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Okay, since you people would very obviously know this was from me if I posted it in the 7 replies it would've taken up, here's the 4000-word "drabble" response to the prompt "Tuti/Nagayan - High School AU! I just want them wearing those hot uniforms. And for there to be tons of UST and maybe (hopefully) sex eventually. Maybe Nagayan is a teacher and Tuti is the student? Nagayan's got that whole "looks way too young for his age" thing going which could easily make him look 17/18 when he's really 25 or something."

No sex, despite taking up 4000 words. )
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Well, found this courtesy of a secret on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets yesterday, and added to it a little from another fun writing meme I found. This is just a chronicle of the writing I did in 2009, and my thoughts on how I think I did, what my strong and weak points were, etc. etc.

Do you agree/disagree? )
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Here, have some fic I should be saving to post with the whole drabble set but am tired and want to wake up to fangirly comments so I'm posting :D It's supposed to be a follow-up little series on my Tuti-and-Nagayan-move-in-together fic from a while back~

Entry #2 in '20 Scenes of Domestic Bliss' )
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Hypothetical question >_>

How many of you, if any, would be interested in (participating in) some kind of Secret Santa fanwork exchange? I know there's [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, but this would just be something limited to *pnish*/Nagayan--possibly *pnish*/Myu if I thought enough people from there would participate.

The setup would, I suppose, be something like: find out now-ish who'd want to participate, make sure everyone's up on the rules of how it's going to go down, and then PROFIT!

The general gist of [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, from what I can see, is everyone signs up with what they want and what they're willing to write (though I'd like to include draw/make/etc. as well) and what they'd like to see, and a mod-ly person not involved assigns everyone their parts. There's  a deadline in December-ish, and stories go live around Christmas for everyone to enjoy~ :D

Naturally you can set rules, like, "I can't write porn"/"I can't write non-con"/etc., but I'd probably want to keep your pairings open (unless there were a part of fandom you weren't really familiar with, like, "I never really watched any 3rd cast stuff soooo...." if we threw in TeniMyu and whatnot) just to make sure everyone could get their request filled :)

And this would definitely be something like a Christmas/holiday gift exchange (hence the Secret Santa theme), so it'd be about putting aside your feelings on characters/pairings to make someone else's season a little brighter :D and challenges are alwaays good, no?

So I guess the question is (for all of you on my flist at least): would you be willing to participate? If so, do you have any stipulations? If not, is there anything that would make you want to participate (assuming you're of the creative sort who doesn't mind writing/drawing/etc.)? 
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Title: Aftermath
Rating: PG
Pairing: Nataraja + Pasupata friendship
[spoilers for MahaMo, of course -- I STRONGLY recommend reviewing these characters and their relationship here first :P]

I CAN'T HELP IT *fics* )
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Heeeeey, so I need some help.

Anybody wanna beta for an AU *pnish* fic? I usually make [livejournal.com profile] analineblue do my bidding on big projects like CurryFic, but this one's not TxN (yet...? XD) and I dunno if she'd be up to reading through a bunch of crap about those boys when Nagayan isn't involved (YET..........?). Naturally, if she wants to still, it won't hurt to have more eyes looking it over, but I'd like at least one person who wants to be subjected to some AU *pnish* who can help me on a few different issues.

It's AU, but not really... More of a "one thing happens differently and the whole mess falls apart" what-if kinda deal, so the guys themselves are much the same, but their friendships and relationships with each other and in their own world are going to differ drastically. I'm hoping to make in my NaNoWriMo project, and am gathering momentum as I expect it'll be a task of some magnitude XD;

Things I'm going to mainly need help on:

--characterizations (in the beginning, most of them are teenagers; that's kind of a big difference XD; then of course you'd have to assess an interpretation of a relationship that doesn't exist IRL, like Wasshi and Nagayan meeting in a cast a hell of a lot earlier than MahaMo :D "Would X act like this when meeting Y for the first time without Z around?" kind of thing)
--timelines! (this may be asking a bit much, but at least if you see something REALLY weird, call me out on it :P Case in point: I almost mentioned Eiji's role as Ibu Shinji in 1997...when he didn't get Shinji's role until 2002. I want this to be as CLOSE to what happened in real life as possible, with the only changes being how people interact if they meet in different times and places, under different circumstances)
--spelling and grammar, durr :P

Soooooo, anyone wanna be my beta bitch for this thing? It's not gonna be ready any time terribly soon, probably, but just to get ready :)
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I'm the 3rd most prolific writer in fandom yaaaaay \o/ At least, according to Chicklit--I know [livejournal.com profile] analineblue has her more recent stuff on LJ only, so it's not exactly up to date XD

All y'all bitches are going down <3333 wonder how it stacks up word-count-wise 8D

I feel like I use fic to escape--any time I'm bored at work or at home, fic. Any time I'm out at an event, researching for fic. Any time I'm not able to write fic, wishing I could write fic. It's probably not healthy XD; But I hope it never stops.

Random: the 100-yen store by my apartment is finally stocking my absolute favorite brand of milk tea, I THINK I'M IN HEAVEN.

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I wrote this this morning/early afternoon, and then posted it at 3:58 PM. A few minutes later, this showed up on my flist.

Tuti and Daiki. Out together. Tuti with his puma bag (unfortunately not wearing last year's HappyPani shirt XD).

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Let's kick off the new year right -- this is the time to let off all that pent-up energy from the awesomeness of late in our fandoms through our fingertips!

The rules are simple: post anonymously (or don't, but it's more fun to keep everyone guessing til the end XD) a reply to this post and give us a prompt (and a pairing if you have something specific in mind, but not required :D) in any format you wish -- a word/theme ("12:01 AM, New Years Day" or "yoga"), a quote, anything!

No pairing restrictions (and of course you're welcome to specify a pairing), no rating restrictions (but be specific if you want something ^_~), no word limits (because I can't count 8D), just good fun to help you forget about how much fun 2008 was and look forward to how fun 2009 will be!

HIT ME, PEOPLE! And get ready to write! ♥
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Unfortunately, I churn out quantity over quality :P TxN drabble Random word generator prompt: safety )
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A this rate, I'm gonna be worn out before NaNoWriMo even starts...

Daiki + Eiji's sister; at an uchiage after she comes to see her little brother's latest performance (Eiji/Daiki implied) )

Someone give me some more prompts, for anyone!
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Got inspired by the weather today, and started writing. What began as a kind of typical funny, fluffy Eiji/Daiki fic kind of turned into something weird. I dunno if I like it or not, but it's definitely more...stream-of-conscious, feeling-y than what I usually do *shrugs* Guess there's a first time for everything!

Eiji/Daiki :: Typhoon )
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Pick the first line from your last 25 fanfics and see if you can find a pattern.

Stole this from everyone and their brother :D Not too sure what this says about me, other than that I like to start fics off with dialogue XD (usually with Tuti speaking in TxN fics and Daiki in Eiji/Daiki fics...possibly the two I identify with more?)

Oh~ here we go~ )
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Bored, so I fic'd :D Random Eiji/Daiki ficlet from one of the previous drabble meme requests: Eiji/Daiki, First Date )


Sep. 6th, 2008 12:56 am
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I fucking haaaaaaaate efiction.

If you have whole FORUMS dedicated to people who have problems with your product, THAT SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING.

Dammit, no one look at the StrawberryWine fic archive til I sort this shit out >:/
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Uuuuh, anyone got any idea which Seigaku and Hyoutei cast are going to be on the CD when it comes out?

Cause I ain't buyin' it if it's 4th Cast >_>

Also wtf with 5th cast's DVD only being available if you buy both the 4th cast and the tsuika kouen DVDs?? Anyone who buys those: you have a VERY intrested buyer willing to take that 5th cast DVD off your hands >_> >_> >_>

dskfhsliufhslidf MMV D: hate.

It really looks like rain. But I don't think it's going to :/

Is it time to go home yet? I have a DVD to reserve because [livejournal.com profile] lavenderlilly fails at reserving DVDs <3333 Also there is CURRYFIC to be written. And I have signed up for Tuti/Nagayan on [livejournal.com profile] 1fandom :DDDDD Look forward to those~ CurryFic 7 MIGHT be out tomorrow, depending on whether or not the boys want to cooperate tonight and get it on >_>
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I couldn't wait for August for Dark Knight to come out here (though the Tokyo premiere is Monday--and OH HAAAAAY I'MMA BE THERE), so I found m'self a nice quality telesync (cam-quality video [which was actually really good quality this time] and audio hooked up into the actual projector [which means it sounds like you're there.]--the audio/video is kind of a compromise between a typical cam and a DVD) and enjoyed my semi-day off I had after shipping all my stuff to Tokyo (which I'll talk about later XD)

DAAAAAAAYUUUUUUUM. Holy SHIT. Everyone's been saying it's good, that Heath Ledger was amazing in it, the performance of a lifetime, that it's the best of the lot yet, and...wow. Just. Yes. Agree so hard. It just...worked on EVERY level, I have not enjoyed a Batman film of that caliber in a WHILE. Shiiiiiiiit.

In other news--sent all my stuff to Tokyo. I stayed up til 1 AM last night packing before I realized I didn't have enough bags/boxes >_> So this morning after we said goodbye to the superintendent/mayor I picked up two more, filled them to the brim with odds and ends as well, and it was off to Kuroneko (the Japanese equivalent of UPS. But cheaper). I had 3 large suitcases, one carry-on bag, and 5 big boxes. All the boxes and bags except for one (which had just my toaster oven in it) weighed ~50lbs.

The total cost to ship all THAT plus 2 futons to Tokyo? 13,680yen (~$135). NICE. I will, unfortunately, not be allowed that same awesome rate going back to the US. WHICH MEANS I CAN NEVER LEAVE 8D;;;

It'll get to the apartment tomorrow (which I'll pick the key up from its hiding place in the combination-locked mailbox XD) between 2 and 4, and after I try and unpack what I can (a little hard with no shelves or a dresser XD;;;;) IT'S OFF TO THE GAKUEN HEAVEN MUSICAL for gay fun. If anyone wants to go to dinner afterwards (probably ~9ish?) gimme a ring/text :D [livejournal.com profile] hamykia and I will probably be starving~

A bit of bad news: I failed at the advance ticket lottery for the final Tokyo shows of TeniMyu, where it's finally been confirmed Saitou WILL be playing Oshitari to Rui's Gakuto *_____* MUST. GET. SOMEHOW. General sales are next weekend. Guh.

I leave to have a going-away party with the other ALTs and our Board of Education people in an hour. I don't wanna go :/ There will be lots drinking, and...I don't drink _o_ WHY CAN'T IT JUST BE 12 HOURS FROM NOW?

My AC is on full blast at 20 C, it's usually an ice box in here at 24, and I'm sweating buckets. Either there's something wrong with me or there's something wrong with my AC........HMM, NEXT ALT'S PROBLEM 8D;;; (it's not THAT bad, but it really doesn't feel like it's blowing as cool air as usual...)

On a completely separate note, I was bored and wanted to write, but none of the drabbles in our STILL GROWING drabble post (sticky at the top of my LJ) were what I wanted, so I penned a little brotherly-fun between Daiki and Mizuki because of Daiki's past few posts where he dragged Mizuki out to help him buy a new computer and get it all set up XDDDDDD ♥ Click to read it~ )
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So, I'm gonna come out and admit already that I wrote this response (and part 2 XD) to the drabble meme. But I had so much fun doing it (and I usually hate AUs!) that...I wanted to keep it up XD So I wrote more. And will write more after this too, because Tuti's not even technically in this "chapter" yet XD;;;

Title: Nothing yet, but probably something really cheesy (mmm curry with cheese) like "Special Delivery", chapter 2 of til-I-realize-I've-gotten-myself-in-deep
Rating: PG I guess?
Pairing(s): Eventual Tuti/Nagayan, established Eiji/Daiki
Warnings: AU! Nagayan is a delivery boy for Gain's Curry House (LOOK! We even have a logo thanks to [livejournal.com profile] eiko_c!) and catches the eye of Tsuchiya Yuuichi who obsessively orders curry from him (WHAT XD). Pretty much just the normal stuff except Nagayan...is a curry delivery boy. Tuti's still an actor, still with *pnish*, and I swear it's not gonna be Medium if I can help it at all XD;;;

...Chapter 2? )


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