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Mar. 19th, 2009 11:18 am
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So, time for FujiQ picspam! The place was incredibly easy to get to, if not quite out of the way. Seriously, Tuti lives in the fucking BOONIES. But at least the view was nice! FujiQ e LET'S GO! )

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It's so fluffy, and coming down really thick *dances* please to still be around when I go outside, thaaaaanks~


ETA: meant to post this a while back... Poster advertisement seen in Shinagawa (??) station:

That's Yugawara Onsen, where *pnish* went in NaiPani XDDDD
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Went out shopping today, didn't actually buy much of anything XD One thing I did need, though, was some new shoes, and oh the shoes we found...

Long line of fandom love! Seriously, wtf XDDDDD

These shoes came in two colors, if you can't tell red&blue, or pink&yellow XD I totally wanted to buy one pair of each and just mix the two to have completely fandom-y shoes :D

Also, Paula, Rachel, Peter, and I all want to go to Fujikyuu Highland (you may remember this from NaiPani :D) in March, and in doing a little research on it today, I found this section about the haunted house.


Tomorrow is the KG event! Iwashita, Bana, and Yasu will be there yaaaaay~ Then meeting [livejournal.com profile] eiko_c in Shibuya to get her used to meeting people, like Tenchou!

Random: I wanna read some good Golden Pair fic...
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So, I've been thinking, and thinking is generally a not-good-idea for me, so give me some slack:

I might try my hand at subbing the NaiPani episodes.

Why those? It's a lot less intimidating to tackle one of those at 30 min or so than a full play at 2+ hours, plus it better showcases the guys as themselves rather than as actors playing characters, which I think would endear more people to them who aren't really familiar with their personalities as individuals.

Thing is, about all I CAN do is translate: does anyone here have any experience subbing something like this, or know who I can contact to get into it with me? If possible, I'd like to do this really nicely. I know [livejournal.com profile] nacchi_camui and I subbed the Host Club skit from On 4 ages ago, but I dunno if she'd like to try this as well or have time, or if anyone else has some suggestions as well? :D

Also, it's more of a variety show style of show, and has lots of on-screen text that might be kinda hard to sub, any suggestions on that? I'm really actually kinda excited about doing this, so PLEASE. SOMEONE REPLY BEFORE I LOSE MY DRIVE!
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BIG LONG UPDATE WITH PICS. No, I'm not back yet--I still have no net, but I'm borrowing Beri's right now, so...click if you dare! )

Horseys!! )
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Also, some extras from my capping spree yesterday. They say you cruelly make fun of the ones you love... )
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And the final picspam post is here! Hope you all enjoyed them :) Long while coming... )

I really hope you've enjoyed these caps--it was such a pleasure going back through the DVDs and rewatching all these episodes and seeing this all in action. Before NaiPani, what we knew of Eiji's and Daiki's interactions was mostly what we saw on their blogs, and now and then demonstrated on the DVD backstages. Seeing NaiPani, we got to see them interact in a non-structured environment more than we ever had before, and it just has totally expanded the way I see them. These two are utterly, sappily in love, and I hope I've gone some ways towards explaining that in greater detail to everyone who's viewed these ^____^
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We're passed the halfway point! It's all downhill into RabuRabu Territory from here~ Do you dare march forth? )

One more after this~!!
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Continuing on with my picspam posts, we have more Eiji/Daiki NaiPani Lovin'~! Click-it or ticket! )

Part 2 over...moving on!
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So, I decided since NaiPani's finally over, and there are some of you who don't quite realize what NaiPani did for MoriDaiki, I'd put together some picspam posts of the Marrieds in NaiPani. As it is, I've screencapped what I believe is every Eiji/Daiki Moment in the series, every high-five, every stupid grin, every ass-check, every Being Obviously Married shot there exists captured by Director Hottie McSexpants' cameras.

Now that all is said and done, there are over 180 shots, though >_> Sooooo I'm gonna break it up into a few separate, chronologically-ordered posts, because I'm nice that way. All shots have been resized to fit my current layout, which I'll likely regret later when I wanna fangirl, but you people can go and watch the original episode if you want to see the Marrieds in action :P So! Without further ado...Part 1! )

To be continued...!
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Last few screencaps here--this is the end of NaiPani (so, announcing the winner, and showing the loser's treasure), along with a few extra screencaps from the extras section. I'll say right behind this cut who the winners are, so...don't click if you don't want to know yet :P And the winner is... )
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Now we move on to the final two episodes, which I'll post together in this post EXCEPT for the winner, which I'll make a third post for (plus extra goodies, which--wow were they hilarious if short XD). Time to go back to last December... )
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PRESENT IN THE MAIL AGAIN! NaiPani volume 4, the final DVD, is OUT! And unfortunately, this time the extras are slim pickings, but we FINALLY FIND OUT what Eiji buried! And I'll wait to post about it later when I post caps of it, but I'll tell you he really WOULD have been sad to not have gotten it back (he does get it back, kinda), and we would have as well, because it WAS something special and obviously had a lot of thought put into it. AND IT CORROBORATES MY THEORY OF WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW EIJI AND DAIKI MET 8DDDDD

Since I got a little cap-happy, I'm gonna post each episodes caps separately XD Cause I'm taking about 40 each... Time for episode 10, and TUTI JR. 8D )
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Tonight was the last episode of Hottokenai! *pnish* TV, and as usual I've recorded some scenes with my cellphone. If you're not prepared--know that the WINNER of the show is announced this episode, so strap in, cause it's a bumpy ride!

Clips behind here! )
*sigh* so, it's over ;_; Hottokenai *pnish* TV has come and gone. Will there be another season? Who knows >_< I know I'd LOVE to see more of this stuff, it let you feel like you got to know the guys better, and was funny as hell. I'll be rooting for it, at least!

Also, anyone who avoided it before now has no reason not to go read my report on these final two episodes from the taping back in December!
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ANOTHER PRESENT IN THE MAIL YAAAAAY! LJ cut because NaiPani 3 made me take 60+ caps LOTS OF IMAGES MMK? )

And of course this baby's ripping, what do you take me for??
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It's that time again! The first Sunday of the month, it's NAIPANI NIGHT! This week's episode just ended--the 11th of 12, and this was the first of the two episodes shot during On6 last December inside Space Zero ♥ I've clipped some of the highlights and loaded them to photobucket for viewing convenience :D

Find them behind the cut! )
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ETA: As the final episode has now aired, I'm unlocking this post ♥

All right, I'm not posting this to [livejournal.com profile] pnish because, well, I'm breaking enough "rules" as is posting this at all :D But I figure since there's VERY little chance this is getting over to the Japanese fans as it's written in English and locked, I'm okay posting this to my own private journal. This means, guys, DON'T GO TALKING ABOUT THIS IN PUBLIC PLACES (online, I mean) FOR.............3 months XD

Hai! Today was *drumroll* the NaiPani Recording event! Held at Space Zero in Shinjuku, Tokyo, this event spanned over 3 hours. What exactly was it? This was the actual filming of the final two episodes of *pnish*'s TV show Hottokenai! *pnish* TV! Yes, it's been nearly one full year since the show started, and that means it's almost over. We're 9 episodes in right now, the 10th will air in January, the 11th in February, and the final episode will air March 2008.

Today, they taped the 11th and 12th episodes. I did not realize THAT was what was happening--so that meant that we and we alone would know 3 months ahead of time not only who was to win NaiPani, but what exactly the guys buried!

We were asked ahead of time by Yokoyama-director (who was REALLY hot) and Inoue-producer not to post this online or tell friends or anything, because it would spoil the fun, but since I HAVE to spazz with SOMEONE, and gaijin are far enough removed from Japanese public spaces as we are, I figured it'd be okay.

With that said, this is, of course, VERY SPOILERY. I will write up as detailed a report as I can (I'm on the shinkansen writing this right now, and will post when I have net access at home), and that will definitely include the winner, and of course the poor loser, as well as talk about all their individual "treasures" they had to bury. You've been warned!

Proceed if you dare, or wait for the DVDs :D )
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Got my postcard from *pnish* that I'll use to get into the NaiPani taping on the 11th.

They let you in based on the number on the card, to get a seat I presume.

My number?

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Good news first, because it's long and I don't want to have it affect how you see the bad news :/

Actually, the good news comes in 2 parts. )


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