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My absolute OBSESSION with TsujiTaka remains unabated :P Today, while researching for a fic, I stumbled upon BabaRyo's blog (I'd known he had one, just never checked it out. GOD WHAT AN IDIOT I AM).

This is what I'd been missing )
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Was capping ShibaTora to make caps and whatnot, and had a little fun with this scene XD I kid you not I wanna write Utsumi/Kagawa now. )
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Beware the 40ish pics of picspam from the 5B backstage DVD!


FujiQ Fun!

Mar. 19th, 2009 11:18 am
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So, time for FujiQ picspam! The place was incredibly easy to get to, if not quite out of the way. Seriously, Tuti lives in the fucking BOONIES. But at least the view was nice! FujiQ e LET'S GO! )

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Time for some SCREENCAP TIME! I used my screencapping as an excuse to listen to the audio commentary, which was really fun XD If you're at all inclined, I suggest the same thing :D There are about 60 caps, so dialuppers beware! I ♥ Saiga-samaaa~ )

And if you've seen the show now and want to go back, check out the few Samurai Mode fics that we churned out a while back!

Name Dropping - parts 1 and 2 [Garakusha/Tachibana, post-SM] (by [livejournal.com profile] lavenderlilly)
Attention Complex [Shisui/Saiga, mid-SM] (by me)
Yudan - parts 1 and 2 [Garakusha/Tachibana, post-SM] (by me)

And now that my mind's been refreshed by watching the show again, I'm probably gonna write more, so GIMME PROMPTS IF YOU'VE GOT THEM 8D I'd definitely rather write Shisui/Saiga or Garakusha/Tachibana, but if you just absolutely have to see something else, lemme know >) (wtf I've never wanted to write fic for a *pnish* show this badly, but gaaaaaah ILUSM GUYS).
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Sono Tettou DVD came! It's so PURTY. [livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes and I watched it tonight, and it brought back a lot of great memories. Took 50ish caps and stuck them behind a cut :D ENJOY!

Comic Men's SHOOOOOW!! )
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The weekend thus far has...had its ups and downs. Yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes came over at 9:30 in the morning (I don't think either of us has slept in on a Saturday since she got here XD;;;) so that we could attack Lawsons to get *pnish* room advance sales tickets at 10 AM.

That failed on three fronts: Paula was working the machine while I was dialing the phone number and [livejournal.com profile] nikki_aino was on the website front. None of us got through at all, so the ticket-getting was an utter failure >_> There's still next week, though, when general sales start, and then of course there's...auctions >_< Gonna keep trying!!

After that, we got lunch from lawson's and went back to my apartment to drown our sorrows by watching Rebirth (I will NEVER get used to it, dammit) Historica. Was quite entertaining, since I hadn't seen it since April, and I'm eager to see how everyone else likes it too XD It's definitely one of their harder-to-understand plays because if you're not familiar with the Incident at Honnouji Temple (like every schoolchild here is) then you'll be preeeeetty lost. Still, it was really entertaining, and made me realize how much I maybe almost ship Tsuda and Kawakami *____* They have such an almost manzai-like relationship, it's so cute XD

Paula had to run off after we finished, and I took my time getting ready for the evening's show: Hakase to Tarou ni Ijou na Aijou, Nagayan's new play! Senshuuraku is actually today XD

I hadn't heard good things about the play from Mitsuru (mostly that the directing was bad, even though Nagayan himself was really good), so I was kind of concerned, but after meeting up with Mizuno-san and Takada-san before the show to gab a little, I realized what was the problem, and think I agree.

Before I get into that, though, a little news we discussed: Nagayan is a sudden cast addition to the show at the end of the month that Araki (of D-boys) is in, Shatou. I'd think about going, but the tickets are 5800, and they're the only people I really care about XD So I'll probably pass, but interesting still!

Also picked up a flyer for the Nagayan FC onsen trip, and saw this: "バースデイカウントダウン(オッシャレしてきてね)" ("Birthday Countdown [make sure you dress up!])

Uuuuuhhhh. Define "dress up"--none of us could figure out exactly what he meant, but we're all thinking, "...so we're supposed to bring dresses or something??" and I DO NOT HAVE ANY DRESSES. Nothing really nice at least. I have some dress shoes, and a nice skirt, but not shirt to go with it, and a dress would still be nicer...ARGH. GREAT. SOMETHING ELSE TO WORRY ABOUT.

In still other news, we were discussing TeniMyu, and apparently 5th cast GP were amaaaaaazing at the Fukushima senshuuraku (they got to go) and that makes me really really happy 8D Also, apparently there are rumors flying around that the next one will be ANOTHER double-cast on both Seigaku and Hyoutei's part o_O As in, 4/5th cast Seigaku alternating, with Hyoutei A and B coming back now and then for guest appearances. WHAAAAAAT. Are they trying to kill 4th cast, who will only have finished this show they're doing right now barely a month before the next one?! Sheesh...

But now on to Nagayan's show! Cut cause this entry's getting long XD )
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First off, A WILD DVD HAS ARRIVED ON MY DOORSTEP. It was like God WANTED me to have this. I got to my apartment mailbox at 5:55 and found an undeliverable item receipt (I have to ask to get my package back by 6 PM to get it that same day, otherwise I'll have to wait til the next day). I was about to run upstairs, when at that exact moment a Sagawa guy pulls up in his van and asks if I'm Courtney. I say yes, and he hands me a package. FROM *PNISH*. HALLELUJAH SLDIFUHSDLIFUHSDIFUS

Question: How the hell did they know to deliver it to my new address (because it didn't go to Shiga, it came straight here, and the address was handwritten like all the stuff I get from them, seeming to indicate that this wasn't a "went to the post office and was sent back" kind of thing...)? I ordered some new stuff from them, and I changed my address for the DM stuff, so maybe through that? Whatever, THANKS GUYS!

Unfortunately, on opening it I realized...it was not Reverse Historica as I had hoped.


CRAP. FUCKING JAPANESE ARGH. REVERSE MADE SENSE. YOU CAN'T BLAME ME. DON'T JUDGE, DON'T JUDGE. NOT. MY. FAULT. I only realized this grave mistake when I popped in the DVD and the "name" showed up on the drive.

Me: (talking to KY on the phone) "Huh...that's weird..."
[livejournal.com profile] hitome_bore: "What's wrong?"
Me: "It has the name of the DVD as Rebirth...HOLY SHIT."
[livejournal.com profile] hitome_bore: "o_O WHAT?"

But I know all you want are backstage screencaps 8DDDDD )

As for the DVD itself--it's ripping right now and should be done by tomorrow morning. The backstage was fairly short (about 15 minutes long), so I've already ripped that and uploaded it for you people viewing my LJ HERE!

I'll make a post to [livejournal.com profile] pnish when it's all done, but if you want to refresh your memory as to just what the hell this play's about, read the super-long-really-detailed review HERE! Enjoy!!

Also included in the DVD was a postcard with a shot of the entire cast in costume on stage and a big pullout pamphlet with pictures of everyone as well as a loooong interview between all four *pnish* members *____* THIS was what we had to wait an extra two months for _o_ But it was worth it, I guess! Will be reading that shortly ^_~

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So I was watching On 2 and 3 over again this weekend with [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu, and we happened upon a few choice scenes that I either hadn't paid attention to before, or hadn't noticed at all even. Eiji/Daiki of course! Click to see some picspam XD )
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And the final picspam post is here! Hope you all enjoyed them :) Long while coming... )

I really hope you've enjoyed these caps--it was such a pleasure going back through the DVDs and rewatching all these episodes and seeing this all in action. Before NaiPani, what we knew of Eiji's and Daiki's interactions was mostly what we saw on their blogs, and now and then demonstrated on the DVD backstages. Seeing NaiPani, we got to see them interact in a non-structured environment more than we ever had before, and it just has totally expanded the way I see them. These two are utterly, sappily in love, and I hope I've gone some ways towards explaining that in greater detail to everyone who's viewed these ^____^
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We're passed the halfway point! It's all downhill into RabuRabu Territory from here~ Do you dare march forth? )

One more after this~!!
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Continuing on with my picspam posts, we have more Eiji/Daiki NaiPani Lovin'~! Click-it or ticket! )

Part 2 over...moving on!
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So, I decided since NaiPani's finally over, and there are some of you who don't quite realize what NaiPani did for MoriDaiki, I'd put together some picspam posts of the Marrieds in NaiPani. As it is, I've screencapped what I believe is every Eiji/Daiki Moment in the series, every high-five, every stupid grin, every ass-check, every Being Obviously Married shot there exists captured by Director Hottie McSexpants' cameras.

Now that all is said and done, there are over 180 shots, though >_> Sooooo I'm gonna break it up into a few separate, chronologically-ordered posts, because I'm nice that way. All shots have been resized to fit my current layout, which I'll likely regret later when I wanna fangirl, but you people can go and watch the original episode if you want to see the Marrieds in action :P So! Without further ado...Part 1! )

To be continued...!
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Was testing out a new screencapping program, and realized I had taken some caps from Nagayan's Live DVD when I first ripped it, but never uploaded them. SO~ not one to let them go to waste...

Caps! Mostly from the making-of AFAIK )

KKM picspam

Apr. 6th, 2008 10:24 am
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Some picspam from the recent new episode of season 3 (spoilers of course!). Clicky cut! )
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ANOTHER PRESENT IN THE MAIL YAAAAAY! LJ cut because NaiPani 3 made me take 60+ caps LOTS OF IMAGES MMK? )

And of course this baby's ripping, what do you take me for??
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So I just remembered what we did Sunday--hung out most of the day with [livejournal.com profile] cienna, her roomie, Meg, and the absolutely flaming, fabulous Shouhei. Shouhei is amazing: gayer than Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, a proud Kabaji/Atobe shipper, an amazing cosplayer, and an up-and-coming doujinka.

And he's a Kansai boy.

He and I totally spent the whole day picking out gay boys from the crowd as we made our way around Ikebukuro and Shinjuku XDDDDDD

When he reminded everyone that he was from Kyoto, I told him offhand that I loved Kansai boys. He asked why, and I said it was because I absolutely loved Kansai-ben, and that my favorite TeniPuri character was Oshitari, because he had that awesome deep sexy voice and paired it with Kansai-ben, it just made me melt.

He stopped, and looked at me, and then pitched his voice a good octave lower than it normally was, going, "Ara sou yatta~" and then proceeded to REDUCE ME TO AN UTTER WIBBLING MESS.

SERIOUSLY. THE GUY WAS A DEAD MATCH WITH KIUCHI. IT FRIGHTENED ME, BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, IT WAS SO SEXY. s;ldiufhsldifushlfis I still get chills just THINKING about it. He talked for, like, 2 minutes in this amazing deep, sexy Kansai voice, and truth be told by the end I wasn't paying attention to a WORD he said 8DDDDD

But enough about that. MORIDAIKI PICSPAM!! Yes, MORE! )


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