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Was going through some oooollllld *pnish* archives to update OneStepBack, and found some...curious entries from the likes of Tuti and Daiki XDDDD

Tuti (from February 7, 2004)

[...] Afterwards, some friends threw me a party. I got a birthday call from Nitty, and Kime-chan sent me this text asking, “So, what do you want as a present?”, so I responded, “Kime-chan.” I’d really hoped Takashi would be the first to text me, but all I got was a normal text later in the evening. Souta wound up being first.

Thanks, everyone.

(bolding just to help you focus on what's really important :D) He sounds so...disappointed XD; For the curious, the original Japanese was: "たかしからはフライングmail期待したんだけど、夕方普通にmailきた。"

Poor bb XD

Then, Daiki gave us this (from February 13, 2004 -- when Eiji and Daiki did a street live just the two of them):

Thanks so much for coming to our Sun Street live even though it’s cold~~!!! How’d you all like the PaniPair’s secret live?? We did some dances from previous year-end events, talked about Valentine’s Day some, mmm--I was really nervous!  But it was kind of exciting being up there alone with Eiji!

...Ship them or not, it's kinda hard to ignore Daiki's raging man-crush on Eiji :P At least way back then he didn't try and hide it at aaaaalllll XD Not that they do much better now, but still :P And yes, they DID name themselves "PaniPair" XD (rather "パニ2") Better than Santies, at least, IMHO.
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Bored on the way to work and loving listening to this soundtrack, I decided to try and transcribe/translate 5th cast's ballad, Destiny. I really was iffy about this song the first time I heard it, but having a lot of memories associated with it now, it really is something special and I've come to really enjoy listening to it. Behind the cut are the lyrics and translation. Not for people without a tissue box at hand ;_;

Also, fyi GEEZ IT SOUNDS REALLY SLASHY. Like, seriously. come on, only SOME of them are sleeping together; the whole team isn't involved in one big orgy! Also also, I did this by ear XD; Because I didn't have the lyrics book with me. So, apologies for any mistakes :P Read more... )

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Below the cut are a few translations (read: the fun parts) from the Cast Prix interview with *pnish*+Nagayan (aka new!*pnish*...because it's only a matter of time 8D), in which there is much gabbing by all OTP members about each other 8DDDDDD Spoiler alert: I LOVE TUTI'S THOUGHTS ON NAGAYAN. )

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So, Nagayan's totally just refreshed himself in my book. It's like I've completely forgotten that (WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD) kink of his.

Today, Nagayama Takashi uploaded the lyrics to one of his two newest songs to his Visual Boy blog.

Hell. Fucking. YES. FOR THE WIN FTW FTW!!!

And of course, yours truly could not WAIT to translate 8D

君は問う :: 'You Ask Me' )
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So, a while back [livejournal.com profile] hitome_bore and I got it into our heads that there was something super special about Nagayan's song Kotoba Kara (especially given that it's the song Tuti played at That Panisuta), and after much deliberation, we realized that the lyrics didn't sound like anything Nagayan would write at all...but rather sounded like Tuti himself speaking.

Yes, we thought Tuti wrote the song, and Nagayan sang it.

Three years after I originally translated the thing, I've retranslated it, and...

I feel even more strongly about it now 8D

Keep in mind that Tuti's not the touchy-feely share-your-feelings-with-your-boyfriend type... )
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tentative 'Suki Da Yo' lyrics transcription )
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Man, I really do like acting...

Whenever a performance ends, and I get all that applause, I'm always full of these emotions and feelings welling up inside of me. Whether some aspect of the play was tough for me or enjoyable for me, at that moment everything changes to a simple memory.

"Switch wo Osu Toki," ended successfully. When the senshuuraku performance ended, the first words out of my mouth were, "Aah~ thank goodness, it's finally over." These were words I myself didn't even expect to come out of my mouth, but I also felt like Minami Youhei was the kind of role that left that feeling behind when he left.

I understand that there are some people who haven't seen this work before, so to put it simply: When you push this switch, your heart stops. It's a story about the experiment Japan, overrun with suicices, is carrying out in order to decrease the number of suicides (of course this is all fictional). This work tells the tale of how the survivors carry on.

Why am I alive?? I've been thinking about that lately, for once. I'm sure that there are people around who've experienced worse than I can even imagine, so I can't very well just stand there and just say, "Hang in there!" and "Live!" but I firmly believe that there is some meaning in living, and that I ought to try and find it. As for why I really feel that way, when I was a baby, I had pneumonia, and the doctors told my parents, "He probably won't make it, so please be prepared for the worst," while I wandered between life and death. But I was allowed to live. And so now I'm trying to find why I'm alive.

Does that mean if you die then you had no meaning? Of course not. There's no one whose life had no meaning. But getting through this performance again, I realized once more that I ought to be living my life while searching for meaning behind it. I'm going to live my life for another 100 years, so that when the time comes for it to end after struggling and struggling, I can say, "Ah, thank goodness."
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I meant to, back when we went to SXSW, translate some of my favorite HY songs, because they're such love. As it is, I can't go to sleep, so I got lyrics for Anata - You (which you can download there) and translated them.

Because, yeah. My favorite song of theirs. Mwah, have lyrics and a translation. )
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So, back in March when [livejournal.com profile] kooriyoukai and I went to SXSW for Japan Nite, one of the groups we heard was Go!Go!7188, a very kickass couple of girls with a rocking feel to their songs. We hung out with the bassist afterwards, very awesome.

Anyways, I've ripped and uploaded one of their songs here: Kinkyori Ren'ai - Short-Distance Love. It really has a Tuti/Nagayan feel to it, as it's about two people who are dating and live in close-proximity to each other, but their work schedules prevent them from being able to spend a lot of time together :DDDDD

I've put the lyrics behind this convenient lj cut~ )
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Tuti...just...come on, take one step forward. One more, come on out of that closet. We know about the thing you've got with Nagayan now, no more need for pretense. Come on.

Ok people, brace yourselves. This is gonna be a shock to the system in more ways than one. *shivers* I can still feel the TINGLES *_________*

So, yesterday, Mitsuru went to T.T.T. YAY! What sorts of wonderful things did she pick up on, I wonder? Oh nothing big, just...



"And now I'll be singing a solo from one of the numbers I've sung in musicals I've performed in up to now..."


But nonono, noooo, guess what: IT GETS BETTER. Not for Mitsuru, though, this next part? Happened today, during senshuuraku. Mitsuru couldn't go because of work, but she says she's been getting emails and text messages from her TxN compadres all day, to the tune of a TxN bomb being dropped :DDDDDDD


"We don't even have to say a lot, we just...understand each other."




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Neon Protocol, the site I usually get my panisuta reports from, recently added this to her arsenol: THE VERY FIRST PANISUTA EVER YAAAAAY! It's long, it's hilarious, and it took me forever. ENJOY.

In which Tuti talks a LOT, Daiki spends the night with Eiji, and Wasshi is abused. )

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...Saitou is so gay. And he has good taste in men, too.

Go check out the picture on his 4/30 entry *__________* )
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Ameblo recently updated the profile page of its users (check out Tuti's here), and you'll soon be able to see what music they're listening to, photos they put up, responses to bboard entries, etc. For now, though, Tuti's added some more answer to his profile questions~!

Tuti added more to his profile 8DDDDD )
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Click el cutto to see lovely translated stuff for To the Eventual You, Saitou and Kawaai's new movie. (info from here)

I want to stay by your side forever )
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...but no one ever complained about seeing old Tuti/Nagayan moments pop up on their flist. It's hard to believe, but it's been almost four years now since they met. We're 3 months and 3 days from that 4th anniversary now, wooohoooo~!!

And on to the translations~!! )
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WHAT is going on that no--not only TakiYuki, but even Setomaru at this point feel the BURNING NEED TO SPEAK TO THEIR OHSODATING PREDECESSORS ABOUT THEIR PARTS?

I--I--lsdfhslfiuhswlfe words fail me.

03/16/07: TakiYuki

At last...at long last...
Yesterday I was finally granted the talk with Tuti-san I'd been so longing for~(>ω<)

Here's how it went: Yesterday some of the 【Bleach】 cast members came to hang out at our rehearsal hall, and just as Tuti-san was about to leave he said, "I'm gonna go eat dinner at this place around the corner."

I thought, "Ah, I've gotta go with him!" and went together with Setomaru, Gaku-san, and Airu.
Iyaaa~☆彡 Tuti-san sure is a great guy!
It's so much fun talking with him.

But other 【Bleach】 cast members were saying, 『If you aim for Tsuchiya you're bound to fail (haha)』... [T/N: i.e. "If you try and beat Tsuchiya's Oishi, you're doomed to failure" <--SO MEAN :OOOOOO]

...but there's no way that can be true, right Tuti-san?
...hey, please say that's not true~!!

On that note--Setomaru was a little down because unfortunately Nagayama-san wasn't there.
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I need something GOOD to head to Houston thinking about >_> I better have a good reward post when I come back...

Tuti's Post: Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day.
As expected there are couples all around town,
And the sight of people sending off the trains with loving smiles.
So I went to see Nekomaji [T/N: Apparently it's some older singing group--a trio of women all over 30 o_O] And they were singing love songs for once.
I like the title, 『A Valentine's Diversion』.

Recently I got a coffee mill, so I tried grinding some beans.
The smell was so strong I think I got a little drunk on it almost.
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T-Minus 29 hours...

So I opened my browser this morning to find an email from Toshi-san, the Japanaese guy I'd been giving email English help to! I'd been bad and kind of not emailed him for a monthish because of Christmas and all, but a few weeks ago I sent him an apology email, and he replied to it today.

God, it just makes me want to go to Japan all the more now ;__; Check out some of the stuff he says (this is his English):

When do you know the result? (of my JET Interview)
It gets excited. I pray to fulfill your dreams!
If you will come to Japan, I want to do the welcome party.

Please inform me when it is decided that you come to Japan.
I welcome you in all my families!
I want to know the places where you want to go, and the dishes
that you want to eat!

T__T It's like I've got a family there already...


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