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I mean.



(also wtf is Tuti's face in that pic XD that expression clearly says, "Seriously? I can't take you anywhere.")

I really can't see how today could get any better. T2 finally being bffs again, Tuti and Nagayan bowling with OH HAY TACCHAN (and Miki! ilu2 babe).

And it's ~*~Friday~*~ Helloooooo new SekaKoi :33333
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FFFFFFFFFFFuckyes, BITCHES ♥ Now THAT'S the kind of thing I like to see spamming my flist :3

The picture is our first time hanging out together again in a while! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I've been watching his Shinsengumi show!
Okita Souji is amazing!!

Though we both look a little tired... (haha)

FFFFF I don't care bb, idc at alllllll. You're both beautiful (though the douche glasses I could do without... You and Nagayan both need to just. Stop with those.)
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*continues subbing like a subbing whore*



I should channel this energy into icons or fic or something...
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HARD TO HOLD ~missing~ DVD - on sale May 20
DVD includes:
--honpen (including both endings)
--backstage footage (30 min): cast interviews + backstage footage and offshots


//Hiiro's voice reached down to the deepest depths of my chest.
His hair, his eyes, his very words suddenly gripped my heart tight,
And from that day forth, I was unable to escape from my very small cage.
More than any fun event, than any pleasant outing, than any other seemingly wonderful place,
I chose to spend my time only inside my special cage known as 'Hiiro.'
He was my whole world. Exactly that.//

--"Hard to Hold", Shimura

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So my DVD came yesterday and of course I set to ripping! I haven't actually gotten to sit down and watch it because I have company who is not the TeniMyu-watching type, unfortunately, but I did snag some time to make some caps!

Caps behind here :3 )

IN OTHER NEWS. Shouta bb is talking about his bbf again ;~; He went to see a Shinsengumi show last night that Kubobe-nii was in, and of course this prompted all the commenters to remind him that his very bestest friend Tsuji is currently in a Shinsengumi drama that's airing ummmm! His comments in response were as thus:

Ah! You all have been watching BS, huh (;▽;)ノ
So lucky! I want to hurry up and see Tsuji-kun's Okita!!!!
And Nagai-san's Hijikata!

I've been having my mom record it at home ( ̄▽ ̄)

I haven't gotten to see Tsuji-kun lately (T^T)
I'll have to invite him to hang out soon~
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Eee, the group-watching was oodles of fun :3 It seems the subs worked out quite nicely (I was mostly worried about whether I'd properly gotten all my timing done and whether or not the spacing would be appropriate, but it seemed it was!) and so after I tweak the few points I found where I missed a space or misspelled a word, it'll be available for the masses ^___^

Everything seems to be settling down in Tokyo at least; most, if not all, of the city's train lines are back up, but I suspect further north it's still horrific. A friend's ex-boyfriend was in Sendai and is apparently, last I heard, without food, water, or heat, the three most important things in Sendai right now :| This is gonna take a while to recover from, geez... I went to Santoku to get some ingredients for a few recipes I wanted to try, but they were pretty hard hit by people wanting to stock up themselves, and their meat section had been quite devastated by the ravaging hordes XD; It didn't help, I suppose, that deliveries had been delayed as well, but they're supposed to be back online tomorrow.

On a happier note, though, my copy of The Dog and Monkey Show Neppuu Evolution arrived, and I immediately popped it in and took uh, some Very Important Caps XDDDD See why :D )
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Lol I ordered the DVD for The Dog and Monkey ShowNeppuu Evolution, mostly because I just want to screencap lots of T2 flirting on stage and Shouta flexing with his shirt off XDDDD *shallow*

Let's try and be productive with that meme again... Day 6 - Your Favorite Pairing )
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It's quite a list of 5th casters but right there at the very front in the place of honor (both in his list and in the pic XD) is A WILD TSUJIMOTO. (lol it looks like he took the pic actually XD *imagines Shouta bullying him: "TSUJI-KUN. PICTURE.")

♥ UNF. Life is good today.
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Finally finished ripping the Secret Garden DVDs, so I'll probably put those up tomorrow :D Thought I'd take this opportunity thought to post a few (seriously this time XD only 6!) caps from the after talk to give you a hint of what to expect~ click for pics of T2 et al! )
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So, all things considered? This weekend has had its highs and its lows, but come out pretty much on the high side in my opinion :) I feel like I've done nothing but whine for the past week or so on here, and feel bad for it ^^; So I'll try to focus on the positive things here!

1) I traded my crappy loaner phone in for a much better one which, while not my smartphone, actually holds a charge this time ;)

2) Saw Tuti be extremely flaming gay on stage while portraying a host from Shinjuku 2-chome in Ika Hotel. He was also adorable XD; And there was a character in the same play (his brother, alas!) named "Nagaoka Takashi" :D

3) Saw "Hard to Hold" again, rounding out my two times seeing this run and feel very satisfied :3 I can't wait for the DVD to share with everyone, because it really is just an amazing show. It's one of those plays that you watch and think, "Wow, this is theater...!" because it's a very thinky show, but not so thinky that you can't understand it, yanno? Plus it's full of pretty boys, Shouta's a slutty schoolboy, and Tsuji's a fucked up teacher :3 Where can you go wrong??

4) And seeing Tsuji again reminded me how much I love the guy, so I splurged and bought his and Mako-chan's version of Secret Garden, which I intend to share soon, and [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu was a lovely lovely girl and bought the Shouta+Hirayama version! So I can share both :3 Which is awesome, because Hirayama very much takes after his sempai TUTI (because they're in the same agency :D) in that he's just a consummate actor and can take on amazingly hilarious characters and change them up lickety-split *____* Even Midorikawa from H2H, who's a creepy scientist, he manages to make hilarious at times, much like Tuti does with his bad-guy characters. HEE.

5) I'm pretty much all done with work! Sure I have some smaller projects due in the next 3 or 4 days, but I'm finished with my big projects for the year! And I leave for America in less than a week~ :D

6) I'M A FIERCE CODING BITCH. I've almost got my submissions for the layout contest on [livejournal.com profile] pnish (yes, that's plural. SUBMISSIONS) all finished, so prepare to be amazed :D ....I hope :D They look like shit in IE, but they look absolutely pristine and perfect on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, so I'm not too torn up :D You can preview one of them on [livejournal.com profile] japanorama for now (thoughts are welcome 8D)

7) This is actually really sad because I had to say goodbye to half of this pair this morning, but the second half of 2010 was just as fun and interesting and bearable as the first half thanks in large part to [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou ;___; Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me and going along with my crazy antics and occasional assholery without wanting to slap me too hard ♥ I can't wait til you're here again!!

8) ...I definitely should stop right here because now it's late and I'm getting choked up XD; *goes to bed* Oh! BUT FIRST, please see Shouta's entry describing the cast:

Shou-san, who's adult and quite but kind of funny that way!
Hirayama-san, who's a bit strange but really nice!
My partner (hehe) Tsujimoto-kun!
The casually funny Morita-san!
And the kind of 'sucks-to-be-you' mood maker Ryuu-chan!


Shouta ilusfm because ylTsujisfm ♥ Keep on being T2, T2. Especially when you are somehow still T2 at curtain (like when Shouta slapped Tsuji's ass at curtain on opening night [or was it the other way around? ALL I REMEMBER IS THAT THERE WAS ASS SLAPPING BETWEEN THE TWO AT CURTAIN] or when Tsuji called him 'zachou' so lovingly XD) DESPITE TSUJI PRACTICALLY MOLESTING SHOUTA ON STAGE and strangling him and whispering aishiteru *shivers* you two, YOU TWO.

*goes to bed, seriously*
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Today sucked for several reasons:

1) LJ tags, have I complained about them enough yet? No I haven't.

2) CSS Coding. Just. JUST.

3) CSS Coding gets on this list twice for separate reasons >(



SDFSSLFOIJS;DOFSD THIS SHOW THIS FUCKING SHOW. A year has apparently done nothing to diminish my love for Shimura and Hiiro and even a little bit for Midorikawa-sensei too :D (because crazies need love too :D and if Tsuji's Shimura can get some love, I'll gladly give a little to Hirayama's Midorikawa XD)

Seriously, though, the show was awesome. There was pretty much nothing different from last year, as far as I could tell, which made me happy! Yup, some things never change: including the fact that Tsuji busted the ass of his pants again 5 min before the show, just like last year's opening night :DDDDD Shouta took great joy in telling everyone aaaaalll about this at curtain 8D

Speaking of those two at curtain--oh my god those two at curtain. [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou will back me up on this, but they were sickeningly adorable, and Shouta was just...so flustered and looking to Tsuji every 5 seconds for help, and sldifuhsldifus I really think I heard myself make this unpleasant squeal when Shouta got messed up and said happyou (announce) instead of hatsubai (go on sale), but Miranda says she didn't hear anything. I think she's just being nice :P

AND OH YEAH THERE'S GONNA BE A DVDDDDDD :DDDDDD Guess who already pre-ordered that bitch 8DDDD It was expensive at 7800yen, but it will include both versions (there are two different endings) plus a backstage, cast interview, and 4-piece large photoset :D Totally worth it for me :3

I bought all the photosets of T2 I could plus the pamphlet so uh 8D Scanning that later~

Tomorrow's my last Tuti show of the year! Mattero yo~ Odeko-san!
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SO! Neppuu Evolution...

The Bad
--really really tiny theater in the sketchiest area of Tokyo known to man, Shimokitazawa XD;
--I had a kind of crappy, uncomfortable seat...and I'll be in the same one when I go again next week XD;
--Contrary to what I was led to expect by the flyer, there were no dogs, monkeys, cowboys, OR astronauts in this show! I WAS DECEIVED.

The Good
--.......Shouta took off his shirt and flexed for a good minute in front of the audience, and that boy? IS BUILT IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES. Also his pants were loose and hung really low 8D I FEEL THIS MADE UP FOR EVERYTHING ELSE.
--Also lots of ichaicha between T2 even though their characters weren't supposed to be particularly close or anything XD THEY CAN'T HELP IT.
--From the pamphlet:

:33333 bbs~
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Tsuji really looks like a girl there though XD And Shouta needs to stop trying to cosplay Kin-chan. srsly.

brb Nagoya

Nov. 6th, 2010 07:16 am
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So unhappy, though, that I'm missing the awesome "Yuuko cast have fun in Fukuoka" and all, BUT LOOKIT WHAT TSUJI LEFT ME WITH:

Yesterday, Shouta came to spend the night at my placeNow we're headed off to Fukuoka together! Just you wait, Fukuokahttp://bit.ly/bCs1ss


But nuuuu dnw it to be senshuuraku ;_; Where does the time go with these things???
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Me: "Huh...wtf? Is that KIMERU??"


Tsuji: "Shouta cried watching me play Roderick. He always watches my acting so seriously, thank you!"
Me: *notes no mention of Kime whatsoever* "OKAY 1) dlifuhlidfgdf T2, and 2) ............okay so that's Shouta?? Buh? Okay I guess..."

*checks Kime's blog just in case*

Me: "Goddammit -_-;"

Also lolololol I know that's Hosogai in the bottom left of Kime's pic, but is that Kubobe in the top left? Because if so, PLEASE STOP GOING ON THEATRE-GOING DATES TOGETHER just kidding please don't stop
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(from this pic on Daiki's blog) I seriously did not even recognize the boy--please god tell me WHY?! Why did you cut your beautiful locks into this buzzed monstrosity?! ;~; He looks like some strange lovechild of Myu!Kawamura and Horio. GOD. (fyi he looked like this before this tragedy ;___;)

DNW. SO MUCH DNW. The only way I can see this being redeemed is if my Special little man is Wanizuka's 弟子 ;~; Because having discussed it with [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou, it would be the Cutest Thing Ever.

ETA: OH ALSO look who went to see his bb on opening niiiight~~~~ If Tsuji turns around and goes to Shouta's version (which starts next week), then that's just gonna make me sick with joy, fyi ♥
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Is it I can has sluttyschoolboy!Shouta tiems nao?? ;~;


Hard to Hold photoshoot yessssss \o/ Though I have a feeling seeing this show again is gonna make me want to write more porn for Shimura and Hiiro...

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Ugh, I am so far behind on updating and shit D: Let's see...

YUUKO ENDED SUCCESSFULLY YAAY~ :D I was pleased that, before the thing was over, we got this fucking adorable T2 pic (Ebo, ilusfm, but could you kindly gtfo of that pic thanks? Thaaaaanks [lololol it totally looks like he just photobombed their little date pic of somthing]). I swear to monkeys I'm getting a report written >_<; I've just been distracted XD;

In other awesome news, though: my super awesome English-speaking cool Japanese friend Mary from the Meiji-Mura trip with Tuti emailed me out of the blue today to ask if I was involved in any subbing/scanlating groups (she even used those terms o_O She frightens me sometimes with how in-the-know she is regarding fandom terminology XD) because she wanted to help out and sldiufhsfds GUYS. She could help out with subbing *pnish* stuff and whatnot! This could be a HUGE help for fandom--because right now we don't have any native speakers really, much less native speakers who are into *pnish*, totally cool with downloading stuff via the net, and interested in subbing stuff! *____* I sent her back a flaily email saying that YES PLZ for helping out with subbing stuff, so we'll see how that goes! If anything comes of it, translating at least would be SO much faster! Of course, that still leaves timing/actually getting the stuff together in a subbing program XD; but still! Better than nothing!! Any of you guys have experience with subbing some higher quality stuff? I feel like most of what I put out, while accurate, is kinda low quality XD;

Gah, I'm just insanely excited for how much this could help fandom *____* NATIVE SPEAKER WHO LOVES PNISH AND WANTS TO SUB STUFF. GUYS. GUYS. This is epic *____*
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Oh. My god. I don't even know where to begin to describe what manner of faggotry Yuuko was, only that it was like watching a sitcom be performed on stage. It was just utter crack, with no real plot, just an excuse for a bunch of hilarious guys to get together and goof off and have us pay them for it, pretty much 8D

And I'd so go again if every single show weren't sold out 8D

Tsuji never ever fails to amaze me with how fucking amazing an actor he is. I mean--I love all these guys I rant and rave about on this blog, you know? But some of them just can so seemingly effortlessly make me really believe them, really just sink into and become their characters--and Tsuji is one of those guys. Try as I might during the show to keep an eye out for all the lovely T2 moments (and oh there were some 8D), it was so easy to just see Tsuji as...not a dude, but a chick, a mother, this female personality, despite the fact that not once did he wear a dress during the show! Pants and shirt the whole time--with nothing more to show that he was a woman than a feminine hairstyle and a good layer of makeup. That really impressed me :D

I'll write up something a little more resembling a report tomorrow. And as usual, there were a ton of photosets to waste money on, but I managed to hold myself back this time and just bought a pamphlet :x *is irrationally proud of self* ALSO WHAT THE HELL! One of the guys is going to be in the Zorro musical that's running next Jan/Feb! (not one of the 5th cast guys, but one of the other cast members also in the show) I probably should be embarrassed to say this, but I'm a huge Zorro fan, and seeing a flyer for it in the stuff they gave us, I did a little dance in my chair XD soooooo going :D

On a related note, I see that the Golden Trio went out all by their threesome after the show, though 8DDDD Ebo? Akki? Ikkou? No? NO 8DDDD Just T2+Baba AS IT SHOULD BE 8D


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