May. 7th, 2011

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Okay, so far I'm okay with Chiaki and Hatori--not head over heels, but okay with them. I ordered the 'manga' for them, only to belatedly realize they're novels XD; Yaaaaay Japanese ability being put to the test >_> I read a summary of their drama CDs though, and it sounds really different from what we saw in the anime though, wtf XD Spoilers on what was different )

Guess we'll see what happens XD; In related news, I was rewatching some eps of Junjou Romantica and wondered a few things: okay, so--Usagi-san is contracted with Marukawa in JR, but Onodera in, did SH come BEFORE JR? As in Usagi-san moved to Marukawa after working at Onodera? Confused!

I did notice this though, in the final episode XD

Takano-san?! XD Well he DID wander out of...

The editing division XD Which looks to be...

In a familiar state XD
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Holy crap o___o According to this article, AU, Docomo, and Softbank will all increase the number of smartphones in their line up to account for at least half of the phones they have available in the future, and Softbank in particular intends to complete stop selling feature phones (traditional keitai) and instead sell only smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) within the next 2-3 years o___o (there's apparently also talk that they'll introduce phones that LOOK like feature phones but are powered by Android)

Craziness! Hopefully this means that SOMEONE will fix the inability of smartphones to access keitai-only sites soon though >_> There is so much I'm missing on the Visual Boy site it isn't even funny D:
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*____* All the Shounen Hollywood boys! I SO want them to redo that show dammit. And I want the CD/DVD to come out sooner :< It was such a fun show (and eeee they still hang out now after it~) and made up for the absolutely horrible month before it, want to experience that again tyvm :3


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