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XDDDDD so Gaku, gearing up for the Japan Anime Live, took my advice finally asked Eiji for some pointers on being Renji. This is his relation of how it all went down:

So, when I asked Moriyama Eiji, my sempai who played Abarai Renji in Rock Musical Bleach, "So what are the main, important points about Renji?" he gave me this incomprehensible reply:

"Hmm, that's a good question. I feel like he's big-hearted enough that he'd treat everyone in the cast to dinner some time. And he's probably sensible enough to buy up some booze as presents for *pnish* who are in the middle of hard rehearsals right now. At least--that's what kind of guy he strikes me as."

...I just ignored him
( ̄ー ̄)

Also wtffffff Miki's been Rukia since the Bleach booth at Jump Festa, back when Saitou was Ichigo and Wasshi was Renji? The fuuuuuck?? How are they ever expecting to be able to replace her, then?! D:

KG ;~;

Sep. 4th, 2010 12:28 am
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Man :(

I was going to make some fun, upbeat and simultaneously snarky bitch post about Gaku going "overseas" and realizing it was probably for that Anime Con in Europe (right??), but...then Iwashita-san posted THIS ;~~~;

Long story short: Kitty Guys are losing two more members--Yasu and Kuri. Kuri's their hottest member, and Yasu was definitely one of the funniest, so it's...a real shame they're going. KG is down to 4 now, and well...while it seems like they're getting fewer and fewer, honestly it feels like the ones who are still there will be the ones to stick it out, like *pnish* going from 6 to 4! Still left are: Tachibana (Leader), Kuma (The Cute One!), Iwashita-san (the confident fun guy who comes off as Leader), and Gaku (the crazy one). So....Daiki, Wasshi, Eiji, and Tuti XDDDDD (Tuti would kill me for comparing him to Gaku)

It's sad, but it's also inevitable, and gives me some hope that KG will pull together closer with these four guys left and hopefully start really making something of themselves. *pnish* has shown that you can do it, so GET GOING.
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I put together a screencap post with a few extra little BuriMyu caps + a bunch of ShibaTora Special 2 caps! Almost all Tuti and Nagayan, of course :x You expected different? Pssshh!

Donai deshita? Shiro-chan no katarushisu~? )

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God, I turned my heater on last night it was so cold. What the hell?!

One wouldn't think I would need to do such things given the excellent pics of hotness Tuti and Nagayan have favored us with the past couple of days :DDDDD I swear, those two. I never want this filming to end :( Even if it means they have to have those bad hairdon'ts indefinitely...!

In the meantime, though, I suppose I'll content myself with their little back and forth entries of love XD Sometimes I'd kill to know what they talk about, or like--what Nagayan said to make Tuti laugh in that one pic... GEH :P

In other news, I bid farewell to my impromptu but much loved houseguest [livejournal.com profile] darksprite, who'd been shacking up with me since missing her flight a few days back ;___; I got less sleep than I should've the few days she was here, but I don't regret it at all XD especially since I seem to have inadvertently (riiiiiight) dragged her into the Nagayan-and-*pnish* fandoms :D We have much work yet to do with her, but a start is a start...! :D I'm also extremely glad to have run into her as I did accidentally when he happened to get off the train at Shin-Yokohama at the exact same time without pre-planning the Friday of the Tokyo run DL7th, and since then have been meeting up almost daily for dinner or hanging out :x

Without a friend like that to fangirl with in real time, I would've had a much harder time seeing these shows end, I think :( So...thank you for listening to me gab about "my those people", some of whom are now "your those people" (whether you like it or not!), Jess :D Next time I'll be sure to have some new, exciting doujinshi sitting by the toilet for you to be appalled at and yet strangely intrigued by :D

Which reminds me, I manage to have found even more TxN doujinshi out there, by authors I know and love, as well as loaded up on what has to be the last bastion of GP anthologies. Seriously, how do I keep finding these things?! OH WELL, NOT COMPLAINING.

Iiiiiiin still other news! I'm still working on getting this stupid BuriMyu audio file to split properly XD Or well, at all XD If you're up to attempting it, the 2ish-hour long AC3 file, ripped directly from the DVD and without any fiddling, is here. Beautiful crisp, clear quality at ~400 mb in size. It needs slicing into the appropriate parts, and I'm struggling to do that at the moment, so...anyone else is more than welcome to take it and attempt! Do post to [livejournal.com profile] burimyu when you're done, though, please? XD

HP9 tickets go on sale today (advance sales), and I intend to actually tote some of these BuriMyu DVDs and things like [livejournal.com profile] hamykia's box of love (read: everything I've owed her since she left back in 2008 XD) down to the post office so you lovelies can have your copies :D Expect them some time this week!!

I'm down to the last few paragraphs of my DL7th report ;_; It'll be up shortly, and then you can all cry with me...! TANOSHIMI NI SHITETE NEEEEEE~
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Sooooo I realized a few things:

1) My rip of the BuriMyu DVD sucks and the audio is horrible :P I've reripped the audio alone for all y'all that want nice quality audio and I'll upload it later. Unfortunately it's all one big file (~350 mb) so someone else needs to cut it up XD Also, it's an ac3 file so...it plays fine in WMP, but probably needs to be converted to mp3.

2) oh HAY. I forgot to scan the booklet XD;;; so I'm scanning it, but for now...

....heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
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FIRST: download this and listen to it *___* It's only 15 seconds, but it's a rip of the backstage clip with Nagayan and Tuti singing Catharsis together (the second time XD the first is on the main DVD itself, which I haven't ripped yet) and tell me that's not fricking amazing *____* I was a little disappointed at first when I listened to the version on the main DVD (from a show I hadn't been to, the other one where Nagayan sang Catharsis) because it sounded like he hadn't made that beautiful melody you hear in that clip, but he nails it on the second chorus and sldfiushdlfsdfs THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST REASONS FOR THEM TO BE TOGETHER: BECAUSE EVERYTHING THEY DO IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.

And some caps! Very few, relatively, as it's almost 1 AM and I need to get to bed to be up early for MOOOAAARRR DL7th tomorrow~ Backstage disc is finished ripping (1 gig *___* Because it's almost 2 hours of backstages!), and the main DVD and bus tour will follow soon. I haven't even OPENED the TeniMyu disc, that'll have to wait XD;;;;

Cut for some awesomecakes caps! )


May. 21st, 2010 05:35 pm
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Oh my god. Tatsuya is finally right where he's wanted to be since shoen: in between Tuti's legs.

And oh god this is the best entry ever, too:

There's 4 of us in the shot, but...I wonder if anyone can even tell?
Tsuchiya-san and Eiji-san were already drunk when we met them. Eiji-san said he'd only been drinking oolong tea on the train, so I guess he got drunk on that.

Tsuchiya-san went to sleep right away. But Usui-san and I are always just fine!

Next time Usui-san and I are gonna get really drunk and make Tsuchiya-san and Eiji-san take care of us.

You know, I really think Tuti-san should open up his own shop. He could stock the brands of alcohol he likes--he's got really good taste! And he could decide the menu, too.
Ah, he could have Eiji-san be in charge of the cooking! And Usui-san and I will be the whiny, complaining employees! Usui-san can take care of the register.
And Nagayama-san can design the uniforms!
And Eiki-san can be in charge of getting us started with some capital, using his personal connections.
Kope can draw up the menu, and Naoya-san and 69Kura-san can dance at the shop,
And Shougo-san can tend bar! That'd totally suit him...

...This is kind of a weird dream. Especially towards the end, haha.

Kitty Guys and Osamu-san aren't even in there!

Ah, and the girls, too.

...Man, we had a pretty big cast.

Good night!


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WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO RIP FIRST?! lolololol stupid question of course BuriMyu but still :((((((((((

so torn ;~;



WHY DOES LIFE HAAAAATE ME. gdi you people have 12 MONTHS, 365 DAYS to spread these things out over and you pack it all in on a single day?!

So help me god if ShibaTora airs May 20, I'm gonna have to cut a bitch.
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From this most recent post on the lovely Iseki "I'm totes a TxN fangirl so I take pics of them doing awesome shit in my Myus and plays" Yoshiko, aka Yotti:

It may be a bit difficult to see, but this is those Shinigami-san rehearsing for their musical.

In this picture, any time the 6th squad captain was singing, without fail the 3rd and 10th squad captains would perform some strange, mysterious dance below the stage.

They'd mark him and follow along with his movements, going left and right, and when it got near the "cheek squish" at the very end, they'd call out, "Shimuraaaaa! Behind you, behind you!" and "AAAAAAH!" and jump on stage to warn the 6th squad captain of his impending doom. But of course, the 6th squad captain would always get his cheek squished, and at that point they would cry out in frustration, "WE TRIED TO WARN YOU!" and stomp their feet and roll about on the stage.

Apparently this is how they warm up.

And they never got tired of it, doing it pretty much every single day, with no one telling them off for it and simply watching until they seemed satisfied.

It was really annoying.


IN OTHER NEWS. How about that MahaMo audio commentary that none of you have seen/heard?? 8D If you have no clue what I'm talking about, it was the other "goodie" that came with the MahaMo DVD -- a full-show-long audio commentary of the guys (just *pnish*) watching the show and talking about it as they watched. This left pleeeeenty of opportunity for Tuti to gab about Nagayan 8D Some highlights of lovely comments of Tuti's:

--During the scene where Nataraja's flat out with Pasupata beside him, caring for him: "Right here, he'd really massage me. It actually kinda hurt!" <--huhusdfusiusdfs *_________________* I don't care how much it hurt, HE FUCKING MASSAGED TUTI.
--When Nataraja is fighting Niganda-possessed!Pasupata: "Man Takashi sure has a great expression here..." (Japanese was: 「たかし、いい顔するなぁ~」) ughughuhughuhgugguuuuuhhhh
--He said "Takashi" a looooot 8D
--Not shippy, but apparently Pasupata's long hair was Nagayan's idea O_O Like, originally I guess he was supposed to just have whatever hair Nagayan had, or maybe a little longer like with Daiki and whatnot? But then he suggested the long hair and it fit, so...huh!

I THINK I can rip it somehow, so I'm going to try to, and then clip out the good stuff XD Unless someone wants the full audio file? It'll be about 2 hours long (the length of the play), but an audio file, so considerably smaller than the video.
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Well, THAT was a nice pic to wake up to :D THANK YOU BABA+T2! It never fails to put a smile on my face that you're all still posting Golden Trio pics ;_; KEEP IT UP YOU FIERCE BITCHES.

But what are your thoughts on TeniMyu?? )
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I'd mentioned previously that I really hoped Tuti would give us a real, meaningful post after the show ended, and then joked with [livejournal.com profile] lavenderlily that I was more than happy that his "post show picture" where he thanked everyone for their support after the show was just Nagayan, as apparently 5 yrs of happy memories = Nagayan in Tuti's head.

However, I'm really really happy he didn't stop there ;_; Translated entry here... )


Feb. 9th, 2010 07:01 am
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Five years of Bleach have finally come to an end.

The picture is a rare one of drunk Takashi.

Thank you very much

...........................So the picture Tuti chose to represent his feelings after a successful run of five years culminated in...a dark picture of Nagayan being drunk right beside him?

Yessssssssssssss \o/ *approves*
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I'm a dreamer. I like to fantasize about little things happening because I can see it quite clearly in my head, no matter how fanciful, and if I can hold my concentration long enough, I can very easily enjoy it as if it's really happening. Considering how many of the areas I dabble in cater quite heavily to fantasy, then, you can understand I do this quite often.

Fantasies like...*pnish* proudly announcing Nagayan as their newest member at Room senshuuraku in 2 weeks.

Or Daiki and Eiji's embrace turning into a short, sweet kiss at some finale show at HappyPani 10.

Or Tuti and Nagayan just saying "To hell with it" because it's the last BuriMyu ever and laying big wet ones on one another at curtain call.

..................you know how they say 'be careful what you wish for', and how I've got psychic powers? )
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Subject: Ichi...


I've spoken that name a lot, huh--"Ichimaru".

I'll say it a lot today as well.

Say it as often as you want, honey ;______; AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT ;____________;

*really hopes no one asks her why she's about to cry at her desk XD;;;;;*
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BuriMyu as we know it ends tomorrow, likely for good.

The Lord taketh away...




☆Be With Produce event 06: "Tsujimoto Yuuki x Takasaki Shouta IN Bright Spring TALK LIVE"
Date: March 20, 2010; 11:30 AM
Place: SPAZIO2
Starring: Tsujimoto Yuuki, Takasaki Shouta || Guests: Uenobori Makoto, Hirayama Yoshinobu
Details: Talk between just the pair, and involving the guests, special showing of a scene from "HARD TO HOLD" (involving only Shimura-sensei and Hiiro), video from the photoshoot for the show, special OP video for HARD TO HOLD of Shimura and Hiiro, plus special events planned by the two.
Price: 5250yen
Goods: Original bromide set, 2100yen; plus handshake and 3-shot
Tickets: On sale from 2/11

sldifuyshlydifsuy8hlzofysdhvs I I I I don't want to think about what I might do if I don't get into this. Seriously. DO YOU SEE WHAT THEY'RE OFFERING HERE?! This is like having a Tuti/Nagayan event with special video footage of "Eiji's and Oishi's secret scenes together" and pictures with them and special talk and sldifuhsyldif8aeifs,dufvshl,diusldf


Let's not even get into how this is 2 days before my birthday AND although it overlaps with *pnish* room, the time is perfect, as it won't conflict at all!!
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So according to Kope, Tuti's been singing two songs mainly backstage -- Catharsis (XDDDD) and Sake to Namida to Otoko to Onna (the song he sang at the event with Yotti and Shougo-san).

Also, please to be headed here and checking out the ADORABLE PICTURE OF TUTI AND NAGAYAN that Eiki has posted :DDDDD (Nagayan's hair is... XD;;;;)
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My favorite show thus far? TODAY'S AFTERNOON SHOW.




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