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Know what I need now?


In very much related news, the Shouta+Baba reading theater yesterday was HI-LA-RIOUS. I had forgotten how fricking crazy and amazing Baba is, but I was reminded of it about 2 seconds after he stepped onto the stage XD

And I hadn't realized it but there was going to be a miokuri at the end. Me? I hate miokuri XD because I hate sticking out. Usually, though, miokuri is just waving at them as you go out and that's it. This time, we had to SHAKE PINKIES WITH THEM. Yes, like a pinky-promise XD;;;; While they were in pajamas. No, I don't know wtf these people were thinking. Did, however, manage to nor embarrass myself too much though--told Shouta it was my first time seeing him in a while and I had fun, and told Baba he was great and I had a blast XD

Gosh, those boys are great XD


Apr. 14th, 2011 11:04 pm
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I've been...in kind of a rut lately. Ever since being supremely disappointed with Golden Mask, I've felt like a lot of the shows I've seen lately have just been...not good. Not enjoyable. Confusing, muddled, and wondered if it was just me, if it was just kind of...a delayed reaction from the awesome time I had from late 2009 to mid 2010. Maybe I was kind of "done" with seeing shows I really liked? :(

Thankfully Shounen Hollywood remedied me of that feeling :DDDDD SEE WHY! )

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...and now I have thoughts on it :D A fair few, to be precise. So if you don't want to see me expound on what I did and did not like--as there was plenty of both--and want to wait to be surprised yourself, please don't click the cut :x

You've been warned! )

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Man, I am beat. I almost didn't want to go to the show because the jet lag is finally catching up, but this damn ticket was 8000 yen, the after-talk promised to be awesome, and I needed a bit of normalcy, so I dragged myself over to Hatsudai to Shinkokuritsu Gekijou and plopped down for what turned out to be a three hour long musical, eesh.

So, was it worth it? )
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I am super behind on that meme XD meh, I'll do it tomorrow. It's 30 days, not 30 CONSECUTIVE days, after all :D

In other news, I scored a front row ticket for Shounen Hollywood with Kime and Nagayan and that super adorable cutie Akazawa Tomoru from "Panic Cafe" plus Katou Mao who was in nu!Fudoumine et al. Or well...I think it is XD It's 1st row, but the set is really weird XD See the following:

See? I got a Tokyo seat, so I'm fairly sure it'll be there in that first section, but now I'm curious how they're gonna use the set. (reminds me of On5 XD)

In only slightly related news...I've decided to take the plunge and take the JLPT again! I took it my first year in Japan, Dec 2007, and haven't touched it since getting 2-kyuu. Well, these laurels are well and thoroughly rested upon, and I want to have 1-kyuu under my belt when I finally work up the nerve to start poking people to look into adding English subs to things... It's a far-off dream, but at least should I ever attempt to fulfill it, I'll have the credits to back it up XD;

Supposedly the applications for the July test will be available starting this month. I'd better start studying XD; I should probably take the December one instead, but I'm just going to go for it! :3 I didn't have much time studying for 2-kyuu and it worked out soooo *rubs hands* COURTNEY LUCK, FUUUULLLLL POWERRRR~~~

Or something like that :P
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SO! That was, I must say, the most well-spent 3000 yen I've forked over in a looooooong time. I can't believe I haven't been going to these things before, and given that next month is MAKO-CHAN as one of the guests (others haven't been announced, BUT WHO CARES. GOING.) I think I need to make this a regular thing (it's every month apparently??)

Entry was by number and seating was, "Wherever you want," and since I was one of the last ones to get in, I figured I'd be in the nosebleed section having to squint to see the guys, but hurrah! Going stag turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I just squeezed into a random open single chair RIGHT in the middle of the second level front row, putting me at pretty much perfect eye-level with the guys and far enough away that I could easily see them all :3 WOOT!

Unfortunately, the show didn't start until 8 PM, so we were sitting there for an hour and a half XD;;; But once it got started, WOW did it get started. If you watched the show, of course you know how it went! (and THANK YOU to the lovely member who recorded and uploaded the show. Seriously.) The guys were all sitting in front of a big screen that showed the NicoNico page behind them, so you could see everyone chatting and all in real-time (though amusingly, the video lagged about 3 seconds behind real-life, so it was like...instant-replay of any awesome stuff that happened XDDD)

I feel like it was a really good chance, too, for us to get to know these guys' personalities better! Shouta I love, sure, and was pretty familiar with already--but Mio and Hirose I knew only vaguely through TeniMyu (and certainly didn't know enough about them to peg down their personalities), and while I'd seen Suzuki Hiroki on several occasions before (note: NOT D-boys' Suzuki Hiroki :P The pretty one that looks like a girl and is known for roles like Saionji Kaoru in Gakuen Heaven Myu and boy!Juliet in Romeo and Juliet) I'd never seen him off stage (not even in backstages) so I really had no clue what he'd be like.

That being said, I LOVED THEM ALL. Shouta was a given, but Mio was hilarious (he and Shouta were just gabbing back and forth and being really flirty and cute), and Hiroki was just GUH I HAVE A NEW OBSESSION because man that boy is pretty and reminds me of Mako-chan--and then Hirose. Oh wow, I have no words for how awesome he is XD He's this kind of quiet, KY dude who perpetually plays a manzai boke, seriously. For example, when Hiroki asked the question to the viewers, "When do I change my toothbrush," and gave the possible responses as "after the bristles start to spread apart," "after 3 months," "when I run out of toothpaste," and "after one day"...Hirose beside him was all thinky and went, "hmm...definitely one day..." and then acted all adorably confused and offended when Hiroki giggled and hit him umm XDDD

Which brings me to tonight's realization: I THINK I KINDA SHIP THEM HARD. Hirose Yuusuke and Suzuki Hiroki, I mean :D Idk, can the rest of you who saw this back me up?? Were they not being incredibly giggly and flirty? Like, OVER THE TOP and in ways that weren't just boys being boys? XD; Whatever, I enjoyed it :P And luckily they're about to be in a show together (the one they were pimping throughout the show) which I'm going to with the Mt. Rock Charinko-bu XD

I'm so wanting to go to the next taping now--and someone should come with me :<
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Since I know you all have been waiting on the edge of your seats for an update on my ongoing cellphone drama--I bring you all tidings of great joy! I got another new phone 8D

So it turns out my beautiful IS01, a masterpiece of weird-design and spiffy technology, was so weirdly designed that...it was unable to be updated past Android 1.6. For those of you in the know, Android's got versions 2.1 and 2.2 on most new sets these days, and 2.3 is even out as well on some IIRC. So all the lovely apps that required Android 2.1+, such as Skype and Paypal and all, were unavailable (and never would be available) on my phone. Bawwww :(

And I wasn't happy about that XD; so I went to the AU shop in Ikebukuro, said I wanted a phone that wasn't already obsolete...and they hooked me up XD With minimal fuss! I was super surprised XD And because you pay for the phone on an installment plan, I paid nothing upfront :3 My new phone is the currently popular IS03 (with Android 2.1, soon to be 2.2):

While it lacks the lovely double camera my IS01 had (meaning no easy self-portraits!) it actually behaves like a normal phone now, so I don't look like an idiot talking on the phone sitting open in my hand XD;;; It also has a slightly smaller screen than my IS01, but it's worth it to have a phone that is just newer and more responsive all around. I will say this, though, that I decidedly don't like Android's keyboard! It's very non-intuitive, doesn't auto-correct without jumping through hoops and having you select the right word (so...not automatic), and is generaly less pretty than the one on my ipod. Get with the program, Google! It's easier to type in landscape mode than portrait, which requires two hands and thus kind of is more difficult when walking.

Still, the phone is prettier in general, with a more visually pleasing interface. To add to it, I got to keep my IS01, of course, since I'd already paid for it, so I can actually still use that with wireless connections :D It's a mini-laptop, for all intents and purposes! And if I ever want to use it as a phone-phone again, all I have to do is go to an AU shop and ask them to switch out the card (or I suppose I could get a new card/open another account and put it in, or someone else could use it). Huzzah!

In other, unrelated news, [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu and I are going to see Hanasakeru Seishounen Feb 19 with the Charinko-bu! It's a group-viewing, and since Iwashita-san's in it, he's getting us tickets (also in it are Kubobe, Juri, Takuya, Osamu-chan, Banchou, among others). Then after the show, we're going out for drinks and fun with--jajajaaaaan--Osamu-chan joining us :DDDDD Apparently there might be others too, but I'm totes cool with an evening out with Osamu-chan~ :DDDDD

*uses bike icon in celebration and inappropriate Osamu-chan/Tatsuya tag because she has no Osamu-chan-only tag*

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Today I went to see Panic Cafe a second time, and although there wasn't a talk event scheduled, TakiYuki informed us after the show had ended that the five of them would be holding an impromptu talk show, all five of them! Which I was psyched for, as well, umm, TAKIYUKI.

The highlight of it came, for me, when they were all asked to describe the person to their left using one kanji character, and Yoshikawa (the waiter) was asked how he would describe Akasawa (cute KY uke shota boy). After a moment's thought, he prefaced his response with, "Now, I don't mean this in a weird way..." so we knew it was gonna be good XD He mentioned that Akasawa was overflowing with cuteness and that he made Yoshikawa think for the first time that a guy was cute XDDDD The others were all, "Umm yeah ngl that still sounds really weird, you know XD;;;" and he kept trying to dig himself out of his grave and failing XD

Yoshikawa has a crush on Akasawa y/y?? (I'm not saying I ship them, I just thought it was hilariously adorable XD)

The show itself was just as good, and Hayato was, once again, a bundle of nerves in front of the audience during the show. idk what his problem is?? XD It's not just nerves, he flat out CANNOT TALK, has a fit almost when he's not performing. He's an excellent actor! I loved watching him! But...just, being himself? Good lord, I'm worried for him, seriously! XD;;;

Also randomly: the girl sitting next to me was watching the GradMyu backstage on her ipod before the show XDDDD *mental high-five*

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omg so many many thoughts about nu!TeniMyu~!! BUT SO SPOILERY! So don't click the cut if you don't want to be spoiled :3 CLICK ME ANYWAYS, YOU WANT TO BE SPOILED! )
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...Well THAT was unexpected! Soooo Panic Cafe opened today!! )
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So, all things considered? This weekend has had its highs and its lows, but come out pretty much on the high side in my opinion :) I feel like I've done nothing but whine for the past week or so on here, and feel bad for it ^^; So I'll try to focus on the positive things here!

1) I traded my crappy loaner phone in for a much better one which, while not my smartphone, actually holds a charge this time ;)

2) Saw Tuti be extremely flaming gay on stage while portraying a host from Shinjuku 2-chome in Ika Hotel. He was also adorable XD; And there was a character in the same play (his brother, alas!) named "Nagaoka Takashi" :D

3) Saw "Hard to Hold" again, rounding out my two times seeing this run and feel very satisfied :3 I can't wait for the DVD to share with everyone, because it really is just an amazing show. It's one of those plays that you watch and think, "Wow, this is theater...!" because it's a very thinky show, but not so thinky that you can't understand it, yanno? Plus it's full of pretty boys, Shouta's a slutty schoolboy, and Tsuji's a fucked up teacher :3 Where can you go wrong??

4) And seeing Tsuji again reminded me how much I love the guy, so I splurged and bought his and Mako-chan's version of Secret Garden, which I intend to share soon, and [livejournal.com profile] daiki_dansu was a lovely lovely girl and bought the Shouta+Hirayama version! So I can share both :3 Which is awesome, because Hirayama very much takes after his sempai TUTI (because they're in the same agency :D) in that he's just a consummate actor and can take on amazingly hilarious characters and change them up lickety-split *____* Even Midorikawa from H2H, who's a creepy scientist, he manages to make hilarious at times, much like Tuti does with his bad-guy characters. HEE.

5) I'm pretty much all done with work! Sure I have some smaller projects due in the next 3 or 4 days, but I'm finished with my big projects for the year! And I leave for America in less than a week~ :D

6) I'M A FIERCE CODING BITCH. I've almost got my submissions for the layout contest on [livejournal.com profile] pnish (yes, that's plural. SUBMISSIONS) all finished, so prepare to be amazed :D ....I hope :D They look like shit in IE, but they look absolutely pristine and perfect on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, so I'm not too torn up :D You can preview one of them on [livejournal.com profile] japanorama for now (thoughts are welcome 8D)

7) This is actually really sad because I had to say goodbye to half of this pair this morning, but the second half of 2010 was just as fun and interesting and bearable as the first half thanks in large part to [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou ;___; Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me and going along with my crazy antics and occasional assholery without wanting to slap me too hard ♥ I can't wait til you're here again!!

8) ...I definitely should stop right here because now it's late and I'm getting choked up XD; *goes to bed* Oh! BUT FIRST, please see Shouta's entry describing the cast:

Shou-san, who's adult and quite but kind of funny that way!
Hirayama-san, who's a bit strange but really nice!
My partner (hehe) Tsujimoto-kun!
The casually funny Morita-san!
And the kind of 'sucks-to-be-you' mood maker Ryuu-chan!


Shouta ilusfm because ylTsujisfm ♥ Keep on being T2, T2. Especially when you are somehow still T2 at curtain (like when Shouta slapped Tsuji's ass at curtain on opening night [or was it the other way around? ALL I REMEMBER IS THAT THERE WAS ASS SLAPPING BETWEEN THE TWO AT CURTAIN] or when Tsuji called him 'zachou' so lovingly XD) DESPITE TSUJI PRACTICALLY MOLESTING SHOUTA ON STAGE and strangling him and whispering aishiteru *shivers* you two, YOU TWO.

*goes to bed, seriously*
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Today sucked for several reasons:

1) LJ tags, have I complained about them enough yet? No I haven't.

2) CSS Coding. Just. JUST.

3) CSS Coding gets on this list twice for separate reasons >(



SDFSSLFOIJS;DOFSD THIS SHOW THIS FUCKING SHOW. A year has apparently done nothing to diminish my love for Shimura and Hiiro and even a little bit for Midorikawa-sensei too :D (because crazies need love too :D and if Tsuji's Shimura can get some love, I'll gladly give a little to Hirayama's Midorikawa XD)

Seriously, though, the show was awesome. There was pretty much nothing different from last year, as far as I could tell, which made me happy! Yup, some things never change: including the fact that Tsuji busted the ass of his pants again 5 min before the show, just like last year's opening night :DDDDD Shouta took great joy in telling everyone aaaaalll about this at curtain 8D

Speaking of those two at curtain--oh my god those two at curtain. [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou will back me up on this, but they were sickeningly adorable, and Shouta was just...so flustered and looking to Tsuji every 5 seconds for help, and sldifuhsldifus I really think I heard myself make this unpleasant squeal when Shouta got messed up and said happyou (announce) instead of hatsubai (go on sale), but Miranda says she didn't hear anything. I think she's just being nice :P

AND OH YEAH THERE'S GONNA BE A DVDDDDDD :DDDDDD Guess who already pre-ordered that bitch 8DDDD It was expensive at 7800yen, but it will include both versions (there are two different endings) plus a backstage, cast interview, and 4-piece large photoset :D Totally worth it for me :3

I bought all the photosets of T2 I could plus the pamphlet so uh 8D Scanning that later~

Tomorrow's my last Tuti show of the year! Mattero yo~ Odeko-san!
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So life's been interesting of late! Somehow, [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace conned me into going to see Psychic Detective Yakumo vol. 3, the third in a series of plays based on the series of the same name. Daiki's in it, and I've wondered what it was about for a while, so after doing a bit of research and deciding it merited seeing at least once (plus, Daiki looks hot in it XD), I got a ticket to the Dec 13 show, so it'll be the last thing I see before I leave Japan XD

Yesterday was spent holed up in my apartment with a Japanese friend who's kind of latched onto myself and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace as fellow *pnish* fans after the events at Meiji Mura :D She doesn't speak much English at all, but we're quite a bit more experienced in fandom than she is and have a whole lot more media than her, so she came over to spend the day marathoning everything we could XD It wound up the only FULL thing we watched was On2 :P We watched a lot of little clips also, though, and she took home with her my huge case of DVDs to pick through on her own.

Afterwards, she left to head back to bumfuck Kanagawa, and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and I settled in for dinner and watched KIDS, in which Koike Teppei is Izumi from Secret Box and confirms all our fears about how Izumi is going to die in his mid 20s after trying to heal too many people :P

I'm fairly sure more intersting things have been happening... Hopefully people are downloading the MahaMo subtitle preview on [livejournal.com profile] pnish and enjoying that?? We're hard at work on the rest of it, and the above-mentioned Yuuko is a great help :3 It's the next best thing to having an actual copy of the script XD

It's about to get very busy here. This Thursday is Amadan with [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou and [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace, then Friday we're going to that bar that Tuti and Tacchan took Nagayan to for his birthdayumm some place to celebrate Miranda's bday :D Saturday, D-room4 tickets go on sale, then next Thursday is Hard to Hold opening night (DO WANT TO SEE SHOUTA AND TSUJI ALL BUT MAKING OUT), Friday is Ika Hotel, and Saturday is more Hard to Hold for me, but much less for Miranda as she leaves the country ;____; Then the next Monday is the above-mentioned Yakumo play with Daiki, and I leave for America on the 18th! Gah D: So ready to go home, and yet so not >_<;;
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SO! Neppuu Evolution...

The Bad
--really really tiny theater in the sketchiest area of Tokyo known to man, Shimokitazawa XD;
--I had a kind of crappy, uncomfortable seat...and I'll be in the same one when I go again next week XD;
--Contrary to what I was led to expect by the flyer, there were no dogs, monkeys, cowboys, OR astronauts in this show! I WAS DECEIVED.

The Good
--.......Shouta took off his shirt and flexed for a good minute in front of the audience, and that boy? IS BUILT IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES. Also his pants were loose and hung really low 8D I FEEL THIS MADE UP FOR EVERYTHING ELSE.
--Also lots of ichaicha between T2 even though their characters weren't supposed to be particularly close or anything XD THEY CAN'T HELP IT.
--From the pamphlet:

:33333 bbs~
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Soooo as you may know, this evening was Western Mode's opening night! I won't be uploading any sort of lengthy summary and whatnot until at least after Nagoya senshuuraku or something, but for now, I can give you a nice little recap of what the show was about, who each guy's character was, and how they all related to each other :D For that + some pics from the pamphlet to whet the appetite, get thee behind this cut: Read more... )
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What in the name of all that is good and sacred...

WHY IS IT NOT OPENING NIGHT YET? Well I mean, it is, but it's not yet! I have 50 minutes left here at work and then it's OFF TO GINGA GEKIJOU~

Eiji looks like he has some face-hair in that pic though >_> get it off get it off.

And now I am even more sad-face that I can't go to the "Enjoy Western Mode 10 Times More" event, as it was just announced that Eiji's going to be participating as well, meaning all 4 members will be there at the same time! ;__;
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Me: "Huh...wtf? Is that KIMERU??"


Tsuji: "Shouta cried watching me play Roderick. He always watches my acting so seriously, thank you!"
Me: *notes no mention of Kime whatsoever* "OKAY 1) dlifuhlidfgdf T2, and 2) ............okay so that's Shouta?? Buh? Okay I guess..."

*checks Kime's blog just in case*

Me: "Goddammit -_-;"

Also lolololol I know that's Hosogai in the bottom left of Kime's pic, but is that Kubobe in the top left? Because if so, PLEASE STOP GOING ON THEATRE-GOING DATES TOGETHER just kidding please don't stop
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Oh. My god. I don't even know where to begin to describe what manner of faggotry Yuuko was, only that it was like watching a sitcom be performed on stage. It was just utter crack, with no real plot, just an excuse for a bunch of hilarious guys to get together and goof off and have us pay them for it, pretty much 8D

And I'd so go again if every single show weren't sold out 8D

Tsuji never ever fails to amaze me with how fucking amazing an actor he is. I mean--I love all these guys I rant and rave about on this blog, you know? But some of them just can so seemingly effortlessly make me really believe them, really just sink into and become their characters--and Tsuji is one of those guys. Try as I might during the show to keep an eye out for all the lovely T2 moments (and oh there were some 8D), it was so easy to just see Tsuji as...not a dude, but a chick, a mother, this female personality, despite the fact that not once did he wear a dress during the show! Pants and shirt the whole time--with nothing more to show that he was a woman than a feminine hairstyle and a good layer of makeup. That really impressed me :D

I'll write up something a little more resembling a report tomorrow. And as usual, there were a ton of photosets to waste money on, but I managed to hold myself back this time and just bought a pamphlet :x *is irrationally proud of self* ALSO WHAT THE HELL! One of the guys is going to be in the Zorro musical that's running next Jan/Feb! (not one of the 5th cast guys, but one of the other cast members also in the show) I probably should be embarrassed to say this, but I'm a huge Zorro fan, and seeing a flyer for it in the stuff they gave us, I did a little dance in my chair XD soooooo going :D

On a related note, I see that the Golden Trio went out all by their threesome after the show, though 8DDDD Ebo? Akki? Ikkou? No? NO 8DDDD Just T2+Baba AS IT SHOULD BE 8D
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My least favorite activity: doing demachi alone

My most favorite activity: doing demachi with someone who has never done it before and it is their first time meeting someone like, oh, Nagayan who will hold your hand and make you feel like you are his One and Only for all of 15 seconds.

[livejournal.com profile] faded_lace: you made my night XD Squeal on, you fierce bitch, squeal on.

We are going a THIRD TIME because [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou can't be left out of the fun, yaaaay :D

Also, I really want to read some Ten'ichirou/Junsuke fic like maaaaad because there is some UST that seriously needs to be RST. I dunno that *I* want to be the one who has to write it XD; But I would read the crap out of it!


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