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*points out unnecessarily that Wasshi (and Daiki and Tecchan it seems??) went to see a play of Mizuki's last night~*

Ok sure there were quite a few other people they knew in it too XD (Naru, Ishikura-san, and Yuzawa will be in the Nagoya shows. Also Takagi Shun was in it, but they don't know him probably XD Except maybe Daiki from sneaking backstage at TeniMyu)

I'll take what I can get though :3
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Today, in a series of good and bad events!

Bad: Woke up 2 minutes before the alarm :(

Good: Found out I'm going to be stopping working at my far-away work that I don't like (where I've been stuck the past 2 years) and headed back full time to my Roppongi office next month!

Bad: Saw Golden Mask, which absolutely sucked balls D: Seriously, I absolutely hated the show, I don't even really know why. It was boring, the parts that weren't boring were confusing, the characters were entirely two-dimensional, and just...a bad, bad unenjoyable show. Yikes. I can't believe it was a *pnish* produce show DDDD:

Good: ...Nagayan was there!

Bad: Picked up my TeniMyu tickets and two nights I'm in the EXACT SAME SEAT (what) off to the side and the other night I'm off to the side as well, all in the 3rd and 4th rows. I know, that's not really THAT bad, considering, but still :P

Good: ...Someone dropped 10,000 yen right in the middle of the street by my apartment. I seriously looked around and there wasn't a soul in sight. I feel bad about keeping it but...I can kind of use it :| I set it aside in case someone comes asking for it, but...yay?
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...Well THAT was unexpected! Soooo Panic Cafe opened today!! )
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So, before we went to see Amadan again this evening, I stopped by the AU shop next to the theater, since my phone's been giving me shit (and still is >_>). [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou came to keep me company while the very attractive young shop guy tried to fix my phone. While waiting for it to restart, we had the following conversation:

Him: So, what're you up to today? :D
Us: Oh we're going to see a show in Haiyuuza Theater (next door) after this.
Him: Oh :DDDDD Is it Johnny's??
Us:  XD;;;;;;;;;;;;; Noooooooooooo
Him: Oh, it's not? :D;;;; Who is it then?
Us: Just...normal actors?
Him: Oh, bidanshi? (美男子 = ikemen/hot guys)
Us: *dying of embarrassment*
Him: I just saw all those girls out there and assumed it was Johnny's guys! I kind of was thinking of going to see it myself since I was curious! So do you do demachi and stuff??
Us: XD;;;;;;;; ummm yeeeaaaah.......
Him: So like, they shake your hands and give you autographs and stuff??? Seriously??

....Oh Japan, why are your citizens so awesome at times? XD;;

Also wtf wtf wtf Oota Motohiro was sooooo hitting on Wasshi LEFT AND RIGHT at the after-show XD;;; And just, poor Wasshi had no clue how to handle an attractive young thing hitting on him without his having to try to get said attention XD;;; IT WAS AMUSING AND ADORABLE AT THE SAME TIME. Ganbare Wasshi~ :D Beat them off with a stick if you have to!

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Haha what.

So, I was browsing around my external harddrive today, and came across Wasshi's Live DVD rip I did a couple of summers ago. I flipped through it to catch some of him singing, and randomly skipped to a portion where they pan the audience (I've never actually WATCHED the DVD XD;;;), and saw this:

(which wtf, where was [livejournal.com profile] hamykia? Wasn't she at this with me??)

I wonder if anyone out there ever sees me on random things and wonders about me... Considering that I run into girls all the time now who are all, "omg I saw you at X event and Y event and Z event!" and yet they never come talk to me...

If real life were a fandom, would I be The Observer (HOLY SHIT COINCIDENCE: Apparently his name is "September"!)?


Dec. 3rd, 2009 10:36 am
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I kinda wanted to go to his birthday Live that he just announced...

...when I realized 2/7 = Sunday = maeraku for BuriMyu.

Sorry Wasshi :((((( BuriMyu >>>>>>> You..........so maybe you should join :D

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I like the following:

1) HQ shot of the strap

2) Red and Blue are linked together


Also, yay for Wasshi being caught in the middle of the married couples 8D
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*uses only Kondou icon she has*

I just realized I haven't posted anything about our kickass awesome time at Sasayaka na Kono Jinsei last Friday :O So, I'll do it now! Instead of work! Yay!

[livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes and I managed to find Echo Theater quite easily, it being about 5-7 min from Ebisu station. The lobby was fricking TINY, though, and we quickly grabbed pamphlets, flyer stacks, and squeezed our way into the theater. We were on the 4th row, I think, not horrible seats at all.

The plot of the show...if you could really call it that...revolved around Wasshi's character, who is told when he goes into the hospital for a checkup that he will die in 365 days. His character is a very kind of, "oh....ok...." c'est la vie kinda guy, not emotional at all, and his first action upon learning this news is to find some way to kill himself, because if he's just going to die, it's better to go ahead and get it over with. He decides eating a poison mushroom will do the trick.

The rest of the show is a series of short skits that are actually more like dreams of Wasshi's, wherein he meets many different, crazy, random characters and learns that life's really quite fun if you stop to take the time to enjoy it. The first skit is him joining up with a circle of mushroom enthusiasts (to try and get his hands on some poison mushrooms) from a local university, and the hijinks they get up to are quite amusing.

Other skits included a bunch of the guys pretending to be insects and wondering wtf happened to Wasshi's insect body, Naru as a sharpshooter finding himself unable to kill a cat, the Worst Demachi Ever with Kondou as the barbarian/neanderthal chick Paula and I were certain was supposed to represent the foreigner XD;;;, and a sumo match inside a restaurant to decide who would get to date one of the waitresses (complete with Naru going, "Hakkyooooiii..........BUUUUURRRRRRNNNNNIIIIIIINNNNNGGG!!!!")

On that note, I was actually pleasantly surprised that, after about 10 min of listening to him talk, I was able to forget that Kondou played Oishi! In that, watching him on stage, I was able to appreciate him as an actor and himself (and GOD is he hilarious. I MUST SEE HIM IN MORE STUFF) and not just hear "Oishi" up there. Since his seiyuu voice as Oishi is the same as his normal speaking voice, I was a little worried that all I'd be doing the whole time was hearing "Oishi" saying stuff and being funny--and for a little bit, it WAS like that. For example, in the mushroom club skit, it's revealed that the girl he's secretly crushing on is already dating someone, and he falls to the floor in a dead faint giving the girliest scream ever XD All I could think was, "Hehe...Oishi screams like a girl..." -- but after a while, it was just pure Kondou :D Awesome job, man!

Afterwards, I gave into the pressure and pre-ordered the DVD; it was so random and funny, I had to! Plus it was a great memory seeing Kondou for the first time onstage ^__^ There was also a gumball-type machine that was filled with tiny balls with cellphone straps of the actors inside you could try and get for 500yen each. After 2 tries, I had Kondou and another random cast member, so I was definitely happy :D

Also: Tuti was at our show! We didn't see him outright, but I thought I saw someone who looked Tuti-ppoi, and then a bit later he posted about going to see it on his blog ^__^

Coming up next: A Long Post About 4th Cast, in which I promise not to make the "Current Music" text read, "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead."

ETA: I just bought the PS2 game Tenisu no Oujisama :: Sweat & Tears 2 because I wanted to own the DVD of that oooolllllld old seiyuu event (that MoriEiji was in :D) to rip an HQ awesome copy. But I don't need the game. Anyone wanna take it off my hands for a small fee??
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*____* WASSHI AND KONDOU. WASSHI AND OISHI. YES XD heeeeey Wasshi...need a guest for your next live???

"His acting's funny, and of course his voice is great!"

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If you haven't seen it on [livejournal.com profile] pnish already, Sono Tettou is up on the StrawberryWine tracker, so go get it! You know you want to see Tuti cry like a baby ;_____;

And I want to see posts from you people about these plays! I've written nice, long, in-depth reports about every one of these, so you can't say you don't have any thoughts since you can't understand Japanese :P These are plays that should make you explode in fangirl-y glee or weep for days ;_; SO POST, PEOPLE! :P It at least lets me know that it's even worthwhile to rip these, and that people appreciate them.

In other news, I stayed up til midnight last night to check Gaku's blog because he teased everyone saying, "omg I have some biiiiiiig news but I can't tell anyone til midnight 8D SO CHECK BACK!" the whore. Unable to handle the curiosity, I stayed up, and it turned out to be a Gaku+Iwashita KittyGuys party event thingee! FOR 30 PEOPLE 8D (and Gaku and Iwashita are really popular--that's like *pnish* having an event and only inviting something like a couple hundred people, when their tickets already sell out in seconds when there are THOUSANDS)

Guess who's one of those 30 going now? XD I nabbed 2 tickets, actually, and invited [livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes to come with me, because that girl needs more taiin in her life ♥ It's on the 26th of this month, and apparently there's going to be a second "party" repeat of the first later on that evening since they wanted to let more than 30 take part. While I could go to the second one as well, I don't really WANT to that much (if this were *pnish*, now...) and, umm, I'd kinda stick out and be creepy XD;;; So one show it is! Even Nagayan doesn't go to Tuti's shows twice

Also, Wasshi's Live DVD came last night!! It's ripping, too, and [livejournal.com profile] hamykia and I did indeed manage to make it onto some of the offshots XD;;; Haven't watched the actual show, gonna do that after GANBARUing for more room tickets with Paula on Saturday ♥ The torrent for it should be up tonight ^___^
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Well, my weekend went a lot better than I'd imagined it would--starting off with a fun Friday because my boss called, apologized for asking me to come in Friday when he'd said we could have it off, and then told me not to come in and take a holiday XDDDD

Friday... )

Saturday... )

Sunday sunday sunday~ )

I've got this nasty habit lately of randomly passing people I KNOW aren't the guys but look a lot like them, and it kind of makes me go all dokidoki even though they obviously aren't--whether their hair looks the same, or their clothes, or their face looks KINDA similar if I squint and cock my head. wtf self. Desperate much?

I bought a new phone on Thursday evening and realized I actually get TV reception on it (*____*)--and of all channels I get TBS (the Ururun channel) AND Asahi TV...one week late :P (Asahi TV was the channel Dageki Tenshi Ruri came on, in which Nagayan guested last week >_<)

My bed and bookcase haven't shipped from Amazon yet, and it's been almost a week :/ I want to be able to UNPACK. Argh.

Tuti's Arashi tomorrow, BuriMyu Wednesday, Wasshi next Friday, NagaJo the day after. Cats the Saturday AFTER that. It needs to be three weeks from now NOW XD
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Thanks for your comments, everyone! (о^∇^о)

Regarding the "dinner with Daiki-chan" spoken about on PaniSuta that everyone was wondering about, as promised, I received an invitation by text from Daiki-chan on the afternoon of HappyPani (haha)

And we finally went through with it yesterday! First we had sushi, and then went out for drinks! It was a lot of fun (^^)v

HAHAHAHAHAHA DAIKI WAS SEME (after all, HE did the inviting--according to Tuti and Eiji that's the defining factor for being on top, WHO KNEW.
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I was going to commend Wasshi in Daiki's blog pic for being the only *pnish* member without a beer (nay, a WATER instead! .......I think?) in his hand, and then I noticed something that made me go all frowny face >_>

A little closer look...

Now, I can't say 100% that's even HIS. But, it's in front of him, and the others have their OWN trays they can use....

Wasshi was the only one to outright say he didn't smoke, and yeah, that was a few years ago for Panic Days 1, but if he'd held out that long, why would he suddenly start? I dunno. What do you guys think?

Wasshi PV!

Apr. 9th, 2008 06:00 pm
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Wasshi's music video for "Just Going My Way" is out :D You can view it for free on the site linked in his blog, but I upped it to youtube for easy viewing:

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So, just got back from THE BEST LIVE EVER. Of course, I've never been to a Live before, so perhaps I'm a bit biased XD

It was really hit and miss whether or not [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu (Meg) and I would actually MAKE it XD;;; We got to Roppongi without any trouble, but I kind of forgot how to get to the Live house from there, and we only managed to BARELY make it there with 5 minutes to spare.

It was a really REALLY small space--but there were probably close to a 100 girls (of varying ages XD there was one lady who had to be 60something, and a GUY too XD) and the atmosphere was REALLY fun.

The awesome thing about this live is that all the songs, unlike in the past, were ones he'd penned himself. He sang 10 songs in total--his opening, 2nd, and 3rd were ones I didn't know but REALLY liked, and hope they come out on his 3rd CD (which is due out in December!). His 4th song was an instrumental with just a tambourine (and the rest of the band, of course). The 5th and 6th songs are the two on his new CD (which I WILL be ripping ASAP :D) and are Christmas-y.

Speaking of Christmas, that was the theme of the Live XD Hence why the wristbands given out (one at the door, one with the CD if you bought it) were red and green.

After this came the guest introduction! Shinoda Mitsuyoshi, of TeniMyu, Bambino, and JackJack fame came on. He was HILARIOUS--because he kept on pretending to be his Bambino character and gave Wasshi a hard time saying he didn't know who the heck this "Shinoda" character was or why this guy with a big face and hairy beard was interrogating him. They finally wound up singing a duet as their Bambino characters and invited the audience to sing along together XD

"Donna ni naitemo, donna ni tsurakutemo, sora wo miru nda!"

After that, the producer (who was actually the guitarist) told everyone he had a present--he decided that for the next song it was okay for the audience to take pics and video!! I took a lot of video, but the sound is really crappy XD I'll upload some of them later, but for now, the one pic I took XD

Meg took some other pics, she can up those 8D The last official song for the evening was Arigatou 20s XD I was thrilled he finally sang a song I knew the words to XDDDD After that, the show was over, but of course he got called back for an encore and sang Just Going My Way

We picked up CDs afterwards (everyone I told I would get CDs for, you got them PLUS an AUTOGRAPHED CD jacket from Wasshi :DDDDD) and the songs are great XD Like I said--upping them when I get back tomorrow XD

Tomorrow morning is another Kitty Guys event in the morning just like last week--going with Rina (Japanese chick), Meg, and Becca & Laura ♥ We will ASTOUND them with our gaijinness XD After that's the Switch senshuuraku that I'm gonna try and get tickets to. Wish me luck!!


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