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Random: at the Reverse Historica talk event with Eiji and Daiki as hosts, they discussed On7 and how they were going outside of Tokyo for the show as well. Namely, that they're going to Nagoya. Waiting for guests to come out, they discussed the reasoning behind choosing Nagoya:

Daiki: "It was because of Tsuchiya. That guy just loves Nagoya! He kept going, 'I wanna do Nagoya! I wanna do Nagoya!'"

You people get ONE GUESS what word I most definitely heard instead of "Nagoya" XD;;;;;;;

THANK YOU AGAIN, LEADER :P You are no friend to me.
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So today, I went with Shouta (Takasaki Shouta, Kikumaru's actor) and Yuusuke (Arai Yuusuke, Inui's actor) to see...*pnish* Produce "Reverse Historica"!(^O^)/


I KNOW. I KNOW IT SHOULDN'T SURPRISE ME. The boy was in Secret Box, got to be good friends with all of *pnish* (TAKE THAT, 4TH CAST) and and and sldifuhslidfs BUT IT'S STILL FUCKING AWESOME THAT HE STILL GOES TO SEE THEIR STUFF AND CHATS WITH THEM: "I got to talk with Wasshi-san for the first time in a while~" laisuhdliasuda love him LOVE HIM. *goes to watch Secret Box again*

(I DON'T THINK I EVEN NEED TO MENTION HOW AWESOME IT IS THAT HE AND SHOUTA HANG OUT THIS MUCH OUTSIDE OF THE MYU. Though they ARE doing TeniMyu rehearsals right now, so they're together a lot anyways right now :D STILL)

I would say I wish I'd gone to see it tonight, but I know that, while I could easily survive seeing Tuti and/or Nagayan and Eiji and/or Daiki at the show, IF I SAW TSUJIMOTO AND/OR TAKASAKI, THERE WOULD BE HYPERVENTILATING. Because 'em are boys I'm not used to yet :P

In other news, I'm working on revamping Chicklit. There's still a lot to work on under the hood, but at the very least the front page looks...way better than it has XD efiction isn't the best engine to use for a fic archive, but it gets the job done~

I also need to update the character list to include 4th/5th casts -- anyone got a comprehensive list of all the new guys since 3rd cast?
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Okay! Let's get started on this RH recap! There's no way I'm rewriting the report, since it really is the EXACT same show as last year, just with a few tiny differences. If you need a recap of the actual show, you can read my report from last year here :D

For everyone else, behind the cut! CUT! )
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No Nagayan at Tuti's talk show for RH as far as I could tell but HOLYSHIT GUYS.


And even better, I KNEW it was him so...I got to watch Tuti watch a show for 2 hours 8D Well, it wasn't like I watched him the whole time, but...still :P

Also apparently Nagayan is going to be in another play soon! Thus sayeth Tenchou (heard secondhand from another fan) -- he didn't mention ANYTHING at the teaparty, so now I'm curious! *____*

Tomorrow it's The Marrieds! I'll make a proper update in the morning about all that was new and different about the show (4 words: Wasshi in a kimono) and my final decision on how it stacked up against last year's ^__^
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Good and Bad today so far:

1) Bad: Realized I subconsciously undermined my fandom by buying milk.


2) Good: Remembered it's April 15 and thus the first day of Reverse Historica and I am seeing Tuti and possibly Nagayan tonight! And Eiji&Daiki tomorrow!!

3) Bad: I have 2 huge-ass long full checks and 1 huge-ass long medium check papers due in the next 2 days.



And Tsujimoto going out for billiards with Nobuyama (Momo-"Ah! CAMERA DAAAA!"-shiro) and Shouta 8DDDDD (and Horio's actor but THESE WERE MORE IMPORTANT). Close with Momo and Eiji's actors, TSUJIMOTO'S TAKING AFTER TUTI SO WELL ;____;
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Eijiiiii >_> where is Leader??

Also lmfao @ Tuti about to drop his Starbucks XDDDDD
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So, I bought a ticket to Reverse Historica's opening night show on the 15th, because Tuti's going to be helping out at the short talk show afterwards. Now, initially I had planned on going to the show in the 16th because 1) Besshi and Tecchan would be there, and 2) Eiji was going to help out. But when it came out that Tuti was going to help out on the 15th, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth I decided to give up on Besshi, Tecchan, and Eiji to see Odeko-san. So I picked up a ticket (not a horribly good one, but still, it was inside the theater and didn't cost double base price or something) and tried to forget about the other show.

And then *pnish* decided, "Hey, Tsuchiya obviously has way more gay at HIS show. This is not cool. We need to somehow add even MORE gay to the talk show on the 16th to balance out Mr. Flowerdy Shirt over there. OH I KNOW. LET'S INVITE DAIKI-CHAN SO HE AND EIJI-SAN CAN BE ICHAICHA AND MARRIED ALL OVER THE STAGE (and possibly get some on the girls in the front row)"



*now has a ticket to the 16th as well*

Like hell I'm missing the Marrieds being Married on stage together :( but why's it gotta be so expensive?? ;___;
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Bah, having a bad day is having a bad day >_>

--*pnish* work blog just announced that TUTI will be doing one of the aftershow talk events also for RH (on opening night!) so now I have to decide if I want to go to THAT one or the Eiji one with Besshi and Tecchan. I'm leaning more towards Tuti's, especially since I think it'll be easier for me to get to the theater early that day. HOWEVER, that's also the day there's going to be a big announcement on the Sabadamikanda blog at 7 PM >_> AND I DON'T WANT TO MISS IT, in case it might be announcements to take part in an event or something ;_; and then I'd be late... (but [livejournal.com profile] imma_holiday! You could see Tuti! :D)

--I asked a chick on AU auctions who I won something form if, instead of a furikomi she could do COD, since that's what I like to use, and she responded with (in English) "hello my name is mika ........no english" and then finished off the email in Japanese telling me she had written in her profile all she did was bank transfers and to please just do a bank transfer. Bitch >_> If I'm talking to you in perfectly legible Japanese, I don't expect you to know any English.

--our Japanese native speaker is LATE, so I'm having to man the phones. And to top it off, my boss isn't here, so everyone wanting to speak to either one of them, I have to tell to call back later. Someone just called wanting to place an order, but when I tried to explain that no one would be in until 10 AM (it's 10 now, I mean to say 11) she was all huffy going, "...Well it's 10 AM now." and when I corrected myself, she just said "Never mind, goodbye."


There's supposed to be a "big announcement" on the ShibaTora blog today. It better be good >_>

ETA: Okay, day is already getting better. Our Japanese guy came in, and Osamu-chan just appended this to an entry:


PS: So it was announced in this week's Jump that Rock Musical Bleach Bankai Show is coming back, huh~ The cast hasn't been announced yet, so I don't know how much I can say, but...this winter I'll be able to do Byakuya again...perhaps?
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Awwwww Besshi and Tecchan (erm, sorry...Tetsu-san?) getting reacquainted before Reverse Historica.

Paula, Rachel, and I are all going to try and get tickets for the April 18 show, which will give us time to frantically try and get tickets for other showings if we really like it XD As my husband is not in it this time, I'm just not sure.

Hisabisa no SPACE ZERO daaaaa~!!!

Tonight is the opening night for the Arashi ni Naru made Matte movie, and Paula, Peter, and I are going to Shinjuku Picadilly to see it, and to drool over Tuti at the butai aisatsu that'll be held before it 8DDDD Thinking about it, I haven't seen the guy since Stanley's Witch in December -- it'll be my first time seeing him this year, and I'll finally have seen everyone I care about at least once in 2009 ^____^ and some people I don't care about, too. I'm looking at you, Gaku.

I'm hungry ;.;
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So, some good news and some bad news.

Bad news: Wasshi IS the only member of *pnish* that's going to be in the reprise of Reverse Historica in April.

Good news: Besshi, Tecchan, TakiYuki, guy who played Tousen (sorry!), and guy who played Muromachi (from Yamabuki!) ARE going to be in it!!

TAKIGUCHI YUKIHIRO. What the HELL. First he's in a play with Daiki, NOW he's going to be in a *pnish* produce show? WHAT'S NEXT? SAMURAI MODE 2??

but more importantly: BESSHI AND TECCHAN. OMG YAY.
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...you see this secret on Fandom!Secrets:

(apparently it's Mitsunari Ishida and Mori Ranmaru)


"...Huh, Besshi/HaraMasa...not a pairing I would've thought of..."


"...But what about Nobunaga??"


Fun notes.

Oct. 6th, 2008 10:58 pm
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Fun note #1) As read in the latest issue of Japan, Inc.: "Salem Pianissimo was specifically designed for Japanese young female smokers by RJ Reynolds and was subsequently acquired by JT back in 1999 when it took over a range of Reynolds' product lines."

(For the not-in-the-know, Tuti smoked Pianissimos until a yearish ago XD;;; SUCH A MANLY MAN.)

Fun note #2) Gaku says in his post wishing Eiji happy birthday that he has known the man for 5 years. 5 years ago it was 2003, and Eiji had just finished the TeniMyu Tsuika Kouen and was nowhere near even thinking of BuriMyu.


Fun note #3) IT MAY STILL BE REVERSE HISTORICA. _o_ I give up. I GIVE UP. (look at the link name in your address bar)

Fun note #4) I ordered groceries online and now my fridge actually has STUFF in it o___o
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First off, A WILD DVD HAS ARRIVED ON MY DOORSTEP. It was like God WANTED me to have this. I got to my apartment mailbox at 5:55 and found an undeliverable item receipt (I have to ask to get my package back by 6 PM to get it that same day, otherwise I'll have to wait til the next day). I was about to run upstairs, when at that exact moment a Sagawa guy pulls up in his van and asks if I'm Courtney. I say yes, and he hands me a package. FROM *PNISH*. HALLELUJAH SLDIFUHSDLIFUHSDIFUS

Question: How the hell did they know to deliver it to my new address (because it didn't go to Shiga, it came straight here, and the address was handwritten like all the stuff I get from them, seeming to indicate that this wasn't a "went to the post office and was sent back" kind of thing...)? I ordered some new stuff from them, and I changed my address for the DM stuff, so maybe through that? Whatever, THANKS GUYS!

Unfortunately, on opening it I realized...it was not Reverse Historica as I had hoped.


CRAP. FUCKING JAPANESE ARGH. REVERSE MADE SENSE. YOU CAN'T BLAME ME. DON'T JUDGE, DON'T JUDGE. NOT. MY. FAULT. I only realized this grave mistake when I popped in the DVD and the "name" showed up on the drive.

Me: (talking to KY on the phone) "Huh...that's weird..."
[livejournal.com profile] hitome_bore: "What's wrong?"
Me: "It has the name of the DVD as Rebirth...HOLY SHIT."
[livejournal.com profile] hitome_bore: "o_O WHAT?"

But I know all you want are backstage screencaps 8DDDDD )

As for the DVD itself--it's ripping right now and should be done by tomorrow morning. The backstage was fairly short (about 15 minutes long), so I've already ripped that and uploaded it for you people viewing my LJ HERE!

I'll make a post to [livejournal.com profile] pnish when it's all done, but if you want to refresh your memory as to just what the hell this play's about, read the super-long-really-detailed review HERE! Enjoy!!

Also included in the DVD was a postcard with a shot of the entire cast in costume on stage and a big pullout pamphlet with pictures of everyone as well as a loooong interview between all four *pnish* members *____* THIS was what we had to wait an extra two months for _o_ But it was worth it, I guess! Will be reading that shortly ^_~

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Oh flist, you bring me the best news ♥____♥

1) Daiki's play has a name! "Ayakashi Kitan" (something along the lines of "Mysterious Ghost Story" -- Kitan is a scary story, and ayakashi is...an ayakashi :P Usually a ghost or something weird, though apparently it can also be used for "idiot/fool" o_O) It's a "Monster action comedy" and has...something of a cast!

So far we've got:
--AC Factory's Ishikura Yoshitake
--Happou B-dan (which is no longer active IIRC?)'s Taguchi Osamu
--Secret Box's Kako Rion (Anikiiii~!)

([livejournal.com profile] eiko_c, where did you see there's gonna be a chick in it??)

And of course Kida Tsuyoshi's directing it (was in and directed Treasure Box, definitely an action kinda guy!) so should be pretty interesting :D Knowing Daiki, of course there'll be gags galore and probably some overwhelming show of friendship that may or may not be very, very gay. Plz to be delivering as you are wont to do, Leader ♥

2) REVERSE HISTORICA & SONO TETTOU DVDS ARE FINALLY OUT!! According to the *pnish* work diary, they're being sent out today (I think...) and should be here as soon as the post office gets its rear in gear! If you ordered both, they'll come at the same time, which might take a little longer, I'm worried :/ Also, when I ordered mine I was still living in Shiga, so while I DID fill out a change-of-address form (or rather, Meg did for me since I forgot XD), I'm wondering if the stuff gets sent to Shiga first and THEN comes up to me in Tokyo? *WANTS THESE DVDS REALLY REALLY BADLY. LIKE, NOW.*

3) *pnish* room flyers are going to be set out in La Foret starting today! 4 flyers, changed weekly every Wednesday, if you pick up all four between now and the show on the 28/29 (OH SNAP! NO MEAT NIGHT THIS MONTH PROBABLY!) you get a special present at the theater. Since La Foret is in Harajuku, this makes it really difficult for anyone not in Tokyo to get these :P The flyers will be in the flyer racks which are against the central pillars on every floor of the building, so there are lots it seems, and they're really easy to find.

Got paid yesterday, so food and karaoke tonight with [livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes!! Can't WAIT!
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Don't make me come down there.

While we had intended to send out the [Reverse Historica] DVD at the beginning of September [...] we've decided to send both DVDs [Reverse Historica and Sono Tettou] at once [...] so they'll probably reach you in early October."


Seriously, Daiki and Eiji better be locking lips in the backstage footage, or Tuti better be caught running around in a pair of plaid briefs in the dressing room for this to be worth waiting 5 months for these DVDs (given that the wait up until now has been 3 or less).

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I bought people Droom2 gloves at RH, and after I did so, I was given a lovely little ticket. When I asked what it was for, I was cheerily told, "Oh, just come back and wait here after the show, and we'll show you in so you get to talk and shake hands with Sano-san ^_^ ^_^ ^_^"



After the show ended I kinda wanted to be sick, and tried to come up with SOMETHING to say >_> Because it's not you and ten other girls going from one guy to the next like at the post-performance handshakes, it's you going back into the theater, ALONE. WITH DAIKI. For something like one or two minutes. DID I MENTION ALONE? LIKE NO BACKUP?

...I wound up confessing I'd actually already bought gloves at Droom and was just picking some up for my friends, but that I thought the performance was amazing (AND OH YES, I DID MENTION THAT I'D BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO HIM PERFORMING WITH EIJI OOPS HAHHAAH IS THAT *MY* SHIP SHOWING??), and he was so slduhsdliufshlidfs cute and nice and giggly and said stuff like, "I'm so glad and we get so much energy from hearing things like that" and all that lovely generic stuff 8DDDDD

I noticed that back at the beginning, though, for Secret Box and all when me and people like [livejournal.com profile] tayles and [livejournal.com profile] later_uk and [livejournal.com profile] dria_uesugi and [livejournal.com profile] crazy_squirtle and all did the handshake thing, the guys would always ask us where we came from or say stuff like, "wow good Japanese!" that ALL Japanese say when you can say, "konnichiwa"--and now, they don't. WHICH MAKES ME INSANELY HAPPY.

Because that means they're getting used to foreign fans coming to their shows, and they don't ask us which country WE came from any more than they'd ask their Japanese fans which prefecture THEY came from.

Or maybe I just scared Daiki so much he forgot to ask XD <--probably this one.

About halfway done with this Reverse Historica report. Yay.


Apr. 21st, 2008 02:42 pm
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Attention: if anyone wants the Reverse Historica DVD please paypal utinam[@]gmail[.]com 4700yen by WEDNESDAY (I have to send off the furikomi form by April 30, and I want to use my time I have Wednesday after school to go to the post office).

Ordering it early like this, I believe you get a special post-card, as well, so if you're thinking of getting it, send me some cashola! Also, assuming there's a Tettou DVD, it'll probably be the same way, but I'll let you know later.

In other news, I've decided to stop being pissed about Nagayan as a guest at the KG show. It could be worse: Tuti could've been the guest at the other show I'm not going to XD;;;;


Apr. 21st, 2008 06:40 am
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Reverse Historica's over.

Nagayan's coming to Mizuno Puma on Thursday--when no one's going.

This day's already sucking and it's not even 7AM.

I feel really stupid, because I actually want to cry.

More update on RH senshuuraku when I'm not feeling so stupidly whiny.
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I don't know where to start to explain how awesome today was. But I'm going to try and keep this somewhat coherent, so forgive the frequent bouts of slidufhsldiufhsldiufhs when I devolve into fits of ecstasy 8D

I'm going to be posting a big summary of the show after senshuuraku tomorrow and posting it to [livejournal.com profile] pnish, so for now I'm not really going to bother with explaining the plot unless it calls for it. For now, THE HIGHLIGHTS! )


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