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I finally got notification from Tenchou that my Decossam Bear was finished, and here is what he gave me in return for my beloved shirt! Back here! )

IN OTHER NEWS! I'm going to post here about my awesome Western Mode ships :D Because I know you care hard :D After having seen this show 4 times now, with my next time being Tokyo senshuuraku tomorrow, I've gotten really familiar with different characters' interactions and relationships and could probably expound in detail (read: probably will via fic 8D) on Why They Are Awesome 8D Also, there are pics of people so uh, enjoy :D Go West, Young Man! )
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Yaaaay for vanity posts XD I got my hair cut yesterday after it being long for a while (it's been about a year since I cut it last), and my head feels really light now XD It was the longest it's been since I first started wearing it short (way back in 5th grade), so it felt a little sad getting it all chopped off XD


And AFTER~!!

In other news, how about some SHIMURA-SENSEI to go with Shouta's Hiiro?? :D

And in other other news...I'm going to try to get Tenchou to make a bear out of an extra Decossam shirt I have 8D After seeing the adorable one made from an old Blossam parka, he mentioned that any kind of old clothing could be made into one, so I thought it was worth a shot and emailed Tenchou asking if it was possible. His response? "Definitely, absolutely! Come in to talk about it any time!!" XDDDD Soooo the always cool [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace is going with me to Gain in a few minutes to chat up Tenchou about this interesting idea XD
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So Yamashita-tenchou decided to show off and went and posted pics of himself wearing the 4th child. Looks amazing, can't wait to get my hands on it 8D

And then, at the bottom there...he adds:

"As for Tenchou [he talks about himself in the 3rd person], I'm pretty much, 'Wanna see, wanna hear about, wanna make it!' regarding Decossam solo items! If the designer/actor Tsuchiya Yuuichi-san should happen to see this, please let me know! (haha)"




SLDIFUHSDLIUFHSLIDUFHLSIUHFLIDSFU This would be...so. so. so. Amazing. I mean, even if it weren't a collab with Blossam, THE NAME ALONE IS A COLLAB. And and and GAH I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE HOW AWESOME IT WOULD BE. Just. Even MORE long nights spent designing together and hitting up Gain together and sdlfiuhflsd TUTI LEARNED ALL HE KNOWS ABOUT FASHION FROM NAGAYAN. WHAT THE HELL WHAT THE HEEEELLLLLLLL.
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Happy Birthday, Tuti. Your present is my continuing to stalk you because one of these days you're finally going to come out, and Tenchou is going to be the one to boot you out the door.


Jan. 11th, 2009 09:07 am
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This is Hayase Erina-san. She's a member of the 6-woman troupe that's collaborating with Kitty Guys this time around in their show Shima e Oide yo (report forthcoming :D)

She's a nice girl, about my age, who apparently really likes Starbucks, according to her blog. Also, she manages to take pics of Gaku where he looks retarded, and that gives her great awesome points in my book.

But she didn't need to do that to be awesome in my book, because there's one more thing we have in common:

This is a shot of her in rehearsals for the show. That shirt look familiar? (hint: see icon)

Someone please tell me that this chick isn't a TxN shipper, because I think that would just be too fricking awesome.

Of ALL the Blossam shirts and merchandise to own, THAT ONE? THAT ONE, of which there weren't a whole lot made in the first place?! Is she a Nagayan fan? Is she a TxN fan? Did she just randomly buy it by coincidence?! I NEED ANSWERS. I NEED THEM RIGHT NOW.
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*points to title* Tenchou's response when I whined abnut the collab--"Oh I didn't tell you?"

You're lucky you're cute, Yamacchan.

So he didn't say TOO much but it sounds like it's gonna be another 2-sided bag like the last one. Dunno if it'll be exactly the same or just similar though.

As for the release date...

"September or October probably." <--so, yanno, sometime next Spring XD;
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Just got reminded by Beri's entry that I should post some more about this weekend! As many of you know, I had a HORRIBLE day Friday, and it only got worse with my trip to Osaka afterwards >_>


Saturday was better though...! )


Jun. 22nd, 2008 09:53 am
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I have seen the face of God.

And it is Tsuchiya Yuuichi strolling by at demachi with a beautiful plaid-side-out 3rd child resting comfortably on his hip.

Had ENTIRELY too much fun at the show and demachi, will make a proper post later.


Jun. 21st, 2008 12:13 am
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I HATE OSAKA. JUST TO LET EVERYONE KNOW. I fail at getting around in the city, and just. Argh. Was wet and miserable and missed the opening dance. The show was still good, but ;___; I LOVE THE OPENING.

Let's now focus on things that are happy! Like:

People being their married selves in the gakuya. This was a welcome breath of air from the SHIT DAY I WAS HAVING up til I saw it.

Bad news: I guess this means he didn't swing down to Osaka. Bah.
Good news: ...We wore the same shirt today! 8DDDD Well, mine has the black writing instead of the pink, but we both wore the white shirt with purple sleeves! And I didn't stick around for demachi so I couldn't feel ashamed for wearing it, either~!


I AM GOING TO SCREAM, LITERALLY SCREAM IF I SEE THIS ON HIS PERSON TOMORROW. I. WILL. DIE. [livejournal.com profile] lavenderlilly, you'll probably be in a saner state of mind than I, CATCH ME AS I FAINT. THX.

Now, this presents a problem...

[Poll #1208015]

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So Tuti's still the one mixing all of *pnish*'s songs?

Today I was told not to come to rehearsals, to just make the soundtrack, so here I am at home packing everything in. Everyone else has been working on the dances at rehearsals.
If I don't bring this tomorrow they're gonna get mad at me.
Hope I finish...


And THAT SCREEN is Tuti's computer?! Holy crap *_____*

In other news--so apparently Nagayan is doing a collab with Naoya? I can't really tell...that actually looks like the Kime collab shirt to me. Guess we'll see?

I've actually been thinking about the collabs he does with his friends, and...no matter how you cut it, Tuti's is special. Like, REALLY special.

1) No one else has gotten more than two collaborations (with an implication that there may indeed be more coming). Kime got two--that's the most. And that was only AFTER Tuti already had two under his belt, with three now. Nagayan just doesn't collaborate with people more than once--and I dare say his second one with Kime could have just been an attempt to dispel suspicions about why Tuti was the only one he'd ever collaborated more than once with.

2) No one else has gotten their own brand name. Nagayan gave Tuti not only his own brand name (or hell, maybe Tuti thought it up himself?), but a name quite intimately linked with HIS brand name. Seriously, "decossam" doesn't even make SENSE. And yet it DOES make sense.

and (probably the most important) 3) No collaboration Nagayan has done with anyone else has been such a true collaboration, showing obvious elements of the two who put work into it such that it doesn't even look like Blossam anymore so much as a melding of two styles, like a collaboration should be. The wine label shirt with its 1978-1979, the two bags with their obvious floral patterns to represent Tuti (stated outright that they represent Tuti) and the plaid to represent Nagayan, the YELLOW decossam tag.

Every other collab he's done with people before has always been something that, if he hadn't said it was a collab, I'd have thought it was just another normal piece of Blossam merchandise. But you cannot argue that the collabs with Tuti aren't as much HIM as they are Nagayan, at all.
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So, it was mentioned a while back, that Nagayan wants to be called "senpai" at some point, apparently. I suppose this was at an FC event somewhere along the line, because it's Japanese fangirls who are remembering this.

Last year, at the overnight trip for the FC, the theme was that they were all employees in Nagayan's "company," and he was their shachou ("boss"), so they all called him that lovingly ♥

So--Nagayan organizes FC events around some theme, and usually asks the members taking part to play along with him that way, such as the "shachou" thing.

This August's day-trip has the theme of an All Girls' Academy, NagaJo--and I'd at first thought Nagayan was going to play our professor, or maybe the dean of the school or something.

But nope, I have a better idea of what's gonna happen >_>


Also, it's obvious that Tuti and Nagayan are playing favorites with their children. They've both been seen wearing Decossam, but only Tuti's been carting the second child around, and now so far after a MONTH of it being released, the third child's only been seen with Nagayan.

That made me think, though--could we have possibly had it wrong? And by we I mean me?

I always saw it this way: They did the first collaboration, yay awesome excellent shirts are cool move on. One or the other wanted to do it again, or make something a little more USEFUL perhaps than a shirt, and thus came the idea for the bag--this is where I started conjecturing.

The second child is, let's face it, a purse. Not a bag, a purse. For girls. And so I thought, well Tuti's a manly man, perhaps he was happy to do a collab again with Nagayan, but it wasn't exactly something he'd carry around too often (especially since he loves that Puma bag of his), and thus they decided to make a third child, which is a much more convenient messenger bag and much more Tuti's "style." As I saw it--Nagayan was behind the 2nd, and Tuti's design behind the 3rd.

But looking at who's not afraid to be seen with what--it strikes me as so ODD that Tuti routinely carries around that second child (out to dinner with friends, on location for filming), but hasn't been seen with the third one, and vice versa for Nagayan!

Could it really be the other way around? That Tuti actually liked the second child, was perhaps even the brains behind designing it, and Nagayan--being kind of unsatisfied with it--decided to do one last collaboration that HE liked better?

Also--could Nagayan possibly be any more obvious? Yeah, that's real subtle. Put your FLAT, EMPTY BAG on that table for no reason other than to show it off, and be just as subtle in having it take up, like, half the picture. Ilugaiz so much ♥
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First, let's talk about this child ♥ I have some video, and I have some pics~ Lotsa pics and spazzing~ )

And now, we move on to Sono Tettou! Today I saw the 2PM afternoon show and 7PM evening show, and...wow, I just...it's hard to come up with words for this show. Except that it was amazing. It was completely different from Reverse Historica, indeed. If Reverse Historica was close to a normal *pnish* Box series show or something, then Sono Tettou was much much closer to something like Aru Hi, so that should tell you the level of thinkiness it evoked in the audience XD;;;; Spoilery stuff behind here--you've been warned! )

This, though, this was not the end to the AMAZINGNESS that was today. After the evening show, I went out with my new friend Ayumi (I'd bought a ticket via mixi from her last week, and we met up again and I hung out with her) to dinner. Around 10 PM, though, I realized I had LEFT ALL THE DECOSSAM BAGS in the theater--locked safe in a coin locker, of course, but the coin lockers reset in the morning >_<

We ran back to Aoyama Theater to see if anyone was still around, and sure enough it was dark, except for one long security guard. We begged his help, and he actually let us go up to the 3rd floor by ourselves--and funnily enough, the route we took was the backwards route the guys use to come out for demachi XD (we were going in and up, whereas they come down and out).

I tracked down the coin lockers, resisting the STRONG STRONG urge to check out the backstage area since I was 100% alone in an empty theater for the first and likely last time, and we headed back downstairs.

I knew a shortcut to Shibuya station, so we took it, and I lead the way. It happened to come out right at Gain, so I snuck a quick glance over, but as it was 10:30 by then (and Gain closes at 8) it was of course dark. We hurried on to Shibuya station, and got to talking about random things with each other.

About 1 light away from the main crossing to get to the station, I saw someone approaching from across the street out of the corner of my eye. I didn't pay them much attention, since they were just crossing towards our side of the street, and kept walking.

And then I noticed they seemed to be waving, and they seemed really familiar. So I turned to face them fully.

It was YAMASHITA-TENCHOU. Yamashita-tenchou spotted me crossing the street in SHIBUYA (SUPER BUSY) at 10:30 at night XDDDDDD I LOVE BEING FOREIGN. GAIJIN POWER FTW. We hadn't gotten to talk much earlier that day, so he got excited seeing I was already making good use of The Bag 8D He asked where we'd just come from, and we answered Sono Tettou, and then asked him where HE was just coming from, and apparently he'd only JUST left Gain!

He'd been talking to "Nagayama-kun" for a long while, he said, and it had kept him there late (NOTE TO SELF: STEAL TENCHOU'S PHONE ALONG WITH GAKU'S). Nagayan had wanted to know how the Bag sales went (me: *FLAILS INSIDE AS SHE WITNESSES HISTORY*), and was delighted to hear they'd gone--every last one of them--in SEVEN HOURS.


Of course, I wasn't about to let this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY pass me buy, and I NOT SO SUBTLY hinted that Nagayama-san and Tsuchiya-san should be proud then, and should, oh I dunno, consider making more 8D Tenchou heartily agreed, and said THEY'D BEEN TALKING ABOUT THE SAME THING.






Though, Tenchou admitted, it could possibly just be Nagayan re-releasing one of the previous ones, like this bag, again (which hey, that'd be fine too!). Tenchou had to head down to the subway, and Ayumi and I were headed to the JR lines, so we parted ways, and I told him to tell Nagayan he definitely had a market if he did some more, and thanks for the great item.




In the pamphlet, the guys get interviews like Eiji and Daiki did, and Wasshi interviewed this guy I didn't recognize at first, until I realized it was the DIRECTOR OF ARU HI.

And in his talking about Tuti, of course he MENTIONED Aru Hi. The context? "You know...if I ever have the opportunity, I'd love to do Aru hi with you 4 *pnish* guys. If I got to work with you, I'd love to do something along the lines of that."


I read this before I watched the evening show, and I must've spent half the time thinking about who would play which character. I really think Wasshi would be the best Man #2 (Nagayan's part--because Wasshi seems like he could go crazy really well, while still keeping it cool and creepy like Nagayan did). What do you guys think?
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Have made a discovery.

The 3rd Child will be born April 26. Tenchou even tried to make the timestamp on the entry say 4:26 PM (it says 4:27).

4 + 26 = 30.

30 in Japanese is 三十. Please reference:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

These guys frighten me at times. I frighten myself more, though.

Also? Today is one year to the day since, "Ichimaru....daisuki♥"
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For those of you who didn't see the post on [livejournal.com profile] pnish, some info is up for the Tuti+Wasshi play (and by some I mean pretty much nothing more useful than a title XD) *prepares for another ticket battle* Oi -_-;;

In other news, though, fun things in the mail! BuriMyu tickets were appreciated, but perhaps more appreciated were these two goodies:

Decossam! Umm...another! I wanted one to keep to the side and treasure while I wear holes in the other. Now I just need a Bag to serve the same purpose (speaking of BAGS when is that 3rd child going to be born?!). If I can ever get my hands on a different COLOR I'll be glad to sell this one, though >_> Only thing I have to complain about it is it's been turned this kind of dingy white from being washed in a Japanese washing machine (no hot water--so crap at cleaning--and detergent that's thinner than normal water almost -_-;;) If I can get this baby home, one romp in an American washer and it'll hopefully take on a cleaner shade ^^;;

DL1st box set with complimentary pamphlet XD

Inside the box we have the musical score and DVD...

And this lovely little poster too XD I couldn't get it flat enough to get the group shot in, so I snapped the only part that really matters ♥

*sigh* I really need to do laundry or I'm going to be going to the DVD event naked... :/
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Pleasegodpleasegodpleasegod be The 3rd Child. PLEASE. I'm going to die, financially, if that man comes out with any more CRAP before then, because I'm going to buy it and then have no money left over for the 3rd child, SO PLEASE BE IT, I BEG OF YOU.

It was just put up on Tenchou's blog the 28th of January, so pretty recently (and I hardly ever check there, so this is probably why I didn't see it). Here's the translation of the article (the part that pertains to Blossam at least):

But let's get back to the subject of this post, "New Blossam Near Completion"!
Blossam, developed and expanded only here at GAIN, is coming out with some stuff of awesomely great proportions~~~!
It's still in production phase, but the product that's coming out next is gonna be sooooo~ good!
I can't say anything about it yet, but I want to!!

It's even got this monogram pattern [picture]!! What's to be expected of this?!

He says "product that's coming out next" *_____* I wouldn't put it past Nagayan to come out with something else before the next Bag, but but but it feels...like this is it ;__; I dunno, what do you guys think? What could that pattern be part of???

I dunno, it's just--tenchou NEVER talks about stuff like this really, he never posts previews and teases like that. SO WHY NOW???

Going to Tokyo this weekend to see Santies and Uranos. Dropping by Gain at some point? Oh HELL yes. Tenchou better be ready to explain himself.
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So, Mitsuru went to Panic Studio Saturday...

And made me almost feel SORRY for Tuti XD;;; )
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So popular that Yamashita-tenchou had to make a whole new post to answer all the questions he was being thrown ♥

There've been a lot of questions sent in regarding the blossam&decossam collaboration bag set to go on sale February 10th (Sat), so I'll take the opportunity here to answer some of them!

※ Putting the M and L size bags together, we have 200 bags in stock!
※ Each customer will be limited to 5 bags maximum!
※ The M size bag is big enough to fit something B5 size inside!
※ Numbered Ticket Entrance Method: At 8 AM, we will start passing out tickets to those who are lined up, and once you have that you'll wait until 11:00. 5 to 6 people will enter the store at a time and be able to browse the goods. (After those with tickets have finished their purchases, then those without tickets may purchase something!)
※ "How long will it take until I can actually buy something?" Basically it's just one manager and one employee manning the store, so you may have to wait a little bit!

Numbered TICKETS? 5 to 6 people at a time? DECOSSAM IS INSANE.


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