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Last but not least!!

Arigatou Arigatou Arigatou )
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Third time's a charm!

And then there were backstages.... )
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And now, ON TO PART 2!

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So, my screencapping itch had to be scratched like mad last night, and I stayed up til 2 AM just capping the crap out of these DVDs XD;;; Since there are almost 400 caps (and this is just from the honpen and main backstage alone!) I'm splitting it into several posts of ~100 caps each.

Let's get started~! )
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OKAY FIRST WHAT THE FUCK NAGAYAN. "Aah~ I want to be bitten on the neck by you..." Please, I don't think you're being quite fucking sexy enough...!

AND SECOND, HOW ABOUT THAT HOLY SHEEEEEEET AWESOME DL7TH DVD? I seriously took something like 400 caps DDDDD: THERE IS JUST SO MUCH AWESOME. And tons of 1st cast backstage!! Well not TONS, but....A GOOD BIT! I'll post the huuuuuuge cap post tomorrow, as it's almost 2 AM now >_> (I HAD to watch the backstage tonight, HAD TO) So for now, DEAL with these few caps!

Konna Seigaku wa mitaku nai! 'SEIGAKU NO HASHIRA WA MARU~' )
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Soooo since DL7th comes out this Thursday........anyone want to have a viewing party?? I'm in Tokyo for those around the area, and we'd probably start from around 7ish. Bueller??

Post from mobile portal m.livejournal.com
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oh HAY so let's discuss how AWESOME DL7th is by listening to the soundtrack. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN'T DOWNLOADED IT YET?! )
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sldiufhlsdf pretty sure my DL7th CD is coming tonight *____* This is awesome because it's only August 24, and it's not supposed to be released til the 25th; but the Sagawa notice said that it's being delivered this evening!

If all works out, YOU WILL GET TO HEAR 1ST CAST SINGING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 5 YEARS SfLIUSHFLSFSf and life will be AMAZING and I will be even MOAR impatient for this DVD (2 weeks and 2 days...!)

Cross your fingers :D
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Supporter's DVD 14 aka "The One With 5th Cast and the DL7th Preview Footage" :DDDDDD It's ripping as I type, but for now, have some caps! I didn't have a lot of time, so it's only caps from the DL7th segment and then the 30-min extra backstage segment, since I figured that'd be the most interesting stuff!

Metric fuckton of caps behind here :D But I'm serious that it is oh-so-so Tsuji and Shouta focused :P )
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God, I turned my heater on last night it was so cold. What the hell?!

One wouldn't think I would need to do such things given the excellent pics of hotness Tuti and Nagayan have favored us with the past couple of days :DDDDD I swear, those two. I never want this filming to end :( Even if it means they have to have those bad hairdon'ts indefinitely...!

In the meantime, though, I suppose I'll content myself with their little back and forth entries of love XD Sometimes I'd kill to know what they talk about, or like--what Nagayan said to make Tuti laugh in that one pic... GEH :P

In other news, I bid farewell to my impromptu but much loved houseguest [livejournal.com profile] darksprite, who'd been shacking up with me since missing her flight a few days back ;___; I got less sleep than I should've the few days she was here, but I don't regret it at all XD especially since I seem to have inadvertently (riiiiiight) dragged her into the Nagayan-and-*pnish* fandoms :D We have much work yet to do with her, but a start is a start...! :D I'm also extremely glad to have run into her as I did accidentally when he happened to get off the train at Shin-Yokohama at the exact same time without pre-planning the Friday of the Tokyo run DL7th, and since then have been meeting up almost daily for dinner or hanging out :x

Without a friend like that to fangirl with in real time, I would've had a much harder time seeing these shows end, I think :( So...thank you for listening to me gab about "my those people", some of whom are now "your those people" (whether you like it or not!), Jess :D Next time I'll be sure to have some new, exciting doujinshi sitting by the toilet for you to be appalled at and yet strangely intrigued by :D

Which reminds me, I manage to have found even more TxN doujinshi out there, by authors I know and love, as well as loaded up on what has to be the last bastion of GP anthologies. Seriously, how do I keep finding these things?! OH WELL, NOT COMPLAINING.

Iiiiiiin still other news! I'm still working on getting this stupid BuriMyu audio file to split properly XD Or well, at all XD If you're up to attempting it, the 2ish-hour long AC3 file, ripped directly from the DVD and without any fiddling, is here. Beautiful crisp, clear quality at ~400 mb in size. It needs slicing into the appropriate parts, and I'm struggling to do that at the moment, so...anyone else is more than welcome to take it and attempt! Do post to [livejournal.com profile] burimyu when you're done, though, please? XD

HP9 tickets go on sale today (advance sales), and I intend to actually tote some of these BuriMyu DVDs and things like [livejournal.com profile] hamykia's box of love (read: everything I've owed her since she left back in 2008 XD) down to the post office so you lovelies can have your copies :D Expect them some time this week!!

I'm down to the last few paragraphs of my DL7th report ;_; It'll be up shortly, and then you can all cry with me...! TANOSHIMI NI SHITETE NEEEEEE~
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Tuti deleted the picture of him and Nagayan in their Golden Pair outfits! He left the entry up, but deleted the pic that was with it. And sdlifuhsdfs dammit I forgot to save it to my computer :( Did anyone else get it? It's on my cellphone, but because of the way cellphones download pics from the intarwebs you can't move them from the phone.

ETA: Much lurrrrve to [livejournal.com profile] innusiq for sending the pic <3333 and he says in the entry that he deleted it because he "uploaded it by mistake" (though it's more like he wasn't SUPPOSED to upload something like that, given that they were still in costume and whatnot). I admit when I saw it, I was all, "Huh o_O So they actually LET THEM post that? o____O Okay..." because MMV is CRAZY strict with letting people post pics of things like that; BuriMyu wasn't nearly as bad, as evidenced by Nagayan's picspam of everyone in costume after the show :)
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dfjhglidfgd SHOUTA. Shouta ;____;

So, Shouta's finally posted his thoughts on the end of TeniMyu, and has written short notes to a ton of different people. Like...

To Nagayama-san: )

To 5th Cast: )


For anyone who wants to see his post (which includes a 5th cast group pic and a pic of Shouta and Nagayan), it's here.
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That is all.
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Boys need to hurry up and stop posting TeniMyu pics gdi ;~; I'm trying to get over this here!
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These people gave me the happiest moments of my life over the past couple of weeks.

I'm going to miss you all something fierce.

I swear I'm going to bed, btw. I had something to finish first, though.


May. 23rd, 2010 11:59 pm
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It rained today. All day.

Ueshima-sensei put our feelings into words best: 「全部終わっちゃうから空も泣いているかな」 (Everything's ending today, so I guess the sky is crying as well)

It really felt like that. A dreary, depressing day that was marked by a little light of fun as Dream Live 7th drew to a close and we left the arena.

Weepy thoughts on the final two shows. )
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In an effort to combat dark feelings for today, I'm taking this opportunity to post some fun things from the previous two shows (since I haven't had time to post the goings-on XD;):

2 more shows ;__; )

I have to finish getting ready now ;_; The next time you hear from me, it'll probably be all wibbly and weepy so, apologies in advance XD;


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