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Well, another Live Viewing has come and gone! I haven't missed a Live Viewing yet since they started them, and it really is a completely different experience sharing a theater with a bunch of other people who laugh and clap at a screen, where no one can hear you or appreciate it, and still feel the bond with other fans :3

It was interesting when the official blog posted the other day about how it was decided that there would start to be Live Viewings:

Towards the end of the first season of TeniMyu, there started to be performances touring the entire nation, and the performances in each city were a great success. And just as now, the Tokyo Return final senshuuraku was extremely popular, and over 100,000 people tried to reserve the only 1-2000 tickets available.

The draw of a stage performance, if you were to put it into words, is that time, that place." But in fulfilling that "same time, same place," there was of course a limit on the number of seats in a single theater. We wanted to share with all the fans supporting TeniMyu that deep emotion that comes with the final senshuuraku, being there "at the same time", and after some discussions with people in the film industry [...] we started having live viewings.

I remember watching that first one at Shinjuku Wald 9, where every single screen was "hijacked" to show the TeniMyu Live Viewing. It was totally worth it, and I've never missed a Live Viewing since, also always seeing it in that same Shinjuku Wald 9. Thanks for the memories, guys, and keep them coming!

(also on the blog on another entry, they posted a pic of Nagayan and Yuuta when Nagayan came to see the show and talked about how Yuuta was super bummed that he wouldn't be able to talk to Nagayan [because he had to do the miokuri that day] and said, "たかしさん、帰っちゃいますかね…" ["I bet Takashi-san'll leave huh..."] but Nagayan was an amazing sempai and waited patiently until Yuuta'd done miokuri to all the audience members leaving [takes ~half an hour] to chat ;~;)

Now that that bit of sappiness is out of the way... Let's discuss the Live Viewing! )
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So, randomly, it's always bugged me since the first Rikkai NationalsMyu that Tsuji's cadence when delivering his lines on the container differed strikingly from the rhythm that Tuti had adopted back during St. Rudolph. I realize I'm probably the only obsessed nerd who noticed it, but it always bugged me. This line:

Makeru tabi ni koko de hanseikai datta na

Tuti had a really solid, smooth delivery, rolling through the line pretty quickly to the "ni" before continuing on, but Tsuji spoke it more like, "Makeru TABI ni...koko de haneikai datta na", with some slight emphasis on "tabi", which as I said BUGGE ME XD; Not because it sounded wrong, but because it just differed from the delivery I'd always been used to, Tuti's.

But then, a few days back, I rewatched that scene--the ORIGINAL one, from the anime--for the first time in a while, because it was included on the PairPuri DVD for Golden Pair.


KONDOU!OISHI SAYS IT THE SAME WAY AS TSUJI. Which means a) Tuti just delivered it in his own style, pretty much how he wanted to, and b) TSUJI RELIGIOUSLY WATCHED THAT SCENE SO THAT HE COULD PARROT REAL!OISHI'S VOICE THERE. AWW. AWWWWWW.

I dunno why, but hearing that and realizing that it wasn't Tsuji who was sounding "off" but Tuti and I'd just gotten used to him, and that Tsuji had very obviously worked hard to get his cadence as close to the original as possible was just...really nice and made me feel happy XD

IN OTHER NEWS: It's BLOOD PRISONER opening night! I am making [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace be my 観劇 bitch and come with me to see it, so we can remind Nagayan that his foreign faction is EVERGROWING. Hopefully I will not scare her off with my continued efforts to Make People Be My Friend In Tokyo 8D;;;

In still other news, I'm in the process of diligently rewatching Samurai Mode right now, capping all the while, so I can write up a long, image-filled summary of the show so you ungrateful bitches can watch, understand, fall in love, and then WRITE ME FIC :DDDDD お楽しみに〜
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So, I just realized this while I was at karaoke with [livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes, but...I thought that the only Golden Pair song that did not have any sort of homage paid to it in Saigo no Golden Pair was Fukkatsu! Golden Pair, but...I WAS WRONG! There is, albeit almost imperceptible, a teeny tiny little three-beat segue that I swear is present in both songs--to the extent that now whenever I hear it in Fukkatsu! Golden Pair I immediately want to continue singing the next verse from Saigo no Golden Pair XD;

In Fukkatsu! Golden Pair, the beats occur as follows:

Mou mayoi wa nai, omae to futari kokoro kimeta ze
Mou osore wa nai, futari de ireba tenka muteki sa
[da da daaaa]
Saa mae ni susumou, omae to naraba kokoro tsuyoi ze [...]

In Saigo no Golden Pair, they are here, at the end of the second verse, just before the chorus:

Ore to omae wa Golden Pair
[da da daaaa]
Ore no yume wa omae no yume saa [...]

That little "da da daaaa" three-beat segue is, IIRC the same in both songs (I can't ascertain for sure at the moment, but since I got confused at karaoke, I'm going to make a case for it XD). Can anyone confirm?? Because if even this little bit is the same, I think it's official that Saigo no Golden Pair cribbed some little something from every TeniMyu GP song to date! ;~; LOOK:

Ore to omae wa Golden Pair [Golden Pair]
[da da daaaa] [Fukkatsu! Golden Pair]
Ore no yume wa omae no yume saa, onaji yume wo mitekita [Yume wo Tsunagou] (the first one that Oishi sings in the hospital)
Omae ga minus nara ore wa plus ijou ni naru, itsumo tayori ni shiteru yo [Golden Pair, Part 2]
Donna pinch no toki mo futari de genkai wo koete yukou [Juuden Kanryou+Depend on Me]

*points up* And that? Just makes me so fricking happy ;~;
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omggggggg Kikumaru you are, like, 5 years old :((((((((( dnwwwwww

Oishi, however? Oh. Ooohhh.

You can come home with me 8D Anyone who can rock the headfangs+egghead that well in their first IC shot (which are always always the worst) instills in me great hope for the eventual final product!

*sigh* I suppose I should do the appropriate thing and wait to pass any judgement on the newbies playing my OTP of OTPs, right? :P All I ask is that you have excellent on-stage chemistry and be adorable backstage (together or separately!) and have decent singing voices and acting abilities :D See? I'm not picky!

Speaking of which: I wonder how well these guys sing? I find it much easier to forgive a face than a voice--if you're pretty average looks-wise but can carry a tune with aplomb? Awesome! Other way around? Errrrrm :/

ETA: Though if Oishi's Hiramaki Jin is the same one as this one, he's probably got some nice pipes *____* Not that being a "singer" necessarily means you're just phenomenal, but...I'd assume it means he's not as bad as, say, the last Oishi to follow up on an Oishi I really really liked 8D;;;;
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GDI I've had some weird version of American Pie stuck in my head, with "American" replaced by "Golden" and my mind making up stupid rhyming TxN-related lyrics D: MAKE IT LEAVE.

BTW guys, it's your last day of filming; end it with a two-shot? Please? ;___;

In other news, my inability to recognize people apparently leads to Great Things! I was checking out Abe's blog here and thought the person in the picture with them looked, oddly enough, like Hosogai. Wondering why on earth Hosogai would be there, I wandered over to his blog to see if he'd posted anything about it (I don't have him in my feed reader, so I hadn't seen anything), and found THIS :DDDDDDD Oh Hosogai. Kubobe! Kubogai XDDDDD I particularly liked his "The picture is with Yuuki-chan at the TeniMyu uchiage! I got a little choked up reading his blog entry (>_<)"

Then, wondering what on earth Kubobe could've written to his BFF to induce this teary-eyed-ness, I wandered over and found THIS, where Kubobe thanks Hosogai personally ;____; "PS - To Hosogai Kei who fought together with me as my team mate for these past two years to the very end: Have you managed gekokujou yet (haha)?"

*repeats to self* I will not ship them I will not ship them I WILL NOT ship them.........much >_>

In other OTHER news XD I meant to post about this a while back, but DL7th kinda distracted me, buuuuuut: ANOTHER NAGAYAN FC EVENT HAS BEEN DECIDED!

Thankfully, this one is in Tokyo XD And at 6700 yen, it's not breaking the bank by far :D You may recall a couple of years back, Nagayan had a special event where he reviewed all the things he'd been involved in up through ~Summer 2007, which he titled "Mr. Nagayama: from TeniMyu to Ururun" (report HERE). Since it's been some 2.5 years since that event, and he's been involved in a lot of stuff since then, I guess he figured it was time to continue! The 13th Nagayama Takashi FC event will be held in Shibuya's Theater Tsutaya (so...a movie theater location?) and titled, "Mr. Nagayama: What's Happened Thus Far, and What's Going to Happen Now" (roughly XD).

There will be two shows, and not wanting to miss a THING, I tried to get into both of them >_> I suppose we'll see how it goes XD It looks like the biggest theater can seat about 270 people, so that's ~540 total? It's on a Saturday though, so more people can participate. Ah well *crosses fingers* I wonder if he'll have another guest this time >___> BRING IN TUTI, DAMMIT. HE HAS NOTHING TO DO TIL, LIKE, OCTOBER.
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Between this entry and the entry from a couple of weeks ago with more fanart, it really makes me happy that he takes such pride in his character as more than just an individual but as part of a pair :3
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Tuti deleted the picture of him and Nagayan in their Golden Pair outfits! He left the entry up, but deleted the pic that was with it. And sdlifuhsdfs dammit I forgot to save it to my computer :( Did anyone else get it? It's on my cellphone, but because of the way cellphones download pics from the intarwebs you can't move them from the phone.

ETA: Much lurrrrve to [livejournal.com profile] innusiq for sending the pic <3333 and he says in the entry that he deleted it because he "uploaded it by mistake" (though it's more like he wasn't SUPPOSED to upload something like that, given that they were still in costume and whatnot). I admit when I saw it, I was all, "Huh o_O So they actually LET THEM post that? o____O Okay..." because MMV is CRAZY strict with letting people post pics of things like that; BuriMyu wasn't nearly as bad, as evidenced by Nagayan's picspam of everyone in costume after the show :)
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That is all.
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In an effort to combat dark feelings for today, I'm taking this opportunity to post some fun things from the previous two shows (since I haven't had time to post the goings-on XD;):

2 more shows ;__; )

I have to finish getting ready now ;_; The next time you hear from me, it'll probably be all wibbly and weepy so, apologies in advance XD;
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You know what I wonder?

If T2 ever roleplay Golden Pair in the bedroom 8D After all, Shouta never wears a wig, so his own hair's already Eiji hair. And all Tsuji needs is to slick back those lovely locks of his and BAM My Hair Oishi.

These are the things that keep me up at night.

Sparked by my remembering that HEY Eiji is Tsuji's favorite TeniPuri character...who knows what kind of naughty GP doujinshi he had around just waiting to be put to good use as a "guidebook"...


May. 11th, 2010 11:00 pm
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So, remember how I said Shouta's hair in the pamphlet totally looks like an aged-up Eiji? PROOF I DID NOT LIE:

(this is a scan from a doujinshi in a GP anthology in which Oishi and Eiji are 25 and together, and Oishi...well, you can read :P)

...*__* mm yes DO WANT. Also, I love this doujinshi :P I've never seen another one examine what they might be like when they're older, even if it is mostly porn 8D It's still incredibly sweet and very...them.

Anyways, yes. I rest my case. DL7thpamphlet!Shouta is agedup!Eiji :D *dusts of hands*
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*snuggles T2* Boyzzzzzzz <33333 I was just complaining to Meg about how they hadn't updated at all throughout the Kobe shows, but now we get picspam! (particularly from Shouta, GOOD SHOW OLD CHAP). My favorite? Well duuuhhhh:

Boys, I'mma need some more of this awesomecakes stuff :D Also fffffff d'aww @ Tsuji's family (including his little niece) coming to see him perform :xxxxxx "A-chan, did you see your uncle and his boyfriend tearing up the stage out there??"

And, much thanks for Mitsuru being such a good little report writer, I've now determined it was NOT my imagination, Tuti's and Nagayan's part during Saigo no Golden Pair DID get shortened! Or rather actually...it just got lengthened for one day! Apparently during opening night, they only came out and danced during the first verse (Kikumaru's part), and then sank away and that was it. But during BOTH Saturday shows (the first ones I went to), Tuti and Nagayan came out for the first verse, left during Oishi's verse...and then came back out to participate during the whole section where they sit back to back and help each other up (so from Kikumaru's, "Ore no yume wa..." to Oishi's, "Omae ga minus nara, ore wa plus ijou ni naru"). But then, come Sunday...they had switched back to the short version! WHY?

Is this maybe an every-other-day thing? A one-time-only thing? A Saturday-shows-only thing? I MUST KNOW! Well...I will know, after Yokohama :P So, expect to be kept in the loop :D

I've had the stupid songs from Final Match 2 that were sung at DL7th stuck in my head ever since the shows...so I finally broke down and ordered the CD (which is released tomorrow!!) because I can at least be sure I'll have a copy of it in case no one rips and uploads it :P *is insane and impatient*
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So. Wow.

Holy shit.

I realize I say this about a number of shows, but...but Dream Live 7th was the. Fucking. Best. Show. I have ever seen. Ever. I seriously cannot possibly imagine how it could have been better, mostly because it gave me things I didn't even consider possible. And I get to see this magnificent beast many more times and sldfuhsidufs SO HERE'S A SAMPLE OF THE AWESOMENESS TO LOOK FORWARD TO (spoiler, tsk, DUH) )
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Oh btw, go watch this :D
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Well, THAT was a nice pic to wake up to :D THANK YOU BABA+T2! It never fails to put a smile on my face that you're all still posting Golden Trio pics ;_; KEEP IT UP YOU FIERCE BITCHES.

But what are your thoughts on TeniMyu?? )


Dec. 17th, 2009 10:16 pm
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Picked up some of the copies of Rikkai Final Box 1, and guy does it feel like it's been a long wait! I'm ripping it as I type, and *should* have it up for download in another 24 hours, so please be patient and console yourselves with 170 screencaps :D Please be aware: it's 90% T2/Golden Pair so...XD SO YOU KNOW IT'S AWESOME. CLICK ME DAMMIT! )
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My ripper isn't behaving >_> Or rather, the DVD isn't behaving...I'm gonna try a few things, but this isn't making me happy >_>

While I work on this, have a super suuuuuper sappy Golden Pair duet/ballad/medley LOVE SONG + translations :D Read more... )


Dec. 1st, 2009 11:39 am
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Okay help me out people.

A while back, there was a FANTASTIC video uploaded to youtube by Scribblefish I think (presumably the same [livejournal.com profile] scribblefish on LJ?)--it was a GP video to At the Beginning composed entirely of manga images but made to look like moving video.

It was under my favorites, but is no longer up that I can see, and I MISS IT SO :(

Does anyone have it and can direct me to it/upload it for me? Maybe I should PM [livejournal.com profile] scribblefish...assuming that's the person who made the video in the first place of course...

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Can sooooomeone please explain to me why Tsujimoto Yuuki is SHOWING OFF THE GOLDEN PAIR FANART HE HAS PUT UP IN HIS BATHROOM?? The Oishi fanart I can understand, BUT THE GP FANART? And umm, correct me if I'm taking this the wrong way, BUT ISN'T THAT ART THERE MORE THAN A LITTLE SHIPPY?? I love how metrosexual he is XD Now if only Tuti would let us in on the no doubt copious amount of GP fanart he has squirreled away...

Hey says there he wants more postcards to paper those walls sooooo:

Tsujimoto Yuuki
Granpapa House 1F
Jinguumae 4-23-13
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to

I fully intend to send this boy some postcards from America, so YOU PEOPLE SHOULD SEND HIM POSTCARDS, TOO.

In other news! Today was the Anchovy senshuuraku! [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu and I arrived an hourish early and picked up our ticket, splurged on goods we didn't need (and randomly got remembered by the guy selling goods--he's been doing all of KG's goods selling since they started, and was all, "Oh, long time no see!!" :D) and made our way inside.

The show itself was quite amusing. It centers around a group of 4 friends from a small village--3 of whom move to Tokyo after high school. The 4th stays behind, and calls up the other 3 ten years later because the village is dying out, and he wants to help draw tourists and people back to it by putting on a show. The show involves crossdressing, a pirate named Jack Starrow, zombies dancing the Thriller dance, and lots of cases of mistaken identity. In short? It was pretty fricking hilarious XD

Iwashita-san and Hotta were great, and it was my first time really getting to see Shunri and Fujiwara in something big since their roles in TeniMyu (even longer for Fujiwara, since he didn't get to come back for random guest bits like Mamo and Shunri have gotten to do). After the show, Meg and I ducked out of the theater following everyone else, and kind of stepped off to the side in a little corner in front of the guy's bathroom so I could put on my coat before we went back up. I'm in the middle of zipping my coat up, and a guy appears in front of us needing to get into the toilet.

Me: "OH!"

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MY HUSBAND. We kind of shared a, "Oh HEY I KNOW YOU" moment, and then we let him get to takin' care of business and skeedaddled. I didn't even know he was back in Tokyo (he's been in Osaka doing a show for, like, the past 2 months or something...) YAY FOR RANDOM RUNNING INTO PEOPLE I KNOW :D

And as if that wasn't enough, on the way back to Nakameguro station, Meg and I are walking and talking, and we pass a guy trying to get something out of a vending machine. I catch his eye, because I remembered seeing him back in the theater, and wondering who he was. He looks slightly familiar, but we pass him and I shake it off. Curious, though, I toss one glance back, and he's still looking at me, and then gives a smile and a nod, and I kind of smile and nod back.

The guy? Kumakura Isao, another Kitty Guy XD KUMAAAAA~ :D He's one of my faves, even though he's so fricking shy and scared of foreigners. Having been privy to seeing his manly bits in a previous KG skit, though, I feel a connection :D Oh boys~

We killed a bit of time in Shibuya before Meg had to head to Shinagawa to get on the shinkansen to head back to Shiga (that's way too many "sh" words in one sentence...) by wandering around--dropping by Gain to see if Tenchou was still around. Since it was about 8:30, of course Gain was closed, but it was kind of fun watching him closing up shop (we didn't talk to him, and he didn't see us, we could just see through the window). Another day over!

Also: Is Tuti DEAD or something? wtf, dude.


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