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So, Tuti has a sword which means...Garakusha, right??? And Eiji has one too--but it's his Li sword, right (it looks like the same swords used for MahaMo, but 1) Zachou had a horrible beard/moustache, and 2) He had no sword!)?? *____* THEY NEED TO STOP TEASING.

I would love for there to be some lulz if Garakusha confuses Li for Tachibana. LOVE FOR IT.

I can't tell wtf Wasshi and Daiki are up to but I neeeeeeed it to be Thursday NOW.

Tomorrow is the Gachinko release event ://// I hate these things, because I always feel sick meeting people in person :P Which reminds me, gdi--handshake after HappyPani also...NGH, GEEZ.

Hell is...

Nov. 24th, 2008 08:35 pm
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...realizing that Daiki is probably serious about wanting to do Samurai Mode 2 (hey, they did Treasure Box 2; it was called "Wonder Box") and that even if Nagayan is indeed in it like he said he was going to be, you already ship Tuti's character quite happily with Eiji's.

Fuck D:
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Expect me to just kind of spill random Samurai Mode fic onto here over the next few days til I get tired of this show :P Also, I need SM icons like YESTERDAY.

Fireside Chat (Shisui/Saiga) )
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Time for some SCREENCAP TIME! I used my screencapping as an excuse to listen to the audio commentary, which was really fun XD If you're at all inclined, I suggest the same thing :D There are about 60 caps, so dialuppers beware! I ♥ Saiga-samaaa~ )

And if you've seen the show now and want to go back, check out the few Samurai Mode fics that we churned out a while back!

Name Dropping - parts 1 and 2 [Garakusha/Tachibana, post-SM] (by [livejournal.com profile] lavenderlilly)
Attention Complex [Shisui/Saiga, mid-SM] (by me)
Yudan - parts 1 and 2 [Garakusha/Tachibana, post-SM] (by me)

And now that my mind's been refreshed by watching the show again, I'm probably gonna write more, so GIMME PROMPTS IF YOU'VE GOT THEM 8D I'd definitely rather write Shisui/Saiga or Garakusha/Tachibana, but if you just absolutely have to see something else, lemme know >) (wtf I've never wanted to write fic for a *pnish* show this badly, but gaaaaaah ILUSM GUYS).
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Okay, wtf Nagayan. Is there a REASON all your posts lately are getting more and more implicative?

This one is entitled "Ohayou Sansan" <--Tuti's new blog title is "Tsuchiya Sansan".

And as for this one, if he isn't doing an imitation of Tuti!Gin, I dunno what he's doing, especially giving the post the title, "Warui fuzake" (part of Tuti!Gin's lines from Mou Hitotsu no Chijou, "[...] warui fuzake shimaisou ya [...]")

Paula and I went overboard today, I think, on TxN faggotry, in the best way possible, and there will be pictures tomorrow as well as a Samurai Mode DVD rip (WRITING THE REPORT, NEVER FEAR). Mattero yooooo~ 8D

Holy shit

Nov. 22nd, 2008 08:53 pm
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Holy shit SynchroMyu with Tsujimoto.

Holy shit Samurai Mode with TWO HOURS OF PNISH JUST TALKING. And an autographed photo that is *_____*

Holy shit best bag ever, pics upcoming.

ETA: Okay, small problem. The audio commentary is just that: audio overlaid onto a soft-volume track of the actual DVD video, hence it doesn't show up when I want to rip it--I use Xilisoft to rip my DVDs, and it isn't showing up there or in DVD shrink, presumably because it's, well, AUDIO and not video :P

Anyone have any recommendations on how to rip the audio commentary, and how best to distribute it then? Because if Tuti's going, "OMGOMGOMG LOOK AT MY FACE HERE" and all you have is audio, this will pose some problem :D
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Also, some extras from my capping spree yesterday. They say you cruelly make fun of the ones you love... )
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Just got reminded by Beri's entry that I should post some more about this weekend! As many of you know, I had a HORRIBLE day Friday, and it only got worse with my trip to Osaka afterwards >_>


Saturday was better though...! )


Jun. 21st, 2008 12:13 am
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I HATE OSAKA. JUST TO LET EVERYONE KNOW. I fail at getting around in the city, and just. Argh. Was wet and miserable and missed the opening dance. The show was still good, but ;___; I LOVE THE OPENING.

Let's now focus on things that are happy! Like:

People being their married selves in the gakuya. This was a welcome breath of air from the SHIT DAY I WAS HAVING up til I saw it.

Bad news: I guess this means he didn't swing down to Osaka. Bah.
Good news: ...We wore the same shirt today! 8DDDD Well, mine has the black writing instead of the pink, but we both wore the white shirt with purple sleeves! And I didn't stick around for demachi so I couldn't feel ashamed for wearing it, either~!


I AM GOING TO SCREAM, LITERALLY SCREAM IF I SEE THIS ON HIS PERSON TOMORROW. I. WILL. DIE. [livejournal.com profile] lavenderlilly, you'll probably be in a saner state of mind than I, CATCH ME AS I FAINT. THX.

Now, this presents a problem...

[Poll #1208015]


Bad day...

Jun. 20th, 2008 07:53 am
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1) Went to bed far later than I wanted, thus getting far less sleep than I wanted.
2) Realized I don't have enough money for Osaka and so will have to haul ass at the station to withdraw cash before going.
3) Accepted the sad fact Nagayan 99.999999% for sure isn't coming to Osaka because of his FC event on Saturday.
4) Realized I'd have to carry my laptop with me to Osaka if I want net access at school, sucked it up.
5) Got to school. Realized I'd forgotten my laptop's power cord. Am now running on battery power which will last...*checks* 3.5 more hours. I have almost no classes today. Which means I will be EXTREMELY BORED and won't even be able to do real work on my laptop after it crashes.
6) It's hot.
7) It's still 11 hours until Samurai Mode this evening.
8) Realized none of the shirts I wanted to wear were clean. Had to wear the stupid Blossam/Gain/Gaku collab. I'M SORRY TUTI ;_; Please don't look at me AT ALL.
9) Haven't had breakfast ;_;

I hope SM fixes this...

SM scans!

Jun. 13th, 2008 11:14 pm
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Scan of the *pnish* + Mizuki short article in Weekly Pia

At least everyone looks hot? XD But holy HELL had I forgotten how short Mizuki is *_____* EIJI towers over him. That's unnatural.

Also, the article insinnuates that Mizuki and Eiji are the main characters (the two deposed clan heads) who are being chased by Daiki's character...when it was already stated that Wasshi's character Shisui is one of the two clan leaders being chased. What. *confused*

...Guess I'll find out? XD

REGARDING NAGAYAN'S HAIR: Yes, he looks very very VERY HOT, but I'm 99% sure that's not a haircut. He says it's been styled into "forward hair" and nowhere does anyone mention anything about it being cut. I'm pretty sure it's just been styled to look that way, sorry guys :/
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I was trying to figure out what seemed so familiar about this pic posted from post-performance yesterday:

Then I realized it's the Eiji/Daiki version of this:

Both pics of two people who seem closer than close, who don't appear to have realized they were being photographed together at the time.

Life? Pretty damn good.

Heading back up to Tokyo today for an AWESOME weekend--meeting [livejournal.com profile] katsu and [livejournal.com profile] lavenderlilly on Saturday, going to Samurai Mode twice, getting loaded down with goods there, Sunday morning is the KittyGuys street live at 8AM and making good with they hubby + finally getting the other 6 members' signatures on the shirt I got Iwashita-san to sign ages ago XD;;;

That afternoon I'm going to the KG birthday event where I will buy whatever the heck the "KittyGuys Mirror" is, and likely bid unmentionable amounts when they auction off their personal items to raise money for disaster relief in China and Myanmar. WRRRRYYYYYYY do I feel the need to elevate my Crazy Levels to new heights??

Also--have made arrangements with a couple of apartment places to look at apartments in Shiinamachi (near Ikebukuro) and Higashi Shinjuku at the end of the month. We'll see how that goes!

I kinda wanna make a countdown timer...

--Samurai Mode: 1
--KG Birthday Event + Time With Hubby: 2
--Samurai Mode in Osaka: 7
--Last PaniSuta ever: 15
--Tuti's and Nagayan's 5th anniversary event: 17
--HappyPani7: 18
--NagaJo Gakuen Day-Event: 78

iro iro...

Jun. 11th, 2008 05:23 pm
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I was super worried I'd mess everything up, but I managed to reserve a spot for myself on the NagaJo Tour *______*

It was quite a battle; you had to CALL the travel agency at the number displayed in the site today, and reserve a spot through them first and get a reservation number, and THEN you could register with the FC.

Me and speaking on the phone in Japanese? HAHAHAHA NOT HAPPENING. As if fate had dictated that I be able to go to this, not only did the schedule change for no apparent reason so that I had no class when the thing opened reservations, the COOL English teacher who is the nicest, funniest lady I've met here didn't have class either, so I was able to explain to her what I needed and get her to call for me ♥ Thanks to her, I managed to get everything taken care of ^_~ I think I was acutally the 9th (of 300 spots) o_O Sweet! The smaller the better XD

The drabbles are up on [livejournal.com profile] tutixnagayan, [livejournal.com profile] morixdaiki, and [livejournal.com profile] pnish *_____* I'm so excited seeing who wrote what!!

Also--it's Samurai Mode opening day!! TO ANYONE GOING TO SEE IT BEFORE SATURDAY: IF YOU SPOIL ME I WILL HATE YOU FOREVER. I DON'T WANT TO SEE SCANS, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE PLOT, NOTHING, OKAY?? So don't send me cellphone pics or text messages or anything >_> I wanna be pleasantly surprised *_____*


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Sano Mizuki, on his interactions with the others on stage, after stating that he didn't get to be near one of the other actors very much in the play:

"The one I'm always around, though, is Tsuchiya B. Yuuichi."


.......................WHAT DOES THE "B" STAND FOR??

seriously, lookit: いつも近くにいるのは土屋・B・裕一だ

Also, did Tuti kill a FLY?
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*DROOOOOLS*--holy crap but are they hot even in such simple costumes. Daiki especially...that headband on him is WHOOBOY.

And there's a short summary up on the *pnish* site now:

It's the Sengoku Era. The Ina (伊那) clan has been wiped out by the Hanyuu (羽生) clan. Our story starts with the two leaders who'd supported the Ina clan, Shisui and Saiga, fleeing into the wilderness. Ryoumei (凌明), the second son of the Hanyuu clan, has been charged with capturing the two, but is rumored to actually be plotting a rebellion. Hoping to successfully carry out his mission and clear his brother the clan head's name, Ryoumei gets close with Garakusha (ガラクシャ), a follower of Shisui's who'd been captured in a previous skirmish.

All names are, of course, subject to change, except for the one's that'd been written in katakana originally (Shisui and Saiga)--and if anyone has a good idea of what "Garakusha" should be romanized as, I'm all ears XD I SO want to write something like "Galaxia" but...what the hell?! XD;;;

The only one whose character we know so far is that Wasshi is Shisui--though Daiki mentioned in PaniSuta a couple of weeks ago that while Eiji's character isn't "partnered" with Wasshi (like Daiki's Rin was with Wasshi's Wanizuka in Treasure Box) they're together a bit, so perhaps Eiji is Saiga? Though he also mentioned they were war-friends as well, and that possibly puts Eiji as the Garakusha character, too. I want one, I think, with Daiki being Ryoumei 8DDDDDD


In other news...apparently Besshi has a radio program he regularly appears on, and...according to his most recent appearance on it...

...Reverse Historica marked his "graduation" from association with *pnish*

...So I guess that's why he's not in this show ;__; This...this REALLY makes me sad, like--wanting to CRY sad. I LOVE Besshi--I mean, I never counted myself as a fangirl, or thought of myself as a FAN of his really so much, but he was just as much a part of *pnish* to me as any of the four guys. He'd been there the first time I ever bought my own DVD (the On4 DVD), he'd been there for the hilarious moments (Osaka 2006!!), for the great moments (first *pnish* show ever in Secret Box) and...to think that...he'll probably not be on stage with *pnish* again at least for a long while is just...

...really really depressing ;_; I feel like one of the members has just left... I kinda can't believe they didn't SAY anything about it! Damn...

orz orz orz

Jun. 3rd, 2008 06:41 pm
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So...Sano Mizuki is a Star Wars fanboy...



baaah ;_;

May. 28th, 2008 11:40 am
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I...I know he never said he quit. That he just said he was quittING. In the process. And never said he'd finished.

But it still hurts seeing pics like that >_> Stupid Tuti, you're a BAD INFLUENCE. The only thing that makes me feel a LITTLE better is that Daiki's brand seems to be the Pianissimos in this pic, which people tell me are really light (which could be why Tuti went through them so often >_>

Tuti changed brands a while back, but of course he could have changed back--but it looks to me like he has his own... *sigh*

In other awesome news: NO HANDSHAKE AFTER SAMURAI MODE >_> They tell everyone to please look forward to one at HappyPani7 YAY. Dammit.
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.....the fuck, Saitou?

CHINESE PEOPLE! I'm curious--what's it say?? And is it even good Chinese? Does it look like he wrote it himself, or far too perfect for a cross-dressing transvestite pedophile like this man we know and love? IS HE REALLY AS RENAISSANCE A GUY AS HE SEEMS?

In other news: ANIKI HAS STARTED POSTING!! Anikiiiii ;_; I missed you~!! And he's making fun of Tuti, too: "I'm currently being tormented by Tsuchiya's busaiku-ness." ('busaiku' means something like, "clumsy," but I find a better translation is, "made of fail"--and alas, it fits.)


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