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Know what I need now?


In very much related news, the Shouta+Baba reading theater yesterday was HI-LA-RIOUS. I had forgotten how fricking crazy and amazing Baba is, but I was reminded of it about 2 seconds after he stepped onto the stage XD

And I hadn't realized it but there was going to be a miokuri at the end. Me? I hate miokuri XD because I hate sticking out. Usually, though, miokuri is just waving at them as you go out and that's it. This time, we had to SHAKE PINKIES WITH THEM. Yes, like a pinky-promise XD;;;; While they were in pajamas. No, I don't know wtf these people were thinking. Did, however, manage to nor embarrass myself too much though--told Shouta it was my first time seeing him in a while and I had fun, and told Baba he was great and I had a blast XD

Gosh, those boys are great XD
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More subs of course :3 It's getting to the point where it's difficult to sub parts I really like because I keep crying during them XD;;; *is an angst whore*

AMBER ending
CRYSTAL ending

Not the entire ending, just the final conversation between Hiiro and Aoshima. When I first watched the show, I think I was just so overwhelmed by T2 ZOMG that I didn't pay much attention to the "main" pairing in the show, but looking back on it now, Aoshima and Hiiro are just as sad a pair as Shimura and Hiiro ;___; Especially since they both loved each other, but society and their own immaturity or lack of courage kept them from fessing up to it. It did make me feel a little smug, though, in that even if it was technically criminal...at least Shimura went for what he wanted, whereas Aoshima backed away (granted, Hiiro was 15 with Aoshima and 17 with Shimura, so there may have been some moral issues with that as well on Aoshima's end that weren't as difficult to overcome for Shimura XD;)

Why is this such an awesome but heart-breaking play? ;________;

Related, I prefer the Amber ending because it's sadder and hurts more, but doesn't cop-out or anything--does anyone else have a different preference, and why??
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I'll just leave this here:

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So my DVD came yesterday and of course I set to ripping! I haven't actually gotten to sit down and watch it because I have company who is not the TeniMyu-watching type, unfortunately, but I did snag some time to make some caps!

Caps behind here :3 )

IN OTHER NEWS. Shouta bb is talking about his bbf again ;~; He went to see a Shinsengumi show last night that Kubobe-nii was in, and of course this prompted all the commenters to remind him that his very bestest friend Tsuji is currently in a Shinsengumi drama that's airing ummmm! His comments in response were as thus:

Ah! You all have been watching BS, huh (;▽;)ノ
So lucky! I want to hurry up and see Tsuji-kun's Okita!!!!
And Nagai-san's Hijikata!

I've been having my mom record it at home ( ̄▽ ̄)

I haven't gotten to see Tsuji-kun lately (T^T)
I'll have to invite him to hang out soon~
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SO! That was, I must say, the most well-spent 3000 yen I've forked over in a looooooong time. I can't believe I haven't been going to these things before, and given that next month is MAKO-CHAN as one of the guests (others haven't been announced, BUT WHO CARES. GOING.) I think I need to make this a regular thing (it's every month apparently??)

Entry was by number and seating was, "Wherever you want," and since I was one of the last ones to get in, I figured I'd be in the nosebleed section having to squint to see the guys, but hurrah! Going stag turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I just squeezed into a random open single chair RIGHT in the middle of the second level front row, putting me at pretty much perfect eye-level with the guys and far enough away that I could easily see them all :3 WOOT!

Unfortunately, the show didn't start until 8 PM, so we were sitting there for an hour and a half XD;;; But once it got started, WOW did it get started. If you watched the show, of course you know how it went! (and THANK YOU to the lovely member who recorded and uploaded the show. Seriously.) The guys were all sitting in front of a big screen that showed the NicoNico page behind them, so you could see everyone chatting and all in real-time (though amusingly, the video lagged about 3 seconds behind real-life, so it was like...instant-replay of any awesome stuff that happened XDDD)

I feel like it was a really good chance, too, for us to get to know these guys' personalities better! Shouta I love, sure, and was pretty familiar with already--but Mio and Hirose I knew only vaguely through TeniMyu (and certainly didn't know enough about them to peg down their personalities), and while I'd seen Suzuki Hiroki on several occasions before (note: NOT D-boys' Suzuki Hiroki :P The pretty one that looks like a girl and is known for roles like Saionji Kaoru in Gakuen Heaven Myu and boy!Juliet in Romeo and Juliet) I'd never seen him off stage (not even in backstages) so I really had no clue what he'd be like.

That being said, I LOVED THEM ALL. Shouta was a given, but Mio was hilarious (he and Shouta were just gabbing back and forth and being really flirty and cute), and Hiroki was just GUH I HAVE A NEW OBSESSION because man that boy is pretty and reminds me of Mako-chan--and then Hirose. Oh wow, I have no words for how awesome he is XD He's this kind of quiet, KY dude who perpetually plays a manzai boke, seriously. For example, when Hiroki asked the question to the viewers, "When do I change my toothbrush," and gave the possible responses as "after the bristles start to spread apart," "after 3 months," "when I run out of toothpaste," and "after one day"...Hirose beside him was all thinky and went, "hmm...definitely one day..." and then acted all adorably confused and offended when Hiroki giggled and hit him umm XDDD

Which brings me to tonight's realization: I THINK I KINDA SHIP THEM HARD. Hirose Yuusuke and Suzuki Hiroki, I mean :D Idk, can the rest of you who saw this back me up?? Were they not being incredibly giggly and flirty? Like, OVER THE TOP and in ways that weren't just boys being boys? XD; Whatever, I enjoyed it :P And luckily they're about to be in a show together (the one they were pimping throughout the show) which I'm going to with the Mt. Rock Charinko-bu XD

I'm so wanting to go to the next taping now--and someone should come with me :<
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:< Places should stop having similar names...

For example: 中野坂上RAFT vs. 新宿LOFT/PLUSONE.

One is a very tiny ~30 person capacity event space. The other is still small, but decidedly bigger.

I was kind of disappointed when I hurried and bought a ticket for the Nama Otoko Live Streaming event there Friday and realized it wasn't at the former, but the latter XD Damn. Still going to be awesome seeing Shoutakins for the first time this year in a fairly small venue, but it would've been nicer in the Nakano space since it's smaller XD

idk how these live streaming things work--do they ever show the audience?? If so, anyone watching this Friday's show with Shouta on it, LOOK FOR THE BLONDE WHITEY 8D
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Finally finished ripping the Secret Garden DVDs, so I'll probably put those up tomorrow :D Thought I'd take this opportunity thought to post a few (seriously this time XD only 6!) caps from the after talk to give you a hint of what to expect~ click for pics of T2 et al! )
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(from this pic on Daiki's blog) I seriously did not even recognize the boy--please god tell me WHY?! Why did you cut your beautiful locks into this buzzed monstrosity?! ;~; He looks like some strange lovechild of Myu!Kawamura and Horio. GOD. (fyi he looked like this before this tragedy ;___;)

DNW. SO MUCH DNW. The only way I can see this being redeemed is if my Special little man is Wanizuka's 弟子 ;~; Because having discussed it with [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou, it would be the Cutest Thing Ever.

ETA: OH ALSO look who went to see his bb on opening niiiight~~~~ If Tsuji turns around and goes to Shouta's version (which starts next week), then that's just gonna make me sick with joy, fyi ♥
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Is it I can has sluttyschoolboy!Shouta tiems nao?? ;~;


Hard to Hold photoshoot yessssss \o/ Though I have a feeling seeing this show again is gonna make me want to write more porn for Shimura and Hiiro...

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lol wtf guys

Why are people still ON that comm? Nothing gets posted there that hasn't been posted in [livejournal.com profile] tenimyutopia already, it's almost nothing but sales posts, the mods are never around when you need them or breathing down your neck when you don't, the layout sucks balls, the tags are a mess, AND IT'S JUST A CRAPPY COMMUNITY.

I realize I never posted there, because that would've been kind of douchy, but still. People are gonna be a little, "...so, uploads?" when it takes months for downloads to be posted there (and it goes without saying, I'd rather no one repost my own uploads to that community, at least not without a link to join the original comm :/ feel free to spread the word and love--but don't facilitate people staying in a crap comm)

Enjoy getting your news 4-5 days after the rest of the fandom @_@

ETA: YESSSSS SO GOING. (national holiday YAY!) I realize it's HIS birthday talk live and not some event with Tsuji and/or Baba and/or other 5th casters, BUT YOU KNOW CERTAIN BEST FRIENDS WON'T BE ABLE TO HOLD THEMSELVES BACK AMIRITE? Especially since this will be RIGHT before Yuuko opens 8DDDDD
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I got invited to go hang out by Tsujimoto-kun, who saw my sad previous blog entry where I wondered how the rest of 5th cast were doing☆

I got this sudden text message: "Shouta! Wanna go see the night scenery?"

...Huh? "Night scenery"? Oh, who cares! (^^;) I get to see everyone!

So, I went to watch the night scenery with Tsujimoto-kun, Toshi, and Abe-chan, who was a staff member during TeniMyu!

lisduhflsd *FLAILS* T2. YOU. BOYS. I had a sneaking suspicion that as soon as a certain bestest friend ever saw your pouty post he'd be ON IT to cheer you up, and there we have it XD I wonder if Toshi was along because this was the same day that Tsuji and Toshi went to the lake together? (which btw that looks like a METRIC FUCKTON OF FUN >_>)

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Eeee, Shouta's finally well enough to start seeing friends' shows again! Uuuuunfortunately Tsuji JUST finished a run :P But at least he's bothered Yoi Uma-sanBaba~! NEEDS MOAR PIX THOUGH >|

Speaking of awesome pics on Shouta's blog, though--ZOMG HIS GRANDPARENTS! :OOOOO D'aww~ I love that he chose to share that! Makes me miss my grandma ;~;

Also also wtf @ Tsuji performing with TakiEiji in another Butterfly Effect show coming up? That's just not a pair I'd have expected to see together XD (not that they're performing just specifically with each other, but even them being in the same show together PERIOD is weird to me!)
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From here:

Takasaki Shouta will appear in the "Oedo Matsuri Talk Live" to be held July 3 and 4, 2010.

We apologize for the late announcement and look forward to seeing you all at the event.


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Takasaki Shouta, who played my partner in Musical Tennis no Oujisama is being released from the hospital!!

He sent me a really happy message!

Whew, I'm so relieved! Everyone--send him congratulatory messages, k~



Jun. 25th, 2010 11:32 pm
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Holy crap Shouta is STILL IN THE HOSPITAL @___@ I know this because...according to his blog he's being released on Sunday, YAY!

Still...he'll have been there for over two weeks :( You don't get 2 weeks of hospital stay for something small, huh? :/ I'm guessing whatever it was, though, it wasn't dreadfully serious, or else he wouldn't be leaving like this and still going about his work so...mrrr, I hate not knowing...

Still no word re: the T2+Baba+Ebo event, but I think him getting released a week before the event is a good sign, no? Yes :) *is going to tell herself this*


Jun. 22nd, 2010 05:26 pm
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Oh god.

Oh goooood XD;;;;;

Now, I've embarrassed myself several times during my time in Japan. Typically, I'll overestimate my skills, or forget my place, or just blab something I really shouldn't--that's how I usually embarrass myself, and I know right away that I've just stepped in it.

I think this is the first time I only realized I embarrassed myself in front of actors 9 months later.

cut cause it's EMBARRASSING dammit :P )
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Shouta needs to stop making me cry GDI! They uploaded Seigaku's senshuuraku comments to the official TeniMyu page (I'd been waiting for them to get on the TenniMo website, so this is even better! -- but apparently the ones going up on TenniMo and here are different o_O), and most everyone's were pretty generic/expected, but Shouta's really hit me ;___; I love Tsuji to death and usually find myself more interested in him than Shouta, like with Tuti over Nagayan, but...god Shouta's just so special:

I'll never wear that blue jersey anymore...
I'll never dye my hair red anymore...
I'll never stick a bandage on my cheek anymore...
I'll never yell out, "Seigaku, FIGHT!" anymore...

When I thought about those things, my tears just wouldn't stop flowing! But I'll carry around Kikumaru Eiji--and the rest of Seigaku as well--in my heart forever. So I'm not sad or lonely! I'm going to cheerily look forward! I'm going to try and be a person like Kikumaru Eiji, and do my best with a smile! TeniMyu was super fun! Thank you!

;_____; SHOUTAKINS. He should totally dye his hair and walk around with a bandage on his cheek now and then just for the hell of it. Tsuji would approve, I think.


Jun. 17th, 2010 12:54 pm
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On this anniversary of Takasaki Shouta starting his own blog, it's unfortunate this has to be a staff update.

As if all your feelings and well-wishes actually reached through, Takasaki Shouta is daily regaining his strength.

OH GOD, PHEW. I mean, just the fact that they hadn't said ANYTHING about what was wrong--whether it was just exhaustion/"anemia" or appendicitis or cancer due to being too adorable--I was getting a little worried :/ This doesn't necessarily mean much of anything, but...at least it's not them saying "oh lol so um yeah doesn't look like our boy will be able to make the T2+Baba+Ebo event after all SORRY."

Get even better, Shouta, so your friends and bb can mother the hell out of you in 2 weeks...!
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Appended at the end of Akki's most recent post:

To my friend:

Please get better soon. I'll work hard enough to make up for you until you do.

I'm waiting.

He never says who it's for, but...really, who else could it be but Shouta? ;____;

God that boy needs to hurry up and get better so we can all stop worrying...!
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For those of you who don't feel like shoveling that in a translator: Shouta has had to pull out of Utsukushii Koto, the show he was starring in next week in which he would play what sounds like a dude with really fucked up gender identity issues, due to sickness :( It doesn't say what kind or how serious, but for him to pull out this close to opening night, it must be pretty bad ;_;

Meg and I were supposed to go see it on the 19th, and now that's not looking like it's going to happen... (there's an understudy, but Shouta was the main reason we wanted to go in the first place ;_;) Ffffff, GET BETTER SOON BB! TSUJI WILL BRING YOU MISO SOUP AND SHIT AND BABA WILL COME READ YOU STORIES.........EXCEPT THEY'RE BOTH REALLY BUSY WITH THEIR OWN SHOWS SO, SHIT :(((((((( I would still kill to see either of them post a, "GET WELL SOON SHOUTA~" post >__>

ETA: And oh man, now he's dropped out of another show he was doing shortly after Utsukushii Koto and apparently he's in the hospital, but...well enough to post to his blog? He posted an apologetic message and mentioned being in a "hospital bed" and sdfushlfs I'm worried and feel really bad for him, because he'd honestly been looking forward to the role and really getting psyched for it, putting a lot of thought into his character.

For now, his agency is saying he's still on for the T2+Baba+Ebo event in early July and ABC in August, though, so hopefully the outlook's good? I'm damned curious, though :/


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