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Western Mode DVDs finally came today! :DDDDD And of course I capped far more than I should have XD;;; 176 caps, to be precise, almost all from the backstage. So get ready for a few posts of nothing but screencappy goodness :D

No cowboys were harmed in the making of this backstage )
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GDI XD;;;;

The Sagawa dude came by to deliver Western Mode but I ignored the doorbell cause I thought he was bringing an Amazon delivery I didn't have the cash on hand to pay for XD;;;;

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YOU POSTED AN ADORABLE PIC OF AVERY!TAITO! :DDDDD And half of yourself as Coleman! Now we just need some full-body shots :D Though I do wonder if Tuti hasn't started thinking about dating younger (rather than older XD) men, given his thoughts on Taito:

His adorableness is really something to behold.
The way he held himself when he messed up in rehearsals and received critique on it: all of the men there at that time sighed to themselves, "So cute..."


I'm waiting on all the cast pics to go up (as they usually do after the show's run on the official blog) to post to [livejournal.com profile] pnish, but if you're impatient, Daiki has a pic of himself as Harry on his blog here, and Eiji updated with his Ronnie outfit here, though his shirt is white in the show, not blue (dunno why he had that pic taken then...).
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So, while hanging around in the lobby between the matinee and soiree shows in Nagoya, one of [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace's Japanese friends who kind of latched onto us at the show asked me if I knew what ギャランドゥー meant, in relation to Tuti (wtf???). I naturally hadn't (and if any of you have, you really should tell me WHY you know what it means XD;;; because I can't imagine where you'd learn it...). She collapsed into a fit of laughter with another friend of hers and kept going, "See! I knew she wouldn't! No one knows what it means!!"

She then excitedly motioned me closer to tell me what it meant so I could relate it to the others in our party, and whispered in my ear something that took me a minute to understand...at which point I came to the dreaded realization that there was a very appropriate translation of that word in English. ギャランドゥー means:

...happy trail XD;;;; aka the line of hair leading down from the belly button into the pubic area XD;;;;;; oh GOD. Of course I then stupidly taught her this English word, which she just seemed to fall in love with, and spent the rest of the time between shows randomly inserting it into conversations and telling us how we should ask Tuti in English to please show us his happy trail. >____> Good lord XD;;;

In other news, senshuuraku was sooo good ;__; Naoto was almost crying, Taito fell off the stage and into the crowd, Masashi managed to pull off his juggling act without messing up, and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace, on learning that baka is written 馬鹿, pointed out to me how it is cleverly hidden in a room set on the stage via a relief of some horses running sitting on the wall next to a mounted deer's head XDDDD

This week is NEPPUU! Aka The Dog and Monkey Show :D I see that T2 et al. had an awesome time in Fukuoka (with Shouta gracing us with a lovely Golden Trio pic XD) and no of course I'm not bitter I wasn't there to see it :PPPP WHY WOULD I BE?? >_> And tomorrow night is the LIVE WEBCHAT WITH TUTI! (if you missed his announcement, this was the plan he mentioned for being able to interact more with people far away) I'm really wondering wtf it'll be about? XD;;; [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou are coming over to watch it with me, and I'm going to try my level best to record it so--cross your fingers! Hopefully no one will be embarrassing and ask him to show his ギャランドゥー :PPPPP (because really, who needs to see that?? :/)

brb Nagoya

Nov. 6th, 2010 07:16 am
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So unhappy, though, that I'm missing the awesome "Yuuko cast have fun in Fukuoka" and all, BUT LOOKIT WHAT TSUJI LEFT ME WITH:

Yesterday, Shouta came to spend the night at my placeNow we're headed off to Fukuoka together! Just you wait, Fukuokahttp://bit.ly/bCs1ss


But nuuuu dnw it to be senshuuraku ;_; Where does the time go with these things???
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Crappily lit pic is crappily lit (and upside down!) but I have card suits on my pointer through pinky and the paint is pink, purple, green, and yellow-orange to represent Harry, Cress, Wanizuka, and Avery, respectively. The thumb has a W on it (and the other has an M, for Western Mode). It's the best most tackiest paint job in the whole world ever, but you only get to go to a show's senshuuraku once!

Deja vu~

Nov. 5th, 2010 02:47 pm
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I guess *pnish* liked this foot-onsen/izakaya so much, they decided to go back again a year later XD
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Dear people whose work I edit: Please stop making the same. fucking. mistakes. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I've edited your stuff for TWO YEARS now. I realize you're not native speakers, but do you even LOOK at the stuff I fix for you? That's how you GET BETTER at a language--by LEARNING from your mistakes >(

Dear LJ: Please give me back my icon keywords. And my 200+ tags. Why did you feel it was cool to take them all away from me and make me stare at creepy Frank pics when I go look for them? This is going on into day 3 of this issue and I'm really getting annoyed :/ My paid account expires in a month; am I gonna have to smack a bitch or three? ETA: Well if the support requests are anything to go about, about 918273912 other people are having this issue too. If it doesn't get resolved, LJ's gonna have a loooot of p'd off peeps on their hands :/

Dear Nagoya Western Mode shows: PLEASE HAPPEN SOONER. TWENTY-FOUR HOURS IS FAR TOO LONG TO WAIT TO SEE YOOOOUUUUU DDDD: Also, if anyone wants a DVD and still hasn't preordered one, you'd better get your order in fast! I asked for them over on [livejournal.com profile] pnish a few days back and hardly anyone's reserved one :P It's an awesome fun show with good music and costumes, a great cast, and probably the easiest to understand plot of any show so far; there really is no reason NOT to!

Dear nails: please stop breaking right before I'm about to give you an epic paint job :/
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I can't believe I just posted Western Mode fic XD; Well, at least I wasn't the first, so it's not so bad, I suppose :D

In other news, wtf is Tuti up to? From his most recent entry:

Right now, I'm considering a project to help people living far away enjoy things more.
Around next Tuesday evening, I plan to try something out using the Internet.
I'm making preparations at a fast pace right now.

Uuuhhh. So is this as himself, or as *pnish*? Or something else? Is he seriously giving consideration to we the lovely foreign fans (HAH.) or at least other fans in Japan (more likely)? He's always been considerate of people trying to watch stuff online, even back during PaniSuta; he would always apologize for the crappy webfeed and all. It sucked, but it was at least nice knowing he felt bad for it, even though there was nothing he could do.

I'm curious as to wtf this is though :D *excited*
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So apparently the plot of Western Mode is based almost entirely on The Three Amigos XDDD;;; So uh, if you want to know the plot in detail? Read the wiki page XD It also references The Magnificent Seven/The Seven Samurai, particularly with regard to character names, as two of the main characters in the former are Harry Luck and Chris Adams ;D (not the same as Cress, but well, can we say copyright issues out the wazoo?? XD). Also, while there is no character named Avery in the movie, the character "Henry" is played by the actor Val Avery XDDDD

Oh *pnish*. Please keep on being awesome and cribbing from other shows :D
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HEE DAIKI. Just, HEE. But ngl, that pic looks a little sketchy XD Or maybe it's just Eiji who looks weird lounging around in pretty much his PJs :P


It's baatari in Kobe today :3 I should feel ashamed that I'm really really depressed to not be seeing the show this weekend but...I'm not XD Because I AM sad! I miss this bitch like something fierce.

ANYWAYS. Nagoya is next week. Bring. It. ON.
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[Firefox is compatible with all devices with Android firmware 2.0]

Someone want to explain to me why the hell AU is just releasing firmware 1.6 (got it yesterday >_>) for their Android phones when 2.2 just came out? 1.6 came out ONE YEAR AGO. This is the mobile phone equivalent of finally upgrading to XP when Windows 7 just came out.

There are APPS I WANT TO USE. Like FIREFOX and PAYPAL. Apps that would be USEFUL. Why the hell is this taking so long?!

In other news, I finally nutted up and turned in a bottle of Tsuchiya brand wine at the presents table at Western Mode :3 Will this gift, too, go the way of the Postcard Project? .......probably XD;
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.......Okay, no one breathe.

It seems, for some reason, that my super high-security uptight pharma company I work for 4 out of 5 days a week that blocks anything and everything to do with webmail (like gmail) and instant messaging...has suddenly decided to stop blocking those things.

Or at least has stopped blocking gmail, because umm I'm here at work and there's my gmail account working just fine and dandy and whaaaaaat is this I don't even.

I'm afraid to use it almost, wary that it'll go away XD;;;


In other news, yesterday was Tokyo senshuuraku for Western Mode and now that post-playgoing depression is starting to hit, even though I'm going to see it again in 2 weeks in Nagoya. You'd think after five shows I'd be bored of it, BUT I'M NOT. I never could get bored of seeing a *pnish* show live ;~; that's the awesome thing about their shows, geez.

I suppose the only sensible thing to do here now is to write as much fic as I can possibly wring from myself, huh? :P Considering that [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace has already one-upped me by writing the first Western Mode fic in the whole world, I'm falling behind!

Thane and Ore no Graffiti came to see senshuuraku, too, btw :D If you missed it XD We had hoped to "run into" Thane during demachi, but alas our powers failed us and we waited in the wrong spot. We did, however, get to see the adorable Naoto (Todd) leave...and then come back again looking lost XD And Masashi and Taito left together but apparently I fail at recognizing Taito :P

Also, Tuti explained his reason for not posting pics when Kime+Nagayan+Kuranuki came to see opening night as follows: "I wanted to post a picture of Kimeru and Takashi who came to see opening night, but some stuff happened and I wasn't able to." Stuff? When everyone else and their brother happened to be able to, "stuff happened" and you couldn't? Hmmmmmmm...

Also also, this man has been on fire with hilarious happenings lately XD Like his photobombing Wasshi's pic or his description of Wasshi as "Wild on the outside, mild on the inside."
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I finally got notification from Tenchou that my Decossam Bear was finished, and here is what he gave me in return for my beloved shirt! Back here! )

IN OTHER NEWS! I'm going to post here about my awesome Western Mode ships :D Because I know you care hard :D After having seen this show 4 times now, with my next time being Tokyo senshuuraku tomorrow, I've gotten really familiar with different characters' interactions and relationships and could probably expound in detail (read: probably will via fic 8D) on Why They Are Awesome 8D Also, there are pics of people so uh, enjoy :D Go West, Young Man! )
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Soooo as you may know, this evening was Western Mode's opening night! I won't be uploading any sort of lengthy summary and whatnot until at least after Nagoya senshuuraku or something, but for now, I can give you a nice little recap of what the show was about, who each guy's character was, and how they all related to each other :D For that + some pics from the pamphlet to whet the appetite, get thee behind this cut: Read more... )
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What in the name of all that is good and sacred...

WHY IS IT NOT OPENING NIGHT YET? Well I mean, it is, but it's not yet! I have 50 minutes left here at work and then it's OFF TO GINGA GEKIJOU~

Eiji looks like he has some face-hair in that pic though >_> get it off get it off.

And now I am even more sad-face that I can't go to the "Enjoy Western Mode 10 Times More" event, as it was just announced that Eiji's going to be participating as well, meaning all 4 members will be there at the same time! ;__;
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...Well, kinda! I finished up some work for an upcoming deadline early, got a co-worker to take a project off my hands, and successfully met up with [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace to find a costume-ish thing for a Halloween get-together~ :D

It's not really the smartest idea to go out to a place like Tokyu Hands and try to get inspired for a costume there; it's one of those things where you need to have at least a general idea and THEN find just what you need to bring that idea to life. Unfortunately, Miranda and I suck that way, so we just wound up going with Black vs. White Angel XD; Here are my goods:

If you can't tell from the crappy cell pic, and let's face it--you can't, it's one pair of small black wings, a headband with a lacy-flower-thing clipped to it, and a heart-shaped gaudy ring, because I'm the emo angel I guess. Miranda's got white stuff, so we'll look quite the pair~

I also found the cutest pink-and-yellow friendship bracelets during our assault on claire's, so Miranda and I split them, since apparently we are 13-year-old girls, idk.

You can see the matching one that says "best" on [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace's LJ here :DDDDD

In other news, it's THREE DAYS LEFT til Western Mode! I'm super psyched~ :D I'm trying to prep myself to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings by looking up common Western-themed Japanese words :D Behold!

Cowboy: 牧童 【ぼくどう】 (aside from the obvious 'カウボーイ' XD)
Lasso: 投げ縄 【なげなわ】
Saloon: サルーン? XD; I've also heard 酒場...
Sheriff: シェリフ or 保安官
Ranch: 牧場 【ぼくじょう(P); まきば(P)】
Pistol: ピストル? Maybe? XD or of course 銃 【じゅう】
Bandit/Thug: ごろつき (it was used in the official summary soooo...)

Any other suggestions? XD Nnngh, I don't wanna go to work tomorrow...
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(from this pic on Daiki's blog) I seriously did not even recognize the boy--please god tell me WHY?! Why did you cut your beautiful locks into this buzzed monstrosity?! ;~; He looks like some strange lovechild of Myu!Kawamura and Horio. GOD. (fyi he looked like this before this tragedy ;___;)

DNW. SO MUCH DNW. The only way I can see this being redeemed is if my Special little man is Wanizuka's 弟子 ;~; Because having discussed it with [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou, it would be the Cutest Thing Ever.

ETA: OH ALSO look who went to see his bb on opening niiiight~~~~ If Tsuji turns around and goes to Shouta's version (which starts next week), then that's just gonna make me sick with joy, fyi ♥


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