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Oh GOD. It's a beautiful beautiful EIJI SANDWICH.

Also, Charlie says: "I received some really nice words from Takashi-san, too." <--What? WHAT? I really really want to know what kind of things Nagayan told him. It's the sort of thing I can only dream about--exactly what an original would say to a current Myuboy, especially one replaying a scene that so far only the original had done ;~;

Also also, lulz Charlie: "Oishi-kun with two Eijis...that looks really tough..." XDDDD Preach it!
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*____* All the Shounen Hollywood boys! I SO want them to redo that show dammit. And I want the CD/DVD to come out sooner :< It was such a fun show (and eeee they still hang out now after it~) and made up for the absolutely horrible month before it, so...do want to experience that again tyvm :3


Apr. 14th, 2011 11:04 pm
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I've been...in kind of a rut lately. Ever since being supremely disappointed with Golden Mask, I've felt like a lot of the shows I've seen lately have just been...not good. Not enjoyable. Confusing, muddled, and wondered if it was just me, if it was just kind of...a delayed reaction from the awesome time I had from late 2009 to mid 2010. Maybe I was kind of "done" with seeing shows I really liked? :(

Thankfully Shounen Hollywood remedied me of that feeling :DDDDD SEE WHY! )

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Only talked about the boys I care about, which are:

Oshitari: Wow, you are...a very genki Oshitari XD; But you say you're a good singer, so that bodes well. Your Oshitari voice sounds a little forced (like someone's Saitou imitation tbh XDDD), but everyone sounds pretty bad in these vids initially, plus the change was kind of sudden from your genki normal voice so that didn't really help XD I still have hope for you, though :D You didn't disappoint :DDDDD

Gakuto: omg Gakuto you are kind of adorable and I actually REALLY like your Gakuto voice. Also, Eiken 2kyuu? YES PLEASE TO BE TALKING ENGLISH THX. WILLIKERS. I actually hate these videos because they don't give a very good impression of the guys because it's all reading off cue-cards and makes them sound stilted and weird. Really, the only part worth watching IS their IC sign-off, and since this kid was quite good with his IMHO, I'm happy :D

Tomoruuuuu: I won't even call you Jirou because you are just Tomoru to me atm so HI. PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THIS AWESOME CUTE GENKI ATMOSPHERE BECAUSE YOU ROCK.

In related news: I traded in my ticket for the TeniMyu that got canceled for one to tomorrow's show XD I will probably have a nosebleed seat, but that's okay: I'M GOING. And then going again Saturday. Which will be after I go see Shounen Hollywood on Thursday. Hee. Busy week XD;
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XDDDDD I mean, sometimes I think it's just me. And sometimes I think they do it to fuck with us. And sometimes I think they do it because it's all they can :3

On an unrelated note: Whaaaat.


I'm gonna be like...really disappointed if that Ueda kid is ACTUALLY playing a girl. Like it looks like he is there. This was supposed to be an awesome BL Romeo & Juliet :< Do not disappoint plz~!
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Someone with a keitai, QUICK! WTF is that?? Keitai-only sites don't recognize smartphone browsers as being not-a-computer, so I can't see :<<<< It was linked at the top of Nagayan's blog and says something about being an Ameba Mall shop??

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Duuuuude I wonder if Nagayan is at Abbey Road??? A popular (and VERY good) Beatles cover bar in Roppongi? If so, 1) DUDE I'VE BEEN THERE :DDDD and 2) DUDE HE WAS RIGHT ACROSS THE ROAD FROM ME (as I was at a German pub celebrating a co-worker's birthday when he posted XDDDD)
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....hahahha look what country is in the news XDDDDD

If you don't recognize it: it's Vanuatu, aka the country Nagayan went to for Ururun where he ran around nude the whole time XD
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Mitsuru's review of Blood Prisoner summed up in one phrase: ZOMG TEN-CHAN/JUNSUKE OTP FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.

I love it when we agree on important things like that :D It also makes me happy that she really enjoyed the show and appreciated all the heavy shippy scenes despite being really unimpressed with Nagayan's more recent shows in the past few months (solo ventures at least), like me. He is so fricking capable of pulling of an amazing, funny, believable role if you give him a good script and an awesome cast!

In other news, apparently the computers at my work are getting renewed soon (as in, some time this month). We're all about to go from old, decrepit Win XP dinosaurs with Word 2003 to bright shiny new beasts with Windows 7 :D Yay~~~~ I love getting a new piece of technology, especially when I don't have to pay for it XDDDD

People who are coming to invade my apartment Thursday: please to be bringing some kind of snack food if you can, and BYOB as well~ all I have is water and expired fruit milk!
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Today was an interesting day!

I woke up fairly late and killed some time getting ready until the Tuti event tickets went on sale, at which point I pounced most effectively and snagged myself, [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou, and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace tickets for Tuti's zomgawesome Nagoya Meijimura event. We have no clue what it's going to entail save that Tuti will be there and so will we :D getting there is another matter entirely...

With tickets safely procured, I headed to Shibuya to meet up with the aforementioned ladies and a third friend Joanna (who...I'm not sure the LJ of? Halp?). We were meeting at Gain, because they had wanted to check it out before we had lunch, but a shopping spree had them arriving after me, which meant I was left standing and looking stupid outside of Gain for ~10 min XD I was mostly worried that Tenchou would look down and see me and come down and interrogate me about why I was hanging around in front of his place. I supposed if he asked me that, I'd just explain that I was waiting for some friends who wanted to visit Gain, etc. etc.

I shit you not, literally TEN SECONDS after I devised that plan, a shadow appeared in the side of my vision, and I glanced up and holy fuck Tenchou right there next to me. I dunno HOW he snuck up so ninja like since I was standing RIGHT in front of Gain, but THERE he was, tickled that I jumped when he came around XD;;; We then chatted for a little bit--where he did indeed ask what I was doing there. When I said I was waiting for some friends who wanted to visit Gain, he asked if it was "the same one who came last week" ([livejournal.com profile] faded_lace getting a Blossam shirt), and I said nope, new ones~ to which he got all Japanese-store-owner-y on me and thanked me for bringing people around XD

Then for some reason we started talking about the new Blossam shirt (I think because of mentioning [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace) and he asked me if I'd gone to Nagayan's FC event last week. When I said I had, a little surprised that he knew about it, he explained that Nagayan had called him and mentioned that I'd worn it and said something like "the lime looked good" and I'm all nodding nicely and smiling and inside going kind of, "LIAUDFHSDFS SHIT FUCK NAGAYAN ILUSFM"

We then discussed KG losing two more members, and then he had to dash back upstairs because a customer had come, so I was left to sit in the heat some more XD But the girls showed up shortly after that, so we popped up and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace bought a Wasshi-line green train shirt because she is an awesome Wasshi fan and Tenchou loved it XD

After that was lunch at TGIFridays and then dashing over to Ebisu to see Blood Prisoner one final time! Unfortunately our seats were separated today, but being in the back I got to see Tamacchi escort a few people into kankeisha seats, including...THIS DUDE! I heard him before I saw him, and when I glanced over, all I saw was a really tall guy with Naoya-esque glasses on, and thought huh, that guy totally looks like Naoya! But I never like guessing who someone was, so I kept my eyes peeled at demachi, and he did indeed come down in full Naoya glory XD

SPEAKING OF DEMACHI! [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace had worriedly asked me the other day if I thought it would be weird for her to wear her new awesome Blossam shirt to the show today, and I reassured her that Nagayan fricking LOVES it when people wear Blossam to his shows, so she definitely should. It was a very good thing she did...because he walked out WEARING THE EXACT SAME ONE XDDDD And when he saw her, he exclaimed, "We match!" and gave her a manly side-hug which I think she is probably still feeling now 8DDDDD It was kind of awesome.

After the show, we piled all four into the Big Echo near the theater and sang our throats raw :D Here are some tired, sung-out fangirls:

(I'm taking the pic, so I'm not in it)

As for the show itself, it was--if possible--even gayer than last time, and I'm sure you people are tired of my babbling about how awesomely gay this show was and how Souta's Ten-chan is absolutely head over heels in love with Nagayan's Junsuke and how it hurts seeing him pining, BUT JSYK I'M PROBABLY GOING TO HAVE TO GET SOME FIC-WRITING FOR THIS PAIRING OUT OF MY SYSTEM. SO. You know, be prepared :D


Dream Team!

Sep. 3rd, 2010 11:25 pm
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Tacchan, Eiji, and Yotti. AND NAGAYAN IN A PINK AND YELLOW SHIRT. My night's pretty much made!

Speaking of which, my last viewing of Blood Prisoner is tomorrow D: I don't want it to end...! Still no word on a DVD, too >_> Maybe we'll see cameras tomorrow? Expect notice :D
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My least favorite activity: doing demachi alone

My most favorite activity: doing demachi with someone who has never done it before and it is their first time meeting someone like, oh, Nagayan who will hold your hand and make you feel like you are his One and Only for all of 15 seconds.

[livejournal.com profile] faded_lace: you made my night XD Squeal on, you fierce bitch, squeal on.

We are going a THIRD TIME because [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou can't be left out of the fun, yaaaay :D

Also, I really want to read some Ten'ichirou/Junsuke fic like maaaaad because there is some UST that seriously needs to be RST. I dunno that *I* want to be the one who has to write it XD; But I would read the crap out of it!
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First off, someone help me! A while back, someone posted a fic (to a drabble meme, maybe?) which involved Tuti taking Nagayan to visit his father's grave, to introduce Nagayan. I don't recall where I read it, but seeing Tuti mention today that he's back in Yamanashi right now visiting his father's grave reminded me of it ;~; And now I want to read it again! Sound familiar to anyone??

In other news: CONGRATS ON OPENING DAY, BLOOD PRISONER CAST!! Let's check real quick: WILL TUTI GO SEE THIS SHOW?? Click to find out! SPOILERS )

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So, randomly, it's always bugged me since the first Rikkai NationalsMyu that Tsuji's cadence when delivering his lines on the container differed strikingly from the rhythm that Tuti had adopted back during St. Rudolph. I realize I'm probably the only obsessed nerd who noticed it, but it always bugged me. This line:

Makeru tabi ni koko de hanseikai datta na

Tuti had a really solid, smooth delivery, rolling through the line pretty quickly to the "ni" before continuing on, but Tsuji spoke it more like, "Makeru TABI ni...koko de haneikai datta na", with some slight emphasis on "tabi", which as I said BUGGE ME XD; Not because it sounded wrong, but because it just differed from the delivery I'd always been used to, Tuti's.

But then, a few days back, I rewatched that scene--the ORIGINAL one, from the anime--for the first time in a while, because it was included on the PairPuri DVD for Golden Pair.


KONDOU!OISHI SAYS IT THE SAME WAY AS TSUJI. Which means a) Tuti just delivered it in his own style, pretty much how he wanted to, and b) TSUJI RELIGIOUSLY WATCHED THAT SCENE SO THAT HE COULD PARROT REAL!OISHI'S VOICE THERE. AWW. AWWWWWW.

I dunno why, but hearing that and realizing that it wasn't Tsuji who was sounding "off" but Tuti and I'd just gotten used to him, and that Tsuji had very obviously worked hard to get his cadence as close to the original as possible was just...really nice and made me feel happy XD

IN OTHER NEWS: It's BLOOD PRISONER opening night! I am making [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace be my 観劇 bitch and come with me to see it, so we can remind Nagayan that his foreign faction is EVERGROWING. Hopefully I will not scare her off with my continued efforts to Make People Be My Friend In Tokyo 8D;;;

In still other news, I'm in the process of diligently rewatching Samurai Mode right now, capping all the while, so I can write up a long, image-filled summary of the show so you ungrateful bitches can watch, understand, fall in love, and then WRITE ME FIC :DDDDD お楽しみに〜
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Helllllooooooooo nurse!

GUH Nagayan. Seriously, you're gonna have to stop making me regret hoping you're gay with Tuti :(

Today was a good day, in other news! After work, I hustled over to Musashi-Sakai where, despite the pouring ran (seriously, cats and dogs >_>) [livejournal.com profile] nikki_aino and I managed to successfully and happily fill our gullets with cowflesh! TASTY!

Afterwards, we hurried back to the station--getting soaked on the way--and headed back to Shinjuku where we looked up the nearest Big Echo and planted ourselves in a booth and sang all the new TeniMyu songs we could find XD I think the most fun part of the evening, though, was singing Challenge and This is the Prince of Tennis at the end of our session as our last songs in these really high pitched vocaloid-esque voices, trying to out-annoy one another XD Definitely worth repeating, as it was surprisingly fun :D

I can't wait for the 20th, because Shinogi wo Kezuru Mono-tachi will be in then! Woohoo!!
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1) Is Takashi the star? Yes.

2) Do people die? Tsk, duh.

3) Does Takashi die? No!

4) Does at least 50% of the cast die? This is kind of on the edge; 7 people die, but the cast is 15 anyways, and 4 of those 7 are the same 2 people dying twice, so...that's only 1/3 of the cast. So "no."

5) Huh? That doesn't sound like a Takashi play... Okay it felt like at least half the cast died, so let's go with "yes."

6) Does Takashi go crazy? Define "crazy" :/ His personality changes abruptly from a goody two-shoes to an iron-fisted badass, but I don't guess it's crazy...


Well, Leader, you heard Tuti: Go see it and report back. And now, for some of my own thoughts on 'Shinsengumi'! )
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XDDDDD I saw a commercial for Breaking Bad DVDs while riding the Yamanote yesterday :P I love seeing my random mainstream US series getting exposure over here :D

And on that note, yesterday was the release event for Gachinko Shissou Joutou, where those who pre-ordered the DVD were allowed to attend a handshake event! In Kawasaki! Which...is kind of out of the way! XD; More notes behind here~ )
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So, Tuti has a sword which means...Garakusha, right??? And Eiji has one too--but it's his Li sword, right (it looks like the same swords used for MahaMo, but 1) Zachou had a horrible beard/moustache, and 2) He had no sword!)?? *____* THEY NEED TO STOP TEASING.

I would love for there to be some lulz if Garakusha confuses Li for Tachibana. LOVE FOR IT.

I can't tell wtf Wasshi and Daiki are up to but I neeeeeeed it to be Thursday NOW.

Tomorrow is the Gachinko release event ://// I hate these things, because I always feel sick meeting people in person :P Which reminds me, gdi--handshake after HappyPani also...NGH, GEEZ.

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Woohoo! Gachinko rip came out beauuuuutiful and I'm just finishing up the extras (not a whole lot, unfortunately: 20 min of making-of, a 9-min clip of the butai aisatsu, and a 3-min music video for the movie's theme song). In the meantime, have some screencaps :D Don't worry, I went easy this time--no shots of Nagayan getting beaten up, either >_> Because those suck. Go cut yourself! )
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lolololol this is seriously the best thing ever. For those curious: Shinsengumi and Hakkenden rehearsals apparently are right in the same building right now and they ran into each other XDDDDD

Still, Nagayan: "We're the Golden Pair!" <---No, no. Your Oishi is つっちー, not つーじー. I realize their names are eerily similar, but come on. Look at the guy. He has hair. I'm not seeing how you can mix them up visually :( You're not being a very good sempai to Shouta...


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