Mar. 6th, 2011

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For some reason I had a dream last night that after Imperial Presence (the second Hyoutei Myu), Hyoutei A got another Supporter's DVD and I had only just found it, so I watched it and there was like, some heavy uber-adorable Saitou/Ruito stuff in it. Suffice to say I wasn't very happy when I woke up and realized it had been a dream :||||

It did make me want to make some random gifs of them though, sooooooo... )

In other news ALL MY TAGS ARE FINALLY BACK :OOOOO Unfortunately, LJ STILL screwed up and just made the few missing tags "keyword-##" and so I had to look at them closely to figure out wtf they originally were, and then go back and retag them all appropriately (because you can't merge tags or rename a list to an already-existing tag). This will suck hardcore when I get around to fixing all of my T2 tags, as there were over 100 that had to be renamed. Fortunately there were only ~20 that already had the name, so I'm doing some switching around to make it where I only have to rename those 20 back to my T2 tag and not the 100+. Ugh, LJ. Never ever do that again.


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