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Yes, we've finally done it. My husband and I made it official.


But seriously, Gaku got married (he acknowledges that it's April 1st but assures everyone it's true, what). WOW. Just. WOW. I like...I seriously can't believe someone would marry him XD;;; I believe my icon expresses my feelings on this subject accurately please please let this mean he has less time for hanging out with Nagayan, thank god

I'm going to be over here drowning my sorrows. Please feel free to leave comments cheering me up. My love has flitted from my grasp forever. I shall now never be able to look upon his lovely visage and imagine that we are wed. Sigh~

I may never recover, really.

Also, on a slightly more serious note: I wonder if he was able to announce it because he's not such a big deal/doesn't have a humongoid female fan following who'd be shocked/etc.??
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XDDDDD so Gaku, gearing up for the Japan Anime Live, took my advice finally asked Eiji for some pointers on being Renji. This is his relation of how it all went down:

So, when I asked Moriyama Eiji, my sempai who played Abarai Renji in Rock Musical Bleach, "So what are the main, important points about Renji?" he gave me this incomprehensible reply:

"Hmm, that's a good question. I feel like he's big-hearted enough that he'd treat everyone in the cast to dinner some time. And he's probably sensible enough to buy up some booze as presents for *pnish* who are in the middle of hard rehearsals right now. At least--that's what kind of guy he strikes me as."

...I just ignored him
( ̄ー ̄)

Also wtffffff Miki's been Rukia since the Bleach booth at Jump Festa, back when Saitou was Ichigo and Wasshi was Renji? The fuuuuuck?? How are they ever expecting to be able to replace her, then?! D:

KG ;~;

Sep. 4th, 2010 12:28 am
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Man :(

I was going to make some fun, upbeat and simultaneously snarky bitch post about Gaku going "overseas" and realizing it was probably for that Anime Con in Europe (right??), but...then Iwashita-san posted THIS ;~~~;

Long story short: Kitty Guys are losing two more members--Yasu and Kuri. Kuri's their hottest member, and Yasu was definitely one of the funniest, so it's...a real shame they're going. KG is down to 4 now, and well...while it seems like they're getting fewer and fewer, honestly it feels like the ones who are still there will be the ones to stick it out, like *pnish* going from 6 to 4! Still left are: Tachibana (Leader), Kuma (The Cute One!), Iwashita-san (the confident fun guy who comes off as Leader), and Gaku (the crazy one). So....Daiki, Wasshi, Eiji, and Tuti XDDDDD (Tuti would kill me for comparing him to Gaku)

It's sad, but it's also inevitable, and gives me some hope that KG will pull together closer with these four guys left and hopefully start really making something of themselves. *pnish* has shown that you can do it, so GET GOING.
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I don't really have that many scenes with Gaku at all

OH NAGAYAN. First the date with Tuti, and now this??

You love us, YOU REALLY LOVE US...!
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HEEEE. In case you missed it, here's a recap of all the shots from last night's viewing of the Ludovico show that Tuti and Nagayan went to:

Osamu-chan blog (and, Osamu-chan helpfully added at just after midnight: "And today, Nagayama Taka-chan, Tuti-san, and Iwashita-san, my costars from BLEACH, came to see the show. Iwashita-san had a meeting and couldn't stay, but I was out at dinner until just a while ago with Taka-chan and Tuti-san, just the three of us, and got a lot of energy." <--thus spake Osamu-chan 8D I'll just be sitting over here imagining what went on after they parted ways with Osamu-chan...)
Nagayan blog
Gaku blog (brb loling forever at Tuti's face XD)
Iwashita blog
Kuranuki blog

Tuti hasn't updated yet (but he looks like he has his phone out...so who knows?) so *sits impatiently* MEAL PICS, STAT.
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At first I didn't know whether to be thrilled it was another picture of Tuti or to go, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GAKU DOING ON NAGAYAN'S BLOG?! FUCK. I THOUGHT THAT WAS THE TRADE-OFF. 'NO MORE BURIMYU = SAD, BUT NO MORE GAKU = HAPPY'?!"

"It's quite scary, so I debated uploading this, but...well, it's funny. So here you are. Tsuchitora from ShibaTora filming."

Yeah, sure :P

Moral of this story: I'd sooner you didn't post a pic of Tuti at all if it's such a bad one I'm going to mistake him for GAKU.
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what is this i don't even

My very first thought: "...good god that's the happiest picture of Tuti I've seen in I can't even remember how long"

Second thought: "...hot damn Nagayan looks good in that third pic..."

I really, really am just going to bawl when this show is over if they flat out say it's the end for this cast. I've gotten so used to these amazing pictures now and sdiufhsdlifus I just am not going to know what to do with myself DDDD:

Also, is Gaku the new Eiji? Was he busy or something and so Gaku got dragged along so it didn't look like Tuti and Nagayan were sneaking out to have lunch as a couple?

AND OH OH OH. SITTING NEXT TO ONE ANOTHER? HELLOOOOOOOO?? FFFFFFFFFFFF I am making such the icons from this oh you just wait.

In other news: Tomorrow is a certain someone's 31st birthday~ :DDDDDD And a certain awesome foreign actor is going to be at his eveeeeent~ And a certain well-meaning foreign fan is gonna rush over after work to drink it in~~~~ :DDDDD please invite us out for drinks or something, Thane-san, you know you want to gab~~~~
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The two known as "The Golden Pair".

They're even synchronized when checking their cell phones (^-^)

Nice pair~


(and WTF WTF who the hell still calls them Golden Pair?! WHO?! THEMSELVES?! DO THEY GO AROUND AND STILL SAY STUFF LIKE THAT?!)
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lolololololol I just furikomi'd my husband 10,000 yen 8DDDDDD

...okay so it's probably the official KG account and just has his name on it because he opened it but STILL. He will be holding a bank book with my name on it saying I sent him love funds :3

Also, I totally need to make me another Tuti/Gaku icon from this pic. It's kind of sickeningly cute XD wtf are Tuti/Gaku and Eiji/Nagayan the new OTPs? WTFFFFFFFF D:
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Someone stole Moriyama-san-gou from Daiki

Eiji and Nagayan are taking pics of each other (with Gaku taking pics of the both of them <--hello thing which used to be TxN's job)

Tuti can't seem to bring himself to even acknowledge Nagayan's presence anymore on the ONE day in forever they seem to be at rehearsals at the same time.

What kind of a Christmas is this...?!
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Can sooooomeone please explain to me why Tsujimoto Yuuki is SHOWING OFF THE GOLDEN PAIR FANART HE HAS PUT UP IN HIS BATHROOM?? The Oishi fanart I can understand, BUT THE GP FANART? And umm, correct me if I'm taking this the wrong way, BUT ISN'T THAT ART THERE MORE THAN A LITTLE SHIPPY?? I love how metrosexual he is XD Now if only Tuti would let us in on the no doubt copious amount of GP fanart he has squirreled away...

Hey says there he wants more postcards to paper those walls sooooo:

Tsujimoto Yuuki
Granpapa House 1F
Jinguumae 4-23-13
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to

I fully intend to send this boy some postcards from America, so YOU PEOPLE SHOULD SEND HIM POSTCARDS, TOO.

In other news! Today was the Anchovy senshuuraku! [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu and I arrived an hourish early and picked up our ticket, splurged on goods we didn't need (and randomly got remembered by the guy selling goods--he's been doing all of KG's goods selling since they started, and was all, "Oh, long time no see!!" :D) and made our way inside.

The show itself was quite amusing. It centers around a group of 4 friends from a small village--3 of whom move to Tokyo after high school. The 4th stays behind, and calls up the other 3 ten years later because the village is dying out, and he wants to help draw tourists and people back to it by putting on a show. The show involves crossdressing, a pirate named Jack Starrow, zombies dancing the Thriller dance, and lots of cases of mistaken identity. In short? It was pretty fricking hilarious XD

Iwashita-san and Hotta were great, and it was my first time really getting to see Shunri and Fujiwara in something big since their roles in TeniMyu (even longer for Fujiwara, since he didn't get to come back for random guest bits like Mamo and Shunri have gotten to do). After the show, Meg and I ducked out of the theater following everyone else, and kind of stepped off to the side in a little corner in front of the guy's bathroom so I could put on my coat before we went back up. I'm in the middle of zipping my coat up, and a guy appears in front of us needing to get into the toilet.

Me: "OH!"

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MY HUSBAND. We kind of shared a, "Oh HEY I KNOW YOU" moment, and then we let him get to takin' care of business and skeedaddled. I didn't even know he was back in Tokyo (he's been in Osaka doing a show for, like, the past 2 months or something...) YAY FOR RANDOM RUNNING INTO PEOPLE I KNOW :D

And as if that wasn't enough, on the way back to Nakameguro station, Meg and I are walking and talking, and we pass a guy trying to get something out of a vending machine. I catch his eye, because I remembered seeing him back in the theater, and wondering who he was. He looks slightly familiar, but we pass him and I shake it off. Curious, though, I toss one glance back, and he's still looking at me, and then gives a smile and a nod, and I kind of smile and nod back.

The guy? Kumakura Isao, another Kitty Guy XD KUMAAAAA~ :D He's one of my faves, even though he's so fricking shy and scared of foreigners. Having been privy to seeing his manly bits in a previous KG skit, though, I feel a connection :D Oh boys~

We killed a bit of time in Shibuya before Meg had to head to Shinagawa to get on the shinkansen to head back to Shiga (that's way too many "sh" words in one sentence...) by wandering around--dropping by Gain to see if Tenchou was still around. Since it was about 8:30, of course Gain was closed, but it was kind of fun watching him closing up shop (we didn't talk to him, and he didn't see us, we could just see through the window). Another day over!

Also: Is Tuti DEAD or something? wtf, dude.
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Update on The Nagayan+Kuri+Gaku event:


I went to watch Gaku and Kuri practice for their event (-.-)
Note: Nagayama will not be participating in said event, unfortunately.

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So last night, I met up with [livejournal.com profile] imma_holiday for one last fling before she leaves Japan today (tata! Safe flight!!), and we went to see Kitty Guys in their new show, "Birigaki", which runs until this weekend.

I really wish I'd had time to go see it at least once more, as it was a HILARIOUS show, as expected from the guys XD But tonight is Tower of Sugar, and tomorrow starts the On7 Nagoya shows! So alas :(

The plot revolved around "kids" in a special classroom just for people born on February 29th. All of the "children" are part of an experiment that keeps them (mentally) at their "official" age of 7, despite their physical age of 28. Since they're obviously quite bigger than all the other 2nd graders, they're in their own special class with their own special teacher, and the play is about the things that happen in this weird class of grown-up 7-year-olds.

Yasu was the star, amazingly enough--he played a counselor who just started at the school, who learns about this class and gets involved in it. His character was the only really sane one in the show, which was quite a switch for Yasu, but made him extremely loveable XD

Tachibana was one of the other teachers in the school, really strict and helping Yasu get settled in. Iwashita and Gaku were two of the regular students in the class--Gaku was one of the bitchy, devil-may-care "URUSEE" yancha students (...which REALLY suited him XD) and Iwashita was the really soft-spoken polite kid who always wore a suit to class. Kuri played a yakuza member in Gaku's father's yakuza gang (I think? XD) and was HILARIOUS, and Kuma...

Oh Kuma. Kuma...Kuma wore a pink version of this and was supposed to be a transfer student, Yui-chan. They could never figure out if he was a boy or a girl. He had a baby, though, that he always carried around and fed a bottle. It was.......so very, very special.

Lastly, their guest was the homeroom teacher of this special class, and he CRACKED ME UP. Edogawa...Manjisomething, I forget. BUT GOD. HILARIOUS.

Like I said, though, I really wish I'd had more time to go see it again. To see Kuri being scared out of his fucking mind that there's a ghost teacher (which everyone made up), or MOUNTING KUMA AND SMACKING HIS ASS, Kuma in that short short skirt making us wonder if he had anything on underneath it for the first 10 min or so, Gaku being really appropriate for his part, everything ;_;

These guys REALLY need to start releasing this stuff on DVD dammit :/
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Also wtf I thought I was just hearing things yesterday when Gaku mentioned it in Gain, but TENCHOU HAS A DAUGHTER?!

I assume this means Tenchou is MARRIED then? (not necessarily, but I assume so)

He just...really strikes me as the bachelor type XD And now I wanna know how old his daughter is and if she loves torturing Gaku as much as her dad does 8DDDDD
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1) KG event was all sorts of awesome. AND SHUNRI WAS THE GUEST. WHAT THE FUCK. YES YES YES.

2) Sue-san is leaving KG for good. Fuck ;_;

3) Gaku tossed me his penlight at the end of the show--but windshear struck he has fail aim and it kinda went too far left and thus I am Gaku's penlight-less now :(

4) Purchased a ticket for their next show, Birigaki!

5) Was asked by Meg to sell off the 4 tickets of her own that she accidentally purchased XD; Anyone want 1 (or more!) of the tickets for the shows on the 25/26th? 3000yen, but jiyuuseki so you can sit anywhere! Also helllooooooo KG, made of awesome.

6) Gaku's new haircut looks like something reddish brown and fluffy died on his scalp. I am relieved, as I was almost starting to find him somewhat attractive. CRISIS AVERTED. However, Sue's long hair and Bana's new 'do are FUCKING HOT DAMMIT.

7) Gaku kissed Sue. Like, on the lips. (corner of the lips admittedly, BUT STILL). I knew he was gay...!

8) On the way back to my place, as I turned the corner right by my apartment, I heard someone call out, "Sumimasen~!" I turned around, and it's some random guy, probably a little older than me. Not HORRIBLE looking, but kinda scrawny, and with pretty nasty facial hair XD He kinda looked at me funny, like he knew me, and went, "...Iida-san?" I told him no, he must have the wrong person, and this then made him launch into this whole spiel about how whoa I looked just like this friend of his (WHAT?) and holy crap where was I from, because I looked foreign but I didn't SOUND foreign (sldifuhsdlfs I love it when I don't have an ACCENT. It makes me feel so good XD;) and what was I doing in Japan? Vacation? Work? Did I teach English or something? I made small talk with him for a little while, being a little wary because wtf random strange guy chatting me up in an alley at 10:30 at night in Shinjuku? NOT THE SAFEST PLACE. He seemed to kinda get that I was a little wary around him and kept going, "But Japan's so safe, right? It's a lot safer than America, that's why you're here probably." Uh huuuuhhhhh... He wanted to exchange emails in case I wanted to get together later (...) and said that he didn't mind just giving me his email, that way if I wanted to hang out again it was entirely up to me. I figured he had a point, and since I kinda wanted to get away, I got his email and left.

It sounds really fishy, but I dunno, he just seemed a little...funny XD; I don't intend to email him, but it was amusing when it wasn't worrisome XD;


May. 31st, 2009 12:30 am
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Well! It's been a productive weekend! Friday and Saturday were more my weekend days this week, so that means I get to rest (and ship off packages I've been putting off because zomg Animate FINALLY got me my FilmFes DVDs >_>) and relax!

Friday night: Bank Bang Lesson! )

Saturday afternoon: KuroMyu! SPOILERS!! )

In other news...MITSURU LOVES T2. )
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Yaaaaay! I should've guessed this was what the big announcement was :P Totally slipped my mind that it was almost that time of year again~ :D

[livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes, [livejournal.com profile] imma_holiday? I'm sure even though it's a Monday they'll take into account all the people who WORK and have an evening show (and maybe an afternoon one as well), which is probably the only thing I could make >_> Interested in going? Anyone else? It'll probably be the only KG event Sue's in for the rest of the year 8D And even THAT'S not a given >_>;;;;; Leaderrrrrrr wtf are you doing.

Also: I totally went for a ride on my new bike (I'm thinking Leader-san-gou :D Because like hell am I calling it Gaku) to see what was down past Higashi-Shinjuku station towards Shinjuku, and found out it's all of a 10 min bike ride to Koma Theater XDDDD Or well, what's left of it ;_; Also god but there were a ton of host guys :P Tomorrow I think I'll go up towards Ikebukuro--if it's only a 10-15 min ride between stations, it should (theoretically) only take me 30 min at most to get there o_O Guess we'll see! wonder how far a ride it is towards the rehearsal halls...

Perhaps I should invest in a map before I get lost :P
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ShibaTora was fricking awesome--cannot wait til there's at least a raw out *____*

Daddy is safely back in Shreveport after 24 hours traveling. Eesh. On the bright side: I can finally put all my porn back where it belongs and sleep on a comfortable bed again!

Watched the new Star Trek movie. HOT. Never found ZQ especially attractive before, but dayum if that movie didn't make me at least a little interested in Kirk/Spock (or hell, Spock/Kirk maybe...). I'm reserving final judgment for sequels.

5B DVD needs to stop being awesome. Ilusfm.

Nagayama Takashi needs to stop being so awesome. He loves his mom so fucking much ♥ WHAT A GUY.

My dad bought me a bike right before he left. It is awesome and red. Betcha can totallycan't guess what I named it.

I am making 5th cast icons as I type. YES.

Bought tickets to Bank Bang Lesson, the Osamu-chan+Gaku+Takuya+KatoRyo. They are crap seats and I only realized after picking them up that they COMPLETELY CONFLICT with Meat Day. Fuck.



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