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idek what they could possibly need to be in that position for BUT I REALLY DON'T CARE RIGHT ABOUT NOW.
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So my DVD came yesterday and of course I set to ripping! I haven't actually gotten to sit down and watch it because I have company who is not the TeniMyu-watching type, unfortunately, but I did snag some time to make some caps!

Caps behind here :3 )

IN OTHER NEWS. Shouta bb is talking about his bbf again ;~; He went to see a Shinsengumi show last night that Kubobe-nii was in, and of course this prompted all the commenters to remind him that his very bestest friend Tsuji is currently in a Shinsengumi drama that's airing ummmm! His comments in response were as thus:

Ah! You all have been watching BS, huh (;▽;)ノ
So lucky! I want to hurry up and see Tsuji-kun's Okita!!!!
And Nagai-san's Hijikata!

I've been having my mom record it at home ( ̄▽ ̄)

I haven't gotten to see Tsuji-kun lately (T^T)
I'll have to invite him to hang out soon~
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Eee, the group-watching was oodles of fun :3 It seems the subs worked out quite nicely (I was mostly worried about whether I'd properly gotten all my timing done and whether or not the spacing would be appropriate, but it seemed it was!) and so after I tweak the few points I found where I missed a space or misspelled a word, it'll be available for the masses ^___^

Everything seems to be settling down in Tokyo at least; most, if not all, of the city's train lines are back up, but I suspect further north it's still horrific. A friend's ex-boyfriend was in Sendai and is apparently, last I heard, without food, water, or heat, the three most important things in Sendai right now :| This is gonna take a while to recover from, geez... I went to Santoku to get some ingredients for a few recipes I wanted to try, but they were pretty hard hit by people wanting to stock up themselves, and their meat section had been quite devastated by the ravaging hordes XD; It didn't help, I suppose, that deliveries had been delayed as well, but they're supposed to be back online tomorrow.

On a happier note, though, my copy of The Dog and Monkey Show Neppuu Evolution arrived, and I immediately popped it in and took uh, some Very Important Caps XDDDD See why :D )
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Western Mode DVDs finally came today! :DDDDD And of course I capped far more than I should have XD;;; 176 caps, to be precise, almost all from the backstage. So get ready for a few posts of nothing but screencappy goodness :D

No cowboys were harmed in the making of this backstage )

DejaMyu :D

Jan. 6th, 2011 09:58 pm
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Tell me these boys don't look like their 1st cast counterparts! :3 (by which I mean AGREE WITH ME, or I shall feel like I'm just grasping here :/ But I really do think they resemble Abe and Nagayan at least a little bit -- in these pics I mean, not in general)

Oh Shotamaru... (not to be confused with Shoutamaru!)

But yes, I feel that Kawamura this round looks especially like Abe :3 Which is all fine in my book!

In other news: goddammit I hate the 40kb limit on LJ icons -_- SO MUCH.

ETA: YOU LITTLE BITCH :DDDDD Look, real-world comparison! (plus, have Nagayan + yet-another-Oishi-who-is-not-Tuti!) I love that he chose to give us only (or first? If he posts more) the Golden Pair XDDDD YOU KNOW WHAT WE WANT, MAN. Also wow, Yuuta actually looks older than 5 there XD; GJ, TeniMyu :D
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Finally finished ripping the Secret Garden DVDs, so I'll probably put those up tomorrow :D Thought I'd take this opportunity thought to post a few (seriously this time XD only 6!) caps from the after talk to give you a hint of what to expect~ click for pics of T2 et al! )
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So, the most recent Impro... DVD was........interesting XD In that it was probably about the gayest thing I've seen since I don't know when. I was kind of in pain from laughing so hard XD; See what I mean behind here )
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So, for some reason, over the past few days, [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and I have been really hung up on the lovely Sano Daiki, Jr. aka "Jay", Daiki's character from Panic Age and his own son :D We were thus hung up because this guy's a really tragic character when you think about it: his childhood was pretty much utter shit because Eiji abandoned *pnish* and broke Daiki's spirit, sending him into a spiral of depression from which he never recovered. Jay grew up hearing nothing but how horrible that "Moriyama Eiji" guy was and how much his father hated him, so it's no surprise that as soon as he's old enough to do so, he sets off to get revenge on the guy and the rest of *pnish* for doing this to his "damned old man."

Me and Miranda decided--well there's such a thin line between love and hate, so why not walk it? This led to her writing Hate and its sequel Between the Cracks, which uh...examine the concept of how Jay would react to finally meeting the man he's grown up hating his entire life, and the impact of Eiji's return on Daiki, Jay, and their own father-son relationship :D It's an extremely messed-up pairing, but Jay's just a poor little messed up kid to begin with, so you kind of feel a little sorry for him at the same time and want him to be happy XD; (and if you need some fluff--and let's face it, everyone does!--there's also Everything, a happier Panic Age AU in which Eiji gets his act together sooner and comes back to Daiki and Jay when Jay's still young :D)

ANYWAYS! Enough of that babbling! Click the cut to see my picspam of Jay~ :D Read more... )
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Last but not least!!

Arigatou Arigatou Arigatou )
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Third time's a charm!

And then there were backstages.... )
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And now, ON TO PART 2!

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So, my screencapping itch had to be scratched like mad last night, and I stayed up til 2 AM just capping the crap out of these DVDs XD;;; Since there are almost 400 caps (and this is just from the honpen and main backstage alone!) I'm splitting it into several posts of ~100 caps each.

Let's get started~! )
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OKAY FIRST WHAT THE FUCK NAGAYAN. "Aah~ I want to be bitten on the neck by you..." Please, I don't think you're being quite fucking sexy enough...!

AND SECOND, HOW ABOUT THAT HOLY SHEEEEEEET AWESOME DL7TH DVD? I seriously took something like 400 caps DDDDD: THERE IS JUST SO MUCH AWESOME. And tons of 1st cast backstage!! Well not TONS, but....A GOOD BIT! I'll post the huuuuuuge cap post tomorrow, as it's almost 2 AM now >_> (I HAD to watch the backstage tonight, HAD TO) So for now, DEAL with these few caps!

Konna Seigaku wa mitaku nai! 'SEIGAKU NO HASHIRA WA MARU~' )
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Supporter's DVD 14 aka "The One With 5th Cast and the DL7th Preview Footage" :DDDDDD It's ripping as I type, but for now, have some caps! I didn't have a lot of time, so it's only caps from the DL7th segment and then the 30-min extra backstage segment, since I figured that'd be the most interesting stuff!

Metric fuckton of caps behind here :D But I'm serious that it is oh-so-so Tsuji and Shouta focused :P )
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Woohoo! Gachinko rip came out beauuuuutiful and I'm just finishing up the extras (not a whole lot, unfortunately: 20 min of making-of, a 9-min clip of the butai aisatsu, and a 3-min music video for the movie's theme song). In the meantime, have some screencaps :D Don't worry, I went easy this time--no shots of Nagayan getting beaten up, either >_> Because those suck. Go cut yourself! )
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I put together a screencap post with a few extra little BuriMyu caps + a bunch of ShibaTora Special 2 caps! Almost all Tuti and Nagayan, of course :x You expected different? Pssshh!

Donai deshita? Shiro-chan no katarushisu~? )

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I probably shouldn't have watched something sad like the Rikkai Final 2 backstages (which aren't SAD necessarily, but there's senshuuraku crying and whatnot) on the night before what may well be for me my last TeniMyu ever ;____;

But I did. And kept myself from getting too morose by capping the shit out of T2 because, surprise surprise, they are ichaicha as always XDDDDD Cut in an effort to contain their immense gay. )


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