Jan. 3rd, 2010 11:13 pm
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sdloufihsdifs okay I feel like I'm counting my chickens before they hatch but...this looks A LOT like Shinjukumura *_____* NOW I MUST GO SEE IF IT IS. Maybe there are two different rehearsal halls? Maybe the 'changing rehearsal halls' thing from before is temporary, or only on certain days or something? Maybe singing rehearsals for now are somewhere else? I MUST KNOW.

[ profile] darksprite! WE STILL HAVE WORK TO DO!

...Also, who IS that? My immediate thought was Eiji, because those shoes look like his style (maybe Tacchan?), and I want to be happily surprised if it turns out to be Tuti :P

Also also: brb Tokyo tomorrow morning \o/
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Sherlock Holmes was amazing, LOVED IT and now I desperately need some Holmes/Watson fic stat >_> I shall embark on a search later (unless some of you know of some already :DDDDD)

Also, according to this entry, BuriMyu's changing rehearsal halls. This is good, cause I didn't recognize the previous one as being at Shinjukumura, and if Iwashita-san's pic there is from nearby, I know there's a bridge over a stream/river right by the halls soooo...chances of it being at Shinjukumura and thus stalkable are v. high :D [ profile] darksprite, wanna make another trip?? XD;


May. 31st, 2009 12:30 am
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Well! It's been a productive weekend! Friday and Saturday were more my weekend days this week, so that means I get to rest (and ship off packages I've been putting off because zomg Animate FINALLY got me my FilmFes DVDs >_>) and relax!

Friday night: Bank Bang Lesson! )

Saturday afternoon: KuroMyu! SPOILERS!! )

In other news...MITSURU LOVES T2. )
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Yaaaaay! I should've guessed this was what the big announcement was :P Totally slipped my mind that it was almost that time of year again~ :D

[ profile] hughes_maes, [ profile] imma_holiday? I'm sure even though it's a Monday they'll take into account all the people who WORK and have an evening show (and maybe an afternoon one as well), which is probably the only thing I could make >_> Interested in going? Anyone else? It'll probably be the only KG event Sue's in for the rest of the year 8D And even THAT'S not a given >_>;;;;; Leaderrrrrrr wtf are you doing.

Also: I totally went for a ride on my new bike (I'm thinking Leader-san-gou :D Because like hell am I calling it Gaku) to see what was down past Higashi-Shinjuku station towards Shinjuku, and found out it's all of a 10 min bike ride to Koma Theater XDDDD Or well, what's left of it ;_; Also god but there were a ton of host guys :P Tomorrow I think I'll go up towards Ikebukuro--if it's only a 10-15 min ride between stations, it should (theoretically) only take me 30 min at most to get there o_O Guess we'll see! wonder how far a ride it is towards the rehearsal halls...

Perhaps I should invest in a map before I get lost :P
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ShibaTora was fricking awesome--cannot wait til there's at least a raw out *____*

Daddy is safely back in Shreveport after 24 hours traveling. Eesh. On the bright side: I can finally put all my porn back where it belongs and sleep on a comfortable bed again!

Watched the new Star Trek movie. HOT. Never found ZQ especially attractive before, but dayum if that movie didn't make me at least a little interested in Kirk/Spock (or hell, Spock/Kirk maybe...). I'm reserving final judgment for sequels.

5B DVD needs to stop being awesome. Ilusfm.

Nagayama Takashi needs to stop being so awesome. He loves his mom so fucking much ♥ WHAT A GUY.

My dad bought me a bike right before he left. It is awesome and red. Betcha can totallycan't guess what I named it.

I am making 5th cast icons as I type. YES.

Bought tickets to Bank Bang Lesson, the Osamu-chan+Gaku+Takuya+KatoRyo. They are crap seats and I only realized after picking them up that they COMPLETELY CONFLICT with Meat Day. Fuck.

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Gaku's big announcement is that...he's shutting his blog down. Effective immediately. Just...stopping. He doesn't say why, just thanks everyone for playing.



I'm torn about this. When this popped up at first, I thought, "OH MY GOD YAY. No more posts popping up on my Google Reader and flist alerting me that, once again, my husband has forgotten to zip his pants before leaving the house, no more posts of him showing the world exactly what he had for lunch by showing said lunch in his mouth, no more pictures of Mini Gaku's Ass (well, I guess his brother isn't so much a Mini Gaku...)"

...and now I just get to go to a NEW blog and stalk him :P


(also, if you didn't see the subject line: it's my baby's birthday <3 He's a big boy at 29, so wish him well and hope he doesn't fall down the stairs and hurt something in Osaka ♥)
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Okay, I HAVE to go to Gaku's next show. HAVE TO. To do my wifely duties (the one where I get to keep my eyes OPEN) for one, but also, to appreciate this kickass cast:

Katou Ryousuke

(...and others of course, but I know these ones!)


高橋いさを WHAT WHAT WHAT. Potential for mind-fuckery and hilarity? All for the low low price of 3800 yen and at a theater right by M's Curry?? (where Tuti will no doubt drop by should he attend any of the shows to see his BEST FRIEND GAKU 8D)

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So, stalking has reached a new low (or a new HIGH??)

I finally went through the batch of shots of the guys at rehearsals to compare with all 40-something halls in the Shinjuku Mura rehearsal hall park XDDDDD My results??

TWO MATCHES. Well, better than none, yes? Making me 99.999999% sure that I now know exactly where BuriMyu's No Clouds and HappyPani 5 were rehearsed! Proof? I don't need no stinkin' proof! )

Think you have a good shot of the guys at rehearsals? Want me to figure out where, when rehearsals were? HIT ME UP! I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this >)

Also, while I didn't figure out where they were, I did find out that Secret Box and Dark of the Bleeding Moon were rehearsed in the same place! (not Shinjukumura, though--some other place) Freaky XD

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I remember, at the theater for Shima e Oide yo, there was a guy helping out behind the counter. He was kinda young, and I actually had to do a double-take, because he looked a HELL of a lot like Gaku, especially considering that he was wearing Gaku's usual "Go Home" cap. I kind of brushed it off as coincidence though, but apparently...


Somewhere in the back of my mind I idly wondered if he was related and voila XD Must say the "doesn't look like a trainwreck" genes certainly must've skipped Gaku and hit this guy. Looks like his name is Katou Shou (if that's how you read that last kanji XD) and you can definitely tell they're brothers when he smiles like he is there~

Also: lulz @ the TeniMyu post re: bringing it to America XDDDDD Anyone have any screencaps of it??
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Went to see Shima e Oide yo again yesterday with [ profile] daiki_dansu (and we're going to maeraku and senshuuraku today XD), and our dreams of spotting someone we knew in the audience came true when TECCHAN showed up (in the cutest little hat).

After the show, we wound up by chance leaving at the same time as him, and walked towards the station about 10 feet behind him most of the way before he took a shortcut XD

Also, there was a short (15 min or so) talk event with the guys and two of the girls. Everyone was of course wearing merchandise (hoodies and tshirts, in various colors), and looking at the lineup, I was a little disappointed not a single one of them was wearing the color hoodie *I* was wearing that evening (the teal blue one).

That is, until Meg poked me and leaned over and whispered, "Courtney! Your husband!" And yeah. I actually acknowledged Gaku's presence on stage (guess I'd been ignoring him), and he was the only one wearing the same color as me. Yaaaaay.

Off to the show again!! Nagayan's finally done with rehearsals, so there's a HUGE chance he'll show up at either the afternoon show or senshuuraku! AAAAHHH. And AFAIK Tuti hasn't come yet, either...

DATE-O Y/Y????
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Courtesy of the LOVELY [ profile] hughes_maes, she apparently found this in Tokyu Hands, thought of my husband, and procured it for me to pass along to him:

It's a bit blurry, so a translation of the text:

Be careful of forgetting to zip your pants!

CHECK THE CHUCK!! (chuck = zipper)

You would've been cool! If only you had closed your zipper.

Unfortunately, Gaku wouldn't have been cool even if he HADN'T taken a picture of his open fly for everyone to see. But I just won't tell him that.
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Soooo I was bored and decided to see if I could find rehearsal halls online that, on an off day or when I wanted to kill time, I could loiter near...and found this

The rehearsal hall yellow pages. Any of those look familiar? :D Cause chances are the guys use these all the time!

Oh Gaku.

Dec. 22nd, 2008 12:11 am
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This pic makes me think of the Triple Dog Dare scene from A Christmas Story.
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It's like God hates me.

It's like He's saying, "Well, you can either have a family or a fake!Husband. You definitely can't have both. And since you've chosen family for the holidays, how about we see what you'll be missing? Courtney, THIS IS YOUR POTENTIAL LIFE!"

At the KG Christmas event:

--signed KG tumbler given out to 2 participants @ afternoon and evening shows.
--photo with KG given out to 2 participants @ afternoon and evening shows.
--LUNCH WITH YOUR FAVORITE MEMBER given out to 1 participant @ afternoon and evening shows (I COULD HAVE POTENTIALLY SEALED THE DEAL HERE)



This ALWAYS happens when I leave. It's no wonder I get depressed >_> *sigh* My plane just better fucking be on time -- apparently it was 3 hours delayed yesterday...


Nov. 20th, 2008 07:27 am
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Sometimes I think it'll be so hilarious to just stay married to him it will be worth it somehow:

[regarding Kitamura Eiki] "I think he'll make a good dad and husband.

I think I will too."

YES. RIGHT. UH HUH. HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA. Because every woman's ideal man to help bear their children is the one who vacuums the keys off his keyboard and forgets to zip his own fly until 30 minutes after he leaves the house. THERE ARE SOME GENES I KNOW I WANNA PASS ON.

KG fun~

Oct. 27th, 2008 07:18 am
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So, I just spent 90 blissful seconds alone with Gaku.

In a bathroom.

With the door closed.

I'm just not the same person anymore♥ )
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SO! I've had an eventful past few days.

Thursday... )

Friday... )

Saturday... )

Today, Sunday! )
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If you haven't seen it on [ profile] pnish already, Sono Tettou is up on the StrawberryWine tracker, so go get it! You know you want to see Tuti cry like a baby ;_____;

And I want to see posts from you people about these plays! I've written nice, long, in-depth reports about every one of these, so you can't say you don't have any thoughts since you can't understand Japanese :P These are plays that should make you explode in fangirl-y glee or weep for days ;_; SO POST, PEOPLE! :P It at least lets me know that it's even worthwhile to rip these, and that people appreciate them.

In other news, I stayed up til midnight last night to check Gaku's blog because he teased everyone saying, "omg I have some biiiiiiig news but I can't tell anyone til midnight 8D SO CHECK BACK!" the whore. Unable to handle the curiosity, I stayed up, and it turned out to be a Gaku+Iwashita KittyGuys party event thingee! FOR 30 PEOPLE 8D (and Gaku and Iwashita are really popular--that's like *pnish* having an event and only inviting something like a couple hundred people, when their tickets already sell out in seconds when there are THOUSANDS)

Guess who's one of those 30 going now? XD I nabbed 2 tickets, actually, and invited [ profile] hughes_maes to come with me, because that girl needs more taiin in her life ♥ It's on the 26th of this month, and apparently there's going to be a second "party" repeat of the first later on that evening since they wanted to let more than 30 take part. While I could go to the second one as well, I don't really WANT to that much (if this were *pnish*, now...) and, umm, I'd kinda stick out and be creepy XD;;; So one show it is! Even Nagayan doesn't go to Tuti's shows twice

Also, Wasshi's Live DVD came last night!! It's ripping, too, and [ profile] hamykia and I did indeed manage to make it onto some of the offshots XD;;; Haven't watched the actual show, gonna do that after GANBARUing for more room tickets with Paula on Saturday ♥ The torrent for it should be up tonight ^___^
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It's Friday, WOOHOO! And it's the Friday before what's looking to be a great weekend ♥

Tonight I will, unfortunately, probably miss most of the Nagayan show from Thailand. But in turn this means I'll be going to Globe Theater in Shin-Okubo with [ profile] lizstarsky to see Abe and Aniki's (Sano Mizuki) new show, Applause. We've got decent seats, I think, so it should be interesting since I not only know NOTHING about this show, it's my first time seeing Abe perform (and while I've seen Mizuki tons of times, I've only seen him act once, in Samurai Mode)

Tomorrow [ profile] hughes_maes and I are meeting at Shibuya station far too early in the morning so I can harrass Tenchou for more Blossam stuff, then we're heading off to NHK Hall to see Kitty Guys do a street live, after which we'll go BACK to Gain to pick up the shirts which are not for sale until 11 AM XD

Then, I dunno, we'll probably have lunch and watch *pnish* til we croak 8D GOOD WEEKEND!
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SO! Today was a holiday for the entire country. Except for me. Because my job is amazing except for the parts when THE BOSS ASKS US TO COME IN ON NATIONAL HOLIDAYS. Seriously >_> I understand that the main reason he asked us to come in is because there's a project we're trying to get done by the end of the month, so he needs us in whenever we possibly can spare a moment, but still ;_;

This also meant I had to play sly-like in order to get an hour off to run to Shibuya and stalk Gakustalk Gaku. As many of you know, the Husband made some hats. They're nothing really special, and I actually have one just like them already that has the Gain logo (some of you may also recall this drabble in which Nagayan got "We're Fucking" stitched onto the hats ^___^)

But I'm me, and as part of my wifely duties, I have to buy all Gaku's crap. Plus he was gonna be there >_> soooo I DRAGGED myself out of work to go to Gain and make him think his crap's worth $50 :P

I was kinda worried that there might be a line (HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA) so I made sure to get there early, and sat around outside of Gain (which wasn't open yet) around 11:20, when the hat was supposed to go on sale at 12, and was the only one for a while. About 15 minutes later, another girl showed up, and another one after her 10 or so minutes later. By 10-til-12, there were five of us waiting altogether, which was pretty good since there were only 9 hats XD

Gaku showed up a little after Tenchou and headed inside while we waited, and a little after 12 Tenchou and Gaku came back down to tell everyone they could come inside now. Gaku kind of led everyone up the stairs, and since I was the first one there, I kinda got to be at the head of the line and stare at Gaku's ass as we went up the stairsgo up behind Gaku. As we're walking up, he's engaging us all in small talk, and he sees the shirt I'm wearing (a pink 3/4 sleeve with GAIN written on it in big letters...seeing as it came from Gain :P) and says, "I've got a shirt just like that! I love it, I wear it aaallll the time :DDDDD" (Me: "...I know, I saw 8D")

Let me stop to take a moment here to let you all know how much of an awesome loser Gaku is ♥ He was wearing an Anten shirt (the triple collab with Gain and Blossam) and had a strange dark bar going diagonal across his chest, looking like he'd spilled something. When one of the other girls pointed it out, asking what it was, he flailed about, embarrassed. "...It's sweat, from wearing my bag..."

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. OH GAKU. OOOHHHH GAKU. I really wanted to just, die laughing there. But I maintained some semblance of tact XD;;;

When we all sardine'dassembled inside Gain, Tenchou asked us to gather round, because there was a little problem. As we could see, Gaku was wearing a black cap like the ones going on sale. There were 9 caps total: 2 red, 2 blue, 2 orange, 2 yellow, and (originally 2) 1 black. That meant one person could buy the black cap that "matched" Gaku's.

Understanding that many would probably want the black one to match Gaku's, they had decided to draw lots. Two of the girls admitted they were just there to see Tenchou (hahaha XDDDD), one of the others withdrew, and so it was down to just another girl and me :P

Tenchou handed Gaku two playing cards (from this naked-guy deck [imageshack seems to be down at the moment though :/], which Tenchou admitted to having provided XDDDD), one of which had "atari" ("winner") written on it, and had us pick.

Well, with a 50/50 chance, it was kind of hit or miss, eh? I WON XD The Hat, in all its glory:

After making my purchase I explained that I'd LOVE to stay and chat, but unfortunately I had to return to work. Insert much Gaku spazzing about "wtf work on a holiday and WTF WORK? LIKE IN TOKYO? OMG MINAMI AOYAMA? THAT'S. LIKE. CLOSE. WOW."

*digs hooks into the guy some more* >D


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