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Know what I need now?


In very much related news, the Shouta+Baba reading theater yesterday was HI-LA-RIOUS. I had forgotten how fricking crazy and amazing Baba is, but I was reminded of it about 2 seconds after he stepped onto the stage XD

And I hadn't realized it but there was going to be a miokuri at the end. Me? I hate miokuri XD because I hate sticking out. Usually, though, miokuri is just waving at them as you go out and that's it. This time, we had to SHAKE PINKIES WITH THEM. Yes, like a pinky-promise XD;;;; While they were in pajamas. No, I don't know wtf these people were thinking. Did, however, manage to nor embarrass myself too much though--told Shouta it was my first time seeing him in a while and I had fun, and told Baba he was great and I had a blast XD

Gosh, those boys are great XD
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Oh. My god. I don't even know where to begin to describe what manner of faggotry Yuuko was, only that it was like watching a sitcom be performed on stage. It was just utter crack, with no real plot, just an excuse for a bunch of hilarious guys to get together and goof off and have us pay them for it, pretty much 8D

And I'd so go again if every single show weren't sold out 8D

Tsuji never ever fails to amaze me with how fucking amazing an actor he is. I mean--I love all these guys I rant and rave about on this blog, you know? But some of them just can so seemingly effortlessly make me really believe them, really just sink into and become their characters--and Tsuji is one of those guys. Try as I might during the show to keep an eye out for all the lovely T2 moments (and oh there were some 8D), it was so easy to just see Tsuji as...not a dude, but a chick, a mother, this female personality, despite the fact that not once did he wear a dress during the show! Pants and shirt the whole time--with nothing more to show that he was a woman than a feminine hairstyle and a good layer of makeup. That really impressed me :D

I'll write up something a little more resembling a report tomorrow. And as usual, there were a ton of photosets to waste money on, but I managed to hold myself back this time and just bought a pamphlet :x *is irrationally proud of self* ALSO WHAT THE HELL! One of the guys is going to be in the Zorro musical that's running next Jan/Feb! (not one of the 5th cast guys, but one of the other cast members also in the show) I probably should be embarrassed to say this, but I'm a huge Zorro fan, and seeing a flyer for it in the stuff they gave us, I did a little dance in my chair XD soooooo going :D

On a related note, I see that the Golden Trio went out all by their threesome after the show, though 8DDDD Ebo? Akki? Ikkou? No? NO 8DDDD Just T2+Baba AS IT SHOULD BE 8D
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Oh. My. God.

It was...everything I could have possibly expected. Not everything I hoped--but let's face it, my hopes were, "Oh I hope I hope they announce they're doing another musical/show/event together, or come out as committed life-partners in front of the whole fricking crowd."

So, I'm not so surprise it wasn't everything I could've possibly hoped it would be :P BUT IT WAS EVERYTHING ELSE, AT LEAST.

Very short, quick largely TxN-focused recap~ )
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OMG so tired, but the event was kind of AWESOME.

In large part because this happened during a random girl's photosession (she let me take a pic of her printed out picture afterwards):

Yeeeaaah. Tsuji was so wibbly over Shouta and in really high spirits. He regaled us with his long tale of woe about being worried about Shouta and how every time he'd go to pee he'd think of Shouta (because his bathroom walls are decorated with Golden Pair fanart XD) and ladulsdfuisdfs yes :D

I'm scanning like a mother right now, but the report is up here already!

Also? Tsuji looked fucking hooooot today *____* They styled his hair really nicely, and he was really stylish in his clothes, too (it's not what he's wearing in the blog pic, fyi o_O He must have changed between the morning and afternoon shows o_O It was much less poofy than it is there and really looked good, GUH). Very easily the hottest member of that group imho :D
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Because we have craaaaaaazy AWESOME tickets!

We're C20 and 21, which if you check HERE you'll see puts me and Meg SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THIRD ROW *______*

Hell, even if Shouta doesn't show up, WE'RE GONNA HAVE UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL VIEWS OF TSUJI BEING ALL WIBBLY OVER IT. (on that note, I really really think Shouta is going to be in it, because the past two posts to his blog have been nothing but positive indicators that he's getting better each day, and there hasn't been any indication from any other parties that he ISN'T going to be in it...)

Though on a related note, holy freaking popularity Batman, there are almost 700 seats in that hall--and if all of them have sold out as it seems they have, That's almost 3000 people who're going to see my bbs *_____*

I bought Nagayan's crazy racing/fighting DVD and am ripping it as I type~ Expect a torrent up tomorrow for interested parties!

And I saw two Golden Pair cosplayers as I came up the escalator out of Ikebukuro Station o___O The fuck?? (foreigners at that!) I'm sitting there mind my own business when it's all, 'haha wtf that looks like a Seigaku jers---WTF IS THAT AN EIJI COSPLAYER?! WTF WTF??? IS THAT AN OISHI COSPLAYER WITH THEM?!'

Craziness XD
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haaaaay so remember how depressed I was I didn't win ANY of the T2+Baba+Ebo event tickets I tried to get last week???

Turns out there was a tsuika kouen they sneakily added over the weekend. I applied (for both me and Meg to get tickets) aaaaaand results just got posted:

7月3日 大江戸祭トークライブ 追加公演 お申込みの件
【抽選結果:当選  お客様のお席をご用意することが出来ました。】


HalleFUCKINGlujah~! Now here's hoping poor Shoutakins is well enough to participate ;___;

ETA: hahaha uuuhhh I just remembered we also tried for kuriage tousen for the other three shows, and those results don't come out until Thursday (it's Tuesday now) 8D;;; I hope I can afford them all if I get any more... XD;;
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I failed at getting T2 tickets for either of the two shows I tried for. Waiting to see if Meg, by some MIRACLE, managed to get us tickets to the third (not hoping >___>)

I put in for cancel-machi tickets (they'll do another lottery for tickets that people who did win don't pick up) but...hope, she is bleak ;_;

I want to write depressing T2 fic now. Dammit.
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And I tried out being a garcon in [the recently released] Good Come!
Our usual trio had a garcon battle! As for who won...I'm pretty sure you can imagine (haha)

(emphasis my own XD)


YOU CAN'T JUST SPRING THIS ON ME. (also no, I can't imagine :P Your idea of The New Hotness in a waiter's uniform MAY NOT SYNC WITH OURS. We are not all slaves to loveinfatuation with our best friends)

ARGH. Apparently it went on sale last Wednesday :P WHY DID THEY NOT SAY ANYTHING?! Now I'm worried how much OTHER stuff has slipped by :P Baba even mentioned being in Good Come, but he didn't say "OH BY THE WAY I DID A CORNER WITH MY TWO BESTEST BUDS" :PPPPP

And apparently there's also an interview between Kime, TakiEiji, and Yanagi, and a RyuukixTaitoxToshi bit as well~~~~ YESPLZ TO BE GETTING INTO MY ARMS AFTER WORK TOMORROW THX.
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I I I I I kinda wanna go to all three shows. I only care about a 5-shot for one of them (because haaaay no need for them to KNOW I'm that obsessed) but I KINDA WANNA GO. UMM.

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I probably shouldn't have watched something sad like the Rikkai Final 2 backstages (which aren't SAD necessarily, but there's senshuuraku crying and whatnot) on the night before what may well be for me my last TeniMyu ever ;____;

But I did. And kept myself from getting too morose by capping the shit out of T2 because, surprise surprise, they are ichaicha as always XDDDDD Cut in an effort to contain their immense gay. )
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*snuggles T2* Boyzzzzzzz <33333 I was just complaining to Meg about how they hadn't updated at all throughout the Kobe shows, but now we get picspam! (particularly from Shouta, GOOD SHOW OLD CHAP). My favorite? Well duuuhhhh:

Boys, I'mma need some more of this awesomecakes stuff :D Also fffffff d'aww @ Tsuji's family (including his little niece) coming to see him perform :xxxxxx "A-chan, did you see your uncle and his boyfriend tearing up the stage out there??"

And, much thanks for Mitsuru being such a good little report writer, I've now determined it was NOT my imagination, Tuti's and Nagayan's part during Saigo no Golden Pair DID get shortened! Or rather actually...it just got lengthened for one day! Apparently during opening night, they only came out and danced during the first verse (Kikumaru's part), and then sank away and that was it. But during BOTH Saturday shows (the first ones I went to), Tuti and Nagayan came out for the first verse, left during Oishi's verse...and then came back out to participate during the whole section where they sit back to back and help each other up (so from Kikumaru's, "Ore no yume wa..." to Oishi's, "Omae ga minus nara, ore wa plus ijou ni naru"). But then, come Sunday...they had switched back to the short version! WHY?

Is this maybe an every-other-day thing? A one-time-only thing? A Saturday-shows-only thing? I MUST KNOW! Well...I will know, after Yokohama :P So, expect to be kept in the loop :D

I've had the stupid songs from Final Match 2 that were sung at DL7th stuck in my head ever since the shows...so I finally broke down and ordered the CD (which is released tomorrow!!) because I can at least be sure I'll have a copy of it in case no one rips and uploads it :P *is insane and impatient*
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More fun notes from yesterday's maeraku and senshuuraku in Kobe! Cut for duuuuh spoilers )

Have I mentioned how much I love this show yet??? BECAUSE I LOVE THIS SHOW.

I broke down and purchased the full Seigaku set this time, and still need to go back and get other random photos. And gdi I swore to dislike Rikkai forever because their fans annoy the shit out of me, but TeniMyu makes me do things I never thought I would, like ship Shiraishi and Kin-chan or wish for more Atobe-Hiyoshi interaction just so I can see Kubota and Hosogai making hate-sex eyes at each other, and so I am falling kinda in lustlove with Kane-chan and Masuda and Nakagauchi and Yamaoki (not enough probably to go see another of their shows...but possibly enough to at least buy some of their photosets or download their stuff >_>) and get giddy when they happen to be close to where I am during the final songs (which happens a lot, particularly with Yamaoki for some reason o_O)

On that note: it's really surreal seeing Tuti talking about "the Rikkai team" and being all in that TeniMyu mode that I normally associate with 5th cast and guys half his age and still heavily involved in the franchise, yanno?

Surreal...but nice :) Maybe this means there'll be even more TeniMyu guys in *pnish* stuff in the future!!

Random: heeeeeeey! Look who's a model for this random Rakuten shop (ah fuckit, too many pics, just check the main page XD) And look who else! (apparently Hirata's in there too...)


May. 6th, 2010 11:20 pm
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Baba makes the best faces EVER. And Tuti needs to steal Nagayan's spotlight phone and take pics thx (who am I kidding? I still love it :3).

DL7th in less than 24 hours. FUCKING A!
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Today I had an interview for the June issue of Best Stage! It was the "Seigaku Doubles Pairs" version!!


INSERT THIS ISSUE IN MY HANDS AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT. (end of this month sduhfsiudfsdfs)


OH LOOK EBO POSTED ALSO. And it's a group pic...(well, the Osaka event gang + Toshi at least, WHICH IS A DAMN GOOD GROUP IMHO)! (that's...not an old pic, right? I know I've seen Tsuji with those demon eyes before XD;;;)
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Well, the senshuuraku live viewing of the Final Match Rikkai 2 just ended...and holy shit did it hurt a lot more than I thought it would ;_; I thought it'd be fine, it was just the second to last Myu, even if it was the last official one that would follow any sort of story line. I was so, so wrong ;_; THEY MADE THIS STUPID THING FEEL LIKE BURIMYU SENSHUURAKU GDI. Horrid details behind the cut >_> )
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1) Audio commentary ripped beautifully and is a not horrible size at 100ish MB, so it's uploading right now.

2) Baba posted a luuuuuuurvly G3 pic (LOOKIT MAH BBS. LOOKIT THEM.)


And in the Good Come that goes on sale tomorrow, the usual trio (haha) of Shouta and Tsuji-chan and I are in it doing this sort of thing...and that sort of thing...so please check it out!(^з^)-☆!!

UMM. OK. OK. Animate better HAVE this bitch when I fly over there like a bat out of hell after work sdkufhsdiufs >(
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Well, THAT was a nice pic to wake up to :D THANK YOU BABA+T2! It never fails to put a smile on my face that you're all still posting Golden Trio pics ;_; KEEP IT UP YOU FIERCE BITCHES.

But what are your thoughts on TeniMyu?? )
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I got a little miffed and confused at the rest of the pics in that entry (Baba and Shouta I can understand...but Ikko? WTF happened to Tsuji?!) and then I remembered that Tsuji just posted saying he and Ebo had to leave for Tokyo early because of work, thus abandoning Shouta and Baba to wander Kanazawa with the oft-underappreciated Ikko~~~

That I can understand, so long as they make it up to Tsuji later, preferably in the form of another party or method of choice from Shouta :D
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Today was another fun day at D-room~ :D The guests were Masuda Yuuki (from Boukensha-tachi, as I knew...and also apparently NIOU'S SEIYUU o_O shows how much I know XD;) and Kako Rion (from Secret Box, Ayakashi, Boukensha-tachi). Meg and I are quite fond of Rion aka Aniki~ (not "aniki" Mizuki, but "anikiiii~~~" as in what Gaku's character called him XDDDDD) so we were happy to see him again.

Not much in the way of crazy awesomeness happened today...but then, it was kind of hard to top yesterday 8DDDDD Meg bought a mint case direct from Daiki, so I guess that was the best thing XD

Afterwards, we had quite a bit of time to kill before Meg had to catch her bus back to Shiga, so we decided HEY. We're in Asagaya. Which is 2 stops from Nakano. Which, besides having awesome rehearsal halls, has NAKANO BROADWAY! If this sounds familiar, it's likely because you've heard it when I've fangirled T2+Baba as it is the shopping center they frequent like Gaku frequents Gain (aka often enough to make you think they live there), including having a 3-story Mandarake :D

Well, why not GO, we wondered--so we did! It was quite easy to find, and after procuring a little guide, we wandered around the place for an hourish, mostly ogling the TeniPuri doujinshi and the TeniMyu DVDs for sale and wondering what the guys thought when they saw this, or if they saw it even XD We giggled about oh wouldn't it be funny if we ran into them???


....Well okay, no, we didn't run into them, if you thought I was going to write that.

But we almost did.

Because fucking hell Golden Trio, I apparently can pick up your psychic waves or whatnot SINCE YOU CAME YESTERDAY. And played DARTS (WE EVEN SAW THE PLACE THEY PROBABLY DID IT. FFFFFF)

So yup. We missed seeing our favorite little threesome out on a date+1 by 24 miserable hours.

But it's okay. Because we probably wouldn't have gone at the same time they did, since after Nakano Broadway...................THEY HAD A GOLDEN TRIO TAKOYAKI PARTYYYYYYY. Shouta promises to update with more details (aka PICS) about it later. Brat better come through--TSUJI, YOU HAVE A CAMERA, POST. BABA, DON'T MAKE ME THREATEN YOU IN AN INTERNET POST.

I've been lamenting their lack of being a trio-ness lately but...this just made up for it ;_; Know what else helped? This from Tsuji:

I had some work to do as a trio with Baba-chan and Shouta, my TeniMyu buddies, so after that finished, we all went off to Nakano Broadway again!! (haha)

some work to do as a trio with Baba-chan and Shouta

work to do as a trio

what. WHAT? Does he mean, like, TeniMyu stuff? They're in the middle of a run, after all -- they're only on a break from being on the road for a couple of weeks. BUT, OR ARE THEY DOING SOMETHING ELSE OR WHAT OR ???????

EVENT Y/Y????? Tell usssssssss *_____*

On a related note, managed to nab tickets to both Tsuji's (and Mako-chan!) and Shouta's reading theater :D Meg and I are going to the first showing of each one...in case we want to go to more 8D And according to Shouta's entry from earlier, there's going to be a talk corner after each show so...mayhaps one for Tsuji's as well? *hopes*


Jan. 13th, 2010 02:05 pm
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...yet no mention of Tsuji's bday XD;;; fffffffff I SERIOUSLY need to and WANT to write some Golden Trio fic, just because sdufhsdiufsdifs BABA AND T2 ARE INSEPARABLE, SO THEY SHOULD BE IN FIC TOO. Not 3some fic really, but...very close Baba+T2 fic 8DDDD I know I SAY I should all the time but...that's because I have to keep reminding myself and hoping a good plot comes along helloooooooo that pic is begging for shinkansen fic or something!


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