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Hello wikipedia articles that are seriously going to be a help when I inevitably wind up subbing ALL of Hard to Hold:

R Leporis/Hind's Crimson Star (that gets expounded upon in like 3 different scenes in the play)

John Russel Hind (dude who found that star and also had some WICKED eyebrows it seems) (also also LOLOLOL a guy named HIND married a chick named FANNY. What? I am 10 obviously)

ETA: Randomly, I love how Jin calls Yuuta "ユタちゃん" XD it's so simple and cute~
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From Yuuta's most recent entry:

Yesterday, I spent the night at Kamitsuru-san's place! But I'm afraid that when he got up early in the morning...he heard me talking in my sleep (bitter laugh). What do you think I said?

Well, I'll say first off that I myself had no idea I was saying it...

I first said, "I--I'm headed out!"

And then...



EH INDEED, YUUTA. EH INDEED. (also that's adorable that he seriously does call them by their nicknames ALL THE TIME presumably if they have them [I only remember Charlie for Jin and Jack for Wada...what else is there?] if he's even saying it in his sleep UNLESS CHARLIE'S SPECIAL)

Also uh, spending the night at a friend's house on a school night young man?! For shaaaame!
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Well, another Live Viewing has come and gone! I haven't missed a Live Viewing yet since they started them, and it really is a completely different experience sharing a theater with a bunch of other people who laugh and clap at a screen, where no one can hear you or appreciate it, and still feel the bond with other fans :3

It was interesting when the official blog posted the other day about how it was decided that there would start to be Live Viewings:

Towards the end of the first season of TeniMyu, there started to be performances touring the entire nation, and the performances in each city were a great success. And just as now, the Tokyo Return final senshuuraku was extremely popular, and over 100,000 people tried to reserve the only 1-2000 tickets available.

The draw of a stage performance, if you were to put it into words, is that time, that place." But in fulfilling that "same time, same place," there was of course a limit on the number of seats in a single theater. We wanted to share with all the fans supporting TeniMyu that deep emotion that comes with the final senshuuraku, being there "at the same time", and after some discussions with people in the film industry [...] we started having live viewings.

I remember watching that first one at Shinjuku Wald 9, where every single screen was "hijacked" to show the TeniMyu Live Viewing. It was totally worth it, and I've never missed a Live Viewing since, also always seeing it in that same Shinjuku Wald 9. Thanks for the memories, guys, and keep them coming!

(also on the blog on another entry, they posted a pic of Nagayan and Yuuta when Nagayan came to see the show and talked about how Yuuta was super bummed that he wouldn't be able to talk to Nagayan [because he had to do the miokuri that day] and said, "たかしさん、帰っちゃいますかね…" ["I bet Takashi-san'll leave huh..."] but Nagayan was an amazing sempai and waited patiently until Yuuta'd done miokuri to all the audience members leaving [takes ~half an hour] to chat ;~;)

Now that that bit of sappiness is out of the way... Let's discuss the Live Viewing! )
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Oh GOD. It's a beautiful beautiful EIJI SANDWICH.

Also, Charlie says: "I received some really nice words from Takashi-san, too." <--What? WHAT? I really really want to know what kind of things Nagayan told him. It's the sort of thing I can only dream about--exactly what an original would say to a current Myuboy, especially one replaying a scene that so far only the original had done ;~;

Also also, lulz Charlie: "Oishi-kun with two Eijis...that looks really tough..." XDDDD Preach it!
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...and now I have thoughts on it :D A fair few, to be precise. So if you don't want to see me expound on what I did and did not like--as there was plenty of both--and want to wait to be surprised yourself, please don't click the cut :x

You've been warned! )

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:33333 Happy birthday to me indeed XD

My Golden Pair partner Charlie-san and I just happened to wear Black and White clothes today, it really surprised me!

Pedomaruuuuuu ;~; Charliiiiiie~
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LOLOL of all people, HOTTA MASARU was the MC at the Supporter's Club event XDDDD When asked what his favorite memory was of the gasshuku, the tennis camp that teams have before rehearsals start formally, his response, going back 7 years? "....We didn't have gasshuku in my day :|"


Will have a full report (lol there wasn't much, it was only about 40 min long) up shortly!! Wada is the best high-fiver EVER *_____* And Pedomaru and Charlie did a reprise of Golden Pair live on stage :33333
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1) LOLOLOL umm ok someone explain to me how Pedomaru and Charlie-san are BOTH borrowing the same volumes of One Piece from Mitsu at the same time (because they both just started reading it). I THINK THAT ONLY WORKS IF YOU UMM LIVE TOGETHER OR SOMETHING. Ok maybe not, but still :P how are they both 借りるing the manga from Mitsu if they're both just starting to read it??



It's EERIE how much they look alike but ngl Jin is so much hotter XDDDD Seriously they could be brothers o_____o
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Dude, Jin is 1/8th AUSTRALIAN? :OOOOO Apparently his great-grandfather was Australian--and so his hair is naturally HELLA CURLY *_____*

ETA: oh, well aren't you talented???

Also lulz at him hanging out with those ladies agaaaiiiin. You forgot your better half this time though, Nagayan :|


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