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HEE DAIKI. Just, HEE. But ngl, that pic looks a little sketchy XD Or maybe it's just Eiji who looks weird lounging around in pretty much his PJs :P


It's baatari in Kobe today :3 I should feel ashamed that I'm really really depressed to not be seeing the show this weekend but...I'm not XD Because I AM sad! I miss this bitch like something fierce.

ANYWAYS. Nagoya is next week. Bring. It. ON.
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So, for some reason, over the past few days, [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and I have been really hung up on the lovely Sano Daiki, Jr. aka "Jay", Daiki's character from Panic Age and his own son :D We were thus hung up because this guy's a really tragic character when you think about it: his childhood was pretty much utter shit because Eiji abandoned *pnish* and broke Daiki's spirit, sending him into a spiral of depression from which he never recovered. Jay grew up hearing nothing but how horrible that "Moriyama Eiji" guy was and how much his father hated him, so it's no surprise that as soon as he's old enough to do so, he sets off to get revenge on the guy and the rest of *pnish* for doing this to his "damned old man."

Me and Miranda decided--well there's such a thin line between love and hate, so why not walk it? This led to her writing Hate and its sequel Between the Cracks, which uh...examine the concept of how Jay would react to finally meeting the man he's grown up hating his entire life, and the impact of Eiji's return on Daiki, Jay, and their own father-son relationship :D It's an extremely messed-up pairing, but Jay's just a poor little messed up kid to begin with, so you kind of feel a little sorry for him at the same time and want him to be happy XD; (and if you need some fluff--and let's face it, everyone does!--there's also Everything, a happier Panic Age AU in which Eiji gets his act together sooner and comes back to Daiki and Jay when Jay's still young :D)

ANYWAYS! Enough of that babbling! Click the cut to see my picspam of Jay~ :D Read more... )
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...What the fuck? I can't find my cellphone anywhere...

How did I lose it between coming up from the station and coming home? o_O I've tried calling it, and I hear nothing--but it was almost dead when I closed it up. Fuck XD;;; Today has just not been a good day at all :P Aside from HappyPani of course--but even that was just a bright moment of fun in an otherwise exceptionally crappy day, and was marred by the fact that I tried to (stealthily) record the show's audio, but apparently my recorder is craaaaaap (this I knew) and you can only make up the few talk segments (and even then, barely), and everything else is blaring noise :/ Which sucks, because I was counting on THAT to help me remember stuff to write up a report.

As it is, you now only get the stuff I remember :/ Have at it! )

Oh okay fuck all that crap that happened on Thursday, FRIDAY IS STARTING OFF FUCKING AWESOME. When I saw Tsuji post about going to meet his "shinyuu", I kind of had an inkling, but gaaaah THESE HOMOS I LOVE THEM.

Subject: My beloved partner
[...] And today, my partner Tsuji-kun celebrated my being released from the hospital!
He even thought about my body and came over to visit (T^T) Tsuji-kun's so nice!
 [T/N: okay it's NOT as naughty as it sounds...Shouta's just...thanking Tsuji for being thoughtful and considering that Shouta was recovering by coming to meet him rather than asking Shouta out somewhere :33333]

He even treated me to shabu-shabu! It was really delicious! Thank you Tsuji-kun!! You're a friend I made through TeniMyu who I'll have for the rest of my life!
But man, it really was tasty! And even though it was just the two of us, we talked a little about the upcoming event too! (haha)


Also mrrr, I really liked Shouta's hair before...I mean, it's good now, too, short and all, but but but I kind of miss the old version. OH WELL HE AND TSUJI CAN SHARE THEIR MY NEW HAIR STORIES NOW :DDDDDD (also lulz with that hair and that leopard-print shirt he kinda looks like Kintarou XD)
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Was going through some oooollllld *pnish* archives to update OneStepBack, and found some...curious entries from the likes of Tuti and Daiki XDDDD

Tuti (from February 7, 2004)

[...] Afterwards, some friends threw me a party. I got a birthday call from Nitty, and Kime-chan sent me this text asking, “So, what do you want as a present?”, so I responded, “Kime-chan.” I’d really hoped Takashi would be the first to text me, but all I got was a normal text later in the evening. Souta wound up being first.

Thanks, everyone.

(bolding just to help you focus on what's really important :D) He sounds so...disappointed XD; For the curious, the original Japanese was: "たかしからはフライングmail期待したんだけど、夕方普通にmailきた。"

Poor bb XD

Then, Daiki gave us this (from February 13, 2004 -- when Eiji and Daiki did a street live just the two of them):

Thanks so much for coming to our Sun Street live even though it’s cold~~!!! How’d you all like the PaniPair’s secret live?? We did some dances from previous year-end events, talked about Valentine’s Day some, mmm--I was really nervous!  But it was kind of exciting being up there alone with Eiji!

...Ship them or not, it's kinda hard to ignore Daiki's raging man-crush on Eiji :P At least way back then he didn't try and hide it at aaaaalllll XD Not that they do much better now, but still :P And yes, they DID name themselves "PaniPair" XD (rather "パニ2") Better than Santies, at least, IMHO.
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Blah, today's got good and bad things going for it...

Good: Won some tickets for Kobe maeraku, and I've got bids in for Tokyo and Kobe senshuuraku tickets meaning...provided they don't escalate to phenomenal amounts, I have tickets to all the DL7th shows I can go to! Yay :P

Bad: The Oedo line moved its morning train times back by one minute (meaning the train that used to arrive/leave at 8:17 now does so at 8:16) which may seem quite inconsequential, but believe you me it is not :P It means the difference between me making my train and not, now XD;;;

Worst: ;____________; The 100-yen Lawsons by my work stopped stocking my absolute favorite brand of milk tea, that it'd stocked the whole time I've worked here. FUCK ;~; I'm hoping they just haven't gotten it out yet, and maybe after I get back from Golden Week it'll be restocked but....dammit ;_;

In other news, GW cannot get here fast enough >_> Tomorrow the new issue of Best Stage with the Akki+Ebo+T2 interview goes on sale, so I'll be headed over to Animate after work, where I also hope to find two pamphlets for Super Comic City :D Meg and I are thinking of going on the 3rd (Jump Day) to browse their wares (and Mitsuru's supposed to have something new out. We shall see :D) It should be nice, since the weather's just starting to warm up but is still windy and cool.

Eiji and Daiki seem to have had their own little private *pnish* meeting (well, Tuti's out of town and Wasshi...didn't wanna 3rd wheel, I guess XD) complete with Daiki calling Eiji, "Commander Moriyama" (Commander/Leader OTP?), Eiji looking far more adorable than a 3233-year-old should with his Momo!hair, and Daiki looking cute and not at all like he just filmed an erotic comedy with his little backwards cap :D Marriedsssss~

Nagayan's new hair is...I dunno, I definitely don't like it, but can't tell if it's better or worse than before :/ The only thing I can see good about it is the ample neck access it gives, which as we know is a "fetish" of Tuti's :DDDDD

ShibaTora airs May 22. Is it then yet?!

For those of you who've been fortunate enough to see my apartment some time within the past 6 months, you may recall the large cache of old, unopened, expired glass bottles of fruit-milk that were sitting on my countertop :D Be proud of me, I poured them all out and am hopefully going to recycle them this weekend XD
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Random: Eiji forgets to take a pic all through the TeniMyu interview all day, but blesses us with a shot of The Wife. Torn between being depressed and ecstatic :/

DVD is ripping and will be up some time tomorrow buuuuuuut until then, some caps! Make with the clicking! )
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Also, how much you wanna bet that "certain someone's birthday party" which Daiki was also in attendance at was, oh, I dunno, fuku-fuku-fuku-Leader Besshi Keiichi? :D


The T2 event was amazingness wrapped in bacon and served with a side of Mako-chan-potatoes. Nagayan got his crotch grabbed.

I think it was a successful day, all told.

Detailed reports when I'm not dead tired XD
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Oh Beri. Oh you Eiji/Tuti shipping amazing person who always finds awesome stuff for my fandoms :DDDDDD I <333333 you~

Courtesy of the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lavenderlilly, check out the following:

Fact: Tuti sang BEGIN's Two Bottles of Sake and Some Chocolates on the booze cruise.

Fact: This song was first released...on BEGIN'S album, BEGIN no Ichigo Ichie

Fact: The name of Nagayan's fan club? "Ichigo Ichie".

Bonus Fact: "Ichigo Ichie" is also the name of a stringed instrument invented by BEGIN...which is a cross between a guitar and a ukelele.

SUCK ON THAT, HATERS!! :P *absolutely does not envision Tuti strumming along on the thing while eyeing Nagayan backstage going, 'It's an ichigo ichie~!'* Information derived from the HMV website.

Thank you for that sacrifice, Beri :D I'll try to think of something awesome to do for you in return~ Like refrain from mentioning that Eiji posted a pic of just him and Leader yet again! Marrieds~
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Mo-Moriyama Eiji ;_; I think I love you...! Unfortunately, I love you for your love of Leader, so the point, she is moot XD

After rehearsals, I went out drinking with Leader! o(^-^)o
We didn't have sushi like with Washio-san, but we still talked about a lot (^_-)-☆

I realize I shouldn't be this giddy over this, especially seeing as other members have gone out to eat recently as just a pair and this doesn't make them special or anything, but stiiiilllllll :P It does so make them special. Because they are Married <333333

And Leader fails hard for not posting a picture >_>; Though admittedly, his group shot was nice and big and cute XD And speaking of cute! LEADER, HERE.

2 things.

Jan. 29th, 2010 06:56 am
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1) FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Released at the END OF FEBRUARY? >(((((((

2) ...ohgodI'msorrywhat? Seriously, what was I mad about? It's just--the Marrieds. Distracting. With their marriedness... I seem to have...forgotten...whatever it was...I was mad about...hah... (the fuuuuuuuuuck guys *______*)

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1) Asking the husband to take the photo = good thinking and absolutely adorable :D

2) ...Tuti. Seriously. Are you an ass when people try to take your picture on PURPOSE, or does it just come naturally?

3) "The Maharaja DVDs will be ready soon, so look forward to it ne~" <--WE HAVE BEEN. FOR SOME TIME NOW (I mean, I've arguably been looking forward to this DVD since learning about *pnish* and liking Tuti/Nagayan 8D)

*waits for other members' pics to roll in*

Gah, all this fun stuff lately taking me back to 3 months ago...! First Thane at D-room, then Nagayan hanging out with Mako-chan, now VIDEO COMMENTARY.

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Someone stole Moriyama-san-gou from Daiki

Eiji and Nagayan are taking pics of each other (with Gaku taking pics of the both of them <--hello thing which used to be TxN's job)

Tuti can't seem to bring himself to even acknowledge Nagayan's presence anymore on the ONE day in forever they seem to be at rehearsals at the same time.

What kind of a Christmas is this...?!
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Heee. I love it when random images around the net cater unwittingly to my OTPs.

In other news: I've had Christ Brown's Forever stuck in my head for the past few days no thanks to Jim and Pam's wedding on The Office ;_; It made me cry, guys, ngl.
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Okay...I'm probably seeing things, but...

That's not...Daiki and Eiji, right? >____> Cause...it really looks like them to me, but maybe that's my ship-addled brain WANTING it to be an official *pnish* pamphlet that's supposed to be about all of them with just the marrieds on the cover. MAYBE.

Thoughts? It looks pretty, nonetheless *_____*

ETA: OMG IT IS THEM! Review the official flyer and you can see their eye makeup is the same :D

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In the foreground, I see Eiji (pink) and Daiki (black w/red pants), and in the background I see Tuti (teacher!Tuti!) and...Nagayan in black beside him? I say that because he's wearing a black t-shirt in his own pic, but I can't tell.

I assume Wasshi was actually taking the pic, so XD

Also, if you've not directed your attention to this awesomeness, please do so now. That haircut's starting to grow on me--it's super short, but god is he cute at all times. Plus, I can totally see how this shot happened, hear the dialogue in my head, complete with Eiji's little falsetto, "Oi~ Leader~!" sduhfsildfsdfs ADORABLE.

Hosogai's bday event is tomorrow, and I just paid for my bus tickets to Osaka for the T2 event next weekend. Still need to get tickets to Kobe for MahaMo the week AFTER next weekend (holy SHIT guys. TWO WEEKS TIL OPENING NIGHT. SLDIFUHSDLIFUHSLDIUFS) and Top Tours has just stiffed me a 5000yen surcharge for tax for the Korea FC trip, nnngggh. Bitches.
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From Daiki's blog here:

Lately I've been feeling a little happy when I feel muscle cramps.

So today I took a picture with the other members of the School of Men! Eiji's usually in here as well.

....D'awwwww, we believe you, Leader :P Seriously. You don't have to convince us--we know Eiji is a manly man!!

(btw, where IS Eiji, then? I know BuriMyu character shoots have been going on the past few days, but Tuti and Nagayan at least posted that they were going, even if they couldn't post pics of themselves in costume--and nothing from Eiji o_O)
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1) ggggggggyad Leader's hair is short!


3) Appropriate colors are appropriate.


Oct. 6th, 2009 09:59 pm
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So much awesomeness in the world of blogging today.

First we have a little umm...D/s roleplay between Leader and fuku-Leader on Tuti's blog...

Then Nagayan's keeping, as [livejournal.com profile] innusiq put it, "his friends close, and his boyfriend's infatuations closer".

And then, apparently all tuckered out from their "rough-housing" earlier, Eiji and Daiki head home together to the tune of, "Nnnngh tired..."

Random extra fun stuff: Eiji accidentally uploaded an email to a staff member to his blog, consisting of, "O-tsukare-sama deshita. Were you able to get home okay today?" (he deleted it, but the feed still picked it up XD;;;;). And HOLY SHIT SOMEONE TELL ME THAT'S NOT TUTI IN THE BOTTOM PICTURE. HOLY FFFFFFFFFFFFUCKINSTUFF. The bad thought goggles, they do nothing...!

On an only slightly related note: NAGAYAN'S BOOKED ANOTHER STARRING ROLE 8D Unfortunately...it's smack in the middle of my time in America D: The title is "Fantasia", it runs Dec 22-27, and the only other people listed in it with him at the moment are Tokunaga Eri (徳永えり <--born 1988! YOUNG to be billed 2nd below Nagayan!) and Hiranuma Norihisa (平沼紀久 - a Jisoku 246 guy). Hiranuma has a blog with more people listed in the show in the entry here, and thankfully I don't think I know a single one of them XD Thankfully, because otherwise I'd be even more pissed I won't get to see this :P Seeing as it's not a Horie Kei show, I had a good chance of understanding this one! XDDDDD Ah well, [livejournal.com profile] analineblue will probably buy the DVD so I can just watch it then 8D
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UMMM. Is it just me...


At the rehearsal hall.

Kind of a surprise, kind of not.

Kind of Leader's idea, kind of not.

We held that sort of informal ceremony, and the picture I happened to snap turned into a pretty nice shot of those two.


skdyfgksuydfgskuydfsd DVD needs to be out naaaaooooooo too bad it'll be, like, January or February before it does DX
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I got so involved in picking out all the little TxN moments in this interview, I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO EXAMINE THE EIJI/DAIKI STUFF. Case in point, I almost missed this:

Hiiiiii there pic on the left. With Eiji and Daiki waaaaay off to the side and leaning on each other 8D YOU NEED TO COME BE IN MY HOUSE.

In other news: some GP pics from RikkaiMyu that I haven't uploaded yet XD )


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