Feb. 3rd, 2011


Feb. 3rd, 2011 11:06 am
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Two fun points!

1) ZOMG. Does THIS mean Tuti's going to be giving us awesome HQ pics again like he used to when he first started his blog??

I feel like digital cameras from even a few years ago are better than cellphones we have now.
So I plan on walking around with a digital camera for a while.
Since I can't carry around my twin-lens as it's too heavy.

YES. Please do ;^; I've missed those pics so much!

2) JIN HAS A BLOG. I was just stupid and missed it; it's not like he just started one XD So going back through his few entries from the past couple of weeks I picked out, of course, pics with Pedomaru 8D Like this one from their interview together (which comes out today! And which I may procure after work!) and this one in which Pedomaru tosses a peace sign into the pic at the last minute and Jin LOLZ and calls him a "mischievous guy" XD Also :33333 Jin and Tsuji~

I feel like it should be Friday :|
fencer_x: (:O)
Dude, Jin is 1/8th AUSTRALIAN? :OOOOO Apparently his great-grandfather was Australian--and so his hair is naturally HELLA CURLY *_____*

ETA: oh, well aren't you talented???

Also lulz at him hanging out with those ladies agaaaiiiin. You forgot your better half this time though, Nagayan :|


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