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Hello wikipedia articles that are seriously going to be a help when I inevitably wind up subbing ALL of Hard to Hold:

R Leporis/Hind's Crimson Star (that gets expounded upon in like 3 different scenes in the play)

John Russel Hind (dude who found that star and also had some WICKED eyebrows it seems) (also also LOLOLOL a guy named HIND married a chick named FANNY. What? I am 10 obviously)

ETA: Randomly, I love how Jin calls Yuuta "ユタちゃん" XD it's so simple and cute~
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First, because I finally feel like I'm not counting my chickens before they've hatched now that the payment has gone through--I booked my flight home for Christmas, YAY! The total price? $340 :DDDDD Oh the lovely power of frequent flyer miles! For anyone who's traveled to Japan at least once and collected 10-15,000 miles on that trip, I STRONGLY recommend looking into using FF miles on your next trip out! From now on I'll be able to continue using those miles plus miles I accumulate via travel to put my total ticket price at about $1000 each time :D (as opposed to the $15-1800 it would otherwise be). WOOHOO!

Now, with that out of the way, I feel like talking about some other things! More book recommendations! )

And now to talk about Hard to Hold a little :D )
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More subs of course :3 It's getting to the point where it's difficult to sub parts I really like because I keep crying during them XD;;; *is an angst whore*

AMBER ending
CRYSTAL ending

Not the entire ending, just the final conversation between Hiiro and Aoshima. When I first watched the show, I think I was just so overwhelmed by T2 ZOMG that I didn't pay much attention to the "main" pairing in the show, but looking back on it now, Aoshima and Hiiro are just as sad a pair as Shimura and Hiiro ;___; Especially since they both loved each other, but society and their own immaturity or lack of courage kept them from fessing up to it. It did make me feel a little smug, though, in that even if it was technically criminal...at least Shimura went for what he wanted, whereas Aoshima backed away (granted, Hiiro was 15 with Aoshima and 17 with Shimura, so there may have been some moral issues with that as well on Aoshima's end that weren't as difficult to overcome for Shimura XD;)

Why is this such an awesome but heart-breaking play? ;________;

Related, I prefer the Amber ending because it's sadder and hurts more, but doesn't cop-out or anything--does anyone else have a different preference, and why??
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*continues subbing like a subbing whore*



I should channel this energy into icons or fic or something...
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HARD TO HOLD ~missing~ DVD - on sale May 20
DVD includes:
--honpen (including both endings)
--backstage footage (30 min): cast interviews + backstage footage and offshots


//Hiiro's voice reached down to the deepest depths of my chest.
His hair, his eyes, his very words suddenly gripped my heart tight,
And from that day forth, I was unable to escape from my very small cage.
More than any fun event, than any pleasant outing, than any other seemingly wonderful place,
I chose to spend my time only inside my special cage known as 'Hiiro.'
He was my whole world. Exactly that.//

--"Hard to Hold", Shimura

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So, all things considered? This weekend has had its highs and its lows, but come out pretty much on the high side in my opinion :) I feel like I've done nothing but whine for the past week or so on here, and feel bad for it ^^; So I'll try to focus on the positive things here!

1) I traded my crappy loaner phone in for a much better one which, while not my smartphone, actually holds a charge this time ;)

2) Saw Tuti be extremely flaming gay on stage while portraying a host from Shinjuku 2-chome in Ika Hotel. He was also adorable XD; And there was a character in the same play (his brother, alas!) named "Nagaoka Takashi" :D

3) Saw "Hard to Hold" again, rounding out my two times seeing this run and feel very satisfied :3 I can't wait for the DVD to share with everyone, because it really is just an amazing show. It's one of those plays that you watch and think, "Wow, this is theater...!" because it's a very thinky show, but not so thinky that you can't understand it, yanno? Plus it's full of pretty boys, Shouta's a slutty schoolboy, and Tsuji's a fucked up teacher :3 Where can you go wrong??

4) And seeing Tsuji again reminded me how much I love the guy, so I splurged and bought his and Mako-chan's version of Secret Garden, which I intend to share soon, and [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu was a lovely lovely girl and bought the Shouta+Hirayama version! So I can share both :3 Which is awesome, because Hirayama very much takes after his sempai TUTI (because they're in the same agency :D) in that he's just a consummate actor and can take on amazingly hilarious characters and change them up lickety-split *____* Even Midorikawa from H2H, who's a creepy scientist, he manages to make hilarious at times, much like Tuti does with his bad-guy characters. HEE.

5) I'm pretty much all done with work! Sure I have some smaller projects due in the next 3 or 4 days, but I'm finished with my big projects for the year! And I leave for America in less than a week~ :D

6) I'M A FIERCE CODING BITCH. I've almost got my submissions for the layout contest on [livejournal.com profile] pnish (yes, that's plural. SUBMISSIONS) all finished, so prepare to be amazed :D ....I hope :D They look like shit in IE, but they look absolutely pristine and perfect on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, so I'm not too torn up :D You can preview one of them on [livejournal.com profile] japanorama for now (thoughts are welcome 8D)

7) This is actually really sad because I had to say goodbye to half of this pair this morning, but the second half of 2010 was just as fun and interesting and bearable as the first half thanks in large part to [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou ;___; Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me and going along with my crazy antics and occasional assholery without wanting to slap me too hard ♥ I can't wait til you're here again!!

8) ...I definitely should stop right here because now it's late and I'm getting choked up XD; *goes to bed* Oh! BUT FIRST, please see Shouta's entry describing the cast:

Shou-san, who's adult and quite but kind of funny that way!
Hirayama-san, who's a bit strange but really nice!
My partner (hehe) Tsujimoto-kun!
The casually funny Morita-san!
And the kind of 'sucks-to-be-you' mood maker Ryuu-chan!


Shouta ilusfm because ylTsujisfm ♥ Keep on being T2, T2. Especially when you are somehow still T2 at curtain (like when Shouta slapped Tsuji's ass at curtain on opening night [or was it the other way around? ALL I REMEMBER IS THAT THERE WAS ASS SLAPPING BETWEEN THE TWO AT CURTAIN] or when Tsuji called him 'zachou' so lovingly XD) DESPITE TSUJI PRACTICALLY MOLESTING SHOUTA ON STAGE and strangling him and whispering aishiteru *shivers* you two, YOU TWO.

*goes to bed, seriously*
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Today sucked for several reasons:

1) LJ tags, have I complained about them enough yet? No I haven't.

2) CSS Coding. Just. JUST.

3) CSS Coding gets on this list twice for separate reasons >(



SDFSSLFOIJS;DOFSD THIS SHOW THIS FUCKING SHOW. A year has apparently done nothing to diminish my love for Shimura and Hiiro and even a little bit for Midorikawa-sensei too :D (because crazies need love too :D and if Tsuji's Shimura can get some love, I'll gladly give a little to Hirayama's Midorikawa XD)

Seriously, though, the show was awesome. There was pretty much nothing different from last year, as far as I could tell, which made me happy! Yup, some things never change: including the fact that Tsuji busted the ass of his pants again 5 min before the show, just like last year's opening night :DDDDD Shouta took great joy in telling everyone aaaaalll about this at curtain 8D

Speaking of those two at curtain--oh my god those two at curtain. [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou will back me up on this, but they were sickeningly adorable, and Shouta was just...so flustered and looking to Tsuji every 5 seconds for help, and sldifuhsldifus I really think I heard myself make this unpleasant squeal when Shouta got messed up and said happyou (announce) instead of hatsubai (go on sale), but Miranda says she didn't hear anything. I think she's just being nice :P

AND OH YEAH THERE'S GONNA BE A DVDDDDDD :DDDDDD Guess who already pre-ordered that bitch 8DDDD It was expensive at 7800yen, but it will include both versions (there are two different endings) plus a backstage, cast interview, and 4-piece large photoset :D Totally worth it for me :3

I bought all the photosets of T2 I could plus the pamphlet so uh 8D Scanning that later~

Tomorrow's my last Tuti show of the year! Mattero yo~ Odeko-san!
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So life's been interesting of late! Somehow, [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace conned me into going to see Psychic Detective Yakumo vol. 3, the third in a series of plays based on the series of the same name. Daiki's in it, and I've wondered what it was about for a while, so after doing a bit of research and deciding it merited seeing at least once (plus, Daiki looks hot in it XD), I got a ticket to the Dec 13 show, so it'll be the last thing I see before I leave Japan XD

Yesterday was spent holed up in my apartment with a Japanese friend who's kind of latched onto myself and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace as fellow *pnish* fans after the events at Meiji Mura :D She doesn't speak much English at all, but we're quite a bit more experienced in fandom than she is and have a whole lot more media than her, so she came over to spend the day marathoning everything we could XD It wound up the only FULL thing we watched was On2 :P We watched a lot of little clips also, though, and she took home with her my huge case of DVDs to pick through on her own.

Afterwards, she left to head back to bumfuck Kanagawa, and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and I settled in for dinner and watched KIDS, in which Koike Teppei is Izumi from Secret Box and confirms all our fears about how Izumi is going to die in his mid 20s after trying to heal too many people :P

I'm fairly sure more intersting things have been happening... Hopefully people are downloading the MahaMo subtitle preview on [livejournal.com profile] pnish and enjoying that?? We're hard at work on the rest of it, and the above-mentioned Yuuko is a great help :3 It's the next best thing to having an actual copy of the script XD

It's about to get very busy here. This Thursday is Amadan with [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace, then Friday we're going to that bar that Tuti and Tacchan took Nagayan to for his birthdayumm some place to celebrate Miranda's bday :D Saturday, D-room4 tickets go on sale, then next Thursday is Hard to Hold opening night (DO WANT TO SEE SHOUTA AND TSUJI ALL BUT MAKING OUT), Friday is Ika Hotel, and Saturday is more Hard to Hold for me, but much less for Miranda as she leaves the country ;____; Then the next Monday is the above-mentioned Yakumo play with Daiki, and I leave for America on the 18th! Gah D: So ready to go home, and yet so not >_<;;
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Yaaaay for vanity posts XD I got my hair cut yesterday after it being long for a while (it's been about a year since I cut it last), and my head feels really light now XD It was the longest it's been since I first started wearing it short (way back in 5th grade), so it felt a little sad getting it all chopped off XD


And AFTER~!!

In other news, how about some SHIMURA-SENSEI to go with Shouta's Hiiro?? :D

And in other other news...I'm going to try to get Tenchou to make a bear out of an extra Decossam shirt I have 8D After seeing the adorable one made from an old Blossam parka, he mentioned that any kind of old clothing could be made into one, so I thought it was worth a shot and emailed Tenchou asking if it was possible. His response? "Definitely, absolutely! Come in to talk about it any time!!" XDDDD Soooo the always cool [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace is going with me to Gain in a few minutes to chat up Tenchou about this interesting idea XD
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Is it I can has sluttyschoolboy!Shouta tiems nao?? ;~;


Hard to Hold photoshoot yessssss \o/ Though I have a feeling seeing this show again is gonna make me want to write more porn for Shimura and Hiiro...

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All you need to know

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So I was checking Nagayan's blog just a few minutes ago, and sometimes on the side they have links to related/similar blogs. And there was a name that looked familiar: Hirayama Yoshinobu. He likely won't be familiar to any of you...because he was in Hard to Hold (and will be playing opposite Shouta in the play next month he's doing, which Tsuji is also doing opposite Mako-chan~!) I didn't know he had an ameblo, so I checked it out...and lookit the Hard to Hold pics that popped up~ :D

Random group shot during lunch (eee Tsuji and his RikkaiMyu shirt XD)
After the dress rehearsal (lookit T2 being all cute in the background together~)
After opening night (good to see Tsuji knows his place 8DDDDDD)
Tsuji at senshuuraku, in his Shimura-sensei threads and looking hawwwwwwt *____*
Shouta on stage during one of the shows in his Hiiro threads and looking molestable~ (okay fine I know it's blurry, BUT TRUST ME. MOLESTABLE.)

gdi I miss this show D: I need some canon T2 action now. Is it March 20th yet?!
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There's only one internet connection, so I usually check my mail and such on my mom's computer. However, the computer doesn't have Japanese support, so I can't really read the boys' entries unless I bother hooking up my own computer, which is a hassle.

So when I saw this entry of Shouta's, I just saw the pic and was like, "...haha dude that looks almost like the strap he had in Hard to Hold...".

Now, reading the entry on my computer, I find this text: "Ah! I changed my strap! (・∀・) I'm glad you noticed! It's the one from Hard to Hold!"

...XDDDD oh Shouta, months out and you're still thinking about it :xxxxxx how about that DVD then, hmm??

According to [livejournal.com profile] darksprite my Tuti event tickets haven't come yet...so maybe they WON'T come until February? I hope so XD;;; This gives me more tickets to attempt when these mythical tsuika hanbai tickets Tuti mentioned go on sale...
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Why yes that IS Hiiro (Shouta) embracing Shimura (Tsujimoto) from behind and asldifuhsdlfiushlefisfvsdfs GAAAH I REALLY MISS THIS SHOW.




also lulz it's supposed to rain coming into Seoul Saturday. Nagayan plz stop being ame otoko D:

ETA: Golden Trio interview page 1
Golden Trio interview page 2
Golden Trio interview page 3
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TSUJI IS A BADASS MOFO ACTOR. WTF? From his most recent post (in which he answers some of the 32984729342 questions he asked people to send in a couple of weeks ago):

Question: I went to see "HARD TO HOLD" the other day, and Tsuji-kun's performance was so amazing, I still remember the fear from it (haha) Is there a scene from it that really sticks out when you were playing Shimura-sensei?

Tsujimoto: Thanks for coming to see the show~ It was really my first time performing that kind of role, so I was able to have fun with it. And actually, there was a really big happening one time!

I was really calm during it, so not many people may have noticed it, but in one scene, Shimura is really stressed out, and takes this textbook that his lover Hiiro got from some college students living next door and just starts stabbing it over and over with a pair of scissors. I really have to get into that scene mentally and just go all out, so I tore into it like usual, and afterwards I have to go sit off to the side to wait for my next scene. But when I did so this time, I could hear the audience members in the first row going, "Bl--blood...!"

'Huh? What are they talking about...?' And then I looked at my hand...


Apparently I got really out of it and cut myself!

I was still pumped full of adrenaline from the scene, so until I actually heard the audience members talking about it, I didn't even feel the pain (haha) I'm actually not supposed to leave the stage the whole time, but on that one occasion I left to stop the bleeding by my next scene.

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[/Hard to Hold reference that prolly no one will get]
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Tsujimoto has weighed in with his thoughts on Hard to Hold's senshuuraku, with these words to say regarding his and Shouta's roles:

And then there's Shouta. I was really really glad Shouta was there this time. I'm actually a really shy person, so having Shouta there I was able to relax and get through rehearsals with everyone. And then we'd all watch Shouta's Hiiro performing so diligently and get excited ourselves...

My role this time of Shimura-sensei demanded a really delicate and at the same time daring performance, so I was actually really nervous and concerned at first...

The pain of loving someone...the sadness from loving someone...the joy from loving someone...

But as rehearsals progressed, little by little I was able to pour Shimura-sensei's feelings into my performance and was able to love Hiiro when performance time came.

I really learned a lot in this show.

EEEEE I CAN'T BELIEVE HE OUTRIGHT SAID WHAT SHIMURA'S AND HIIRO'S RELATIONSHIP WAS *____* I thought he'd just...keep everyone guessing, or be all vague about it and sdilfuhsldifusdf The utter fangirl in me claims it's his way of publicly professing his love for Shouta

And he saved talking about Shouta for last, guh ;_; He talked about Majima, their "zachou", first--and then all the others...and saved his gushing over Shouta for last ;_; Shippy or not, I love how fricking close their are, how they can be claiming, "Aishiteru" and rubbing all up on each other on stage and then go and look at BUNNIES and have STARBUCKS off stage and how Shouta puts him at ease and sdlfiuhsldifusfds I'm done, I can't write more right now @___@

Also, be sure to check out Tsuji's entry I linked for pics of the boys in their outfits they wore on stage :D
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MahaMo is over in Tokyo. I saw maeraku earlier today...and wrestled long and hard with what to do afterwards. I could:

A) Wait for toujitsuken to try for senshuuraku
B) Head over to Base Theater and try for toujitsuken for Hard to Hold's senshuuraku
C) Just go home and fret

I resolved to go with B for various reasons, but mostly because I really really needed to shake myself from the absurd feeling that I would be extremely depressed by missing even a single show, ESPECIALLY senshuuraku. It's almost an obsession--I feel like if there's a show going on, I owe it to myself and everyone who can't come to go see it, and inevitably if I ever HAVE to miss a show, I'm thinking about what I'm missing :/ So I set myself down and decided no, nothing amazing was going to happen, my powers of persuasion are not yet powerful enough to make them announce Nagayan as the 5th member at Tokyo's senshuuraku (that sort of shit's saved for the last one in Nagoya :D) and in case I needed another reason: I found out Mitsuru was going to both shows today...so any amazing TxN stuff? She was going to get, definitely.

So with a heavy heart I jogged over to Base Theater (a whole 5 min walk away XD) after maeraku and stood in the cold with a bunch of other ladies waiting for toujitsuken to go on sale. Wound up only 5 of us were actually waiting for toujitsuken...which made me happy, because they had to have 5 tickets EASILY, right?? :D


They had two. TWO.

I thought for a brief moment that maybe this was fate telling me to get toujitsuken for MahaMo: the time worked out that I had 30 min to get back over to Sunshine Theater to be in time for toujitsuken, plenty of time.

But TPTB obviously intended for me to break out of that cage...because I won one of the two tickets in the lottery! OKAY! OKAY!

After a quick stop at Starbucks (the same one T2 went on their little date at yesterday, I'll bet :D) I was waiting to be called to go in. Now, Base Theater is TINY TINY TINY. Somehow they managed to shove 100+ people in, though, and I figured with my lone little toujitsuken, I'd be stuck at the faaaaar back. But uh, BOY WAS I WRONG.

I was FIVE FEET FROM THE STAGE. Like, the 2 rows in front of me? Were sitting on the floor! So...AN AMAZING SEAT.

The show itself, also, was as amazing the second time as it was the first. I fell so much more in love with Shimura and his obsessive love for Hiiro (maybe cause I have my own Hiiro in MahaMo? :D Let's hope I don't choke it to death >_>) and there were teeny tiny flubs that made everyone laugh--Tsuji messing up a line again and going, "Even teachers mess up :DDDD", the guys all breaking character because one of the scenes (involving crossdressing. BAD crossdressing) was so funny, it was a real pleasure *___*

And...I got another surprise!


I'd checked the flyer for times earlier, and realized there were little symbols next to some of the shows, including senshuuraku, with someone's name beside it. I assumed this meant it was like a double cast kind of thing...BUT IT WAS A DOUBLE WRITER!

Pretty much the last 15 min of the play were COMPLETELY different from before! And I would've missed this--which I think I liked better :P--if I had gone to MahaMo's senshuuraku instead ;_;

It pretty much plays out, after Shimura and Midorikawa confess how they killed Hiiro, with Aoshima (I think I wrote Aojima before...) hearing Hiiro apologize in his head for the hurtful things he said before, as Aoshima tries to reconcile what happened. Just as he thinks he's realized what happened, how Hiiro really died, he slumps to the floor, and a white sheet falls down over him.

Two men in suits walk on, methodically checking him over and going through his things. Aoshima is dead, and they're cleaning up to have the body removed. One finds the scattered pages of a book-in-progress, an as-yet-unpublished work called Hard to Hold, about a boy named Hiiro who is found dead, alone, in an apartment. The book was being written by Aoshima.

Aoshima is taken away, and elsewhere, a boy who looks remarkably like Hiiro is approached by two excited, genki astronomy club students who look remarkably like Shimura and Midorikawa. They cheerily explain their hopes and dreams of one day becoming astronauts to the confused Hiiro-lookalike, who remarks, as the play closes, that everyone's alone, like the stars in the sky, shining brightly and hoping someone else hears their voice.


.........at least it seems like a happier ending? XD; I still don't really get it, but I liked it better than the other one, because at least it felt more fictitious, and...I loved seeing Tsuji being all goofy and giggly at the end and having it NOT be part of his cray-cray personality :P

After bows came CAST REMARKS! Tsujimoto was adorable with his little jabs at Shouta (which he was quite liberal with: "And I had such a great time working with this whole cast...well aside from Shouta") and we learned some lovely news: that opening day started 10 min late, because Tsujimoto, so excited to get started, was jumping around and ripped the butt of his pants open 8DDDD He also explained that Shouta, before the show starts, is always wondering if he should go pee now or just hold it, until it's too late and he has to hold it, and that at that moment Shouta probably needed to go pee. From the look on Shouta's face, he very much DID need to go 8D

The cast left, and we all started to leave...and then they came BACK on XD Apparently it'd been an impromptu decision to come back on, as pretty much everyone was buttoning up shirts and pants XD;;;; And...Shouta was missing. Tsujimoto kindly informed us that, "....Please wait a moment. Shouta is in the toilet." XD THANKS. As promised, a moment later our little Shoutakins shuffled out, buttoning up his shirt.

Tsuji: "Oi Shouta, where were you??"
Shouta: ">_____> Bathroom."

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Mmk, let's get this Hard to Hold review rolling! I'll include links to all my scans here, but I'm not posting this until [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu gets her Tsujimoto and big-ass T2 photosets scanned :D So grab what you can at the end of this post ^___^

I'm not sure if a DVD of this will be out or not (GOD I HOPE SO), but just in case for some strange reason you'd rather WAIT and not be spoiled, I'll place this write-up behind a cut :D Click for T2 lovin'! )


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