Jan. 18th, 2011

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:< Places should stop having similar names...

For example: 中野坂上RAFT vs. 新宿LOFT/PLUSONE.

One is a very tiny ~30 person capacity event space. The other is still small, but decidedly bigger.

I was kind of disappointed when I hurried and bought a ticket for the Nama Otoko Live Streaming event there Friday and realized it wasn't at the former, but the latter XD Damn. Still going to be awesome seeing Shoutakins for the first time this year in a fairly small venue, but it would've been nicer in the Nakano space since it's smaller XD

idk how these live streaming things work--do they ever show the audience?? If so, anyone watching this Friday's show with Shouta on it, LOOK FOR THE BLONDE WHITEY 8D


Jan. 18th, 2011 09:20 pm
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Now, Tacchan. I know you may not realize it, but that's kind of my dream, so...if you could give it back to me? Please?


In other news PEDOMARU AND CharlieJIN DOING A CAST PRIX INTERVIEW TOGETHER (along with nu!Sengoku and Akutsu).

lololol Charlie. I will never find that not amusing. I will, however, continue to refrain from making jokes like, "You oughta let him explore your Chocolate Factory, Yuuta." Believe you me, it takes great effort.

Also asdlaiushdad Yuuta loves Eigo and is so young he's still going to school on his free days. I AM BOTH FALLING MORE IN LOVE WITH HIM AND SIMULTANEOUSLY BEING CREEPED OUT AT MYSELF.

How don't I have a Yuuta icon yet? :


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