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Also, where is it?? [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and I were thinking it doesn't look like a bar (especially since what self-respecting bar owner would let Tuti in the door with his guitalele??), and neither Elvis nor bowling pins seem appropriate decor for Nagayan's or Daiki's places, but Tuti's on the other hand... >3

Tuti and Nagayan treated Daiki to boozy fun at Tuti's place y/y (and Daiki awkwardly left after they locked themselves in the bathroom y/y??)?? Also I love the honest happy face Tuti has :3333

Daiki posted on his own blog at 2 AM that he was off to drink with Tuti, so one assumes that at around that same time Nagayan joined up XD The ways these boys spend their evenings...it amuses me.
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Soooo today is an epic day. Or may be. Today may change the face of *pnish* fandom forever.


Or not, idk :P But the last time I went to a D-room show where Daiki hosted solo, Mizuki showed up and told everyone how he was Daiki's and Eiji's Yenta and was responsible for *pnish* kinda sorta :D Which, well, changed *pnish* fandom forever! :D Because then all sorts of fun stories made more sense, Mizuki's random involvement, how he knew the members fairly well, etc.

What will he talk about tonight? idk idk BUT I'M EXCITED. Especially since he posted this pic which he said he's using at tonight's 8 PM show (the one I'm going to). Daiki discussing at least 5 jiken ("events") in his life as an actor? One of those sure as hell better be the "Hajimete Eiji to deau jiken" ("Meeting Eiji for the first time") :<<<<< Just sayin'.

Also fuuuu the goods! No badges this time is sadface, but I WANT one of those Harry straps, and of course Hot Photoset is Hot sooo :D

On an unrelated note, it was Yotti's birthday yesterday! And nu!TeniMyu boys took her out awwww XD


Oct. 8th, 2010 03:40 pm
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In response to the interview question here: "In *pnish*'s  so-called 'Mode Series', you've had 'Samurai Mode' and 'Maharaja Mode', and now the third part here as 'Western Mode'. What are you aiming for?"

Daiki: "And me, I kind of have this image from Back to the Future 3. If we're doing this as *pnish*, I think that setting would be good. Kind of a pop-western."

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Today was an interesting day!

I woke up fairly late and killed some time getting ready until the Tuti event tickets went on sale, at which point I pounced most effectively and snagged myself, [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou, and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace tickets for Tuti's zomgawesome Nagoya Meijimura event. We have no clue what it's going to entail save that Tuti will be there and so will we :D getting there is another matter entirely...

With tickets safely procured, I headed to Shibuya to meet up with the aforementioned ladies and a third friend Joanna (who...I'm not sure the LJ of? Halp?). We were meeting at Gain, because they had wanted to check it out before we had lunch, but a shopping spree had them arriving after me, which meant I was left standing and looking stupid outside of Gain for ~10 min XD I was mostly worried that Tenchou would look down and see me and come down and interrogate me about why I was hanging around in front of his place. I supposed if he asked me that, I'd just explain that I was waiting for some friends who wanted to visit Gain, etc. etc.

I shit you not, literally TEN SECONDS after I devised that plan, a shadow appeared in the side of my vision, and I glanced up and holy fuck Tenchou right there next to me. I dunno HOW he snuck up so ninja like since I was standing RIGHT in front of Gain, but THERE he was, tickled that I jumped when he came around XD;;; We then chatted for a little bit--where he did indeed ask what I was doing there. When I said I was waiting for some friends who wanted to visit Gain, he asked if it was "the same one who came last week" ([livejournal.com profile] faded_lace getting a Blossam shirt), and I said nope, new ones~ to which he got all Japanese-store-owner-y on me and thanked me for bringing people around XD

Then for some reason we started talking about the new Blossam shirt (I think because of mentioning [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace) and he asked me if I'd gone to Nagayan's FC event last week. When I said I had, a little surprised that he knew about it, he explained that Nagayan had called him and mentioned that I'd worn it and said something like "the lime looked good" and I'm all nodding nicely and smiling and inside going kind of, "LIAUDFHSDFS SHIT FUCK NAGAYAN ILUSFM"

We then discussed KG losing two more members, and then he had to dash back upstairs because a customer had come, so I was left to sit in the heat some more XD But the girls showed up shortly after that, so we popped up and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace bought a Wasshi-line green train shirt because she is an awesome Wasshi fan and Tenchou loved it XD

After that was lunch at TGIFridays and then dashing over to Ebisu to see Blood Prisoner one final time! Unfortunately our seats were separated today, but being in the back I got to see Tamacchi escort a few people into kankeisha seats, including...THIS DUDE! I heard him before I saw him, and when I glanced over, all I saw was a really tall guy with Naoya-esque glasses on, and thought huh, that guy totally looks like Naoya! But I never like guessing who someone was, so I kept my eyes peeled at demachi, and he did indeed come down in full Naoya glory XD

SPEAKING OF DEMACHI! [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace had worriedly asked me the other day if I thought it would be weird for her to wear her new awesome Blossam shirt to the show today, and I reassured her that Nagayan fricking LOVES it when people wear Blossam to his shows, so she definitely should. It was a very good thing she did...because he walked out WEARING THE EXACT SAME ONE XDDDD And when he saw her, he exclaimed, "We match!" and gave her a manly side-hug which I think she is probably still feeling now 8DDDDD It was kind of awesome.

After the show, we piled all four into the Big Echo near the theater and sang our throats raw :D Here are some tired, sung-out fangirls:

(I'm taking the pic, so I'm not in it)

As for the show itself, it was--if possible--even gayer than last time, and I'm sure you people are tired of my babbling about how awesomely gay this show was and how Souta's Ten-chan is absolutely head over heels in love with Nagayan's Junsuke and how it hurts seeing him pining, BUT JSYK I'M PROBABLY GOING TO HAVE TO GET SOME FIC-WRITING FOR THIS PAIRING OUT OF MY SYSTEM. SO. You know, be prepared :D

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So Besshi says there that he stayed at Daiki's pad the other day--no big deal, it's something I've expected Besshi to do when Eiji is out of town for BuriMyu: keep Daiki preoccupied :D

...buuuuuut that picture (from 4 AM, so presumably at said pad) does NOT look like the little hole-in-the-wall place I'm accustomed to Daiki living in...! Did he MOVE?! I remember something about him moving from a while back, but...I was pretty sure it was into that apartment. Am I just forgetting something? Glossing over his actual move into a decent-sized place? NNNNNGGGGGHHHH!

Also, brb Fukuoka and BuriMyu. Expect some manner of flaily post this evening provided I can manage to get net at the hotel 8D;;;;
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[Guest list for D-room3]

Jan 21 - 8 PM, Naitou Taiki (!!! YES. GOING.)
Jan 22 aka the bday - 2 PM, Nakamura Seijirou // 5 PM, THANE CAMUS (!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO SHOW TO WHICH I SURE AS HELL AM GOING.) // 8 PM, Higashiyama Yoshihisa
Jan 23 - 2 PM, Masuda Yuuki + Kako Rion // 5 PM, Katou Ryousuke // 8 PM, NONE + "adult show" (.......okay I gotta go to this one XD)
Jan 24 - 12 PM, Washio Noboru // 3 PM, Kawamoto Naru // 6 PM, ???

Guests for the "adult show" and senshuuraku will be announced later, apparently.

HOLY FUCK THANE. THANE. I. I. This is like...CHANCE. チャンスだ!! The Asagaya place where this will be is the same as it was last time, and it's teeeeeny tiny sooooo umm YES.

I'm still bummed this is during BuriMyu but nnngh, hopefully Tuti and Eiji and 5th member Nagayan will have sent him a birthday video or something :D
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During the photoshoot, *pnish*'s Leader and *pnish*'s normal employee laughed about how this random old guy walking by looked like Moriyama-san from the back.

Moriyama-san is *pnish*'s fuku-Leader.

After we laughed about it, I turned my phone on its side to shoot, and so unfortunately the old guy looks really far away.

By the way, according to Leader, Washio Noboru is fuku-fuku-Leader.

And I am a mere rank-and-file employee.

This is also unfortunate.

XDDD Tuti and Leader laughing about Eiji behind his back is <33333

Also GREAT BIG LULZ FOR FUKU-FUKU-LEADER XDDDDD And poor Tuti not even being worth of another fuku XDDDD
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You know. I actually love it when they go for a while without acting married. Because they always bring it back with a MAD VENGEANCE. From Daiki's most recent post:

Aah~ it's sure been raining a lot lately huh(-_-;) But well, that's the season it is, I guess.

Today I was set on going to rehearsals on Moriyama-san-gou (my bike), too! I sure haven't gotten to ride him much lately...I'm sorry, Moriyama-san (the bike)!!

............MARRIEDS ♥__♥ "Moriyama-san-gou" will never get old (unlike his namesake! *badump CHING!*), and NEITHER WILL JOKES ABOUT "RIDING HIM AROUND" :D

It's okay, Daiki. You can ride him around aaaaalllllll you want after On7's over! (well, he does have Every Little Thing soon after that, but still XD)
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So, I caught another look at the cast list for Dakara Ore-tachi wa Asa wo Matteita, the movie coming out next February starring Kazuki, with Nagayan supporting.

出演: 加藤和樹 永山たかし 八神蓮 前田公輝 東山光明
浜口順子 入来茉里 佐野大樹 江藤純/ 武田真治/ 佐藤二朗/
山本東 岩寺真志 三谷有紀 三上真史/ 佐津川愛美 石井正則 押尾学

ffffffffwaaaaah?? How did I miss this?! NOW I HAVE TO WRITE FIC ABOUT IT. I love it when one half of one couple hangs out with one half of the other ;_;
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How the fuck did I miss THIS?? Holy SHIT Leader. When did you get so fucking hot?

Because hotness like that can't be hidden behind a link:

YOW! Tss~! Hot ♥ He reminds me of the guy who played Nakatsu in the HanaKimi drama :D
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Today had its ups and its downs.

Up: Met up with [livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes for Coco's Curry and fangirled KuroMyu and 5th Cast (...not at the same time XD), then decided we desperately needed karaoke.

Down: It started a fricking TYPHOON outside on the way to karaoke, getting us soaking wet despite our umbrellas. Rainy season can diaf thanks.

Up: Picked up our hard-fought tickets for On7, found out I was on ROW B (of A-V) for Nagoya's maeraku.

Down: FOUND OUT IT'S REVERSE ALPHABETICAL ORDER AT TELEPIA HALL. WHAT THE FUCK. So, not second row; second to LAST row. And off on the side. Fuck that.

Up: Picked up my copy of LAS and a ticket to Macron (Sano Mizuki, Yuzawa Kouichirou, and Kawamoto Naru's play in July) -- it's jiyuuseki (so, sit where you like), with my order number of #1. FIRST ONE IN. FUCK YES. Aniki, Yuzawa, Naru? GET READY FOR A STARE-DOWN.

In other news, I read on MyuLife that Ruito's going to be in the next Ludovico show (Osamu-chan's theatre unit). Excited, I went to check out the actor's blog she said she got the info from (here) where I found:


sfdlslfisd DAIKI HAS BLACK HAIR AGAIN. HOT FUCK. WHY HAS HE BEEN HIDING THIS?! GOD I'm so happy that nasty pink mess is GONE.

Also: We sang some super old-school Dragonball GT songs that I forgot I liked so much (Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku and Blue Velvet specifically) and I REALLY want to have these again. Anyone have some DBZ/GT songs they wanna unload on me?

PS: I am in grave danger of going to literally every single On7 show (except the ones in the afternoon on weekdays). SOMEONE STOP ME. [livejournal.com profile] nikki_aino, wanna come? :D


Apr. 10th, 2009 07:32 am
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I thought we'd never get to see him again ;_;
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I know that, having seen musicals about tennis, death gods, exorcisms, and suicide, I am the LEAST qualified to say this, and am possibly the biggest hypocrite on the planet, but...

Musical Boukenshatachi is the weirdest, cheesiest thing I've seen in ages, and not necessarily in a good way XD I just...felt so embarrassed for the guys at some parts :P But overall it was quite good--DAIKI'S SINGING WAS NOT EAR-RAPINGLY BAD :OOOOOO You've come a long way, Leader! Guess all that *ahem* extra practice time with the Hubby's finally paying off eh??

And GAWD the cutest little girl was in the show, and DAYUM if she wasn't the best singer in the group (and there were some GOOD singers! I don't think I ever realized Naru was that good o_O And the lead role Naitou Taiki (??) was AWESOME too).

I think the biggest accomplishment of the evening was having a convo with the girl sitting next to me, who thought I'd come from overseas just to see the show :D We conversed for a while before the show started, and found out we like a lot of the same groups (1st cast, pnish, TeniMyu) and that she'd done an exchange program with the University of California at Irvine! I never actually SPOKE to her in English, but the few words that slipped into the convo now and then from her were REALLY well pronounced, so I suspect she's quite good at English ^_~ This will actually be the FIRST Japanese fan I've become friends with who speaks English to any passing ability o_O

I really wish there was a CD of the show coming out *pouts* it wasn't so good that I want the DVD, but still~

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I thought last year was the best birthday ever for Daiki.

I thought I'd never be so excited to see another one.


lsidufhlsiudhfisudf MARRIED. SO FUCKING MARRIED. )
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T-minus 8 hours til Ayakashi!! [livejournal.com profile] hughes_maes, her friend Rachel, and I are all hitting up Theater Sun Mall this evening for opening night of our own Daiki-chan's first play, Ayakashi Ghost Story yaaaaay!!

Apparently, Daiki's role requires him to be blond, so...DDDDDD: (at least it's not nearly as bad as HappyPani 6 >_>) -- Beri pointed out, though, that he's wearing a navy blue hoodie with "blue" written on it and a blue shirt underneath 8DDDDDDD

In better news, though -- GOODS!

1) Ayakashi Pamphlet (1500yen)

2) Photosets! (3 different kinda with 4 pics each -- a Daiki set [as his character, Azumi Yuu], a Wasshi&Ryousuke set [as their characters, Sanada Shigure and Kagami Meguru], and another Daiki set of him in plainclothes, 500yen ea)

3) Ayakashi trading badges (400yen for a set of 2 random badges; 14 possible -- 12 Ayakashi badges + 2 "secret" badges)

4) Ayakashi DVD reservation (reserve at the theater and get a signed message from Daiki when it comes, 4500yen)

5) Ayakashi Set - 3400yen set that includes the pamphlet, all 3 photoset sets, and 5 badges; buy this and get an Ayakashi candy present~
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Behold your idols, dressed as mice. Or rather, in mouse ears. So. Fucking. CUTE.

For a musical based on a show apparently about a bunch of mice, this has quite a cast:

Kawamoto Naru (TeniPuri's Taka-san)
Sano Daiki
Takiguchi Yukihiro
Hirata Yuuichirou
Kako Lion (anikiiiii~!)

+ a bunch of other guys I've heard of but never seen.

...I'm totally going to this show for the lulz, because it looks to be PACKED WITH THEM. And Daiki in mouse ears? Hellyes.
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Anyone want a ticket to see Daiki's play (Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream set in Edo-period Japan XD should be fun 8DDDDD) December 18th @ 7 PM? I just bought a ticket and realized I can't make it >_<

6000yen, but if you can't pay that I'm willing to sell it off for a little cheaper just to get rid of it. Take it!
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I OUGHTA WASH THAT THING OUT WITH SOAP (for numerous reasons, least of all that you just said "god damn").
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From a list of 10 Dos and Don'ts during sex:

8. She Who Keeps Cats in the Room

Here’s a complete list of things cats give a shit about: Cats. Therefore, they don’t care that you’re sharing an intimate moment with a man, they want you to pay attention to them, so they start meowing or positioning themselves so that you’re the only thing they can see. And although you’re not bothered by your cats, the guy on top of you might be a little creeped out that Mittens has decided to engage him in a staring contest, first one to lose an erection wins.

And thus begins Eiji's long and harrowing battle with Master XDDDDD
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Kinda almost SORTA bummed it'll be 4th cast (because, sorry fans of them, but I can't stand 4th cast, especially their GP who ruined my first ever TeniMyu for me thanks guys :D And this is not a show I want to see a GP I hate in~) but I guess that just means I'll have to pay attention to HYOOOOUUUUUTEEEEEEIIIIII (and omgSaitouandRuitoandslidufhsldiufhsidfuhsSAITOUANDRUITO).

In other news, I also got a ticket to Daiki's Ayakashi on his birthday (SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SECOND ROW) as well as one for me and [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu on that Saturday evening as well!! YAY LEADER!!


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