Jan. 16th, 2011

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Everyone needs to go vote in the POLL on [livejournal.com profile] pnish :DDDDD Only thing is PLEASE DON'T VOTE TO KEEP THE LAYOUT gosh :/ The point of having a new layout contest is to get a new layout, cause the old one is OLD and it needs to be updated to account for changing needs of the comm (the tag layout in particular).

So idc what you vote for so long as it's something new ;; [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and I worked hard to bring the comm something nice and new to help sprice it up (that's a typo...but I'm gonna leave it and say it's a new word combining the meanings of 'spruce' and 'spice' XD), soooo please do us a solid and give us something new XD
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[livejournal.com profile] faded_lace has been asking me if I had a favorite for 6th cast yet (in case you didn't know, 1st cast was of course Tuti XD; and 5th cast was Tsuji~) and I supposed that it was Jin, because he is The New Hotness, and continues in a long line of Oishi's actor becoming my favorite (or at least being the person I like best in a cast even if I wasn't really a fan of the cast, as with TakiYuki in 3rd cast)--despite my only really liking Oishi in context of Golden Pair in the anime, huh XD; And after watching the show twice now, I've realized that I like Jin, I really do, and his Oishi is enjoyable, and he truly is The New Hotness, but...he's not my favorite :O (I like him, but he is much like Nagayan or Shouta, in that I inexplicably like someone else over them while still loving them to bits) And that lucky son of a gun is:

shotamaru pedomaru Koseki Yuuta~ :DDDDD

He's the only one so far who has really struck me as A Bad Enough Dude both on stage and off, and so I'm going to look into this kid and poke around at him for a while I think XD His Kikumaru is just. Yes. Yes. Like Nagayan has come back (in looks) and yet he's still very young and genki and he may not be as bouncy acrobatic as Shouta, but he holds his own and just--I really really like his Eiji! It took me a little bit but...yes, I do approve! I think I just really like that while he's really young and far younger than Jin, he absolutely doesn't look it on stage (OFF stage is another matter...). He's tall for his age, so that he genuinely looks older than Yuuki's Ryoma despite being almost the same age--to the extent that anime Eiji and Ryoma look apart in ages, that is. So, he does a good job of being more mature on stage than I had been expecting and thus not like bait to land Oishi on To Catch A Predator.

On his blog, he's...well, weird XD in a good way I guess? He doesn't seem to post things you might expect a kid his age to post so...it's interesting XD And given that he seems to have gaijin friends it makes me wonderrrrrr is he pera pera?? He seems to throw out English on his blog that's not entirely out of place, and he gives people English nicknames for no discernible reason XDDD Like, Jin is "Charlie-san" and Wada is "Jack-san" idek XDDDD It's cute, but like...wtf??

So, yes, there you have it :3 I not only approve of nu!Kikumaru, I think I may be paying more attention to him than other cast members in the future X3 Color me intrigued at the very least!


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