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EL OH EL @ Saitou trolling all the people who care about courtroom-based video games :DDDDD
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All manner of awesome stuff has popped up today.

1) Tuti helpfully linked to the Rappaya blog for Brazil, where I found such amazingly ADORABLE pictures of him as this and this (which made up for the one where he's going D: that he posted to his own blog today XD;;;;)

2) SAITOU TAKUMI ADMITTING HE IS BICURIOUS/BISEXUAL. FOR THE FUCKING WIN. I mean, I always just thought of him as a really sexually-openminded straight guy. And I guess he still is, but WOW. (source: here)

MC lady: "But Saitou-san, you like women, correct?"
Saitou: "Yes, more or less."
Everyone else: "MORE OR LESS?!"
Saitou: "Well it's just--I can't really make a hard decision on that yet is all."
Everyone: "EH?"
Saitou: "I mean, life's long, right? There's still a lot left to it."
MC guy: "But right now?"
Saitou: "Well right now, I like women."
Another guy near him: "But you're saying that might change?"
Saitou: "I can't say for 100% sure that I won't change."
Everyone else: "EEEEEHHHH??"
Saitou: "Isn't everyone that way?"
Guy near him (from before): "Just don't come after me, please."

Fail to the last guy, though: just because a guy's gay does NOT mean he thinks you're hot. LULZ. And believe me. You're not that hot, and even if Saitou DID come on to you, you'd be DAMN lucky to have a hottie like that :P And Saitou wins just SO many cool points for pretty much saying "no one's 100% straight -- I can't say for sure that I won't meet a guy and sex him up and live on an island in the south pacific with him for the rest of my life next week."

3) Can't show it, but in the FC blog, Nagayan posted a pic of a box of custom-made chocolates DUST's director gave the cast. The brand, as shown on the box? DECO CHOCO. FTW.
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This is my starting point.

Where everything begins.

It's where I met my friends.

Let's go anywhere and everywhere, together.



Jun. 2nd, 2008 07:48 pm
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Saitou's most recent post:

The American drama 『HEROES』 could possibly be, to we Japanese, quite a ground-breaking one.

And this is because it's the story of Nakamura Hiro.

Of course, the Japan and Japanese depicted is pretty bad, and there are plenty of things I could pick at starting with just "Andou-kun" and "Hiro's Father" alone, but even forgetting for a moment that this is an American drama in board with the idea in Hollywood that they ought to offer equal representation to other races, the portrayal of Asians now compared with how they were portrayed in years past is definitely heading in a positive direction.

And of course, in this drama there are many elements to be considered, and depending on the story being focused on, each character becomes the "main character," but the fact that specifically a story with an Asian as the main character is exciting America this much, it makes me wonder if this isn't a small revolution of sorts.

"Japan = Samurai" -- This has long been the established image (apparently there was nothing better to Japan...), and they were bound to get tired of that sooner or later, but the feat of passing race and cultural borders makes you more aware of your own race from an outside point-of-view, and doesn't start until you can be proud of your own culture, I feel.

Right now we're passing from an old way of thinking something is "expected" to a new way of thinking something is "expected."

As for myself, I don't have any special reason, or that much confidence at all really, but for some reason I'm really really excited right now.


(If you've never seen Heroes, "Yatta!!" ("I did it!!") is the phrase Hiro yells out in excitement the first time he is able to teleport from Japan to New York)

Man, this guy. I love him. He could be fugly as anything and I'd love him. But he's hot, too, and that just makes him one of the most amazing people ever--because really, how do you get this lucky?

" [...] passing race and cultural borders makes you more aware of your own race from an outside point-of-view, and doesn't start until you can be proud of your own culture [...]"

This part right here--Saitou is possibly one of the most disenchanted-with-his-own-people Japanese people I've EVER heard of. He knows Japanese people are mostly a bigoted xenophobic people who really need to get over themselves (seriously--deep down on some level, almost every one has this) and learn how to play better with the world and take a better look at themselves, and talks about it on his blog from time to time.

He wants the Japanese to be proud of themselves, but to also be able to look at themselves from the way they're seen by other countries, and he feels Hiro is a good example of the rest of the world changing their views of Japan, and that he hopes Japanese people will take this as a chance to look at themselves differently.

Pedo the man may be, he's an awesome guy.
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.....the fuck, Saitou?

CHINESE PEOPLE! I'm curious--what's it say?? And is it even good Chinese? Does it look like he wrote it himself, or far too perfect for a cross-dressing transvestite pedophile like this man we know and love? IS HE REALLY AS RENAISSANCE A GUY AS HE SEEMS?

In other news: ANIKI HAS STARTED POSTING!! Anikiiiii ;_; I missed you~!! And he's making fun of Tuti, too: "I'm currently being tormented by Tsuchiya's busaiku-ness." ('busaiku' means something like, "clumsy," but I find a better translation is, "made of fail"--and alas, it fits.)
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Good: Went to Gain before leaving Tokyo, procured self new fancy Gain hat + funny stilldrunk!Tenchou (well, I couldn't tell if he was drunk, but he claimed he was--and since he'd been at the KG uchiage until that morning, he could've been XD)

Bad: On the phone with [livejournal.com profile] tayles at Shibuya station, got distracted and purchased a shinkansen ticket for a train leaving in 15 minutes. It takes 12/13 minutes from Shibuya to Shinagawa, where I was supposed to leave from.

Good: Missed train, but practically cried in front of station staff, so they changed my ticket to a train leaving 30 minutes later free of charge (typically it costs a fee to change it depending on how soon it is before the train leaves, and is impossible AFTER the train leaves).

Bad: Had to sit in the smoking car the whole way. Wanted to DIE. Would've rather sat strapped to the roof of the train or stood the whole way.

Good: Am now home, away from said smoke.

Bad: All my stuff smells like cigarette smoke now :(

Question: HOW THE HELL DOES NAGAYAN PUT UP WITH TUTI?! <--very related to current situation. I'M SORRY, I COULDN'T LIVE WITH THIS EVERY DAY.

Also random: I applied for Saitou's FC aaaaages ago, and something went wrong with my payment or something, and I thought my membership never went through. Then today in the mail I got a notice that the FC was changing the username/password for the FC site, and the "Takumi Voice Message" CD that he sends out to his FC members. WHAT? Will be raiding the FC later~
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As humans live, there are times when they'll meet someone with whom they feel a, "special connection," in spite of age, nationality, or sex.

I came to realize through reading Native American manuscripts, and the works of Ehara-san, that this is the concept of, "Soul Mates."

Not simply friends and family, not just same sex or opposite sex, but animals plants, one can say this about all living things.

Romantic relationships, friendly groups, it's not simply a matter of your values being the same or not, it's something you sense--a state of being where both parties can potentially be even more, and in an instant are on the same wavelength.

And this isn't to say it's confined only to those close to us.
In some cases, there are times when you can feel that from people who are interested in things you yourself aren't at all.

When I was in high school, there was a senpai of mine. He had no eyebrows, and was a constant delinquent. He was always angering others, and had no friends--but for some reason he and I found ourselves on the same wavelength.

We didn't really speak that much by way of conversation, but Eyebrow-senpai for some reason poured himself out to me, and I feel like we really connected.
Eyebrow-senpai, who'd been turned away by so many other groups, now has a wonderful pair of eyebrows, and is a successful real estate agent.

I'm wondering if perhaps there isn't someone like that for everyone, someone with that illogical sense of understanding.

"One plus one is more than two." When you meet that person, you meet a new part of yourself, and connect to your own growth.

"The two raise each other up." Meeting friends like that, I'm now able to learn more about my own self.

And because that truth definitely exists, I can overcome most anything.

sadlfihusdlfiushdf just hurry up and come out already.
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...Saitou is so gay. And he has good taste in men, too.

Go check out the picture on his 4/30 entry *__________* )
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Click el cutto to see lovely translated stuff for To the Eventual You, Saitou and Kawaai's new movie. (info from here)

I want to stay by your side forever )
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So apparently there's going to be ANOTHER Boys Love event o_O

February 3rd @ Animate, it'll be a talkshow-ish event with just Saitou and Kotani (haha, take THAT Matsumoto~!).

What I don't get, though, is WHY is it still being pimped so much when both the DVD and making of, all that they're marketing, have been out for a good while now? 2 months for the DVD, 1 for the making-of. Not that I have ANY problem with it, it just makes me wonder how long they're gonna do this (and when we can look forward to another BL blog update XD)


Dec. 5th, 2006 11:48 pm
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From the recent Good Come article featuring Nagayan and Ohkuchi:

Nagayan: Tuti was stretching on the floor this one time, and I kind of messed with him when I walked past. So then Tuti reached up and clapped my hand, and at that hit, the coffee I was holding spilled all over Kengo's mirror area. So then we both hurried super fast to clean it up together, cause Kengo was gonna get really mad at us.




Also, I feel I must state exactly what Nagayan says he did to Tuti when walking past him: "ちょっかい (n) meddle; dabble; make a pass at"



Interviewer: "After Noeru met Taishin, little by little they started being more honest with each other; Saitou-san, how do you behave in front of the person you like?"

Saitou: Exactly the opposite. I'm quite rebellious, in fact. Even if there are times when we're alone, just the two of us, I'll try and duck out of it.

Interviewer: "So you mean you're just hiding your embarrassment...?"

Saitou: "100% true. Now, I don't drink alcohol, but don't drunks try and hide the fact that they're drunk? It's just the same as that--I feel the same way, and have a part to me that doesn't want others around me to know that I have those kinds of feelings for someone else. So I'll try and pretend that I don't--like, I'll say, "I don't like them," when I'm around others. I don't want the person I like to know that I like them. But, when I'm alone, I'll always wonder and worry, "Why did I say something like that?" But I just can't get over it."

THERE WE HAVE IT. He couldn't have been clearer if he'd COME OUT. It's always bugged me--why on earth does he KEEP SAYING in these interviews and such over and over that he's NOT gay? It's not very, "Saitou" of him, IMHO--to worry that much about what people think about him. If he was, he wouldn't be doing movies like Boys Love and Sukitomo and all these PLAYS he's doing now.

So, the only choice we have is to take him at his word--he means exactly the opposite of what he says ^_________^
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But this couldn't wait:

That's all. Nat should especially get a kick out of it, as well as any and all other 4channers.
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Two orders of business:

1) Found out on Mixi that Saitou's collaborating with some company to release JEWELRY. You can check it out (and a HOT PICTURE of Saitou sporting it) here. Warning though: it's ASS expensive--21,000 yen for a charm bracelet (that's ~$200). And yet I know there are a TON of people in Japan who'll still buy it.

2) sldfkjhsldfkjsdf stumbled across an interview with the 3 BL guys on the animate site (again, through mixi XD) here and translated Saitou's answers cause that's all I've got time for right now 8DDDDD

click the cut to see! )
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...Oh Saitou....

I knew you'd post something today ♥

I'll post this to [livejournal.com profile] oh_tuti later, but have at:

Five years ago today, simultaneous acts of terror occurred against the New York World Trade Center and the American military establishment, the Pentagon.
More than 2700 casualties came from those acts.

At the same time as this terrorism against America, I, at 20 years old, became an actor.
This is one event that lives on inside me through many different meanings.

Every time I turned n the news, I'd always see President Bush giving some speech, "We can't forgive terrorism," or, "A new war against terrorism has started."
Wars are usually waged between two countries, but this one was a country versus a terrorist organization.
Perhaps this was the new shape of 21st century wars.

But is that really true?
I don't have the count, but in Afghanistan and Iraq, many more civilians than those who died in the WTC are losing their lives.

Turning one's revenge upon the weak only adds to the grief you (America) have already gone through, and is that not what you're doing?

And Japan, one of only a few remaining neutral powers, is thought by the rest of the world to be America's wallet.
(We actually pay taxes to the American military for them building us weapons)

So what can I do right now?
Perhaps nothing, but at least as a public figure, I'd like to hold fast to my own opinion.
Because this is a line of work that grants me a good bit of influence.

American, European, Korean, and Chinese performers, movie actors, and public figures all hold their own opinions in the face of their respective companies.
And there are those like Kubrick and Miyazaki Hayao who make works against their companies.

It's about time Japan woke up from this peaceful stupor.

As "America's Wallet," it wouldn't be strange if Japan soon became a target, too.
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sfhskdjbsdjkf Saitou and Rui are STILL SO MUCH LOVE.

Noumin went to an event thing in Osaka on the 20th that Saitou, Rui, and Aiba attended to pimp their Best Actors CDs, and wrote up a little report here. Some highlights included:

[When asked about their thoughts on the upcoming Tenimyu performances in Nagoya]

Saitou: (Noumin didn't quite remember but it was something to the effect of not being able to go immediately to Nagoya because of work), and then Rui told him, "Aww, that's no fair!" and Saitou responded, "Don't worry, I'll bring you back a souvenir <3"

Aoyagi-kun: "I wanna go back to Tokyo~"
Saitou-san said, "Come on, you can't say that..." then comforted him with, "...but, well, this run's been long. I'll bet you're homesick <3"

[Another time they were asked what other characters they would have liked to play]

Aiba-kun, "Kikumaru. Everything always goes his way. And he's really free-spirited. I wanna be free-spirited too. *strikes the pose with his hand cupping his own chin* Fuji's always like this, it's not really free!"
Aoyagi-kun: "Gakuto's free too!!☆"

[And then Saitou and the Vest Incident]

Ruito alerted Saitou to the fact that he'd worn his vest on inside out!!

From beside him, Aoyagi-kun randomly started to just staaaaaare at Saitou-san when he was answering a question, and when he noticed this he said, "Ruito--don't stare at me like that, it makes me feel awkward!" [T/N: The verb for awkward he used, "tereru," is usually associated with shy, blushing feelings of awkwardness :D]

Then Aoyagi-kun kind of beckoned him closer, and they shared a secret chat, while all around them everyone was going, "Eh? Eh? What's going on?" and Saitou turned and laughed, revealing, "Apparently I've worn my clothes on inside out!"☆

Aiba-kun then suggested, "Live-change! Live-change!" and with his arms spread wide, he hid Saitou-san, while behind him Saitou quickly changed his clothes around.

Then Saitou-san smiled and said to Aoyagi-kun, "Good job noticing that, Ruito~"

Also, Noumin gave us more thoughts on RokkakuMyu, which I've selected this little excerpt from:

Third generation Golden Pair:

This time the Golden Pair didn't really have any chances to show themselves, but I loved how, whenever he could, the skinship-loving Setomaru would get himself entangled with Oishi (haha) When I look at these two I'm reminded of the first cast. I was quite satisfied with them. I'm really looking forward to Rikkai now!
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It may not be time here yet, but it's been time in Japan for a few hours now, so...


Congratulations man, you're once again 9 years older than Rui. That was a close one there for a few months! The boy's catching up to you in your aged feebleness~


Jun. 25th, 2006 09:19 pm
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*goes to read SaiRui fics now cause how can you NOT crave them after seeing that?*

And was it just me, or did Rui seem not so genki on that boat? Seasick? Saitou's hand and the rubbing of the head and sadkfjsdhfslujfhskfuihsdf
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Noumin-san, permission to fangirl you for life?


Takumi-san, so erotic! I wonder if the 'Takumi' in Saitou Takumi stands for the 'e' in erotic??

The funny comes in when you realize that the kanji making up Saitou's first name Takumi, 工, looks an AWFUL lot like the katakana for 'e', エ. So seeing the word for 'erotic', エロい, she makes that statement.

On that note, I suggest Saitou consider a new PR campaign, something like, "You can't spell 'erotic' without Takumi! *wink*"

...My kingdom for a pic of him winking to photoshop ♥
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Good lord, just when I thought I couldn't fall any more in love with Saitou than I already was--he goes and makes a new post in his blog and BLOWS RuiME AWAY.

Not fair, man, so completely not fair.

Now, am I the only one having a nearly impossible time trying to reconcile this Saitou Takumi who posts such deep thoughts to his blog as this with the same one we saw on the HyouteiMyu backstage? Honestly, if he hadn't posted just a few weeks ago those thoughts on the Myu, I'd seriously be doubting whether or not this was REALLY him. But the fact that this IS the same man just makes it all the more enthralling, I think.

I mean, wow. I just stare gaping every time he posts. None of the others can boast that at all. Tuti's the only one who comes even remotely close, and he still has a huge chasm to cross before he reaches the level of aksdjnaskdjnaksda that is Saitou Takumi.

And now, damn you [livejournal.com profile] honooko, I've got these images in my head of Saitou just up and leaving one day. Jetting off on some world-travel trip with nary a look back, finally being so frustrated with his country that he leaves. And the sad thing is it's probably not that far-fetched. I mean, I dunno, it just feels like he's that volatile, that turned off by Japan, that he'd go and pop for a passport and be on his way.

I seriously want to know more about what makes him tick. I need to get my hand on interviews, if only to see more of the mask he puts on for his work (why oh WHY did he wind up an actor? o_O And is that even what he usually does? I need to go dig up some more info...). Just...GAH.


I'm finding myself driven to make tons of Saitou icons now >_> *toddles off*
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People, I'm desperate for more info on Saitou. Seriously.

Name: Saitou Takumi [斎藤工]
Birthdate: August 22, 1981
Height: 184 cm (6' 1/2")
Shoesize: 28 cm
Breast/Waist/Hips: B:94cm W:73cm H:92cm (people CARE about these things?)
Blood Type: A
Astrological Sign: Leo
Brithplace: Tokyo
Hobbies: Film and music appreciation, literature, capoeira, aikido, boxing, soccer
Favorite colors: deep blue, deep green, white
Favorite movies: 『Laputa, Castle in the Sky』, 『Kids Return』, 『Amores Perros』, 『The Third Man』
Favorite actors/actresses: Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro, Harada Yoshio, Ryuu Chishuu
Favorite artists: Happy End, Joe Hisaishi, Bjork, Miyazaki Hayao, Kitano "Beat" Takeshi, Marukami Haruki, Urasawa Naoki


Seriously, I was thinking today--what would his life have been like if he hadn't gotten drawn into the entertainment world? It seems like...this isn't really him. He just doesn't come off as an actor at all. If you saw him in the video I linked to before, you couldn't miss, really, how he didn't seem to capture the camera at all. It could've been nerves, it could've been any number of things, but it just didn't see like him, you know. Even a stranger would've noticed something off.

It's so weird. How can the same guy I see molesting Rui in the myu backstages be the same blogger who writes deep entries that put Tuti's to such shame (if you haven't read them over at [livejournal.com profile] oh_tuti yet, I STRONGLY recommend them)? Seriously, he blogs like no one I've ever seen. Not a smily, not an intro, not an exit--the most 'normal' thing he's written was a simple, "arigatou" at the end of a post. WTF? Stop messing with my head, man!

So now he's got me so interested in him now--I really, really wanna know what makes him tick. How can he maintain two such drastic dynamics, and which is the real him?

Guh, dammit, he makes me want to pen some introspective ficlet lieakWHOA.

Stop that.


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