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oh FUCK this adorable shit

Tsuji. Tuti. Fix this.

(also lololol @ Nagayan's NagaJo shirt :D)
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Hey all! Finally got my report of the Nagayama Joshi Gakuen Korea Trip finished, long as it may be!

Check it out at your leisure~ :D


Dec. 13th, 2009 01:11 pm
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Guess which one the weird foreigner wrote 8DDDDDD

Going out for yakiniku tonight with the lurvly [livejournal.com profile] darksprite, but before that: SHOPPING!

Mini update

Dec. 8th, 2009 09:34 am
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Back at work now after getting only 3 hours of sleep because Kaoru and I were up til something like 3:30 watching TxN and BuriMyu stuff XDDDDD I love having new fans into the same stuff I am to show things too 8D

I don't have a lot of time right now because I have a lot to do, but let me see if I can get some tiny highlights here:

--WAY fewer people than I expected. Our Narita group was about 25 people, so I was expecting the others to be about the same with a total of 80-90 people, because the minimum number for participation was 80 people...but there were only about 40 total! Either the 80 wasn't the real cutoff, or Nagayan really really really wanted to do this ;_; STILL, NOT COMPLAINING! It felt WAY more intimate this way! And you get to know and recognize pretty much everyone :D

--Stuff was soooo cheap at the conbini and stuff. Bottled water was ~40 yen (here: ~150 yen), a full burger set at McDonalds was ~300 yen (here: ~700 yen). I MISS IT SO. Also, they had twix 8D I bought some because [livejournal.com profile] dilettantka mentioned it~

--Nagayan talked about so many random things throughout the event: his thoughts on Oshio Manabu (from a film they did together recently, before Oshio was arrested on suspicion of murder), why he didn't go to college ([livejournal.com profile] analineblue!!! I didn't even bring this up! It just RANDOMLY came up at dinner!), and how THIS BURIMYU MAY NOT BE HIS LAST. Well, I dunno. He was pretty well drunk when he was talking about it, but he was kind of huddled at our corner talking to our table, and Hitsugaya came up, and he goes kind of idly, "Man, I wonder how long I'm gonna be playing Shiro-chan..." The other girls were all, "uuuhh...we're pretty sure it said this was the last for the original members...?" And he kinda looked confused like, "Huh..." I dunno XD; Nagayaaaan. As Kaoru put it to me later: "I don't want a BuriMyu with Nagayan but without Tuti ;___;" <--PREACH IT, SISTER ;_;

--When Nagayan visited our room (he did everyone's), the first thing he said on entering was, "...Wow, this room smells good!" I sniffed then, as I hadn't noticed anything really...and all I smelled was a faint cigarette smoke smell >_>

--Weirdest most awkward feeling in the world? Front hug with Nagayan >_> The first time at least. The second time I was overcome with so much platonic love for him I wanted to lift him up and whirl him around 8D

--Heheheheeee we talked a little about Takasaki at the show when the girls at our table were all, "ZOMG HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOST RECENT GP?! FIRST CAST SHOULD REALLY REALLY WATCH THEM." I know it was because of the GP medley that included all those songs Tuti and Nagayan sang together, but sdufsifds that it brought Takasaki into the convo MADE MY DAY. One girl even went, "He was saying on his blog that he was a Nagayama-san fan!" and Nagayan's drunken, tired response was: "Of course he is~"

--GROUP DATE IN MYEONGDONG. By which I meant we all walked around with him in a group of about 5 or 6 each at a time, and walked around taking turns holding hands and shopping and doing date-like things with him. Yeah. YEAH. It should not have felt that awesome pretending to be Nagayan's beardgirlfriend 8D

I'm sure I'll remember a lot more and be tempted to write it down as well, but I'll save that writeup with my notes for later ;) For now, Nagayan's safely back in Japan and heading to Fantasia rehearsals, my little group of friends is planning a yakiniku party before the end of the year hopefully, and I HAD AN AMAZING TIME and can't WAIT to tell you all about it!!


Dec. 4th, 2009 10:01 am
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It's Friday, yaaaay!

Tomorrow is KOREA! Yaaay.......? XD; I've started going over my schedule in detail, and have found out now that I'll have to get up about 3:30 in the morning, so that I can be out of my apartment by 4:30 to walk to Shin-Ookubo station, because I can't get to Narita by 7:20 otherwise >_> Shin-Ookubo's fricking FAR :( I could take a taxi but nnnngh, I'm cheap. Just have to remember to wear something good to walk in...

In 24 hours, I'll be in the air on my way to Korea baby 8D Hopefully seated next to someone nice who's not afraid of me, because I STILL don't know a single soul going >_>

Oh and I was just reviewing the schedule, and saw something that was probably really good I missed until now, as I would be freaking out: 3 min in heaven with Nagayama-sensei >______>

Okay maybe not the "in heaven" part, but we have to go, one by one, ALONE, to his room (HIS ROOM. HIS. ROOM.) and talk to him. For 3 minutes.

FUCK ME :(((((((((( I love that guy but DON'T STICK ME IN A ROOM ALONE WITH HIM. I MAYWILL SAY EMBARRASSING THINGS. (on the bright side, I may get to give him that English lesson after all XD;)

dammit how come none of you people are going on this stupid trip with me?!

Also, what time should I try to go to bed...? I'm going to exchange yen for won (Korean currency) after work, and then headed home to eat and pack and probably go to bed. I know I won't be able to go to bed too early, because I suck that way, but I don't want to be a zombie. I'll just try and convince myself it's like me and [livejournal.com profile] analineblue getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to go stand in line for a 4th child :DDDDD

Yoooosh, time to finish work so I can go on my overseas vaycay~!
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Why yes that IS Hiiro (Shouta) embracing Shimura (Tsujimoto) from behind and asldifuhsdlfiushlefisfvsdfs GAAAH I REALLY MISS THIS SHOW.




also lulz it's supposed to rain coming into Seoul Saturday. Nagayan plz stop being ame otoko D:

ETA: Golden Trio interview page 1
Golden Trio interview page 2
Golden Trio interview page 3


Dec. 3rd, 2009 09:21 am
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*nervous laugh* Woooohoooo I almost had a heart attack XD

I don't guess it ever struck me that Korea was, yanno, A FOREIGN COUNTRY, and that Japan was not, yanno, MY HOME COUNTRY. Thus as a foreigner going from one country to another, if I want to be able to get back into Japan--I have to have a re-entry permit. This requires I go to the Immigration office in the middle of nowhere in Tokyo and purchase one. Otherwise I won't be able to get back into Japan after coming back from Korea (if they let me leave at all, which I dunno how that'd go). I could've been in seeeerious trouble come Saturday >_>

Thankfully, though, when I went to get my permission last year, I bought a multiple-reentry one, which lets me go as I please until mid-next year~ So I was all good XD But I freaked out a little before I realized I'd bought a multiple one last year. WHEW.

Drama for the day? I hope you're done >_>
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Weeeellll since it was Thanksgiving today and I didn't have any real plans...

Subway and I made a date :D And then I remembered I don't really like turkey that much 8D; I had a ham one also, though, which was delish.

And then when I got home, I had a present waiting in my mailbox!

NAGAJO KOREA TRIP PACKET :OOOOO It's kinda weird getting it now because...IT'S ALMOST TIME. The Narita group has the longest schedule--we don't leave Korea until, like, almost 7 PM on Monday to get back to Japan, ugh. Compare that with the Kansai group that leaves around 2 PM. Weird o_O I guess that means we get a more relaxed schedule, though? Which is cool with me. We have to meet at Narita next Saturday at 7:30 AM though :(((((( Yay bright and early... And our first meal is seafood hotpot! GOOD THING I DON'T HATE SEAFOOD MORE THAN ANY OTHER FOOD IN THE WORLD 8D;;; OH WAIT.

At least we get yakiniku the second day, though *___* authentic Korean yakiniku! It promises to be lovely, as long as I can make sure I get some normal meat for grillin'!

*deep breaths*

Oh, random: I totally just went out to Lawsons to buy a lightbulb...and was greeted by Nagayan's lovely face :D Courtesy of this XD I wonder if they'll give me the poster when they have to take it down which could be March, considering how long they had Bambino stuff up...

And also! BabaRyo is on Visual Boy now :OOOOO Does this mean we'll get more T2 goodies? GOD I HOPE SO. Please to be spamming that blog with tales of your wacky Golden Trio adventures??
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Haaaalp guys!

I cannot do this alone, so you guys are going to be my backer-uppers as I prep for NagaJo In Korea...which appears to be a GO!

We've been asked to send in emails to the FC regarding THINGS WE WANT NAGAYAN TO DO (I'm thinking "come out with Tuti" and "Join *pnish*" are not going to fly), so what should I send in?

It says to send in requests for what to do at an event, so I dunno if they mean THIS event, or an event in general--but let's see what you guys can suggest :D

Personally, I want another karaoke party 8D But I'm sure I can send in a few suggestions if you can come up with some good ones ;D

Got any??
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I love this; only a matter of HOURS after I posted the last entry wondering about NagaJo In Korea and what might happen if enough people didn't sign up...I get an email from the FC saying they've extended reservations for the trip (presumably in an effort to get more people...because not enough are signing up) :D


In other news: I accidentally left my wallet at home, so I have no money on me whatsoever and cannot buy any food until I get home this evening (bah, at least it's Friday, so I get off early). I also didn't have breakfast ;_;
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So, I've officially reserved a spot for the NagaJo Korea Trip *___* Furikomi'd the 30,000 yen deposit yesterday! I have to pay the remaining *mumbles*80,000yen*mumbles* by the end of September, so I THINK I should be good to pay those provided I remember to send the money out EXACTLY on the last day of the month XD;

Thing is...when I called the travel agency to get my reservation number...I found out I was T-0001. The T stands for Tokyo (because there's the option of flying out of Tokyo, Nagoya, or Osaka), and the 0001...means I was the very first person to reserve it.

I didn't send off my fax until at least a few days into reservations :/ Granted, it was during pre-reserves, and I DID send it off nearer to the beginning than the end but...gah, I'm really really worried this is going to fall through. And Nagayan--god, I'm gonna feel so bad for the guy if it doesn't work out! He shot so high (seriously, KOREA? IS HE CRAZY?), and he had to know that while his fans can scrape together a few man every couple of months to come see  him and hang out doing whatever hare-brained idea he has planned, $1000 is a LOT of money, and on top of that, people would likely have to take off at LEAST one day from work, something not many can do.

Reservations will be accepted until August 21, just over a week away. He needs at least 80 people to justify the trip, and if he doesn't get that...well, I won't have to worry about saving $1000 I guess XD;

I'm wondering if those of us who do sign up will get some kind of apology or something different to do instead? We'll definitely get reimbursed, that's not a big deal--but I'd much rather GO with him and have fun with a very very fun man! I COULD WRITE TXN PORN IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. IN THE SAME HOTEL AS HALF OF THAT COUPLE :OOOOO But seriously, it'd be so much fun, I KNOW. And that's why I really want this to work >_< *crosses fingers*


Jul. 24th, 2009 11:41 am
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Fax went through successfully, so now all that's left is to hope that the return fax comes in time for it to be received at the office >_<; (we're leaving our office in Minami-Aoyama for one a few blocks away in Roppongi, so our fax number will change :/)

If not...I can always call them again I guess? XD; BUT IT LOOKS LIKE I MAY BE GOING TO KOREA AGAIN. YAY. *has had no interest in this country up until now, but somehow the prospect of going ANYWHERE with Nagayan makes it exciting*

In related news, I was surfing youtube last night, and found a good video for teaching pronunciation. Unfortunately, I only got about 30 seconds into it before a HUGE ROACH FLEW RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND ALMOST ONTO MY HEAD. I HATE IT WHEN THEY FLY. Bitch quickly met with a swift death via goki-jet PRO, but *shudder* I was so fricking scared I was going to wake up and find another of those mofos on my hand or something. Slept in a long-sleeved shirt and pants despite the heat :/
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3 of the 4 girls I was supposed to go to Korea with have withdrawn, citing inability to get time off or money as their reasoning. Which can't be helped, but DAMMIT I WANT TO GO. AND I DON'T WANT TO GO ALONE.

I'm sure there's some kind of base number of people who'll have to register to go...I wonder what happens if he can't get that many people? I'd love to be one of the 5 people who wind up being able to afford it AND get time off, but...:/ I really had hoped this would be a fun event with my friends experiencing another culture, new, just like me. I'm already in "Korea Mode"! Now I WANT to go!


Props to the helpful ladies at work, though, that are helping me sort out the mess of sending faxes to the place ♥____♥ ilusm Niijima-san...!
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So, time for the EPIC NagaJo in ASAKUSAAAAA post! I'm leaving this unlocked so everyone can read about the fun times had with Nagayan~ Cut to spare flists all my picspam :D )
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So, this weekend is the NagaJo event in Asakusa, and some of you may remember this will have KARAOKE. We're allowed to request songs to sing as a group or individuals, and lucky me, my group of ladies is やる気満々 8D;;;; (ready and raring to go)

We're getting together about an hour before the event on Saturday in Asakusa to divebomb the Big Echo by the station and practice....but first we need a SONG!



If you were going to an awesome zomg fun but intimidating Nagayan FC event, what would YOU sing in front of the man??? I'm guessing pretty much anything at karaoke is game, so any and all TeniMyu/TeniPuri songs are game, as are select BuriMyu songs (just suggest something if you don't know if it's there--hint: Bengara Koushi is there, and I'll be SORELY disappointed if someone doesn't jump on it :P). There's also Remioromen songs, and of course every other Japanese song in existence, but it's gotta be something everyone's familiar with (which is where I'm worried I'll drag the group down unless it's TeniMyu/BuriMyu XD;;;;)
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Just got the details regarding the next FC event *___* HOLY SHIT NAGAYAN. You have gone all out... ii naaaa asakusaaa~! )
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Fuck. You. Nagayama Takashi.


YOU DO NOT. DO NOT. HAVE YOUR NEXT FC EVENT (July 18th, Nagayama Joshi Gakuen - NagaJo Social Studies Field Trip :: Fly High Asakusa!!). ON THE SAME DAY AS ON7'S SENSHUURAKU.


This seriously is really pissing me off :PPPPP I really REALLY wanted to go to senshuuraku, seeing as it's ON7 DAMMIT and it's TOKYO SENSHUURAKU DAMMIT and it's HAPPYPANI DAMMIT. Now the only way I can actually get to senshuuraku is if I go all the final senshuuraku in Nagoya and aaaarrrrrgh I dunno. I wasn't even planning to go to any of the Nagoya shows at all...

[livejournal.com profile] reppu, will you still be at your place on July 25/26th? And if so, would you be opposed to having me spend the night on the 25th (or 24 even)? It's all theoretical, as I'm wondering just how horrifically expensive this one's gonna be, but Asakusa is at least IN TOKYO (as opposed to, yanno, places like NAGOYA and all) and thus will probably be much more reasonably priced. I hope.


Nov. 21st, 2008 01:09 pm
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Before we all jump to conclusions, this picture on Nagayan's blog is indeed Nagayan XD

When he went to Mother Farm to scout the location for the August day-long FC event a few months back, he tried a few different activities, because there's quite a lot to do, trying to figure out what we would be able to do. There's a small amusement park there, including...a bungee-jump station XD

We watched Tamacchi gleefully video Nagayan going up to try the jump while riding the bus to the farm, and were treated to Nagayan's frightened, "I can't do this I can't do this I CAN'T DO THIS" XDDDD;;;

So yes, this is from that 8D He did indeed jump, and he did survive XD

Better him than Tuti? XD
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Okay so, it looks like it's a 2, 2.5 hourish bus ride to Nagoya tomorrow for the NagaJo Onsen Trip, and while we've been promised a video from "Nagayama-sensei," I doubt even he can go for 2 hours, so I'm sure there'll probably be some downtime.

I intend on bringing at least a book, but definitely my DS and mp3-video player as well. That being said: what videos should I put on these badboys? Probably going to stay away from SUPER slashy stuff, as I want this to be something that whoever is sitting next to me won't look at and think, ".....WTF?!"

Reminder to self: clean off the SD card so you have plenty of room for PICS!
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WOOHOO! The luck that FAILED ME at getting into NelFes is starting to come back in other places--

First, Nami-san (crazy hyper genki chick I met at Nagayan's Live last December whose first action upon meeting me was to touch my Decossam shirt with awe and say, "...Where did you become Nagayama-san's fan??") was put in charge of mine, Mizuno-san's, and a few other girls' reservations for NagaJo. This means something very important: I DIDN'T HAVE TO CALL AND EMBARRASS MYSELF IN JAPANESE YAAAAAY!! XD I love having Japanese friends <33333

Then, yesterday was supposed to be the announcement for the ticket lottery results for advance ticket sales through *pnish* for Tuti's December play that he's starring in, "Stanley's Witch" -- I'd tried for 2 tickets to the Saturday evening show so that Paula and I could maybe go to the talk event with him afterwards.

Nothing came, so I got a little worried, and checked my spam folder JUST in case...and lo and behold, there was the email _o_ BUT WE GOT THE TICKETS! YAAAAY TALK EVENT WITH TUTI and the bastard who's making a new unit with him and probably a really nice guy but he's a unitwrecking WHORE >_> >_> >_>

:D *ahem* anyways.


I was going through some old Look at Star and Top Stage issues I had lying around, and flipped through one that came out around Secret Box last year. In it, Daiki and Wasshi had a little interview for one part, while Tuti, Eiji, and Kimura (Juujou in the show) had their own interview in another part. The following exchange went down in their segment:

Tuti: Daiki-chan's the biggest idiot out of the four of us.
Kimura: Eh? But--isn't Sano-kun...your Leader?
Tuti: YUP. The biggest idiot, but also our Leader.
Eiji: Well, he is kind of an idiot, but he's also got guts. He doesn't lose to anyone when it comes to willpower and spirit!

slidushdlifhsdlifsdd I love how Tuti's just totally flat, "YUP. IDIOT. LEADER IS AN IDIOT." and Eiji has to save Daiki's ass and say "s,dfhsdfs he's not ALL idiot DDDD:"

FIALLY--Countdown meme )


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