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So I finished Prisoner (Kria) as damn quickly as I could XD; And now I want to rant and rave about it, so I'll put it behind a cut--even though I know none of you will probably ever read it, so it doesn't really matter XD But idk people can read my rant anyways and possibly help make me feel less frustrated :P

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Know what I hate?

I hate that feeling of loss when you finish a really good book, after investing the time in reading it and getting caught up in the plot and characters and writing and everything, and know you're never going to have something new with that book ever again (barring, of course, series and whatnot--and still all good things must come to an end). I feel like I want to both never read it again and at the same time start right over from the very beginning and just devour it anew.

In other news, Bound (Kria) was a fucking good read :( I'm at least lucky there are a few other books in the same universe, even if none focus on the characters I grew to love in this book *le sigh*
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First, because I finally feel like I'm not counting my chickens before they've hatched now that the payment has gone through--I booked my flight home for Christmas, YAY! The total price? $340 :DDDDD Oh the lovely power of frequent flyer miles! For anyone who's traveled to Japan at least once and collected 10-15,000 miles on that trip, I STRONGLY recommend looking into using FF miles on your next trip out! From now on I'll be able to continue using those miles plus miles I accumulate via travel to put my total ticket price at about $1000 each time :D (as opposed to the $15-1800 it would otherwise be). WOOHOO!

Now, with that out of the way, I feel like talking about some other things! More book recommendations! )

And now to talk about Hard to Hold a little :D )
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It's that time again! Time for me to gush about a great book I just read that you should read as well! :3

Up this week is: Counterpoint! Learn why it's awesome and why you should read it... )
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idg how people can say that Dead to the World is their favorite in the Sookie Stackhouse series :/ ffs it's the one that made me stop reading. Hell--I NEVER EVEN FINISHED IT. When you start using half-assed ways like amnesia to get your characters together who are okay separately but boring as fuck together? I bid you adieu :/ Rargh. The books themselves aren't even all that good, but at least the first few were relatively interesting. Give me the TV series any day of the week *shudder*
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So if you didn't notice, Nightrunner series author Lynn Flewelling has a new bookish thing out called Glimpses, which is actually a series of 4 short stories and one chapter excerpt from her next book. The short stories are "filler", describing in detail certain aspects of the characters' pasts that are mentioned in passing but never fleshed out in full--and oh yes, that most definitely means porn :D One of my main complaints with the series has been the lack, when it became appropriate, of more than a passing chaste little kiss between characters you'd expect to share as such, so while I didn't want every other page to have a sex scene in it, it would've been nice if now and then there was a little SOMETHING besides fade-to-black :P

Which is why I really enjoyed this little collection XD It was indeed little--at 128 pages, it's easily conquered in an afternoon--but very enjoyable. You can read the summary on the Amazon link above, but the four featured stories are (in order): Spoilerrrrrrssss )
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So I finished The Demon's Lexicon... Read more... )
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I'm gonna give my thoughts on a few things I've been reading/watching over the past few weeks, so click the cut if you want to be spoiled/join in discussion :) Lots of slashy stuff (except for Breaking Bad XD)

White Road (latest book in Nightrunner series) )

The Demon's Lexicon )

Breaking Bad )

I Love You Phillip Morris )


Apr. 19th, 2010 10:11 am
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Meh. Am I the only one supremely underwhelmed by the upcoming release of Dragonsoul? Thom and Rook were my two least favorite characters throughout Havemercy, but fandom seems to shit itself over them, and I just don't get it. Rook was annoyingly rude, like a bad Bart Simpson, and Thom was worse: boring. While the idea of two female main characters in addition to these two is intriguing, especially from the teeny tiny bits of backstory you get in that summary, I think I'll probably pass on this one :/

Maybe the 4th one will have some more Al and Caius and whatnot :(
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[NOTE: Keep in mind as you read the following excerpt, "Joshua" is Jesus]

"Hey Josh," I said. "Balthasar sodomizing you?"


"Vice versa?"

"Absolutely not!"

"You get the feeling he'd like to?"

He was quiet for a second, then he said, "He's been very attentive lately. And he giggles at everthing I say, why?"

"Because Joy says it's not good if he falls in love with you."

"Well, it's not if he's expecting any sodomizing, I'll tell you that. That's going to be one disappointed magus."

"No, worse than that. She won't tell me what, but it's really, really bad."

"Biff, I realize you may not think so, but from my way of thinking sodomizing the Son of God
is really, really bad."

"Good point. But I think she means something to do with whatever is behind the iron door. Until I find out, you have to keep Balthasar from falling in love with you."

"I'll bet he was myrrh," said Josh. "Bastard, he brings the cheapest gift and now he wants to sodomize me. My mother told me the myrrh went bad after a week, too."

Did I mention that Joshua was not a myrrh fan?

This is the best book ever, people ♥


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