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...and now I have thoughts on it :D A fair few, to be precise. So if you don't want to see me expound on what I did and did not like--as there was plenty of both--and want to wait to be surprised yourself, please don't click the cut :x

You've been warned! )

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TeniMyu shows being cancelled?!

I feel horrible that...I'm almost glad ;; I was so depressed that I was probably going to miss my April 4th show because my parents weren't wanting to let me go back until they were positive it was safe, and no one was confident it'd be safe by then... At least I have one less thing to worry about :(
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I am super behind on that meme XD meh, I'll do it tomorrow. It's 30 days, not 30 CONSECUTIVE days, after all :D

In other news, I scored a front row ticket for Shounen Hollywood with Kime and Nagayan and that super adorable cutie Akazawa Tomoru from "Panic Cafe" plus Katou Mao who was in nu!Fudoumine et al. Or well...I think it is XD It's 1st row, but the set is really weird XD See the following:

See? I got a Tokyo seat, so I'm fairly sure it'll be there in that first section, but now I'm curious how they're gonna use the set. (reminds me of On5 XD)

In only slightly related news...I've decided to take the plunge and take the JLPT again! I took it my first year in Japan, Dec 2007, and haven't touched it since getting 2-kyuu. Well, these laurels are well and thoroughly rested upon, and I want to have 1-kyuu under my belt when I finally work up the nerve to start poking people to look into adding English subs to things... It's a far-off dream, but at least should I ever attempt to fulfill it, I'll have the credits to back it up XD;

Supposedly the applications for the July test will be available starting this month. I'd better start studying XD; I should probably take the December one instead, but I'm just going to go for it! :3 I didn't have much time studying for 2-kyuu and it worked out soooo *rubs hands* COURTNEY LUCK, FUUUULLLLL POWERRRR~~~

Or something like that :P

lol whut

Jan. 14th, 2011 12:10 am
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Funny, I made that same face when I saw Tuti in this image...

In unrelated news, I just won a senshuuraku ticket for Sunday's TeniMyu show in the 2nd or 3rd row center 8D;;;; Aaaaand my live-viewing ticket for February's senshuuraku (the final-final one for the return show) is 5th row center at the cinema I booked XD THIS YEAR'S TENIMYU'S STARTING TO LOOK GOOD.
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What in the name of all that is good and sacred...

WHY IS IT NOT OPENING NIGHT YET? Well I mean, it is, but it's not yet! I have 50 minutes left here at work and then it's OFF TO GINGA GEKIJOU~

Eiji looks like he has some face-hair in that pic though >_> get it off get it off.

And now I am even more sad-face that I can't go to the "Enjoy Western Mode 10 Times More" event, as it was just announced that Eiji's going to be participating as well, meaning all 4 members will be there at the same time! ;__;
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[livejournal.com profile] faded_lace, [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou, and I are headed to Nagoya in 2 weeks to freak the shit out of Tuti 8DDDDD

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Who's gonna get to see HO-YAY? ME!

God apparently deemed that I SHALL see Tuti and Nagayan on stage together (or well, at least in this event together), and I managed to snag a ticket during the extra-ticket sales just now! Let me tell you Internets, it was hard, and I seriously had to do some fancy footwork to get it paid for, as my chokom account wasn't charged, so I had to run down to 7-11 (I'm on the 9th floor, and it's across the street) after getting my ticket reserved and charge it BEFORE the browser timed out and I lost the ticket I'd fought tooth and nail to get.

BUT I GOT IT. I'M GOING. TOMORROW WOOHOO! I hope Kaoru got one, too! I think it's a quite decent ticket, too o_O #42 to get in! And I'm pretty sure Shinjuku 107 has room for a couple hundred people (it's free seating) sooooo HERE'S HOPING! UPDATE AFTER TOMORROW!
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...I just won a Tokyo senshuuraku ticket...! Which means...


I'm officially (well, as soon as I physically HAVE THEM IN MY HANDS) going to all the DL7th shows I am able to attend :DDDDD


here's hoping this one's actually a real senshuuraku ticket >_>
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Blah, today's got good and bad things going for it...

Good: Won some tickets for Kobe maeraku, and I've got bids in for Tokyo and Kobe senshuuraku tickets meaning...provided they don't escalate to phenomenal amounts, I have tickets to all the DL7th shows I can go to! Yay :P

Bad: The Oedo line moved its morning train times back by one minute (meaning the train that used to arrive/leave at 8:17 now does so at 8:16) which may seem quite inconsequential, but believe you me it is not :P It means the difference between me making my train and not, now XD;;;

Worst: ;____________; The 100-yen Lawsons by my work stopped stocking my absolute favorite brand of milk tea, that it'd stocked the whole time I've worked here. FUCK ;~; I'm hoping they just haven't gotten it out yet, and maybe after I get back from Golden Week it'll be restocked but....dammit ;_;

In other news, GW cannot get here fast enough >_> Tomorrow the new issue of Best Stage with the Akki+Ebo+T2 interview goes on sale, so I'll be headed over to Animate after work, where I also hope to find two pamphlets for Super Comic City :D Meg and I are thinking of going on the 3rd (Jump Day) to browse their wares (and Mitsuru's supposed to have something new out. We shall see :D) It should be nice, since the weather's just starting to warm up but is still windy and cool.

Eiji and Daiki seem to have had their own little private *pnish* meeting (well, Tuti's out of town and Wasshi...didn't wanna 3rd wheel, I guess XD) complete with Daiki calling Eiji, "Commander Moriyama" (Commander/Leader OTP?), Eiji looking far more adorable than a 3233-year-old should with his Momo!hair, and Daiki looking cute and not at all like he just filmed an erotic comedy with his little backwards cap :D Marriedsssss~

Nagayan's new hair is...I dunno, I definitely don't like it, but can't tell if it's better or worse than before :/ The only thing I can see good about it is the ample neck access it gives, which as we know is a "fetish" of Tuti's :DDDDD

ShibaTora airs May 22. Is it then yet?!

For those of you who've been fortunate enough to see my apartment some time within the past 6 months, you may recall the large cache of old, unopened, expired glass bottles of fruit-milk that were sitting on my countertop :D Be proud of me, I poured them all out and am hopefully going to recycle them this weekend XD


Apr. 22nd, 2010 08:52 pm
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Well fuck.

That senshuuraku ticket I bought?

It arrived.

Except it's an opening night ticket. The 20th. Not the 23rd.

Pissed at myself for making such a HUGE mistake in purchasing...I went back and checked the ticket info:



That's a senshuuraku ticket. This opening night one is the same block, the same row, the same seat area, so it's not like she just accidentally sent me the wrong ticket.

I've left her a note going, "Uuuuhhh wtf honey you gave me the wrong ticket."

Goddammit. I better get my money back. I'd rather have a senshuuraku ticket, though.
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Heeee~ it's been a decent day so far :D

It's finally warming up (though admittedly it's a little chilly today because it's supposed to rain), my senshuuraku ticket has been shipped (row 6 of block A -- see the view from it here -- AND IT DIDN'T COST AN ARM AND A LEG THANK GOD XD) which means I only need two more tickets (for the 9th; I'm bidding on one for the afternoon show at the moment though), and best of all--I got an email from Asaka-san, one of my NagaJo Korea friends (our group @ Incheon Airport~) saying she wanted to have a 同窓会 (reunion XD) and that Nanase-san and Youko-san and Kaoru-san would all be participating too and was I free to come and sdiuhflsiufss I love having fandom friends here ;_; Especially ones I got to share such a fun experience with!

So, yes XD Hopefully that pans out :D They want to do it at the end of the month, which would just be an awesome way to start Golden Week ^___^

In other news, Mitsuru updated with her report on the evening Tea Party with Nagayan, with the following probably being the main part I latched on to:

[In the 3-min private talk corner] I got to hear a lot about Dream Live, but when I proudly announced that I was going to all of the Kobe shows, he gave be this really torn look, so I followed it up with, "But...you're probably only going to be in it a little bit, huh?" and he responded with, "I really am only going to pop in for a little bit at the very end."

;__; But well...I mean, I guess I expected that? I certainly would prefer it be a more 60:40 or 70:30 setup with focus on 5th cast and the others, since 1st cast are really just guests, albeit important ones, but...if it really is that little stage time, now I'm curious as to wtf they're going to do! Naturally they'll be there for the final big songs, like FGKS, On my Way, or whatever other songs they end with, but what else? What's their role then? They feel like they're there for a much different reason from guests like the Rivals or Rikkai or Shitenhouji--like ghosts or something, having to sit back and watch and maybe at the end come out, pat 5th cast on the shoulder, and say, "You done good, kid."

*sigh* All these pics coming out now...admittedly almost make me wish 1st cast wasn't coming back :P I know I'll be pissing myself when I see them, but...afterwards it'll just make it harder to say goodbye ;_;

......................Well there went that good mood, dammit :P

I need to cheer myself up. I think I'll go stare at pantsless Nagayan for a few...
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Yaaaaay TeniMyu ticket presales :P Cut for my usual bitching about tickets and trust me, you don't want to know how much I spent... )

In other news, my uncle's ordering my new computer, HURRAH!! I should be getting a nice pink sony to balance out this yellow dell I have now XD *crosses fingers* come to me, birthday present!

In still other news...Inspired by a fandomsecret posted the other day, I've been marathoning Nabari no Ou this weekend, and will likely finish it in the next few hours (I just finished episode 19) and...not sure how I feel about it. It's not terribly engaging, but gdi Yoite and Miharu give me stomach butterflies :P Yoite's such a fricking angst bucket, though, I want to slap him. At least Miharu has his "demon child" moments and outbursts of emotion. And sdifuhsdlif Raikou and Gau? Umm, YES??? Even if Yoite and Miharu don't work out, damn do I have some fic searching to do for Raikou and Gau at least 8D

No one better spoil me if you've seen it all, I'll come back and post final thoughts after I get through it~
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I think that stupid ShibaTora picspam week has spoiled me forever :( I have not been happy with any pics on anyone's blog since sleepy!Tuti.

In other news: DL7th presale lottery in 2 weeks *_____* Must start gearing up to spend out the aaaassssssss for this show 8D
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Hmmmm......sooooo it looks like Hosogai and his bff Kubobe will be doing a play together. I actually thought they'd already done this, because it's a saien (or sequel?) to the same play that Kubobe was in last year, but apparently one actor from the last run is not listed in the cast, and Hosogai is listed in his place so...I guess he'll be playing that role?

And *ogles the cast listing* Hosogai's right below Kubobe, so mayhaps there'll be lots of interaction? 8DDDD I...kinda want to see it? XD Just for their potential interaction, really, as I don't much like Sengoku-era period plays and whatnot :/ But maybe just this once I could sit through it for Hosogai and Kubobe who I definitely don't ship, nope definitely definitely not >_______> I...definitely do not think they have chemistry together and are bffs. Nope and bonus Yoshida Tomokazu (Narumi [Tsuji's character's big bro] from Secret Box and one of the Switch saien characters) and Shinna Taizou (Namikiyo from Samurai Mode), so I could enjoy that!

*eyes ticket presales* Yossh...!
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On a happier note, I got a chick on mixi to let me have the extra ticket she had to Room 7's senshuuraku, so that's 1 down, 3 to go! And maybe a new friend, too~ (I'll be going with her, next in line)
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Well THAT was unfulfilling...

Woke up at 9 AM and remembered with a jolt that both TeniMyu Live Viewing tickets as well as *pnish* room tickets were going on sale at 10 AM, CRISIS AVERTED. Unfortunately, it still didn't mean I had any better chance of getting them >_> Tried for *pnish* tickets on THREE DIFFERENT FRONTS and didn't get a SINGLE ONE. Same story with TeniMyu tickets until I got lucky at a loppi machine after I'd lost all hope ;_; Nabbed a Shinjuku Wald Theater ticket (the main Tokyo theater that TeniMyu rents out every screen to show the Live Viewing on) on row G, but kind of off to the side. STILL! Way better than my LAST ROW TICKET last time!! *dances*

Luckily, the Room tickets were only advance sales, and so maybe I can get more people to help me get some next week at general sales *crosses fingers* If not, there's always Y!Auctions or Mixi, and the hope that there might be toujitsuken~ *not giving up*

And, juuuuust to make my day even better starting off...oh, Nagayan.
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Duuuuude wtf? Animate is getting into the ticket-selling business right now? Granted, about half the Tokyo shows still have tickets available on Pia and Lawsons' websites, so these aren't impossible-to-come-by tickets and there's no way to check the seats before purchase (like with Pia and Lawsons), but...still o_O I'm betting it's easier to purchase through Animate, and I get points, too!
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I leave for Kyoto tonight at 11 PM, but there is still much work to be done before then! It still hasn't sunk in that I'm going to see *pnish* and Nagayan performing together is less than 48 hours, but I have a feeling that the moment I get off work this evening, the tension will start building and just kind of be sky high by the time the bus pulls into Kyoto tomorrow morning :D

At least I'll have plenty of time to nap a little, shower, get dressed, and be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Kobe instead of running on adrenaline the whole time like I was last weekend @_@

Meg and I are also meeting up with surprise attendee [livejournal.com profile] venus91187 and some of her JET friends :D Together we will form a gaijin faction to knock their socks off *\o/*

In other news, someone tell me how this is not the cutest picture ever. Because I'm having a really hard time imagining it (only sated by the thought that soon, very soon, Daiki will upload a pic of Eiji, who he's obviously been saving for last 8DDDDD). The hand on his shoulder, the way he's curled up, hand between his legs (was he cold? o_O) is just so.....d'awwwwww ;_;

In not-so-cute news, I picked up our senshuuraku tickets...not so much hot stuff XD;;;; Ladies, just a warning: bring your binoculars XD; Not the WORST seats in the house but...not the best XD; BUT WE WILL BE IN THE HOUSE, NONETHELESS!

Yosh, I should do some work, or Monday's gonna be a bitch!
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I got every single ticket I asked for on the first Jump presale (I'm guessing the results for the second will come this time next week?) -- 12 tickets, eesh. But! SENSHUURAKU! MAERAKU! TUTI'S BDAY! ARE GOT!!

This means the following people have tickets now:

[livejournal.com profile] innusiq: 2 senshuuraku tickets (one for you, one for your sis, yes?), 2 maeraku tickets [I think these are all the tickets you paid me for (4 total) so if you want more, lemme know :D]
[Bad username or site: aurorn: @ livejournal.com] 1 maeraku ticket, 1 senshuuraku ticket [I still owe you one more, so I'll let you know how next week's lottery results fare!]
[livejournal.com profile] analineblue: 2 tickets for Tuti's bday (we had 1 each for the afternoon already, and now we get the evening as well :D) [and I think I owed you for one ticket...so if I pick these up myself, maybe we're even? We can talk about this~]
[livejournal.com profile] lavenderlilly: 2 tickets for Tuti's bday (1 for you, 1 for Cinnamon...since I think you wanted this? If not, lemme know, as I know there are definitely others who wanted some XD;)

Most of you ladies have already paid me, except for Beri, so...I'll let you know later where the tickets are XD

Others I'm aiming to get tickets for...well, I've still got stuff that just hasn't been checked yet (various lotteries around the net) so...hang tight :D

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Today's started off being a weird day.

Cut for God talk and how I'm gonna hurt a nice lady's feelings next week )

Also, tonight is Rock'n Jam!! Nagayan seems to be having a mighty fun time, complete with continuing his shout-outs to the foreign community:

[from Sept 5] "It's starting!! Tell it to the whole world p(^^)q"

Heee 8D

Today's the start of the second round of Jump presales. I'm dumping my hagaki from the first round in the mail today, and picking up another copy of Jump to try for even more *____* Results will come out mid-October, well before general sales, so...*crosses fingers*

Speaking of tickets, MahaMo general sales are this weekend >___> I'm already trying for a few in the lottery, results for which get announced Wednesday, so we'll see how that goes!


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