Feb. 16th, 2011 11:18 am
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lololol it's fun going back to old entries and seeing references to things we wouldn't find out until much later. Case in point, see the following from an entry of Tuti's after seeing Tengumen in March 2006:

In a personal note, one of my friend's older sisters Inoue Harumi-san is in it, too, and she was great.
A talent like her in small theatre? She completely overcomes that title, in her presence and concentration--it was wonderful.

Inoue Harumi = older sister of Kitamura Eiki, a fact we wouldn't find out until later that summer after she performed for the first time in BuriMyu XDDDD
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Duuuuude I wonder if Nagayan is at Abbey Road??? A popular (and VERY good) Beatles cover bar in Roppongi? If so, 1) DUDE I'VE BEEN THERE :DDDD and 2) DUDE HE WAS RIGHT ACROSS THE ROAD FROM ME (as I was at a German pub celebrating a co-worker's birthday when he posted XDDDD)

DejaMyu :D

Jan. 6th, 2011 09:58 pm
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Tell me these boys don't look like their 1st cast counterparts! :3 (by which I mean AGREE WITH ME, or I shall feel like I'm just grasping here :/ But I really do think they resemble Abe and Nagayan at least a little bit -- in these pics I mean, not in general)

Oh Shotamaru... (not to be confused with Shoutamaru!)

But yes, I feel that Kawamura this round looks especially like Abe :3 Which is all fine in my book!

In other news: goddammit I hate the 40kb limit on LJ icons -_- SO MUCH.

ETA: YOU LITTLE BITCH :DDDDD Look, real-world comparison! (plus, have Nagayan + yet-another-Oishi-who-is-not-Tuti!) I love that he chose to give us only (or first? If he posts more) the Golden Pair XDDDD YOU KNOW WHAT WE WANT, MAN. Also wow, Yuuta actually looks older than 5 there XD; GJ, TeniMyu :D
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....Oh Tuti XD;;;;


(that link is dead now, but just a few minutes ago it was a picture of a map on the back of a business card directing whoever the text was for here and something about karaoke later >___>)

*waits for the inevitable "oh shit sorry ignore that" post that is sure to follow + pic of himself in his underwear*


ETA: Please review this conversation between myself and [ profile] faded_lace right when Tuti posted that pic:

[ profile] faded_lace: with whoooo
[ profile] fencer_x: is what I wanna knoooow
[ profile] faded_lace: actor friend, perhaps???
[ profile] fencer_x: Nagayan's show is most definitely finished :D ...OR TACCHAN XD oh god please let it be TACCHAN
[ profile] faded_lace: Awww! That'd be so cuuuute
[ profile] fencer_x: I think I want it to be Tacchan more than Nagayan even. BOTH WOULD BE BEST
[ profile] faded_lace: yeah XDD threesome??
[ profile] fencer_x: I'm totally down for some TNT :D

Almost immediately after that? ISAKA TATSUYA POSTS THIS.

"I met up with Nagayama-san and Tsuchiya-san! It's pretty fun~♪"

GOD. OUR POWERS ARE SO FUCKING AMAZING. I fucking scare myself all the timesometimes 8|
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A review of the past 5 minutes... (shit you not, this is EXACTLY how it went down...I swear I don't ALWAYS hope to see Tuti...)

*ding* "Ooh email...let's see..."


"Ah, another Nagayan post. Isn't that like his fifth today or something... Whatevs." *navigates to new window and clicks to go to Nagayan's blog* "Man, I gotta say Nagayan's blog has been kind of snoozeville lately :/ I mean, shippy or not, it was always fun when he was taking pics of Tuti sleeping or playing the guitar and stuff.

*sigh* I miss him posting pics of Tuti..."

*page loads*

"......................HOT DAMN I LOVE MY POWERS."



Also lololol Nagayan's so punny:

ギンギンに冷えてます。 (from that same entry)
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It's more likely than you think!

...okay not really. But i was walking along on the way to the station, and not even kidding RIGHT as the song "Omae wa Prince" came on, a kid bumped into me.

He ran ahead, and I saw he looked 11 or 12...and he had 2 tennis rackets in his bag...and was wearing a white cap just like Ryoma :P

So there, my freaky coincidence of the day!

Post from mobile portal
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Haha what.

So, I was browsing around my external harddrive today, and came across Wasshi's Live DVD rip I did a couple of summers ago. I flipped through it to catch some of him singing, and randomly skipped to a portion where they pan the audience (I've never actually WATCHED the DVD XD;;;), and saw this:

(which wtf, where was [ profile] hamykia? Wasn't she at this with me??)

I wonder if anyone out there ever sees me on random things and wonders about me... Considering that I run into girls all the time now who are all, "omg I saw you at X event and Y event and Z event!" and yet they never come talk to me...

If real life were a fandom, would I be The Observer (HOLY SHIT COINCIDENCE: Apparently his name is "September"!)?

Two things

Mar. 18th, 2010 07:17 am
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1) Tuti updated yesterday at 11:55 and 4 seconds. Nagayan updated at 11:55 and 37 seconds. Freeeeaaaaaaky XD Synchro are wa synchroooo, synchro are wa synchroooo~ :D

2) "I won't say who it is...but I have a friend who looks like this. I'm sorry. m(__)m" ...................uh yeah, we got you the first time you made that joke about that same picture. Were you just making sure we all remembered that "when Nagayan takes a pic of something with a big forehead, he's referencing Tuti"? :P Personally, though, it feels like needling in the hopes that Tuti will do something like take a picture of a girl in a frilly dress and be all, "HAY GUYS I HAVE A FRIEND WHO LOOKS LIKE THIS." Which would be totes okay 8D 仕返し仕返し! Or it could be, as one commenter put it, "Are you not saying who it is because he got mad at you last time?? (haha)" XDDDD

God I love it when they flirt :P
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So I was checking Nagayan's blog just a few minutes ago, and sometimes on the side they have links to related/similar blogs. And there was a name that looked familiar: Hirayama Yoshinobu. He likely won't be familiar to any of you...because he was in Hard to Hold (and will be playing opposite Shouta in the play next month he's doing, which Tsuji is also doing opposite Mako-chan~!) I didn't know he had an ameblo, so I checked it out...and lookit the Hard to Hold pics that popped up~ :D

Random group shot during lunch (eee Tsuji and his RikkaiMyu shirt XD)
After the dress rehearsal (lookit T2 being all cute in the background together~)
After opening night (good to see Tsuji knows his place 8DDDDDD)
Tsuji at senshuuraku, in his Shimura-sensei threads and looking hawwwwwwt *____*
Shouta on stage during one of the shows in his Hiiro threads and looking molestable~ (okay fine I know it's blurry, BUT TRUST ME. MOLESTABLE.)

gdi I miss this show D: I need some canon T2 action now. Is it March 20th yet?!
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I WAS HOLDING THAT EARLIER THIS EVENING! I randomly ran into one of the girls from our NagaJo Curry Team outside of the theater, and we were chatting while waiting for the theater to open, and she whipped out a notebook and showed me all the sketches she'd done of Pasupata over the course of her seeing the show, including two she'd had printed out onto postcards--one of Nagayan as himself, and one of Pasupata: THAT ONE IN THE PICTURE. I must've COMPLETELY missed her saying that she was going to give it to him *____*

I was really impressed with how accurate it was, and sdlifshdfs she must be FLIPPING OUT having her stuff on his own blog XDDDDD LUCKY BITCH :D

That reminds me: I spent the time between shows today (afternoon and evening) writing Thane a loooong letter in which I think I wound up not really saying anything :P But I'm glad to have been able to get it off my chest :D Unfortunately, I doubt he'll snap a pic and show it to everyone on his blog XD
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Anyone got an explanation as to why Baba and Tsujimoto have the EXACT same picture posted? XD;

One took it and sent it to the other? Shouta and Ebo both have their own (Akki hasn't updated yet), so wtf? XD I'm totally betting that one of them forgot to get a picture and begged the other to send it :D

In other news: I really need to stop answering my door when I'm not expecting anything. REALLY. Today I got talked into having milk delivered to my apartment: I DON'T EVEN DRINK MILK REGULARLY. *sigh* The only good part of the whole exchange: the lady who did it all was really sweet, and then signed her name on my order form as she left. The name?


...yes, I know that reads "Tsuchii", not "Tsuchiya" (土屋), but you wouldn't believe the mental squeal I let out when she scribbled it down and I thought for 30 amazing seconds it'd been meant for me to order that milk :P

ETA: NAGAYAAAAAAAAAN. That's a lovely towel on Mako-chan there. IS IT BYCHANCE YOOOOUUUUURS?

ETA2: HAHAHAHA. I FOUND THE CULPRIT: Tsuji-chan. You stole from Baba above, and here you stole from Akki! NAUGHTY NAUGHTY BOY. Whatever were you doing that you forgot to get pics, hmmm...?
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...holy CRAP O______O

So, my best friend from kindergarten. We were both the smartest kids in our classes, because it was a pretty low-level country school, and we got separated in 2nd grade when I stayed at my school and she transferred to another. Then in 3rd grade, I got to transfer to another school myself...and the first day of school, I ran into her in the bathroom, and we were reunited without even realizing we'd been transferred to the same new school ;_;

Fast forward to 15 years later, and I just got this email from my dad:

I got a message from Kasie Lynn! She's gonna try to get in touch with you since she's living in your neck o' the woods!

Long story short: MY ABSOLUTE BEST FRIEND FROM AS EARLY AS I CAN REMEMBER IS NOW LIVING 2 HOURS FROM ME. IN JAPAN. WHAT MANNER OF FATED FAGGOTRY IS THIS?! Seriously--I mean, it's not SO strange, as she married an airforce boy apparently, and he's stationed at an airforce base in Aomori but...good god ;_; I really want to meet up with her again; we stopped hanging out really after we were reunited, mostly because we'd just grown apart. By middle school, I don't think we spoke anymore, but not because we didn't like each other, just because we didn't SEE each other.

I was just wondering about her the other day, too, remembering some of the stuff we used to do...GAH *____* I want to go up and see her in November if I can! (lulz LJ has the perfect mood XD)
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I love this; only a matter of HOURS after I posted the last entry wondering about NagaJo In Korea and what might happen if enough people didn't sign up...I get an email from the FC saying they've extended reservations for the trip (presumably in an effort to get more people...because not enough are signing up) :D


In other news: I accidentally left my wallet at home, so I have no money on me whatsoever and cannot buy any food until I get home this evening (bah, at least it's Friday, so I get off early). I also didn't have breakfast ;_;
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Earlier today, while checking out an update of Daiki's about his show that's going on right now ("Romeo in Boots", in which he plays...well, Romeo :P), I pondered to myself, "Heh, I wonder when/if Eiji will go see the show. He should totally go see it today and then update about it."



I'll now be putting thought into Tuti going to see Rock'n Jam but I'm not sure even I'm powerful enough to get him to go see a show of Nagayan's and actually POST about it...
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SO I learned something new about myself tonight. I am either:

a) Mildly precogniscient

b) Able to make stuff happen by thinking about it


c) Just really fucking lucky

I'd like to point out that ANY of the above could be true and I'd be just as happy :P

So how'd I come to this conclusion? WELL I'M GLAD YOU ASKED. )
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So, I have a story to tell:

I was to meet my friend Brandy at 6 PM in Shinjuku so that we could go out to eat this evening before she left with her JET group for Oita-ken tomorrow, so after work I hustled over. Since it's a maze trying to navigate Shinjuku/Shinjuku station, I told her I'd meet her at the hotel, and did so.

By 6:10ish, we were strolling from the Keio Plaza Hotel towards Shinjuku station, gabbing and talking and trying to not succumb to heatstroke, the usual. The sidewalks were narrow and full of people, so we're dodging old ladies and salarymen left and right. After crossing one side street, though, we came across a little clearing where people were parking their bikes, right in front of an izakaya. We wander past it, still conversing, and then I see someone right in front of us chaining up his bike, back to us.

Then he turns around, and he sees me. And I see him. And we both go, "OH!"


WTFFFFFFFF???? Randomly bumping into IWASHITA-SAN of all people in the busiest part of Tokyo?! And even more random because neither one of us had any real REASON to be there--as in, it wasn't like I ran into him on the way leaving a play. We just...randomly crossed paths! (運命だね)

We joked about how weird it was to randomly run into each other like that, and then he said he was just on his way inside to have a drink with his friend, and I told him we were headed to the station and to have fun (wtf XD) and we bid farewell.

And that was, I suppose, the wonderful ending to the day that my nabbing that last Gogo no Koucha this morning portended :D Yaaaaay~
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I wrote this this morning/early afternoon, and then posted it at 3:58 PM. A few minutes later, this showed up on my flist.

Tuti and Daiki. Out together. Tuti with his puma bag (unfortunately not wearing last year's HappyPani shirt XD).

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Finally have almost all of my On7 tickets! Just need opening night's ticket, and a preview performance for Nagoya since the BASTARDS went and snuck in another Nagoya show.

These are the tickets I have so far (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ONLY ON7. INORITE??)

10 down, 2 to go!

Now for the rest of the post; cut because I have more pics and don't wanna mess up people's flists than I am. )
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Good and Bad today so far:

1) Bad: Realized I subconsciously undermined my fandom by buying milk.


2) Good: Remembered it's April 15 and thus the first day of Reverse Historica and I am seeing Tuti and possibly Nagayan tonight! And Eiji&Daiki tomorrow!!

3) Bad: I have 2 huge-ass long full checks and 1 huge-ass long medium check papers due in the next 2 days.



And Tsujimoto going out for billiards with Nobuyama (Momo-"Ah! CAMERA DAAAA!"-shiro) and Shouta 8DDDDD (and Horio's actor but THESE WERE MORE IMPORTANT). Close with Momo and Eiji's actors, TSUJIMOTO'S TAKING AFTER TUTI SO WELL ;____;
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Woke up on my own at 7:25 this morning, 2 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, only to realize my alarm was not even on and HOLY CRAP I would've been so in trouble if it hadn't >_> Because I had to be at Gain at 9 AM to Be a Fan :D

Luckily, though, today was going to be a pretty good day, all told, and I woke up on time, showered, and was on my way to Shibuya. Wound up being the first one there, arriving literally seconds before a big group of girls rounded the corner behind me :DDDD Tenchou passed out numbers to everyone, and we all dispersed--after I mentioned to Tenchou that my dad was coming in and...would it be okay to bring him by and introduce him to Tenchou. Verdict? A big hellyeeessss XD

Had to kill 3 hours before I could come back to pick up the shirts, so I went back to my apartment and bummed around. At noon, Tenchou was deprived of two shirts, and I had another 2 hours to kill!

[ profile] hughes_maes and I met at Kokuritsukyougijou station at 2 PM to head to Seinenkan and line up for toujitsuken. Unfortunately, while there were only 10 or so girls there when we arrived, by the time they passed out numbers, there were about 150 >_> Suffice to say we did NOT get any of the 30 tickets they had. WHAT THE FUCK. 30 TICKETS? This is TENIMYU. And they wonder why people buy and sell these tickets online.

But, not to be daunted, we decided we'd try again in the next few days (well, Paula would XD Unfortunately I don't get out of work until 5 PM--when toujitsuken go on sale--so I can't try) and went to sing away our sorrows in Asakusa where there was a Big Echo and a Coco's nearby :D

After 2 hours of singing, we'd worked up quite a hunger, and dug into some tasty curry. We were behind some kind of a barrier in a booth, and a guy came in to get a to-go order. Swear on the graves of my ancestors he sounded like Miki Shinichirou. Freaky XD

We decided to walk back to Kuramae, since it was a straight shot from there to my apartment, and stopped in at Family Mart on the way. I was the only one of our group who hadn't picked up my DL6th tickets yet (we actually got REALLY lucky with the lottery!!) and, curious to see where the seats were, I went in and printed out my tickets.

They weren't arena seats, so I wasn't sure just how good they were. However, upon closer examination, I thought the seat numbers looked familiar. Curious, we called up [ profile] imma_holiday, who'd picked her own up earlier that day.


I got my 3 seats in 34, 35, and 36. Hers? Exact same block, exact same floor, exact same row: 37, 38, 39.

WE SOMEHOW MANAGED, COMPLETELY COINCIDENTALLY, TO GET 6 TICKETS IN A ROW. This means through some otherworldly act our entire group will be sitting together!! OMG YAY. And even better, there is a 50/50 chance that these are actually REALLY good seats (as in, in the stands by the stage), but we won't know until we actually get INSIDE the theater XD

Speaking of which, I did not realize Tokyo Taiikukan was right by Nihon Seinenkan (where TeniMyu is right now)!! I snapped some shots of it on the way back the the station XD 待ってろよ~東京体育館!!

Gaijin luck ROCKS HARD.

ETA: I have had all of 2 lines from the Shitenhouji school song stuck in my head ALL DAY but I don't have the track to relieve myself of this melody. Does anyone care to share it with me and put me out of my misery? ;_;


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