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Mitsuru's going on and on about how amazing it is and how it reads like fucking FANFIC and how the pic he uploaded was ten times more embarrassing than what is on his blog AND MY FUCKING SMARTPHONE CAN'T ACCESS KEITAI-ONLY SITES.

;____________________; SOMEONE HALP.
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Wow. Just, wow. It's another Visual Boys day, and...Nagayan talks about TeniMyu, and what he wants to bring to DL7th )


Mar. 19th, 2010 12:26 pm
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Today on Visual Boy, Nagayan clears up a popular misconception about himself:

"Peeping tom photos"

This is a word that's been coming up often on Nagayama Takashi's blog. If you read the comments, it's definitely a word you see a lot.

I'm going to write my entry here today while giving you a whiff of the dangerous scent that is "peeping tom photos." Thank you for reading m(__)m Please stick with me for a while.

I believe it was winter 2009 when the words "peeping tom photos" first started popping up. On Tsuchiya Yuuichi-shi's blog...I recall he threw up some phrase like "Takashi's taking peeping tom photos"...

Now, everyone: peeping tom photos are a crime. So does that make me a criminal-at-large?

Of course not.

Let me explain how it goes; first, we must seek out someone who we know won't get mad if we just snap a shot of them without their permission. Even if they might get mad, let's wait a little bit and then they might be more open to it. When we find them in a funny situation, let's hold back our laughter until later, when we can laugh all we want. And then we creep up slowly so as not to be noticed...ready ourselves...adopt a stance so that even if we move suddenly the picture won't blur--and press the button.


And that's a peeping tom shot! (>_<)

But if we just upload it like that to our blog, it's nothing more than a peeping tom shot. So we show it to the other person...

"Can I upload this to my blog?"

"It looks pretty good, don't you think?"

Almost everyone says, "Sure, it's fine." And of course that's just a simple snapshot--there are some who don't like to be photographed at all, so I try to ascertain the situation in the beginning. It's not good for people to feel weird just because of a snapshot, so your targetshould always be people who won't get mad.

Once I get the OK from them, I happily upload the picture to my blog. The "peeping tom shots", while not pre-arranged when I shoot them, are still shots I got permission to post from the subjects themselves later.

And of course there have been some shots that were turned down by the subject or by my own decision (:_;) I wonder if I'll ever show them...

...Of course not. Though if I'm ever alone and want to have a laugh, I'll check them out secretly...


And if anyone can find that entry where Tuti accuses Nagayan of 盗撮, I'd love you forever XDDDD


I had a peeping tom photo taken of me in the station by Nagayama Takashi
After having a peeping tom photo taken by Nagayama Takashi, I took one of Moriyama-san
Nagayama Takashi is having fun taking peeping tom shots of Kuranuki-kun

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Haha WOW. Nagayan must have REALLY been shaken up by being recognized XD He devoted his entire Visual Boy entry this week to detailing the circumstances of being recognized at Starbucks XD;

Apparently he'd gone to Starbucks to kill some time before a show (presumably when he went to Tsumura-san's show the other day?) and it was really packed--and mostly with girls. He sat down at the counter between a foreign chick (not me, unfortunately >____>) and a group of high school girls, and had intended at first to study a script for some show he has coming up (uh buh? *has not heard of this...*), but since there were a lot of people around, he decided he'd wait til it died down some.

So instead, he pulls out his notebook to...start writing some song lyrics XD He's listening to some music on his headphones, scribbling lyrics, and somehow humming softly to himself some melody that he gets into his head. He didn't think he was being that loud, but after a few minutes, he noticed the high school girls kind of staring over at him, and got really self-conscious, thinking they'd heard him humming and were annoyed by it. Then one of them came up to him and said something, but he couldn't understand her because of the headphones, so he pulls them off, and she says, "You're Nagayama-san, right? My sister's a big fan," and asked to take a picture with him, which he obliged XD

He then recalled the words of his mother from when he was a child, words he was sure everyone had heard before: "You never know who's watching, so act right."

Indeed XD You never know who's watching you hum to yourself while you write lyrics and take pictures to post to your blog :P
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From today's VB entry:

Right now, I'm doing performances in Fukuoka and Osaka, so every day I'm getting to eat some delicious food.

This is the story of what happened one lunch period in Fukuoka.

Takana fried rice.
Stir-fry vegetable sunny-side up egg bentou.
Makunouchi bentou.
Pig-kimchi don.

Given these four choices, which will you select?


Sure I've got my likes and dislikes, but really--don't you just want to eat the food wherever you are is famous for?? Truthfully, the one that looked especially good at first glance was the stir-fry vegetable sunny-side up egg bentou. And the one that looked especially good when I saw Moriyama-san sitting next to me eating it was the pig-kimchi don. And makunouchi bentou is delicious no matter where you have it. (^~^)

...Guess I'll go with the takana fried rice, huh. Or should it be called stir-fry takana rice, I wonder? Whatever you call it, it's famous in Fukuoka, making you really taste that goma-flavored sauce!

So I picked up a takana friend rice bentou and went to head back to the dressing room...and then I saw Tuti, with his stir-fry vegetable sunny-side up egg bentou... It looked so good, I thought, 'Yeah, I guess I'll change mine to that then,' and stood there for a good minute holding my takana fried rice...

"I can't run from this!" I'm going to eat Fukuoka!!

...I'll just snag a bite of that stir-fry vegetable sunny-side up egg bentou! (^O^)/

(-.-;) Umm.

...Man can Tuti eat. He's scarfing it down so fast I can't even bear to ask for a bite. Ah, forget it. Takana~ takana~!

And then I get grief from Moriyama-san for making such a strange selection.

But wait--Shougo-san just came in holding a takana fried rice bentou!! Now the tables are turned--"Takana fried rice is famous, right?"

...he says, and then as soon as he spots Moriyama-san with his pig-kimchi don he thinks it looks good too and goes back to exchange it.

I look around the room full of 8 guys, and only one of them chose the takana fried rice bentou. Only Nagayama Takashi. "Haha, sucks for you, Takashi!" says Moriyama-san.

You guys are the weird ones!! Eat Fukuoka!--I screamed within myself, but I couldn't miss the truth before my eyes.

When I finished eating and went to clean up...even though every other bentou kind was cleaned out, there were still lots of takana fried rice bentous left over (:_;)

...my god, the image of Nagayan wanting to ask Tuti for a bite so bad and Tuti just scarfing it down, oblivious, is ADORABLE. ADORABLE, I TELL YOU.

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It's Friday, time for another Visual Boy entry...

And the 'Nagayan has a tumor!' saga continues...and concludes. )

Also!! You can see his finger all patched up after the surgery here and here.
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I stress BENIGN. Meaning not cancerous in the least, and the kind he has is easily removed BUT HOLY SHIT HE SCARED ME. )
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As if he actually needed to get any more amazing. Nagayama Takashi, sometimes I think I'm not exaggerating when I say you are the reason I love 1st cast so much, and will always, always see them as the cast that loves TeniMyu the most. Others may have played the characters better, acted better, sung better, danced better, but when it comes to loving the characters, the shows, your costars, 1st cast beats them all.

Today's VB entry... )
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Today's Visual Boy entry!

Let's go to karaoke! (#^.^#)

So here I am at a karaoke box. Of course I only have time to go during free time

I write down my name, and am asked to write my age as well for some strange reason. I write my phone number, and order an orange juice to start off. Then I pick up the plate with my room number written on it (the thing I have to take back to the counter when I leave)...

Now I'm off to my little room! \^o^/

I'm gonna just take my time; I've got tons of it, after all!

First up is Murashita Kouzou's "Hatsu Koi" -- an unexpected nostalgic first song! And of course, the guy comes in with my drink at the climax of the song. No matter how into the song I am, the moment that door opens I get so embarrassed I completely stop singing...though sometimes I'll just drop my voice, or hum along...

While I drink my orange juice, I go into Sasuke's "Aoi BENCH" and get a little lost in the falsetto part and then get lost in the sound of the harmonica and the blending of the bittersweetness and the sad melody.

Mr. Children's "Hanabi." This is my third song, and my main one for the evening. In some ways, as long as I get to sing this, I really don't care what else I do. It's like, if I don't hurry up and sing this, someone else will...

I've been thinking this lately, but even though I used to think 'You never know when you're supposed to take a breath' or 'I really can't get into the melody or lyrics',
2 so I guess I've become quite an old man uh... Back in high school, if I heard something for just one day I could totally memorize it...

I order a cola. I'm really taking in a lot of sugar.

Then it's Kawaguchi Kyougo's "Suiyoubi no Asa" and Kobukuro's "Sakura" and Elephant Kashimashi's "Koyoi no Tsuki no You ni" and AAA's "Kuchibiru kara Romantica" and Fujii Fumiya's "Another Orion" and Yamasaki Masayoshi's "One More Time, One More Chance" and Remioromen's "Minami Kaze" and Sukima Switch's "Akashia no Shi" and Moriyama Naotarou's "Sakura"

Then I try out some new songs! Rock'A'Trench's "My Sunshine" -- it's the theme song for a drama, and is really catchy, I love it! "Aitakuuuuute~ aitakuuuuute♪♪♪" Unfortunately all I really sing is that climax part. So it's back to the older songs! From Flying Kids' "Kaze no Fukinukeru Basho" to Makihara Noriyuki's "SPY" to CHEMISTRY's "You Go Your Way" to Gospellers' "Eien ni" -- "The key's too high!" I complain -- to Porno Graffiti's "Saudade" -- "The key's too high!" I complain again.

Now I'm running out of songs I want to sing, so it's a Mr. Children marathon! "Any," "Tsyogari," "Hibiki," "Replay," "Dakishimetai," "Kimi to ita natsu," "Houkiboshi"

And then...in the end, it's back to Sasuke's "Aoi BENCH" again to finish up.

Man I'm tired...soooo tired (^Q^) I completely lost out on the golden time of sleep. I walk up the hill in the morning light. The oppressive atmosphere hasn't wrapped itself around everything yet, and the morning air feels great. The sun's getting ready to shine on everything. And then I go to sleep closing my eyes to that lovely light.

Even though it's morning...

"Good night!"

1) "free time" is a special-priced time of karaoke that runs from late late night to super early in the morning (so, 12ish to 5ish) with special, really cheap rates.

SOMEONE GET ME THESE SONGS 8OOOOO (I've got the Remioromen one, of course XD)
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So apparently today's Visual Boy entry was something Nagayan does every now and then -- writing out the first word every kana in his cellphone leads to. Japanese cellphones have predictive text for hiragana/katakana, so it's a kinda meme to write down every kana and write out the first word that comes up for it, because that's the last-used word for it in your texting.

Some erm, special and unexpected ones have come up this year ^___^


What's so special about that? Weeeeellllllll, "Rappaya" (ラッパ屋) is the name of the group Tuti's doing his next show with, that he's in rehearsals for now. Nagayan has never done anything with them, and would have ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER REASON to talk about Rappaya in a text message than IN AN EMAIL WITH TUTI OR ABOUT TUTI.

uxhiluvhxiuvhxilcuvx I BOTH LOVE AND HATE HOW THEY TEASE.
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So today's Visual Boy entry dealt with Nagayan's return from his overseas trip, and a little encounter at the airport during his layover:

"Right in front of where I was sitting, there were two sisters, one about 10, and one about 5. Probably on their way home from a summer spent making memories overseas.

Look at them laughing and playing~ (^-^)

And then there's me, watching them have fun (^-^) (maybe that's a little creepy?)

Catching sight of me, though, the younger sister's face darkened with disappointment and confusion. As if the penguin she'd been hoping to see in the zoo wasn't there for some reason.

What could be wrong?


She looked at me again, mouth open to speak.

Then she pointed at me.

"Why does that lady have a beard?"

Uuuhhh... (..;)



GOD. I can only IMAGINE what his poor NIECE thinks about "Uncle" Takashi's sexual identity crisis _o_ "It's okay, I understand! You gotta be Aunt Takashi to marry Tuti-niisan!!" <--KNOWING THAT SHE'S RELATED TO HIM, NOT A FAR-FETCHED IDEA.
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So far today I have:

--written up all the drabble posts
--saved them to my video mp3 player/flash drive
--paid for my Nagayan movie event ticket
--gotten to work on time despite leaving late and having trouble paying for said ticket
--realized I'd forgotten the cable I need to transfer all the drabble posts to the computers here. Cursed self colorfully.
--consoled self by buying a ticket to Cats at the beginning of September.

_o_ so yeah, DRABBLE POSTS TOMORROW...assuming I don't forget AGAIN. In other news, this weekend I reserved my own copy of the BuriMyu DVDs (for the others who want them, I'll reserve them online, likely, so I don't have to pick them all up myself) and bought a copy of the CD/DVD that came out last weekend.

For the video: ........whhhhaaaaaaaat XD;;;;; SOOOO SO CHEESY, the hollows KILL me, all the SFX are WTF, and...I think that's Eiji's shortest death-scene yet :D

For the audio: NIIIIIICE TACCHAN *______* I approve of your vocal skills now! Comparing this with the very first time we heard him sing this song back in Summer 2005, it's like a completely different person O_O WOW. As for Mou Hitotsu no Chijou DX--I give big thumbs up to Miki, Nagayan, Usui, and Kunihiro particularly, as I was blown away by their performances in the studio (well, Nagayan's used to it XD he cheated), and job-well-done to everyone else...except for Tuti, whom I want to take aside, shake a finger in his face, and rub his nose in his performance and say, "Man, just because they stick a mic in your face does not mean you need to show off your entire vocal range. SING NORMALLY."

In still other news, I meant to talk about this before, but forgot about it XD--in Nagayan's VB entry a couple of weeks ago...someone popped up in the text >)

A certain big-foreheaded someone >)

In what context, you might add? Oh nothing special--just NAGAYAN DREAMING ABOUT HIM.

...I'll wait til you all pick yourselves up off the floor. Yes, Nagayan apparently had a dream about Tuti recently. Before you get too excited, though, let me explain (I had a translation >_> but it's on the flash drive I currently can't access)

It started off with Nagayan asleep somewhere, and he becomes aware of someone coming towards him to wake him up. He realizes it's Tuti, and...he's holding something in his hands.

Salad dressing.

He says something (which I've now forgotten >_<) and the scene changes, and Nagayan's asleep again. He once again senses someone coming towards him, and this time when he looks up it's Tuti again, but with some strangely-smiling woman who looks like a manager (how does someone LOOK like a manager?) standing next to him.

Tuti comes up to him and says, "You better go look at your room." When Nagayan asks why, he says, "Naoya's cleaning it!" This, of course, Nagayan has to see, and goes over to his room, and then wakes up XD

WTF MAN. Too much Starbucks before bed, I say.

Final note: TeniMyu again (5th cast = ♥) Wednesday, Tuti's show next Tuesday. Wasshi's live the 29th, NagaJo event on the 30th. Time for me to catch my breath? NONE! 8D
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In every Visual Boy entry for a while now, Nagayan has a "menu list" of 3 possible topics he's going to talk about that day, and then does "lottery" which he admits he just randomly picks one to talk about.

Today's menu list:
1) Those guys who've lasted 7 years <--OBVIOUS REFERENCE TO *PNISH* HELLO.
2) I dream of Shimamura-san
3) I can't see you ("Kimi ga mienai" BuriMyuish reference)

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First, only a few more days left on the anonymous drabble post!! If you haven't checked it in a few days, there are quite a few new entries and prompts up, so go look! I'm gonna post the results on the first day of Samurai Mode (June 11, next Wednesday), so get your comments in by then if you wanna be a part of this ^_~

In other news--it's FRIDAY! And that means a new Visual Boy entry :D Nothing horribly special today, but it was a sweet entry; Nagayan talked about his tour for Kuchuu Blanco, and how he got to visit prefectures he'd never been to, and how it made it still feel like he was "at home" because of all the people he got to meet--the fan mail he got, the flowers fans sent in to him sitting in the lobbies of the show.

I think the cutest thing, though, was his comment that he got a letter from an 8-year-old little girl, who'd obviously worked hard to write him: "Nagayan kawaii~" ♥ WHY IS HE SUCH A CUTE DADDY???
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Our boy posted this today (and based on the time period, this happened while he was back in Tokyo)

[As Often As the Olympics]

"Am I just being overly self-conscious?" I asked myself.
But this isn't the first time it's happened.
Now, I can't be sure, but:

Summer, 19 years old.
Winter, 23 years old.
Spring, 29 years old.
This happens to me through these seasons of these years m(__)m

And the only thing I can see in common is that it always takes place when I grow my hair out.
This time, I'll be writing about something that happened in the spring of my 29th year.

Rain had been falling consistently, but that day it was a beautiful, sunny spring day.
And just as the rain that had been falling had stopped,
I also had a break from my cross-country tour performances.
So I decided to go bowling for the first time in a while....
My 29th year, perhaps it had all been leading up to this.

I chose a ball--an 11 pounder, with big holes, because my thumb tends to hurt otherwise.
I bought some juice as well, even though it was a bit pricier than usual.
There was lots of hot coffee to choose from, but it was a bit out-of-season,
And tea makes me have to pee.
I sat in a chair with the scoreboard monitor right in front of me.

My name: Brownie.
Only because when I was picking a name I saw a brownie somewhere around me.

The lane I was on wasn't too slippery, so I didn't slide around too much o(^-^)o
It made for really easy bowling.
My first game ended--my score, so so.
I finished off a hot coffee, and then took a swig of tea from someone else without asking.

And as I'd feared, halfway through the second game...I needed to pee.

The men's toilet: nearest to me.
The women's toilet: a bit further in.

Illustrating this fact was a blue stick figure and a red skirted figure.
Neither said a word, but they were clearly indicating which was which.
There was really no way for a woman to mistakenly enter the men's toilet.

I did my business, and was washing my hands--when a student came in, all smiles, and...

Stopped short.

"Ohgod--I'm so sorry!"

Frantic, he backpedaled out and checked the sign on the door again...then entered once more.

It was then that I understood that he had thought I, with my hair tied back as it was, was a woman.

This mistake happens about on the same cycle as the olympics.
Will the next time happen again in another 4 years?

I wonder whose tea it was he drank >) I would DIE to have heard him telling Tuti this story when he got back to the lane 8DDDDD

VB update

Nov. 16th, 2007 11:22 am
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Posted November 16th:

People sure are interesting. At the restaurant where I eat my usual gyutan, I found myself enjoying some beefsteak. It was touted as their "new product," and me--well, I'm weak when it comes to new things. I took a spot in a corner at a table for two (though I was eating alone) and by about 9 PM, the room was full. In front of me sat two office-lady-esque women, and to my side two businessmen-esque men. Diagonal across was a couple deep in conversation when they'd obviously finished eating.

Now, let me say this first: I wasn't eavesdropping f^_^;

Anyways, the two women in front were laughing a lot, with their talk focusing on love and romance (umm...I can HEAR you, you know...) The men to my side were conversing about work. When asked how the talks were going, the one who looked like the higher-up said, "Needs to be hotter." The couple diagonal from me were both crying. I could imagine why, but do you really need to have THAT kind of conversation here?

People, in the same place at the same time. Even though they're sharing the same space, and even though there's nothing really separating them, just by the distance between their tables, they're all in their own worlds, indifferent. It's both strange and amazing.

Then there's me, the observant eating-by-himself-kun. I whispered to myself, "People sure are interesting..." then stood up, left my table, and went home.
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Man, I really do like acting...

Whenever a performance ends, and I get all that applause, I'm always full of these emotions and feelings welling up inside of me. Whether some aspect of the play was tough for me or enjoyable for me, at that moment everything changes to a simple memory.

"Switch wo Osu Toki," ended successfully. When the senshuuraku performance ended, the first words out of my mouth were, "Aah~ thank goodness, it's finally over." These were words I myself didn't even expect to come out of my mouth, but I also felt like Minami Youhei was the kind of role that left that feeling behind when he left.

I understand that there are some people who haven't seen this work before, so to put it simply: When you push this switch, your heart stops. It's a story about the experiment Japan, overrun with suicices, is carrying out in order to decrease the number of suicides (of course this is all fictional). This work tells the tale of how the survivors carry on.

Why am I alive?? I've been thinking about that lately, for once. I'm sure that there are people around who've experienced worse than I can even imagine, so I can't very well just stand there and just say, "Hang in there!" and "Live!" but I firmly believe that there is some meaning in living, and that I ought to try and find it. As for why I really feel that way, when I was a baby, I had pneumonia, and the doctors told my parents, "He probably won't make it, so please be prepared for the worst," while I wandered between life and death. But I was allowed to live. And so now I'm trying to find why I'm alive.

Does that mean if you die then you had no meaning? Of course not. There's no one whose life had no meaning. But getting through this performance again, I realized once more that I ought to be living my life while searching for meaning behind it. I'm going to live my life for another 100 years, so that when the time comes for it to end after struggling and struggling, I can say, "Ah, thank goodness."
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Forgive the blurry quality--but my camera wouldn't focus on a moving image this close XD

One of Nagayan's most recent videos from his Visual Boy blog ♥

Ugh, I don't wanna go back to Hikone ;_;


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