off.

So, after Kako Rion told his zomg super scary story and Nagayan showed up, they asked him to talk about something scary that had happened to him at some point in his life.

So he told us about how this one time, when he was little--probably 8 or 9--he'd been watching some scary movie, and had to go to bed afterwards. Well, at that time, he liked to sleep on his stomach, and with his arms crossed underneath his pillow. No biggie, I sleep much the same way.

Well, he had a nightmare, and he JERKED awake from it in the middle of the night, and started screaming BLOODY MURDER because something was grabbing his arm--he could SEE the hand clamped around his wrist, and couldn't jerk it free, it was right there under his pillow. Well his dad came running in of course, asking what was wrong, and Nagayan screamed at him what was happening...and his dad pulled away the pillow.

And Nagayan saw his own hand gripping his own wrist. He just couldn't tell because it'd been under the pillow. Scared himself half to death 8D Ladies and gentlemen, Tuti's boyfriend.
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So last night, I met up with [ profile] imma_holiday for one last fling before she leaves Japan today (tata! Safe flight!!), and we went to see Kitty Guys in their new show, "Birigaki", which runs until this weekend.

I really wish I'd had time to go see it at least once more, as it was a HILARIOUS show, as expected from the guys XD But tonight is Tower of Sugar, and tomorrow starts the On7 Nagoya shows! So alas :(

The plot revolved around "kids" in a special classroom just for people born on February 29th. All of the "children" are part of an experiment that keeps them (mentally) at their "official" age of 7, despite their physical age of 28. Since they're obviously quite bigger than all the other 2nd graders, they're in their own special class with their own special teacher, and the play is about the things that happen in this weird class of grown-up 7-year-olds.

Yasu was the star, amazingly enough--he played a counselor who just started at the school, who learns about this class and gets involved in it. His character was the only really sane one in the show, which was quite a switch for Yasu, but made him extremely loveable XD

Tachibana was one of the other teachers in the school, really strict and helping Yasu get settled in. Iwashita and Gaku were two of the regular students in the class--Gaku was one of the bitchy, devil-may-care "URUSEE" yancha students (...which REALLY suited him XD) and Iwashita was the really soft-spoken polite kid who always wore a suit to class. Kuri played a yakuza member in Gaku's father's yakuza gang (I think? XD) and was HILARIOUS, and Kuma...

Oh Kuma. Kuma...Kuma wore a pink version of this and was supposed to be a transfer student, Yui-chan. They could never figure out if he was a boy or a girl. He had a baby, though, that he always carried around and fed a bottle. It very, very special.

Lastly, their guest was the homeroom teacher of this special class, and he CRACKED ME UP. Edogawa...Manjisomething, I forget. BUT GOD. HILARIOUS.

Like I said, though, I really wish I'd had more time to go see it again. To see Kuri being scared out of his fucking mind that there's a ghost teacher (which everyone made up), or MOUNTING KUMA AND SMACKING HIS ASS, Kuma in that short short skirt making us wonder if he had anything on underneath it for the first 10 min or so, Gaku being really appropriate for his part, everything ;_;

These guys REALLY need to start releasing this stuff on DVD dammit :/
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1) KG event was all sorts of awesome. AND SHUNRI WAS THE GUEST. WHAT THE FUCK. YES YES YES.

2) Sue-san is leaving KG for good. Fuck ;_;

3) Gaku tossed me his penlight at the end of the show--but windshear struck he has fail aim and it kinda went too far left and thus I am Gaku's penlight-less now :(

4) Purchased a ticket for their next show, Birigaki!

5) Was asked by Meg to sell off the 4 tickets of her own that she accidentally purchased XD; Anyone want 1 (or more!) of the tickets for the shows on the 25/26th? 3000yen, but jiyuuseki so you can sit anywhere! Also helllooooooo KG, made of awesome.

6) Gaku's new haircut looks like something reddish brown and fluffy died on his scalp. I am relieved, as I was almost starting to find him somewhat attractive. CRISIS AVERTED. However, Sue's long hair and Bana's new 'do are FUCKING HOT DAMMIT.

7) Gaku kissed Sue. Like, on the lips. (corner of the lips admittedly, BUT STILL). I knew he was gay...!

8) On the way back to my place, as I turned the corner right by my apartment, I heard someone call out, "Sumimasen~!" I turned around, and it's some random guy, probably a little older than me. Not HORRIBLE looking, but kinda scrawny, and with pretty nasty facial hair XD He kinda looked at me funny, like he knew me, and went, "...Iida-san?" I told him no, he must have the wrong person, and this then made him launch into this whole spiel about how whoa I looked just like this friend of his (WHAT?) and holy crap where was I from, because I looked foreign but I didn't SOUND foreign (sldifuhsdlfs I love it when I don't have an ACCENT. It makes me feel so good XD;) and what was I doing in Japan? Vacation? Work? Did I teach English or something? I made small talk with him for a little while, being a little wary because wtf random strange guy chatting me up in an alley at 10:30 at night in Shinjuku? NOT THE SAFEST PLACE. He seemed to kinda get that I was a little wary around him and kept going, "But Japan's so safe, right? It's a lot safer than America, that's why you're here probably." Uh huuuuhhhhh... He wanted to exchange emails in case I wanted to get together later (...) and said that he didn't mind just giving me his email, that way if I wanted to hang out again it was entirely up to me. I figured he had a point, and since I kinda wanted to get away, I got his email and left.

It sounds really fishy, but I dunno, he just seemed a little...funny XD; I don't intend to email him, but it was amusing when it wasn't worrisome XD;
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Yaaaaay! I should've guessed this was what the big announcement was :P Totally slipped my mind that it was almost that time of year again~ :D

[ profile] hughes_maes, [ profile] imma_holiday? I'm sure even though it's a Monday they'll take into account all the people who WORK and have an evening show (and maybe an afternoon one as well), which is probably the only thing I could make >_> Interested in going? Anyone else? It'll probably be the only KG event Sue's in for the rest of the year 8D And even THAT'S not a given >_>;;;;; Leaderrrrrrr wtf are you doing.

Also: I totally went for a ride on my new bike (I'm thinking Leader-san-gou :D Because like hell am I calling it Gaku) to see what was down past Higashi-Shinjuku station towards Shinjuku, and found out it's all of a 10 min bike ride to Koma Theater XDDDD Or well, what's left of it ;_; Also god but there were a ton of host guys :P Tomorrow I think I'll go up towards Ikebukuro--if it's only a 10-15 min ride between stations, it should (theoretically) only take me 30 min at most to get there o_O Guess we'll see! wonder how far a ride it is towards the rehearsal halls...

Perhaps I should invest in a map before I get lost :P
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Comment the first: HOLY SHIT HOT. The stubble, the hair, TUTI IN GENERAL. FUCK. GUH. It's been a LONG while since I looked at him in a blog pic and thought, "WOW HOT GUH *INCOHERENT*" (generally it's just the normal "omg Tuti :D Lookin' good!") YES. WORK IT, MAN.

Comment the second: SHIGA SHIGA SHIGA SHIGA. I am so glad I don't live there anymore, because I think I would be SCREAMING, "OH MY GOD TUTI IS IN MY PREFECTURE WHERE WHERE WHERE MUST NOT WASTE THIS CHANCE TO STALK HIM OUTSIDE OF TOKYO." and that would just...well, not be pretty for any persons involved. Still: Tuti is in my former prefecture!! :D we will have WORDS if you visit Hikone-jo, man.

Comment the third: ...unrelated to this, my clothes smell like Niku-no-Hi, picking up trash was fun, Gaku's little brother came along and we called him "mini Gaku", and Kuri hung out with us for a few and seemed the only one not intimidated by our foreign-ness XD;;;; They're going to do a beach cleanup next, hell yeeeesssss :D

Also, we're convinced Tsutomu (Gaku's little bro) has only just come out of the woodworks and started being involved in KG stuff because he realized his big bro was getting to meet HOT CHICKS and thought, "Well why the hell aren't I mooching off of this?!" Oh little bro, you're kinda cute and your ass is not pimply ♥ hang out with KG more often! or hell, you could just replace Sue >_> SERIOUSLY. WTF IS UP WITH THEIR LEADER?!
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Soooo another show has come to an end. [ profile] daiki_dansu and I were discussing this earlier, but one of the greatest feelings in the world is to get into a groove during a show's run where you go to it every day, if not twice in a day. You get into this habit of waking up, getting dressed, and going to the theater to have a great time. You learn the times of the trains you need to catch, learn the layout of the stations you'll need to pass through, get so familiar with it, it's like you grew up there.

And then senshuuraku comes. And it's over. It's like a little bit of you dies when you lose that bit of "usual", everyday-ness that this theater-going has become. It's happened to me dozens of times before now, and it never goes away or gets better. It's the downside of being privileged to go to all these shows, and one of those things you just have to accept :(

On a happier note, though, as I mentioned earlier: Nagayan came to maeraku~! In the cutest tight little plaid pants and showing off his zomg amazing new hairdo that GOD I didn't realize how much I missed that short hair on him til I saw it and almost wanted to cry XD

In the evening, we sat in the same spot near the door to see if any other people we knew came, and were disappointed to note only one weird guy sitting next to Meg the whole time. We couldn't tell if he was anyone of consequence (save only that he was definitely not Tuti ;_;) as his face was covered with a mask and he had a very nice hat on his head. Also, he had nice shoes and he didn't laugh once throughout the entire show o_O

He seemed quite eager to get out, though, leaving as soon as the show was over, but he didn't make it past the lobby where he loitered around, being approached by a bunch of girls and staff.

It was at this point that I realized Mr. Laughs Not Alot, whom we'd been sitting next to for the past hour and half, was actually OSAMU-CHAN


SORRY, OSAMU-CHAN 8D;;;;; I promise to recognize you by your eyes next time XD;;;;

Last night I got to thank Hayase-san (the Nagayan fangirl -- I wonder how she felt having Nagayan come see the show o_O) who was tickled that foreign fans came, then Meg showed off her matching shirt-and-hoodie combo to Yukie-san (who'd shown off the same one at the talk event the evening before) and got fangirled, and this evening I got to thank Hiroko-san (who played the motherly-character who kicked major ass in the show, so awesome 8D) and Keiko-san (who is a much-larger-than-the-average-Japanese-chick-and-PROUD-OF-IT), and told them to expect to be stalkedwe would be going to their June show XD I'm really glad all these ladies were so fricking cool (the only ones we didn't get to talk to were Mari-san and Minako-san, the Leader) and hilarious, and definitely look forward to fangirling them properly ♥

Will have a longass report up eventually, but for now: OTSUKARESAMA DESHITAAAAA EVERYONE!!


Jan. 11th, 2009 09:07 am
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This is Hayase Erina-san. She's a member of the 6-woman troupe that's collaborating with Kitty Guys this time around in their show Shima e Oide yo (report forthcoming :D)

She's a nice girl, about my age, who apparently really likes Starbucks, according to her blog. Also, she manages to take pics of Gaku where he looks retarded, and that gives her great awesome points in my book.

But she didn't need to do that to be awesome in my book, because there's one more thing we have in common:

This is a shot of her in rehearsals for the show. That shirt look familiar? (hint: see icon)

Someone please tell me that this chick isn't a TxN shipper, because I think that would just be too fricking awesome.

Of ALL the Blossam shirts and merchandise to own, THAT ONE? THAT ONE, of which there weren't a whole lot made in the first place?! Is she a Nagayan fan? Is she a TxN fan? Did she just randomly buy it by coincidence?! I NEED ANSWERS. I NEED THEM RIGHT NOW.
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It's like God hates me.

It's like He's saying, "Well, you can either have a family or a fake!Husband. You definitely can't have both. And since you've chosen family for the holidays, how about we see what you'll be missing? Courtney, THIS IS YOUR POTENTIAL LIFE!"

At the KG Christmas event:

--signed KG tumbler given out to 2 participants @ afternoon and evening shows.
--photo with KG given out to 2 participants @ afternoon and evening shows.
--LUNCH WITH YOUR FAVORITE MEMBER given out to 1 participant @ afternoon and evening shows (I COULD HAVE POTENTIALLY SEALED THE DEAL HERE)



This ALWAYS happens when I leave. It's no wonder I get depressed >_> *sigh* My plane just better fucking be on time -- apparently it was 3 hours delayed yesterday...


Dec. 3rd, 2008 01:01 pm
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Ooh, my tickets for [ profile] hughes_maes and I to Stanley's Witch (Tuti's play that starts soon) came yesterday -- kind of far back (row 8 or 9, looks like, of only 15 or so), but we're smack in the middle.

We also both won tickets to the talk show afterward (95 & 96 to get in XD), which is free seating, so we'll find out just how serious this new Sabadamikanda unit is and bring back a report *salutes*

Advance-sale Santies tickets go on sale this Saturday. I WILL HAVE A TICKET TO NAGAYAN'S GUESTING AT ANY COST. For serious. Then tickets to Shima e Oide yo (next Kitty Guys show) go on sale Sunday. Anyone wanna go with me to it?? ;_;
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...I hate that I'm not FROM HERE.

I hate that I have to go to ANOTHER COUNTRY to go HOME home.

Because that means I'm going to miss the LAST KITTY GUYS EVENTS OF THE YEAR. Yes. EVENTS.

Such as December 21st, when they'll have their last street live of the year. Apparently they've gotten too big (or just aren't allowed there anymore) for NHK Hall, so it'll be somewhere else they haven't decided yet.

Or Christmas Eve when they'll have some other fun event they haven't announced the details of yet.

Things like this take much of the fun out of going home :/ Anyone going to go to any of that? I at least want a report ;_; The street live at least is free~!!

KG fun~

Oct. 27th, 2008 07:18 am
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So, I just spent 90 blissful seconds alone with Gaku.

In a bathroom.

With the door closed.

I'm just not the same person anymore♥ )

onoes ;_;

Oct. 20th, 2008 10:36 am
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As noted on Gaku's blog from a post detailing what all is going to happen at the KG party he and Iwashita are hosting next weekend:

And also, our special plan this time--a one-on-one chat corner~!!
We'll set up a one-on-one space, and while it'll only be for a short while, let's chat some!☆
It's a chance to talk about stuff we usually can't say(*^_^*)


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SO! I've had an eventful past few days.

Thursday... )

Friday... )

Saturday... )

Today, Sunday! )
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If you haven't seen it on [ profile] pnish already, Sono Tettou is up on the StrawberryWine tracker, so go get it! You know you want to see Tuti cry like a baby ;_____;

And I want to see posts from you people about these plays! I've written nice, long, in-depth reports about every one of these, so you can't say you don't have any thoughts since you can't understand Japanese :P These are plays that should make you explode in fangirl-y glee or weep for days ;_; SO POST, PEOPLE! :P It at least lets me know that it's even worthwhile to rip these, and that people appreciate them.

In other news, I stayed up til midnight last night to check Gaku's blog because he teased everyone saying, "omg I have some biiiiiiig news but I can't tell anyone til midnight 8D SO CHECK BACK!" the whore. Unable to handle the curiosity, I stayed up, and it turned out to be a Gaku+Iwashita KittyGuys party event thingee! FOR 30 PEOPLE 8D (and Gaku and Iwashita are really popular--that's like *pnish* having an event and only inviting something like a couple hundred people, when their tickets already sell out in seconds when there are THOUSANDS)

Guess who's one of those 30 going now? XD I nabbed 2 tickets, actually, and invited [ profile] hughes_maes to come with me, because that girl needs more taiin in her life ♥ It's on the 26th of this month, and apparently there's going to be a second "party" repeat of the first later on that evening since they wanted to let more than 30 take part. While I could go to the second one as well, I don't really WANT to that much (if this were *pnish*, now...) and, umm, I'd kinda stick out and be creepy XD;;; So one show it is! Even Nagayan doesn't go to Tuti's shows twice

Also, Wasshi's Live DVD came last night!! It's ripping, too, and [ profile] hamykia and I did indeed manage to make it onto some of the offshots XD;;; Haven't watched the actual show, gonna do that after GANBARUing for more room tickets with Paula on Saturday ♥ The torrent for it should be up tonight ^___^


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