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LOLOL of all people, HOTTA MASARU was the MC at the Supporter's Club event XDDDD When asked what his favorite memory was of the gasshuku, the tennis camp that teams have before rehearsals start formally, his response, going back 7 years? "....We didn't have gasshuku in my day :|"


Will have a full report (lol there wasn't much, it was only about 40 min long) up shortly!! Wada is the best high-fiver EVER *_____* And Pedomaru and Charlie did a reprise of Golden Pair live on stage :33333
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Me: "Huh...wtf? Is that KIMERU??"


Tsuji: "Shouta cried watching me play Roderick. He always watches my acting so seriously, thank you!"
Me: *notes no mention of Kime whatsoever* "OKAY 1) dlifuhlidfgdf T2, and 2) ............okay so that's Shouta?? Buh? Okay I guess..."

*checks Kime's blog just in case*

Me: "Goddammit -_-;"

Also lolololol I know that's Hosogai in the bottom left of Kime's pic, but is that Kubobe in the top left? Because if so, PLEASE STOP GOING ON THEATRE-GOING DATES TOGETHER just kidding please don't stop


May. 23rd, 2010 11:59 pm
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It rained today. All day.

Ueshima-sensei put our feelings into words best: 「全部終わっちゃうから空も泣いているかな」 (Everything's ending today, so I guess the sky is crying as well)

It really felt like that. A dreary, depressing day that was marked by a little light of fun as Dream Live 7th drew to a close and we left the arena.

Weepy thoughts on the final two shows. )
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............so what, they just sit there backstage sending each other pictures back and forth now?? XDDDDDD

and yes Tuti, you are TOTES AN 色男, TOTES.
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*snuggles T2* Boyzzzzzzz <33333 I was just complaining to Meg about how they hadn't updated at all throughout the Kobe shows, but now we get picspam! (particularly from Shouta, GOOD SHOW OLD CHAP). My favorite? Well duuuhhhh:

Boys, I'mma need some more of this awesomecakes stuff :D Also fffffff d'aww @ Tsuji's family (including his little niece) coming to see him perform :xxxxxx "A-chan, did you see your uncle and his boyfriend tearing up the stage out there??"

And, much thanks for Mitsuru being such a good little report writer, I've now determined it was NOT my imagination, Tuti's and Nagayan's part during Saigo no Golden Pair DID get shortened! Or rather actually...it just got lengthened for one day! Apparently during opening night, they only came out and danced during the first verse (Kikumaru's part), and then sank away and that was it. But during BOTH Saturday shows (the first ones I went to), Tuti and Nagayan came out for the first verse, left during Oishi's verse...and then came back out to participate during the whole section where they sit back to back and help each other up (so from Kikumaru's, "Ore no yume wa..." to Oishi's, "Omae ga minus nara, ore wa plus ijou ni naru"). But then, come Sunday...they had switched back to the short version! WHY?

Is this maybe an every-other-day thing? A one-time-only thing? A Saturday-shows-only thing? I MUST KNOW! Well...I will know, after Yokohama :P So, expect to be kept in the loop :D

I've had the stupid songs from Final Match 2 that were sung at DL7th stuck in my head ever since the shows...so I finally broke down and ordered the CD (which is released tomorrow!!) because I can at least be sure I'll have a copy of it in case no one rips and uploads it :P *is insane and impatient*
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More fun notes from yesterday's maeraku and senshuuraku in Kobe! Cut for duuuuh spoilers )

Have I mentioned how much I love this show yet??? BECAUSE I LOVE THIS SHOW.

I broke down and purchased the full Seigaku set this time, and still need to go back and get other random photos. And gdi I swore to dislike Rikkai forever because their fans annoy the shit out of me, but TeniMyu makes me do things I never thought I would, like ship Shiraishi and Kin-chan or wish for more Atobe-Hiyoshi interaction just so I can see Kubota and Hosogai making hate-sex eyes at each other, and so I am falling kinda in lustlove with Kane-chan and Masuda and Nakagauchi and Yamaoki (not enough probably to go see another of their shows...but possibly enough to at least buy some of their photosets or download their stuff >_>) and get giddy when they happen to be close to where I am during the final songs (which happens a lot, particularly with Yamaoki for some reason o_O)

On that note: it's really surreal seeing Tuti talking about "the Rikkai team" and being all in that TeniMyu mode that I normally associate with 5th cast and guys half his age and still heavily involved in the franchise, yanno?

Surreal...but nice :) Maybe this means there'll be even more TeniMyu guys in *pnish* stuff in the future!!

Random: heeeeeeey! Look who's a model for this random Rakuten shop (ah fuckit, too many pics, just check the main page XD) And look who else! (apparently Hirata's in there too...)
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So. Wow.

Holy shit.

I realize I say this about a number of shows, but...but Dream Live 7th was the. Fucking. Best. Show. I have ever seen. Ever. I seriously cannot possibly imagine how it could have been better, mostly because it gave me things I didn't even consider possible. And I get to see this magnificent beast many more times and sldfuhsidufs SO HERE'S A SAMPLE OF THE AWESOMENESS TO LOOK FORWARD TO (spoiler, tsk, DUH) )
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Oh also someone please explain...

...why there is a portrait of JESUS in whatever restaurant the guys went to last night XDDDDD

A sign that God approves of their gay? Or that He doesn't, as indicated by His turning away? CONUNDRUM.
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God. GOD.

It's really happening ;_;


May. 6th, 2010 11:20 pm
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Baba makes the best faces EVER. And Tuti needs to steal Nagayan's spotlight phone and take pics thx (who am I kidding? I still love it :3).

DL7th in less than 24 hours. FUCKING A!
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Tuti's post this afternoon: 2010年05月06日(木) 12時22分56秒

Nagayan's post this afternoon: 2010-05-06 12:22:51

...well, I guess I can forgive them 5 seconds' difference :D
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Just. Eew. EIJI. GET OFF.

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All of Old Cast in their own room? Why thaaaaaank you, Ueshima!

Tuti apparently next to Nagayan? With their lovechild Guitalele-kun? Why thaaaaaank you, Nagayan!

(on a side note, I just...it's really cute for some reason that Nagayan titled to entry *giggle* :PPPPP) <--KLM is obviously in FULL SWING

But sheesh ffs Tuti, you've probably been in that dressing room for 20 min and already you're educating Souta, TakiEiji, Kime, and Yanagi on why the hell MoriEiji, Nagayan, Eiki, and Naoya all released simultaneous groans of frustration when you brought that thing out of its bag. HAVE SOME COMPASSION, MAN. now his skillz can be captured on TWO DVDs :D
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oh FUCK this adorable shit

Tsuji. Tuti. Fix this.

(also lololol @ Nagayan's NagaJo shirt :D)
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Oh btw, go watch this :D
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Huh. I was rereading this...and I wanna post a new topic for it. I wonder how many non-regulars would comment? It was pretty much only the people majorly involved last time, but...a bunch of you freaks on my flist would have a chance to expound on your love for The Forehead and The Flower :D

Meta is always love, anyways XD

ETA: kduhskiufsfd http://ameblo.jp/nagayama-takashi/entry-10513247828.html

Subject: Let's take it easy
In moderation, of course.

I must've been channeling these bastards when I made this post :P Also, HOW cute is Tuti?? Nagayan...eh XD; But TUTI. He looks like he was in the middle of talking or something ♥ BOYS.
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Heeee~ it's been a decent day so far :D

It's finally warming up (though admittedly it's a little chilly today because it's supposed to rain), my senshuuraku ticket has been shipped (row 6 of block A -- see the view from it here -- AND IT DIDN'T COST AN ARM AND A LEG THANK GOD XD) which means I only need two more tickets (for the 9th; I'm bidding on one for the afternoon show at the moment though), and best of all--I got an email from Asaka-san, one of my NagaJo Korea friends (our group @ Incheon Airport~) saying she wanted to have a 同窓会 (reunion XD) and that Nanase-san and Youko-san and Kaoru-san would all be participating too and was I free to come and sdiuhflsiufss I love having fandom friends here ;_; Especially ones I got to share such a fun experience with!

So, yes XD Hopefully that pans out :D They want to do it at the end of the month, which would just be an awesome way to start Golden Week ^___^

In other news, Mitsuru updated with her report on the evening Tea Party with Nagayan, with the following probably being the main part I latched on to:

[In the 3-min private talk corner] I got to hear a lot about Dream Live, but when I proudly announced that I was going to all of the Kobe shows, he gave be this really torn look, so I followed it up with, "But...you're probably only going to be in it a little bit, huh?" and he responded with, "I really am only going to pop in for a little bit at the very end."

;__; But well...I mean, I guess I expected that? I certainly would prefer it be a more 60:40 or 70:30 setup with focus on 5th cast and the others, since 1st cast are really just guests, albeit important ones, but...if it really is that little stage time, now I'm curious as to wtf they're going to do! Naturally they'll be there for the final big songs, like FGKS, On my Way, or whatever other songs they end with, but what else? What's their role then? They feel like they're there for a much different reason from guests like the Rivals or Rikkai or Shitenhouji--like ghosts or something, having to sit back and watch and maybe at the end come out, pat 5th cast on the shoulder, and say, "You done good, kid."

*sigh* All these pics coming out now...admittedly almost make me wish 1st cast wasn't coming back :P I know I'll be pissing myself when I see them, but...afterwards it'll just make it harder to say goodbye ;_;

......................Well there went that good mood, dammit :P

I need to cheer myself up. I think I'll go stare at pantsless Nagayan for a few...
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The picture from before was Merukii [.....preeeeeetty sure that's some weird nickname for Kime? XD;] and the other was Nagayama Takasu-san. And of course his bottom half is in that condition.

("that condition" meaning........yeah he's pantsless again XD)

WTF ARE YOU 3??? PUT ON SOME PANTS. You're frightening 5th Cast D: or giving Shouta ideas that you know Tsuji is gonna hate you for later

Also lol @ Tuti being too cool for Nagayan's pic XD (and is Eiki like...grabbing his HEAD? XD)
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Tsuchiya-san was quite liberal again today. He's surpassing Moriyama-san by far with regard to his 'ojisama' degree.

Also, please put some pants on before you come to have a chat, Nagayama-san.


Also, wtf is going on here? Naoya says it's "Fuji Kimeru and Arai-sempai Jiroh-san." Uh buh?? Arai/Jiroh hasn't been in TeniMyu since...what, the very first show? He's not even on the cast list! Is this someone else pretending to be Arai? SO CONFUSED. also ffffff dnw this doubles combination when there are such better ones but but but maybe this is part of a doubles song that 1st cast will be taking part in *_____*
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Why yes that is Tuti singing his little black heart out :D NOW WHERE IS NAGAYAN? I need a complete Old Cast set or it's not worth it :(

Whatever Tuti was doing this morning, he still made rehearsals!

PS - lolololol I'm just so in love with that moniker "テニスのおじ様"


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