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Posted to GAIN's blog a short while ago:

I'm afraid I have some sudden news for everyone.
At the end of January, Gain will be closing its doors for good.

I do believe that it's thanks to all of you that I've been able to continue this shop for the long period of 8 years and 9 months, and I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.

For me personally, however, closing this shop is actually a very positive thing.
I've gotten quite busy with my manufacturing business I run through the shop,
And during the months of October and November, I was forced to close shop during business hours to go to manufacturing meetings and the like with greater and greater frequency, causing a great inconvenience to customers who came to the shop.
Believing that things such as this would only continue to increase in frequence, I thought long and hard, and realized I finally had to make a decision, and decided that I would close up Gain at the end of January.

From now on, while admittedly this is a personal thing, I'll be working behind the scenes making artists' goods, event goods, business goods...all manner of things like that.
As for what I want to do in the future, well--I've already mentioned this to a few people, but: I want to fulfil my wish of opening a store outside Japan!!!

My chances to meet with everyone will probably end wth January as well, but I'd like it if you'd occasionally think about Gain and the weird manager that ran it.

We still have January, though, so if you've got the time, please come hang out at Gain!

Thanks for readng this long letter.

Gain's Manager, Yamashita Takashi

I have no clue what this will mean for Blossam, and am really depressed that...I won't be able to see Tenchou anymore ;_; He was just a fucking awesome guy, hilarious with the best stories about the guys and always happy to see you and always remembering you when you came in. Just. Just. I'm really fucking depressed now. :(((((

Anyone going to see him before January ends? ;____;
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I finally got notification from Tenchou that my Decossam Bear was finished, and here is what he gave me in return for my beloved shirt! Back here! )

IN OTHER NEWS! I'm going to post here about my awesome Western Mode ships :D Because I know you care hard :D After having seen this show 4 times now, with my next time being Tokyo senshuuraku tomorrow, I've gotten really familiar with different characters' interactions and relationships and could probably expound in detail (read: probably will via fic 8D) on Why They Are Awesome 8D Also, there are pics of people so uh, enjoy :D Go West, Young Man! )
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Yaaaay for vanity posts XD I got my hair cut yesterday after it being long for a while (it's been about a year since I cut it last), and my head feels really light now XD It was the longest it's been since I first started wearing it short (way back in 5th grade), so it felt a little sad getting it all chopped off XD


And AFTER~!!

In other news, how about some SHIMURA-SENSEI to go with Shouta's Hiiro?? :D

And in other other news...I'm going to try to get Tenchou to make a bear out of an extra Decossam shirt I have 8D After seeing the adorable one made from an old Blossam parka, he mentioned that any kind of old clothing could be made into one, so I thought it was worth a shot and emailed Tenchou asking if it was possible. His response? "Definitely, absolutely! Come in to talk about it any time!!" XDDDD Soooo the always cool [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace is going with me to Gain in a few minutes to chat up Tenchou about this interesting idea XD
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[green shirt] Yamanote line?
[red shirt] Chuo line?
[blue shirt] Keihin Touhoku line?
[yellow shirt] Tsuchiya line? Sobu line?

And then we scroll down a little bit to the end of the entry...

"Colors that can't be passed up by *pnish lovers* train lovers."

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Some of you may recall the fricking awesome events of last year's (if you're not cool enough to be on that filter: let's just say a few Big Name People showed up, and Meg and I got to swim in the ocean--alone--with one of them while he was drunk enough to probably answer anything we asked 8DDDD Not that we took advantage of it u_u Just...we COULD have 8D), AND IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!

Date is August 7 as you can see from Iwashita-san's post, and they're taking 30 people again. I've sent out an email to the few of you I know will be in Japan then, but would anyone like to go?? Please let me know ASAP so I can try to get us in~~!!! I have to let them know starting at 10 AM tomorrow. If you're not a member already, you'll need to purchase membership, so since you'd have to buy a hat to go along with it, the total cost would be 7190 yen total (3000 for the event, 1200 for the ferry ride, 2990 for the hat+membership).

I'm not going alone >_> So SOMEONE come with!! Anyone? Bueller??
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Eeeee, Tenchou's daughter Rio is going to be Gain's tenchou tomorrow! GOD SHE'S ADORABLE.

It's so hard for me to picture Tenchou as straight, let alone married with a kid, but but but LOOK AT THAT. He's such a baka-otousan kinda guy XD Thane was totally the same way about his kids at D-room, it only serves to make them cuter :P
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First -- the T2 event report is up on my report blog :D Go check it out! I'm not posting it to the TeniMyu comm yet because I don't have all of the photosets scanned (waiting on Meg to scan in hers), but you can download what I have so far here :D Go drool~ (the suit/waiter/whatever pic of the two of them is to diiiiiiie for *___*)

In other news, how about some notes on the opening day stage greetings for Nagayan's first starring role movie, Gachinko Shissou Joutou? Come see~ )

I leave you now with this note: as we all know, Nagayan has been filling his days with Yuzawa-san, Kimeru, and twin-lens reflex camera photoshoot sessions, which he seems to be into at the moment.

Apparently the following was tweeted on the Burai no Nyoubo twitter account (the play Tuti is going to be doing in the next couple of weeks): "A while back, during an interview, Tsuchiya muttered, 'I want one...' after seeing one of the interviewer's twin-lens reflex cameras."

.......XDDDDDD Wanting to get in on the fun, much?
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It's REALLY weird seeing Tenchou talking about his wife and 3-yr-old daughter on his blog XD;;;;



Aug. 22nd, 2009 02:37 pm
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Iwashita-san told me my shoes were CUTE. (the ones here)

So, this morning I woke up late, cause I finally didn't have anything I had to be up early for. I took a shower, was lazing around about to put clothes on...and JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES COME KNOCKING. I threw on a robe and some pants first and let them talk my ear off for 10 min, then they asked if they could call a friend up, and I said OK and took the opportunity to at least put on a shirt too. The girl they called up spoke better English, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to humor them some more. Eventually got talked into giving her my number, am I some kind of bleeding heart idiot? Ah well, she knows I'm a Christian already, at least I won't have to listen to her trying to stuff me even more full of doctrine, and I told them I was interested more in the history of the Bible than the endtimes stuff, so at least I don't have to hear all THAT :P

I finished getting ready and then headed to Shibuya, because [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu is coming along next weekend on the BBQ with Tenchou and Iwashita-san for the bike club *dances* Since you have to be a "member" (read: you have to have one of the shirts), she asked me to pick one up for her. When I got up to Gain, Tenchou greeted me and then went, "...Iwashita-san JUST went out for a walk! But he should be back soon, so you can wait for him!!"

...Cool XD Another customer came in, and Tenchou had to tend to him, so I took some time checking out all the new stuff Tenchou had gotten in recently...and saw a shirt that said "SEX, DRUGS, ROPPONGI HILLS" which made me giggle...and then I saw another one next to it that said "AUGUST 3, 2009: OSHIO MANABU ARRESTED IN ROPPONGI HILLS ON SUSPICION OF MURDER".


the FUCK?!

1) Why does Tenchou have a shirt talking about the arrest of a random celebrity, and that celebrity accused of murder?!


Yes, this is the SAME Oshio Manabu I talked about here, but...I HAD NO CLUE HE WAS SUSPECTED OF MURDER O____O And I say "suspected"--the police found the woman he was living with murdered in a room they shared. That "suspected".

Nagayan was drunk almost to the point of passing out around this guy, WHAT IF HE HAD BEEN MISTAKEN (AS IS VERY EASY WITH NAGAYAN) FOR A GIRL?! O___O_

Ooh, here's an article on it! *dishes*



Shortly afterwards, Iwashita-san returned, and he, another girl, and I all chatted for 10 min or so while Tenchou took care of the other guy in the store. I just learned how to describe the place I work the other day, so when Iwashita-san asked where I worked now, since I said I wasn't a teacher anymore, I proudly related that I was working for "アステラスっていう製薬会社" ("A pharmaceutical company called 'Astellas'")--which, awesomely enough, he'd heard of! XD

At one point he kind of looked down and saw my shoes, and commented, "あ!それ可愛い~" ("Ah! Those are really cute~") Me: *_____* "Erm, THANKS 8DDDDD" D'aww, Iwashita-san, you're adorable XD

Unrelated: I had some banana juice+milk smoothie thing being sold at a kiosk in Shibuya station on the way to the subway platforms. Was めっちゃうまい!
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SO I learned something new about myself tonight. I am either:

a) Mildly precogniscient

b) Able to make stuff happen by thinking about it


c) Just really fucking lucky

I'd like to point out that ANY of the above could be true and I'd be just as happy :P

So how'd I come to this conclusion? WELL I'M GLAD YOU ASKED. )
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Also wtf I thought I was just hearing things yesterday when Gaku mentioned it in Gain, but TENCHOU HAS A DAUGHTER?!

I assume this means Tenchou is MARRIED then? (not necessarily, but I assume so)

He just...really strikes me as the bachelor type XD And now I wanna know how old his daughter is and if she loves torturing Gaku as much as her dad does 8DDDDD


Jul. 2nd, 2009 11:02 am
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Duuuuuude, live nice-quality video of Shibuya! It's kinda freaky, cause if you look at the middle shot of Camera 2, you can see the crossing RIGHT in front of Gain, but the right shot goes a little too far to see it (see Gain on Google Street View).

Anyone wanna stalk that for me and see when/if "certain people" come in? :D Tenchou should be in soon!!


May. 19th, 2009 07:33 am
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HAHAHAHA!! SO! Apparently the shirt Tuti's wearing in this pic:


Is quite lovely, no? It's a Do-S shirt, yay~ for Do-S shirts.


Just a little shop. In Shibuya. Maybe run by someone like Tenchou. Maybe run by Tenchou.

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Sorry I've been so afk XD;; my dad's in town for a few more days, and we've been all over! DL6th, karaoke, the aquarium, Asakusa, Ueno, TGIFridays, Tokyo Disney (!!!), and...


So yeah, I totally took my dad to meet his biggest Japanese fan, Yamashita Takashi aka Tenchou, the manager of GAIN :D

We managed to sneak in at the perfect time, it turned out--no other customers, so no awkward waiting around! I walked in first, and then my dad popped in afterward, and Tenchou pretty much knew straight away who he was, since I'd mentioned I was bringing him by.

The entire conversation (well, my translating both ways XD;;;) consisted of Tenchou remarking, literally, something like 10 times, "Wow, he is so cool. SO COOL. And his muscles are SO BIG." Umm okay, my dad's not exactly a body builder XD He's got a pretty standard American guy build, but that's definitely way more muscular than the average pretty idol here XD; So you can't really blame Tenchou. BUT HE, LIKE, PET MY DAD. Like, stroked his chest and kept going, "So muscular..." Umm, MyDad/Tenchou OTP? XD;;;;

Then he went and mentioned, "Aww! If I'd known when you were coming down, I would've let Iwashita-san know! I told him your dad was coming over and he wanted to meet him, too!" dskduyfgskuyfgksuyfksfs I WANTED TO INTRODUCE THEM, DAMMIT ;-; now the KG/GAIN/MyDad collab will never be a reality...! :P NEXT TIME!

He also asked my dad for ANOTHER autograph (actually, on the same pic my dad sent him before XD) Fanboy!Tenchou is ADORABLE. Just letting everyone know that.

In other news, tomorrow's the ticket sales for the Osamu-chan/Gaku/Takuya/Ryousuke+others play, I MUST GANBARIMASU FOR TICKETS. Also, found out from Kawamoto Naru's blog that there's going to be a talk event in early June with Onosaka, Naru, Tsuda, Kiyasu, and Takahashi (Momo, Taka-san, Inui, Kaidoh, and Eiji's seiyuu) that they've done for, like, the last few years? WHAT? HELL YES I WANNA GO.

Still in desperate need for someone to pick up something from DL6th for meeeeee >_>
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So, at work today, I found my credit card receipt from when I bought the 4th child at GAIN (I'd been having issues with getting the money to come OUT of my account :P So I just trusted Tenchou would be able to do it XD;;;) It was a big, old-fashioned kinda receipt, and I'd taken it out while cleaning out my wallet.

Looking it over, it brought back memories of that awesome weekend, and I wondered if maybe I should keep it for that purpose. I glanced at the things written on it, as I'd never really looked at it before, and noted the things Tenchou had filled out (Store Name: GAIN, Owner: Yamashita, etc)

One box was for the product that was purchased, and it was filled in with some hastily scribbled kana and the English letters BAG. I smiled, yup--bag of love~

...then I looked closer at the scribbled kana.




OH TENCHOU. YOU CALLED IT THE DEKO BAG. YES YES YES I FUCKING LOVE THIS MAN XDDD How can any one person be so awesome? I DUNNO. Is he a Tuti fanboy? Does he giggle like a schoolgirl whenever Nagayan asks him to take a walk while he and Tuti "plan the next design"? XD

In other news! I wrote more 5th cast fic here because that comm needs the jaws of life LIKE HOW. All that gets updated now is that weird RP Shirota/Aiba + TakiEiji/Kime of all the Eijis to ship with Kime, THAT ONE? SERIOUSLY? How about the one he still hangs out with? No?) and that is a sad, sad fact.

You don't have to seriously ship any of the guys to write fun, flirty cute fic about them, it's like expanding on all the normal faggotry that goes on backstage. So go and celebrate Vermont and Iowa starting an AWESOME rock rolling in America and WRITE GAY PORN!!

...God I hope Saitou posts about that XDDDDD
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LOLOLOLOLOL @ the new splash image on gaingain.com XD

T-shirt: 5900yen
Coat: 13800yen
Muffler: 4700yen
Tenchou: priceless

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So Yamashita-tenchou decided to show off and went and posted pics of himself wearing the 4th child. Looks amazing, can't wait to get my hands on it 8D

And then, at the bottom there...he adds:

"As for Tenchou [he talks about himself in the 3rd person], I'm pretty much, 'Wanna see, wanna hear about, wanna make it!' regarding Decossam solo items! If the designer/actor Tsuchiya Yuuichi-san should happen to see this, please let me know! (haha)"




SLDIFUHSDLIUFHSLIDUFHLSIUHFLIDSFU This would be...so. so. so. Amazing. I mean, even if it weren't a collab with Blossam, THE NAME ALONE IS A COLLAB. And and and GAH I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE HOW AWESOME IT WOULD BE. Just. Even MORE long nights spent designing together and hitting up Gain together and sdlfiuhflsd TUTI LEARNED ALL HE KNOWS ABOUT FASHION FROM NAGAYAN. WHAT THE HELL WHAT THE HEEEELLLLLLLL.
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Happy Birthday, Tuti. Your present is my continuing to stalk you because one of these days you're finally going to come out, and Tenchou is going to be the one to boot you out the door.


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